Top 16 Best Interior Designers in Washington, DC

As the capital of the United States, Washington DC has a lot to offer - but at the core of its habitation, there's a heart of some great interior designers that are making each residence, commercial space, and office as beautiful as possible. 

If you live in DC and are looking for someone to reinvent, refurbish, or redecorate your home, then you're at the right place. Your dream space with the stunning Mario Bellini Sofa as the centerpiece in your mid-century modern living room, a Husk Chair for your reading nook, a Wassily Chair or two in your mid-century modern office... You get the idea. Let's check out the list below:


The Best Interior Designer in Washington, D.C

This list has been curated to ensure that each designer listed on it has something unique and distinguishable to offer. From lovely ideas to eclectic aesthetics and fine execution, you'll find a number of options to choose your pick from here. Let's take a look:


1. Residents Understood
With a belief that a home is a story of your lifestyle, this firm and its two principal designers pride themselves on designing spaces that are a true representation of the client. While consulting people from all walks of life, they've built themselves a loyal client base and are some of the best interior designers in Washington, DC. You'll love the inherent magic of their design and how they're able to incorporate a bit of you in each room of a residence.

 Their Denby Home project is a gorgeous example of how they can emulate lots of personality even in the most contained of spaces. The eclectic-contemporary outlook of this house is absolutely stunning. From carrying a neutral theme to being interspersed with just the right kind of accents, you'll love the overall outlook and character of this abode.


 2. Lauren Liess
Lauren Liess has become one of the best interior designers in Washington, DC because of her artistic aesthetic, uncontained expression, and her ability to emulate life into everything that she touches. She's got an incredible team that deals with clients in a totally collaborative spirit and you can even shop for textiles, lights, artwork and other things that are used to decorate a home at her shop LL Garden.

Lauren's appreciation for comfort and coziness reflects in the way that she curates spaces, so if you're looking for a mixture of elegance and relaxation, then she's the one to consult. Her American Soul residential project is a study in rustic elegance. Its unmatched dynamics unfold in layers of distressed finishes, colorful accents, comfy furniture, and a timelessly pulled together ambiance.


3. Zoe Feldman Design
With 20 years of experience under her belt, Zoe and her team have garnered quite a reputation of being some of the best interior designers in Washington, DC. Their work has been featured in Elle Decor, House Beautiful, and more. With a loyal client base and an ability to style any space to perfection, Zoe and her team specialize in modernized classicism, which is inspired by art, music, and culture.

In fact, you can see a gorgeous representation of this signature aesthetic in her Potomac Contemporary residence. Featuring clean lines, an abundance of natural light, and a sophisticated take on the neutral palette, this home brims with utter charisma, charm, and personality. It's definitely something that you'll want on your Pinterest board.


4. Lori Graham
With a home design firm and a lifestyle showroom under her belt, Lori Graham has become one of DC's most coveted interior designers. Her knowledge of the industry, her expertise in the niche, and her ability to evoke elegant sophistication in any space that she touches has built her a loyal client base. She and her team have a brilliantly transformative aesthetic that you'll definitely fall in love with.

You can take a look at their Modern family home for an idea of where their talents lie. This abode is not only tastefully furnished, but it has been keenly detailed to orient your senses toward swanky refinement. You'll really enjoy the sheen of classic modernism that runs that gamut of the whole home, but you'll also appreciate the layers of contemporary that have been finely mixed in between.


5. Paul Corrie Interiors
This boutique interior design firm is located in the heart of Washington, DC and is home to some of the most talented designers you'll ever come across. Helmed by Paul Corrie, this team strives to create spaces that are not only livable, but also personalized to each client and their lifestyle. With a firm grasp on a great aesthetic and the ability to tweak each space to perfection, you'll really love what they can do with a raw space.

In fact, you can check out their entire portfolio for a glimpse of what they can attain with some light input from the client. However, their Washington, DC residence is especially a sight to behold. With its lovely, modernesque aesthetic and refined decor, it feels like a statement-worthy home with lots of personal touches. From the furnishing to the accessorizing, everything just perfectly falls into rhythm and keeps the eye firmly hooked.


6. Darlene Molnar LLC
From sophisticated contemporary homes to boutique commercial spaces, Darlene Molnar has built herself a firm little niche as an interior design staple in Washington, DC. Not only is she an expert at curating the most wonderful interiors that you'll ever witness, but she's also an amazing product designer. She's worked with Crate & Barrel, Umbra, and more on some of their bestselling pieces.

Darlene is known for bringing something fresh and innovative to each project and you can see that in the entirety of her portfolio. She encapsulates the essence of a space and enriches it with a soul. You'll love how she's able to blend natural light, custom furnishings, and gorgeous decor to provide a truly wholesome space for each of her clients.


7. Kelley Proxmire, Inc.
With her signature style of tailored traditional, Kelley Proxmire boasts more than twenty years of experience in the field and has a reputable interior design firm in Washington DC. Her eye for detail is uncannily exquisite and if you ask, she'll tell you that she sits for hours contemplating fabric mix, furniture proportions, and color interplay. 

Kelley's Blue & White Family Home is one of the most brilliant examples of local eclectic styling that you'll ever come across. Styled to perfection and brimming with personality, there's a lot to explore in this residence. From the gorgeous selection of patterns to its impact on the ambiance without leeching away the sophistication, everything has been done in an excellent manner. Only a veteran in the field can do so without making the floor plan feel overbearing.


8. Thomas Pheasant
Boasting international credibility and a thirty year experience, Thomas Pheasant has been at the forefront of the interior design scene in Washington, DC for quite some time. He and his team have had their work widely publicized and their penchant for creating timelessly beautiful spaces has lent them a loyal client base in many parts of the world.

You'll really appreciate the modernist expression of his Washington DC residence project and how it evokes a tasteful, incredibly refined ambiance. From stunning visual symmetry to creating just the right kind of focal points, you'll want to add this home on your inspiration board. The neutral color scheme is overlaid by the brilliance of great lighting and just the right kind of splashy accent colors - it's a home that is as upscale as it is livable.


9. Darryl Carter Inc
Known for their eclectic, highly personalized take on interior designing, Darryl Carter Inc. is one of the most stylized, high-end, and posh interior design consultancies in Washington, DC. Their signature move is to reinvent each space with a customized flair and a highly innovative touch.

Every project on this firm's portfolio has something totally unique and distinct to offer. From sculptural walls to furniture that never fails to stun, each and every detail is flashed against a modernist backdrop that makes it shine even more. There's a touch of minimalism to the palette which is complemented by trendy geometric accents and single-toned highlights in each project.


10. Arlington Home Interiors 
With a mission to make you fall in love with the spaces that you live in, Suzanne Manlove and her team of designers have become trailblazers in the interior design scene of Washington, DC. This firm believes that a space should be therapeutic, loving - just a warm hug when you're leaning towards sadness. So, they do their best to make each of their projects as cozy, beautiful, comfortable, and innovative as possible.

You can see exactly how they do that in their Art Collector's residential project. It's a beautiful home that features stunning artwork in each room - sometimes, even more than one. Inspired by an art gallery, this home feels like an ode to artisanal craftsmanship and has a beautiful neutral backdrop which lets the true star of the entire project shine; i.e. the art.


11. Hartman Design Group, Inc
Taking every project as a blank story that needs to be filled out with the colors of a client's taste, raw vision, and personality, the Hartman Design Group has become home to some of the finest interior designers in Washington, DC. They believe that every project should have a spark - a connection between the user and the space that is offset by some innovative thinking and gorgeous themes.

This team designed the Enclave at the Potomac Club and it's one of their finest projects to date. You'll love what they did with the overall ambiance with the neutral-on-neutral color scheme. It's definitely a fresh, warm, and inviting take on contemporary designing that is woven out with a stylish combination of warm and cool tones.


12. Lorna Gross Interior Design
 Lorna Gross and her team pride themselves on being graceful and precise to the point that the spaces they design are truly experiential. They also strive to make the entire renovation journey as joyful and smooth as possible. You'll love their artistic expression and how they create every space to express the lifestyle of their client.

Each and every single space designed by this firm is full of confidence - they mimic the aura of your personality and translate it into their designs. Their National Harbor Maryland Townhouse is an exceptional articulation of everything that they stand for. From the tastefully refined wall and floor design combos to the trendy furniture and stylish accessories, there's a lot to explore here. 


13.  P3 Design Collective
P3DC is a contemporary Washington, DC based interior design firm that specializes in multifamily, commercial, hospitality, and restaurant interior design. Their passion for weaving personal stories into each project sets their work apart - as does the culture and local fabric that they emulate into each space. Perhaps one of their best qualities is that they also appreciate the timeline and the budget that their clients bring along.

Their Renaissance Charleston residence is an exemplary specimen of what they can do with even the most generic of spaces. The cool, calming tones of this home evoke a serene tranquility that will usher you in a state of complete peace and calm. The use of blue throughout the abode also pays an ode to the coastal surroundings and the overall effect is truly genteel. 


14. Raji RM & Associates
As a major houzz influencer, this firm has become quite well known for its impeccable aesthetics and creative collaboration in the DC interior design waters. Raji, the owner and principal designer believes that interior designing is just like composing music - instead of actual notes, you're just composing spaces in a fine, visually pleasant symphony. 

You can see Raji and her team's passion for creating wonderful and interesting spaces in their Noorderwind project. As the perfect blend of classic tradition and contemporary flair, you'll see a lot of juxtaposing elements in this residence that somehow mesh together to deliver the most creative and innovative of spaces. From expert color interplay to upscale furniture selection, everything is as classy, trendy, and posh as you could ever imagine.


15. Tracy Morris Design
If you wish to give your spaces an unexpected flavor, then Tracy Morris Designs is definitely the Washington, DC based interior design firm for you. Tracy and her team have impeccable taste and are known for breathing new life into drab old places. With a great sense of style and an ability to empower a space with some distinct flavor, this firm can definitely help you create the space of your dreams.

Tracy's portfolio is a thing of beauty and you'll feel inspired enough to add all her creations to your moodboard. From tasteful contemporary initiatives to rustic offsets and traditional tones, she's a master of making avant garde mixtures that will make you appreciate the quality and texture of each room even more.


16. ZGF Architects
ZGF offers sustainable designing at every scale and pride themselves on running a multinational company. They're one of the best interior design consultancies in Washington, DC - especially if you're striving to go greener in your renovation venture. 

With innovation as their stepping ladder, the team at ZGF strives to make every home as welcoming, sustainable, and eco-friendly as possible. Their Science Center project is one of the finest examples of environmentally friendly designing that you'll ever come across. The architectural language of the building was beautifully retained while playing with the materials helped create a lovely interior variation. With intimate seating areas in the lobby and a stunning bar in the restaurant, this building has been dressed to impress from the inside out.



So, these are some of Washington, DC's best interior designers. They cover a wide range from customization, affordability, and even sustainability - you can pick whichever one appeals to you the most to help you create the space of your dreams.