10 Mid-Century Modern Rugs Fit For Any Stylish Home

Featuring the perfect fusion of vintage and modern, the Mid-Century Modern era has left a mark on our design history thanks to its uniqueness. It has also sprouted a number of design elements that are still being used to spruce up contemporary interior designs.

I always begin a room with the rug; it is literally the foundation of the space. I then go on to the furniture. - Lee Radziwill

Mid Century Modern Rugs 

Mid Century modern rugs are a hot commodity that never goes out of style. Their timeless designs and beautiful visuals are a great way to amplify the beauty of your interior designs.

They're stylish, fashionable, and perfect for making a statement in any space. Match your Mid-Century Modern daybed with a unique rug. Further, let's look at:


10 best Mid Century Modern rugs to elevate your spaces:

1. Light-hearted

If you're going for a full-scale Mid-Century Modern style home interior, then you'll know that the furniture in this category has very bold personality. The sofas, tables, and even the decor is full of character.

Therefore, the rug should be selected to bring out the best in all these things. The understated brown-hued rug featured in this image is an excellent choice. Its subtle pattern and elegant color scheme makes the furniture stand out boldly while providing a beautiful background at the same time.


2. Mid-Century Style Layering

The Mid-Century Modern rug aesthetic can definitely be achieved by stylish layering. This idea works best in living rooms and comes out stunningly when you use various shades of brown.

If you take a look at this image, you'll see how the light-colored beige rectangular rug is layered with the abstract furry animal print one. Both offset each other gorgeously and present an excellent visual companionship with each other! Pair the rugs with a simple Mid-Century Modern sofa for the best look.

3. Mid Century Tribal Rugs

Mid-Century Modern rugs don't just have to be relegated to modern themes and patterns. They can certainly be articulated in traditional designs as well. Don't understand how this combination could possibly work? Well, you can take a look at this image for inspiration.

The charismatic wood and browns of the ambiance have been complemented by a folksy tribal style oriental rug. Its simple geometry and charismatic color scheme lends the space even more character and personality. It contrasts the overall interior design stunningly and provides a great focal point to boot! This technique would work beautifully in both living rooms and bedrooms alike.


4. Mid-Century Beni Ourains

Beni Ourain are a type of Moroccan rugs that feature a black-and-white color scheme. They usually have a shaggy or looped pile. Their background is white and the simple black colored tribal designs on top of them are an excellent way to add some personality to a casual Mid-Century Modern living room.

They come in large, medium, and small sizes. So you can feature them in your living rooms, bedrooms, or even next to your Mid-Century Modern office chairs. They have an understated Danish and Scandinavian style vibe that makes them a really interesting addition in any interior design!


5. Bold Geometry

Mid-Century Modern rugs with bold geometric patterns are the best. This is because they help make a gorgeous statement in your interior designs. However, finding and choosing such rugs can be a huge challenge. 

You'll have to look for designs that feature large patterns and gorgeous geometry. The black-and-white design featured in this image is a great example. It sets the bar high and is extremely stylish. You'll love the eclectic charisma that such Mid-Century Modern rugs would bring to your homes.


6. Retro Shags

Part of the reason why Mid-Century Modern rugs are so intriguing is because of their subtle vintage vibes. They're a beautiful way to evoke a subconscious retro aura in a space. The best choice of rug to incorporate such a vibe is the shag style. It literally originated in the 60s and is still going strong.

You can pick a medium sized rug of this style and feature it in the center of your living room for the best effect. Pairing it with other retro style furniture such as coffee tables, floor lamps, accent chairs, and sofas would highlight its Mid-Century Modern visuals more than ever!


7. Colorful Check Pattern

A colorful check patterned rug would be the perfect personification of the Mid-Century Modern style. However, the trick here is to find colors that capture the vintage subtlety and understated aura of this style.

 This image features a rug that captures this aesthetic beautifully. The gorgeous colorful contrast of navy blue, power blue, and grey hues makes an interesting palette. The great thing about this color scheme is that it can uplift the surrounding furniture and design elements without looking bland at all!


8. Eclectic Geometric Patterns

The Mid-Century Modern rug featured in this image is a stylish, gorgeous, and colorful interpretation. The eclectic combination of circles and squares couples really well with each other. Additionally, the combination bold reds, creamy beige, and eye-catching Paris grey colors makes for a totally statement-worthy color palette.

This kind of rug would become an instant focal point in any living room. You can't put any furniture on top of it, or it'll take away some of its impact. Similarly, you'll have to pair it with light-colored Danish style wooden floors and simple, single-toned Mid-Century Modern furniture for maximum visual impact!


9. Distressed Prints

Printed distressed rugs have an understated vintage aura that fits the Mid-Century Modern category perfectly! Just look at the neutral-pastel hued design combination of the rug in this image it's perfectly retro and contemporary at the same time.

It would pair really well with the charismatic furniture and decor that goes with this style. It would become a fashionable backdrop that will enhance the overall aura of your space be it living rooms, bedrooms, dining areas, etc. beautifully!


10. Stylized Geometry

Stylized geometry is an excellent design to emulate in a Mid-Century Modern rug. The fashionable hexagon patterned rug featured in this image is the perfect example. But do you know what makes it even more interesting?

The use of bold black lines throughout the design! It not only pairs well with the light color scheme, but is also the perfect way to make the rug a statement worthy focal point in any interior design!


All of these Mid-Century Modern rugs vary in style and aesthetics, but their subtle background remains the same. They'll definitely help you spruce up your typical home interiors gracefully!