Top 10 ideas on where to place your Eames Chair replica

The Eames lounge chair represents the cornerstone of midcentury modern furniture icons, but its designer status means that not everyone can afford it. This is where knock-offs and replicas come in.

Mid century modern furniture 

Most are just as good in quality and are relatively better price-wise. Below, we'll take a look at 10 ideas on where you can place your best Eames chair replica in your homes:


1. Accenting central


Some homeowners and designers like crafting a fully accented ambiance within a certain part of a home. You can use the DSW chairs in your mid century modern dining room, and a lounge chair for your living room.

They usually take mismatched furniture pieces to do so. You can carry out a similar layout by pairing your best Eames chair replica with other iconic chairs just as shown in this image.


2. Lush green window sill


If you've got a statement picture window or a small terrace or even an indoor patio that you want to furnish with style and comfort, then using your best Eames lounge chair replica to do so would be a great choice.

You can complement this placement with mid century planters, a customized leather upholstery, and a throw for when you want to take a nap on it.

3. Living room accenting


It's the rule of basic interior designing to emulate some sort of contrast in your spaces. With living rooms, it's usually done by using accent chairs, tables, and the like. 

This is also where you can emulate your best Eames chair replica. By placing the chair and ottoman in a strategic corner in your living room, you can provide a cozy surface to sit and a stylish look that contrasts the ambiance just like killing two birds with one stone. You can also pair it with your favourite mid century modern rug!


4. In small alcoves


If you've got small alcoves and empty nooks in your mid century modern living room, you'll understand how desolate they might seem when there's nothing to brighten them up. You can choose your best Eames lounge chair replica to make such a space feel homely, stylish, and charming.

It would not only accent the space, but would also emulate a cozy aura in the nook that you can enhance even more with the help of complementing artwork, lighting, and other such accessories.


5. In transitional spaces


A great way to make the most of your best Eames chair replica is to set it up in transitional spaces such as oversized lobbies, corridors, and circulation areas that are a bit too large to be comfortable.

Putting the chair in these areas will make the spaces feel alive and fuller. Also, it will provide you with opportunities to spontaneously sit down whenever your mood calls for it.


6. With a gorgeous gallery wall


The best Eames chair replica is one that can be altered to suit your spaces and matches your room designing really well.

In the grand scheme of things, a homey gallery wall would make an excellent backdrop for your Eames lounge chair. It will not only enhance the ambiance but also provide an artsy backdrop that adds to the quality of your interior design. 


7. Study room relaxation


Putting your Eames chair replica in a study room or a home office is a great option. Pair it up with a mid century modern office chair.

Most of the time such spaces are furnished with over-the-top economical and officious desks/chairs. They can be a little uncomfortable to work on, which is why you can use the eames lounge chair to take a break or even just nap on once in a while.


8. Sitting for your book nook


If you love reading books and have yourself a cozy little nook in your homes, then you can put your Eames lounge chair replica there. The chair is slightly larger in size than average so you'll need a little more room.

However, it'll make for a very welcoming and fully comfortable set-up where you can kick your feet up, lean back, and relax with a book of your choice whenever you want.


9. Furniture contrast in living rooms


The distinct midcentury modern aura of the Eames lounge chair is what makes it such an attraction to many homeowners.

Now you can get the best of all worlds by going for the best Eames chair replica and using it to emulate furniture contrast in your living rooms. So, if your couch is hardcore contemporary or sleek modern, the unique look of the chair would help contrast it beautifully.


10. Enlivening a drab accent wall


If you've got your hands on one of the best Eames chair replica, you can use it to enliven a drab accent wall. However, a pro tip here would be: don't use the chair all alone.

While it's very classy and visually impactful, pairing it up with a small-sized mid century modern sideboard or a backdrop of gallery wall or even just a single statement art piece is what is recommended. This way, you'll get a more wholesome ambiance.

Charles and Ray Eames lush, midcentury chair and ottoman have become timeless, which has sprouted some of the best Eames chair replica's you'll ever find in the contemporary world.