Emery Sofa 5 Reasons You Need It & 5 Ways You Can Style

Mid-century modern furniture is timeless, and the Emery sofa is the contemporary crown jewel of this genre. It's a comfortable piece of furniture that would make your homes feel welcoming, cozy, and stylish at the same time.

It has a charismatic presence and a casual-chic appeal perfect for styling dual-purposed living rooms that are used for entertainment as well as relaxing.

Let's take a look at 5 reasons why you need the Emery sofa and 5 ways you can style it.


5 reasons why you need the Emery sofa

The Emery sofa has an incredibly relaxed vibe and it invites you to lounge on it. It boasts an amazing craftsmanship that borders between modern and traditional, and the upholstery never fails to feel the epitome of charmingly sophisticated. If you need more reasons to fall in love with it, then here are a 5 that'll make it even more irresistible:


 #1 Super ergonomic

The loose, upholstered cushions and fabric-slung timber frame of the Emery sofa ensure the perfect combination of ergonomics. Everything, including the height from the base of the floor, the width of the sofa, and even the measurements of the armrests have been carefully designed to accommodate the human anthropometry. The base is balanced to perfection with the addition of extra feet at the bottom.

Essentially, every time you sit, lounge, or even lie on it, you'll feel like your body perfectly contours with the shape of this sofa. It'll definitely be a gold star experience.


#2 Exemplary materials

The Emery sofa has been stunningly crafted. It's sturdy, neatly put together, and harmonizes tradition and modernity with the utmost grace. Its exposed timber frame has a small footprint and has been constructed from solid oak with an eco oil-based clear protective coating.

This not only ensures an heirloom quality, but also an amazing durability. No matter how rough and tough you treat it, this sofa is simply going to retain its perfect shape through all wear and tear.


#3 Comfortable beyond belief

The Emery sofa is the pinnacle of exemplary comfort. It's not only ergonomic and user-friendly but has also been wrapped up and bolstered in materials that would ensure the perfect lean, the perfect lie, and the perfect entertainment pose.

Perhaps one of the best parts is that the seat and back cushions have been bolstered with feather-wrapped high resilience foam core fill. This will make the enhance your experience of this sofa even more and ensure a downy, heavenly embrace every time you sink into it.


#4 Brimming with style

The Emery sofa brims with unfettered style, despite its comfortable origins. The combination of exposed wood and upholstery is definitely classic, but when takes it to a whole new level is how the silhouette of this sofa is relaxed and austere at the same time.

It's definitely effused with traces of Scandinavian accents. Plus, the grey and wood combo is very chic and elegant. This versatile aesthetic and unique designing ensures that the Emery sofa will become the focal point of any Scandinavian living room.


#5 Superseding Qualities

Other than that, there's also the excellent quality control. All the materials that have been used in the construction of this sofa are flame-retardant free and non-toxic. This means that they're safe for small children and pets, who would've otherwise garnered harmful effects to their health.

So, these are some of the most prominent reasons for why you should opt for the Emery Sofa as your next buy. Now, let's look at how you can style it but before that, here're some additional info


8 Interior design styles that complement the Emery sofa

Before you think about styling the Emery sofa, you need to first educate yourself about what types of interior design styles it will go really well with. Let's take a look at them:


Minimalist: The neutral and understated aesthetic of the Emery sofa would be a welcome addition within a minimalist interior design. This style would certainly appreciate the mix of cleanliness and relaxed silhouetting that has been carried out in the design of this sofa. 

Modern: The sleekness of the modern style is an excellent way to complement the Emery sofa. Since this furniture piece has a neutral color scheme and a semi-clean form, it would fit well within this interior style. Just pair it up with raw stone accents, complementary wooden furniture, and a brightly lit up ambiance, and it'll look genuinely great.

Rustic: Rustic interiors are known for being very organic, cottagecore, and woodsy. This is what makes them so unique, but the contemporary iterations of this style definitely have some modern elements in the mix. This is why the Emery sofa would feel right at home within such spaces. Just imagine it surrounded by warm, cozy wooden elements, dim god light, and subtle midcentury modern counterparts sounds good, right?

Vintage: The Emery sofa perfectly captures the vintage vibe of the 90s. In fact, it would look great within the classic white backdrop with emerald and oak wood accents. Add in a potted Ficus or a few plastic plants and it doesn't get any better and on-point than this.


Contemporary: The contemporary style is known for its sleek eclectic charm, which is why the Emery sofa would make an excellent centerpiece in it. The classic design and timeless aesthetics of this Eternity Modern sofa would really pair well with the mix-and-match elements and other unique pieces of furniture. The signature clean backdrop of this style would also make a great canvas for the sofa.

Scandinavian: Known for its cozy comfort, effortless grace, and an emphasis on natural materials and neutral colors, the Scandinavian style theme is perfect for housing the Emery sofa. It's also great that this style has become an ageless component of the top trends list, so if you dress your homes in it, you can rest assured that it'll never look like a boring old fad.

Modern bohemian chic: Inspired by the 60s hippie movement, this style is known for its vintage charm, organized clutter, and an emphasis on natural textures. Such surroundings would really complement the Emery sofa, and you can even cap off the whole look by pairing it with eclectic accompanying furniture and lots of indoor planters for the best effect.

Transitional: The transitional style is all about mixing traditional highlights with modern injunctures, and the Emery sofa would become an excellent joining piece. Accompanied by semi-formal details and light traditional vibes, this theme would also become a nice backdrop for the Emery sofa.

5 ways to style the Emery Sofa

 Here are some unique and beautiful ideas that you can use to curate different types of ambiances around this sofa:


#1  Maintaining the neutral vibe


The original color scheme of the Emery sofa is strikingly neutral, and if you're working with a theme that amplifies that effect, then you can style it with other neutral fabrics and textures.

Adding a natural fiber rug underneath or in front of the sofa is a good start. Sisal, jute, and sea grass are good options. Dark brown hemp rugs can also be used to enhance the contrast. The accompanying furniture should complement the exposed wooden base of the Emery sofa it should not be darker than the light finish of the sofa. An example would be the Wicker Bench that pairs perfectly with the Emery sofa.

As for accessorizing, you can choose braided cotton baskets and mid-century planters. Metal floor lamps are also a good option to cap things off with style.


#2 Adding a pop of color


If you want to maintain the neutral setting but want to revive it with a fresh accent, then putting a statement planter (maybe a fern or a swiss cheese plant) is the best course of action. The emerald or variegated leaves will add a refreshing look to the pale grey and light wood aesthetic of the sofa.

However, if your interior design theme allows for more leeway with colors, then you can embellish it with beautifully pattern, jewel-toned accent cushions. A bold woolen throw can also be artfully draped over one arm of the Emery sofa for that holistic effect.


#3 The background matters


The background always matters when you're styling a piece of furniture, and something as light and breezy as the Emery sofa requires a lot of thought to be put into its own.

You need to ensure that the color of the back wall is at least three shades lighter than the color of the sofa. If it looks too plain, then you can embellish it with artwork, neon lights, hanging planters, floating shelves, and more.


#4 Think: rustic accents


The Emery sofa has exposed wood design elements, which makes it a great candidate to be complemented with rustic accents. These run the gamut of a number of design elements. From contemporary wooden fetters that partially extend in the background to bamboo-woven pendant light fixtures, crafty wooden beams, and natural fiber sofa cushions, there're a lot of options that you can explore in this genre.


#5  Go achromatic


An achromatic color scheme is a great way to design an entire ambiance around your Emery sofa. Since the majority of this sofa has a grey coloring, you can use it as a benchmark to select the rest of the colors for your interior design styling.

A white background is always the best option to highlight such a gentle shade of grey, but you can use neo-classical elements such as cornices, Greek keys and wall panels to add in a transitional vibe. You can also use grey curtains, slightly darker accent chairs (perhaps in wood or brown to complement the lower half of the Emery sofa), and achromatic wall art to cap off the whole look.


So, these are some great ways to style the Emery sofa. Now you know exactly why you need it and how you can make it a statement piece in your own interior designs!