4 Easy Hacks For Living-Space MCM Decor

Iconic elements of mid-century modern home decor continue to be on-trend and wildly popular. Refresh your inspiration on these essential home decor ideas that represent the heart and soul of mid-century modern style.


Mid century Modern Sofa

Mid-Century Modern Statement Seating.

A statement sofa is one of the easiest ways to make a mid-century modern statement. Add a stand out piece to your mid century modern living room.

Soften the striking, biomorphic forms with the textured weaves of natural linen for a relaxed feel suited to a period or contemporary home.


Choose Genuine Scandinavian Designs:

Scandinavian furniture designers of the 1950s and '60s are renowned for their high quality, stylish, and stripped back wooden furniture. Don't fall for cheap ripoffs.

The Scandinavian body of work exemplifies an ability to combine form, function and impeccable artistry in a single piece of furniture.


Egg Chair


Choose A Brighter Color Scheme:

From the 1950s onwards, limited paint palettes began to be replaced by new charts featuring a spectrum of intermediate tones bright colors were often used to enliven streamlined, rectilinear architecture.

Relive this style with some retro colors.


Ball Chair


Mix and Match Styles:

With an emphasis on simple lines and purity of design, mid-century modern allows flexibility. Combined with the enduring beauty of wood, Mid-century timber furniture has a timeless appeal, which sits well with other styles both old and new.


Platner Chair


At Eternity Modern, our master craftsmen have paid tribute to classic mid-cent ury modern furniture such as the iconic Corbusier Chaise LongueHans Wegner Wing Chair and more.