10 reasons why you should furnish your homes with the Womb Chair replica

The womb chair is a highly iconic midcentury modern masterpiece designed by architect Eero Saarinen.

However, its designer status can hamper many homeowners from buying it due to their limited budgets. This is where womb chair replica's come in.

Mid century modern sideboards make for the perfect backdrop to your womb chair. Here are the top 10 reasons why you should furnish your homes with the womb chair replica:


1. It's stylish


One of the top reasons to go for a womb chair replica is that it's the epitome of stylish. It's understated, brimming with elegance, and yet still highly fun and quirky thanks to its unique shape.



It'll definitely ramp up the ambiance of your homes.


2. Can be used as a standalone piece


One of the best things about the womb chair knock-off is that it can be used as a standalone furniture piece.

You can use it in a freestanding capacity in any place in your homes be it next to a planter, next to a bookcase, next to a beautiful gallery wall or something else entirely. Add a womb chair to pretty much any room as a standalone piece.


3. It's a great accent piece


The womb chair along with all of its replicas is designed to be an exemplary accent piece.

It's classy, sophisticated, and yet unique enough that it'd be great for accenting certain interior design styles. With plain upholstery, it can bring tasteful contrast in modern, minimal, and contemporary spaces. With patterned upholstery, it can make a statement in eclectic, vintage, and mid century modern living rooms.


4. Pinnacle of comfort


The body and anthropometry of the womb chair replica have been designed in a way that makes it the pinnacle of comfort.

It's stylish and trendy by default, but once you sit on it, you'll realize that it's also highly comfortable to boot. Therefore, you can set it up in spaces that require you to relax e.g. next to a fireplace, in your personal book nook, or even in front of a picture window.


5. Pairs well with other furniture


The design of the womb chair knock-off is as understated as they come. It's simple in its complicatedness.

Its molded plywood design is simply upholstered in padding and fabric, and looks really beautiful with all sorts of furniture pieces. You can use yours to complement your mid century modern sofa, your bed, and even your study desks in the office.


6. Is a midcentury icon


The idea of the womb chair is totally inspired and is one of Eero Saarinen's best works. To this day, it remains truly iconic.

Therefore, a womb chair replica would bring that iconic vibe in your spaces at an affordable price. It's a great piece for making a statement in your homes and even commercial spaces such as hotels, offices, airport resting lounges, and more.


7. Perfect for relaxing


A womb chair replica is perfect for spending a relaxing day on. You can place one in your study rooms preferably next to you bookshelf or cabinet so you can simply lean back and enjoy some great books from your to-be-read pile.

You can even add a small back-pillow to make the leaning experience all the more relaxing while you're at it. Moreover, placing a floor lamp like the Arco Lamp next to it would also look pretty good.


8. Statement worthy


The womb chair is a veritable icon, so it's a statement-worthy furniture piece. So, if you want to make an instant visual impact in your homes, going for a womb chair replica would be a great choice.

You can place it as a free-standing object in front of a plain or continuous backdrop as in this image. It would contrast with the background and make your ambiance feel all the more eye-catching.


9. Personalized upholstery options


The great thing about going for a womb chair knock-off is that you can always customize its upholstery. So, if you want to emulate pattern contrast in your home interiors, you can choose one that has a very unique pattern.

On the other hand, if you want to emulate simple high-contrast in your spaces, then you'll have a lot of options with simple or textured fabrics as well.


10. A high-contrast piece


A good womb-chair knock off will imitate the classic high-contrast aura of its original precedents.

This means that just these chairs will have a great high-contrast aesthetic that will make your homes pop with color, vibrancy, and uniqueness. You can place them at a focal point in your rooms so that they immediately catch the eye of anyone who enters the room.


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