10 Unique & Stylish Mid-Century Modern Christmas Tree Ideas

2019 is running its course and Christmas is right around the corner. The Holiday season will start soon, which is why it's time that you start thinking about some decoration ideas especially regarding the Christmas tree and its decor!

Mid-Century Modern Christmas Tree's are definitely the new fad. They're the perfect combination of modernity and vintage vibes just like the original style. Time to set up your tree next to the mid century modern sideboard in your living room. So, if you're searching high and low for distinct and extremely stylish ideas, then here's a classy list in this genre that we've compiled for just for you:


10 Mid Century Modern Christmas Tree Ideas 

1. Wire Art

The stunning light-oriented Mid-Century Modern Christmas Tree featured in this image is the perfect way to add some magical whimsy to your Holiday decor this season!

It belies the typical red and green candy-cane accessorizing for something totally avant-garde. Its body is entirely crafted in wire structure and the lights hanging from each circular tier is decoration enough.

It's a tree that celebrates modernity in its cleanest form and is a great way to evoke a gentle yet stylish effect in your Christmas themed mid century modern living room this year. 

2. Twirling bamboo sticks

Since we're already looking at trees that take leave from the typical fir-style genre, here's another Mid-Century Modern Christmas Tree idea that you'll totally fall in love with.

It features a totally wooden aesthetic and consists of a central spine that's being encircled by a ramp of bamboo steps.

It's very minimalistic and extremely stylish. It's perfect for small spaces and medium style homes. You can even hand some paper decor on some of the wooden ends to get that celebratory mood across! Display it on your Platner Side Table and make it the perfect addition to your home.

3. Drama of light and shadow

If you're looking for an upscale and trendy Mid-Century Modern Christmas Tree idea, then you'll love how this one drums up the drama of any space it's featured in! The tall stature, the wire structure, and gorgeous light ornaments on each branch make it an instant focal point in any space!

This is the kind of tree that you feature in large and luxurious homes. The DS 600 sofa matches nicely with a MCM Christmas tree.

What's better is that you can use it as a show-stopping masterpiece that can even be lit up when the rest of your space has been darkened!

4. Classic paper tree

Authentic Christmas trees are all well and good, but if you really want to try something different and absolutely unique, then this Mid-Century Modern Christmas Tree idea would be right up your alley.

Featuring a stunning paper-designed formation, the tree in this image can be a great alternative for your Holiday decor. You can even design it with colorful papers and complement it with contrasting baubles and fairy lights for ornamentation.

You'll also feel the additional satisfaction of carrying out a DIY project if it becomes a hit with everyone!

5. DIY-ing with lights

If you've got a limited budget or can't splurge on a tree, then you'll love this cost-effective Mid-Century Modern Christmas Tree idea! Made up of simple and basic materials, this tree idea is very artistic.

All you have to do is create a Christmas tree shaped triangle with some straight rods and line them up with fairy lights. You can create as many of these trees as you want and feature them on top of your sideboards, console tables, etc.

You can even pepper them up with cute Polaroid's and baubles for that extra Holiday cheer!

6. Using branches

If no other tree is suiting your fancy, then you'll fall in love with the inherent simplicity and modern aura of this Mid-Century Modern Christmas Tree idea!

It's not exactly a full-fledged tree, per say, but it does have similar visuals. You'll need tree twigs or branches of various lengths to fully incorporate this idea.

You can affix them on the wall or on a piece of sturdy box-board in the form of a tree and layer these up with the appropriate decor.

It's another wonderful and cost-effective idea to bring in some budget-friendly DIY cheer in your homes!

7. Tinsel wonderland

If you're in the mood to go full on crazy with your Holiday decor this year, then there's nothing better than some silver vintage tinsels! They're gorgeous, celebratory, and perfectly decorative!

You'll fall in love with this Mid-Century Modern Christmas Tree idea because it requires literally zero effort. You can even buy these tinsel trees online and put them in storage once the Holiday season is over. Pair these with the Mario Bellini Sofa and you've got yourself a winning combination.

They can be reused and pair really well with other Christmas themed decor!

8. 1950s retro

If you want to delve deeper into the retro and vintage side of the Mid-Century Modern Christmas Tree idea, then take a look at this image!

The use of classic red and green colors along with plaid cushions is the perfect way to recapture that vintage vibe. You can go the extra mile by decorating the tree the old-school way.

Put lots of mismatched accessories all over the front and sides. Go for personality and put professional aesthetics on the backseat.

A retro Christmas tree will be the perfect addition to any mid century modern living room. You can also add in some hints of white to make it feel snow-capped and whimsical!

9. Pink and florals

The conventional red, white, and green theme of Christmas is all well and good, but what if you had a tree that could be a perpetual part of the decor.

The pink colored Mid-Century Modern Christmas Tree featured in this image is a distinguished example of how you can create one.

The use of coral, salmon, and various shades of baby pink is very glamorous even a bit retro. It sets a rococo style tone for the rest of the space and feels very dreamy to boot!

10. Vintage aluminum

Vintage aluminum Mid-Century Modern Christmas Trees are the pinnacle of retro-chic, and you can easily find them all over the internet.

They've got this inherent cheer that gets any space feeling like a holiday headquarters with simply being present in the backdrop.

You can supplement it with themed lights, wreaths, and other ornaments to pack that extra visual punch! 

Cozy up in your mid century modern sofa and share some laughs with your loved ones with a cup of hot chocolate in your hand with your festive Christmas tree in the background.

All of these Mid-Century Modern Christmas Tree ideas are totally fantastic and sure to emulate some wintery vibes and Holiday cheer in any type of home!