10 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Starting An Interior Redesign

What To Consider Before You Start Designing

Starting a new interior design project is extremely exciting. With all the excitement, you might want to get started right away, but it's crucial not to jump the gun too quickly. There are certain things you need to examine and think through before starting the design process. You may feel like you know everything you need to know, but it's helpful to take a step back and reconsider your choices. This way, you won't have to worry about having any regrets!

We've considered the essential questions to ask yourself before you redesign your living space. Then, we narrowed it down to three categories the why's, what's, and how's.


Ask yourself WHY


WHY did I decide to start the design process?


This question may apply more to people who have decided to redesign the living space you already have. However, if you are moving into a new place and have decided to really take the decor/design process seriously and independently, you should also ask yourself why that is. The design process is an opportunity for a fresh start, so you may want to consider what led you to this refreshing decision.

Once you know why you're doing this design, it will help you better understand your goals and what steps you can take to achieve them.


WHY do I think this will be a positive experience for me?


You have your reasons in terms of why you want to start designing your living space. The idea of having this fresh start to create a perfect environment sounds enticing, but why do you think this will benefit you in the long run? An easy answer might be to say that this will make you happier. This is important because our environments affect our mood & mental state. Therefore this could be a positive change that makes you happier!

However, not everyone will benefit from starting a new interior design journey. If you get easily stressed out or even indecisive, it would be helpful to reflect on why you think this will be a well-worthy experience. Don't make any quick decisions really think about and take time to consider why this will be a positive change for you.

If you don't feel confident that this is the most beneficial move for you, there is nothing wrong with putting your plans on hold until you're 100% sure. 


Ask yourself WHAT


WHAT is my vision for this space?

This is probably the most exciting question to ask yourself! In fact, it's kind of similar to daydreaming. When you picture your perfect living environment, what do you see? Maybe there are specific colors, items, or styles you have in mind make a note of them! It's easy to create a vision within your mind, but making it come to life is a different story. Whether it's something small like wanting to add a Womb Chair replica to your reading nook or something large like adding a mid-century modern sectional like the Mario Bellini Sofa or EM Sky Sofa to your living room, we guarantee that writing it down will help you work towards and achieve your end goal.

That being said, picture the design of your dreams and write down what it looks like! Write down the aspects that you really look forward to (no matter how small), as well as the overall big-picture you want to achieve. For your vision to translate to your design, you need a solid grasp of what that vision looks like before making decisions.

WHAT do I love about my current environment?

Whether you are redesigning your space or starting over in a new home, it's helpful to appreciate your current living environment. You may not love it as much as you hope to love your new design, but there are likely to be certain aspects of your current design that you can incorporate into your new one. If there's something you love, hold onto it and bring it into your new design! This is also a great way to recognize what suits your style and preferences.

WHAT will I need to bring my vision to life?


When you start the design process, you have to clearly define the difference between your wants and needs. So, consider what your must-haves are for this new living space. This could be a particular wall color, furniture design, or maybe a color palette! If you feel like something is necessary to fulfill your dream design, make sure it's a priority while you design. 

An excellent way to understand your necessities is by considering why you wanted to redesign in the first place and what (from your current design) you want to avoid. If you have a specific goal like opening up the space or achieving a particular aesthetic like a mid-century modern living room or even a Scandinavian living room this is a good place to start. It may sound cheesy, but making a vision board can help you establish these goals (plus, it's easy).


Ask yourself HOW


HOW will I afford this design?

Ah, the biggest buzzkill of the design process the budget. You may have your dream design planned out, but now it's time to face reality. Trust us. It may not be fun to figure out your budget, but it will be more than worth it in the long run. Obviously, designing a new living space comes with a price, but if you aren't careful, things may get very expensive.

Planning your budget is an essential part of the process, so start by setting a clear budget that you can refer to as you begin shopping. You also should consider the possibility of unplanned expenses and set aside some wiggle room in your budget just in case.

HOW can I do this all by myself?

Interior design is a big responsibility, and you don't want to get overwhelmed if you're doing it alone. That's why it's important to consider getting the help of a professional, or even someone who has some experience. This is more important when it comes to large-scale projects that may require complicated construction. 

However, there's nothing wrong with doing your design independently! It may take more time, but if you have the free space in your schedule and the resources you need to get it done go for it! 

We recommend weighing out the pros and cons of working with professionals versus doing it alone. If you take on more than you can handle, it can make the process more difficult than enjoyable.

Only you can answer these questions, so remember to think these through before you jump into your decision to design.

We hope this list helped you find some direction for your newest project or even give you something to consider for your next interior design venture.