Top 12 San Antonio Interior Designers in 2021

San Antonio is the heart of Texas and is known for its rich Colonial heritage. It's a city that is full of culture and uniqueness and also some to some of the best interior designers in the region.

This list of San Antonio designers has been specially curated for your perusal. Each professional has been hand-picked because of what they have to offer. From a distinguished backdrop to history and an ability to craft spaces that brim with personality, you'll find a diverse variety on right at your fingertips. Whether you're looking to add organic touches to your home with natural elements like the Wicker Bench or Wishbone Dining Chair, or go with with mid-century modern furniture classics like the Bertoia Chair or Platner Chair, the list has got something for you.

So without further ado, let's take a look:



This San Antonio interior design firm is known for its aesthetic-savvy designers and how they're always able to curate beautiful, eclectic, and engaging interior designs. With a mastery of residential interior design, this firm has taken on multiple projects in the regional area and beyond. Their ability to craft timeless spaces is largely unparalleled, and you'll love how they're able to make each space as distinguished as possible.

The Lilac Manor project by this team is certainly one of the best residential projects that you'll ever see. The entire home is designed in gorgeous shades of blues and contrasted with beautifully chosen accessories, furnishings, and decor. This residence brims with eclectic charm is incredibly, exquisitely visually dynamic. Underscored with warm reds and burgundies, the blue interior of this home is a thing of true beauty.

The Living Spaces by BRADSHAW DESIGNS


Whether it's a home, a lake house, or a corporate office, Bradshaw Designs is San Antonio's best, award-winning firm that is up to the task! With a wide array of services and a skillful grasp on all types of interior design aesthetics, the team at this firm always manages to create a masterful combination of excellent functionality and visuals. Going through their portfolio will have you delighting in each project and how it looks like an absolute magazine spread.

In fact, the Living Spaces part of their portfolio is a must-see for everyone who is looking to design a distinguished living room aesthetic. Every project listed features a unique, tasteful, and exquisitely refined aesthetic. From colorful and vibrant to understated and upscale, there's a huge variety that you can look through and take inspiration from!




Promising to create extraordinary spaces, Betsy Homan and her exceptional team are some of the best interior designers in San Antonio. They pride themselves on catering to your sensibilities and crafting spaces that are personal, rich with your history, and always speak to the soul. Betsy also takes her time to communicate with her clients, ensuring that her interiors are as relevant and timeless as possible. You'll love her services and her commitment to curating the best for her clients.

The Classic Monte Vista project done by this team is one of the best conservation-based residential interior design that you'll ever see. The complete renovation transformed the entire vibe of this abode. With brand new furnishings, art, accessories, light fixtures and more, this home became a colorful, eclectic haven that features a tastefully selected combination of several styles merged into a single, vibrant space.


The Herlihy by Jana Ward Interiors & Clear Choice Remodeling

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If you're searching for someone to carry out a simple kitchen and bath upgrade for you, then there's no one better than Jana Ward Interiors & Clear Choice Remodeling from San Antonio. With some great press and amazing designs under their belt, this team can totally transform a simple bath or kitchen, and have now extended their services to home renovation as well. Their extraordinary vision and qualitative material selection will help you curate the home of your dreams!

The Herlihy residential project by this team is one of the best that you'll ever see. The contemporary-transitional aesthetic of this home has been articulated through stunning material selection, upscale furniture, and ritzy lighting. It feels luxurious but cozy at the same time, which adds to its understated appeal. It's definitely an inspiration for those looking for something homely yet sophisticated!

The Olmos-park by DY LYNNE DECOR

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Inspired by Shakespeare's quote, People are happiest at home, this firm takes their residential interior designing quite seriously. Focusing on small details, offering a keen eye for selecting themes, and approaching every project with passion, this San Antonio interior design firm is one of the best in the region! By listening to their clients, collaborating with them thoroughly, and evoking their desired visuals in the best way possible, the team here can definitely make all your dreams a reality!

The Olmos Park residence designed by this team is one of the best interpretations of classic-contemporary that you'll ever see. It looks upscale, modern, and also cozy. There's an underscore of homeliness to the theme that feels incredibly enchanting. With lots of customized details and beautiful furnishings, this home has been designed to be breezy, spacious, and luxurious.


The Miralomas by KD INTERIORS

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This San Antonio interior design firm has been around since 1999 and their trusted services have become quite renowned in the community. Led by a fantastic team of designers, this firm enjoys an amazing reputation in the region and has garnered some amazing press over the years. They're not just professionals, but home builders that work closely with clients to curate the best ambiances. You'll certainly enjoy working with them.

The Mirlomas Home Project by this firm is one of the best and most stylish residences that you'll ever see. It features a number of statement worthy elements along with a lush material palette. The stunning accents sprinkled all over the space are complemented with lush greenery. With a backdrop of beautiful neutrals, an emphasis on emulating breeziness in the layout, and wonderful light fixtures to cap off the whole look, this home definitely an experience, rather than a simple abode.

The Traditional Estate by M INTERIORS

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This amazing San Antonio interior design firm takes on simple residences and converts them into stunning, upscale, high-end abodes that brim with contemporary charisma. The team at this studio can take on a range of projects that run the gamut of elegantly traditional to the warmly contemporary. They pride themselves on providing excellent client collaboration services and ensure that the clients individuality reflects perfectly in their interior designs.

Their Traditional Estate residence is a project that will blow you away. It's stylish, decadent, and feels incredibly lush with its trendy wooden accents, neo-classical elements, and beautiful decor. It feels more like a European manner than an American home, and its beauty is only amplified with all the careful detailing that adds an extra oomph to its entire look! This is definitely the firm to consult if you want to curate a luxury residence for yourself.

The Lake Tahoe Retreat by LAKE | FLATO

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The 30-year-old history of this amazing San Antonio interior design firm speaks for itself. Founded in 1984, it has been catering to clients needs and rising up to the challenge that comes with changing times and perspectives. However, their goal of designing spaces and buildings that respect their urban fabric and surroundings has remained unchanged. In addition to that, they also strive for eco-friendliness and sustainability in each of their ventures. You'll certainly appreciate their professional approach and ability to discern their client's needs in the best possible way.

Lake Tahoe Retreat is one of their best projects and excellently showcases their talents. The team went above and beyond to craft a beautiful, all-natural space that not only complements its surroundings, but also evokes a cozy, homely aura for the people that are inside. You'll love the underscore of modernity that drifts over the agrestic, bucolic vibe of the space. It's a project that is as soulful as its comfortable.

Haven Design and Construction

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This San Antonio interior design firm is helmed by husband-wife architect-interior designer duo, and the first thing you'll notice about them is how they complement each other. With a discerning eye for details and an ability to craft wholesome spaces that tread architecture and interiors in equal tandem, this team has garnered quite a reputation for itself in the region. You'll love working with them and enjoy their holistic approach to crafting an entire building from scratch.

If you want to see what they have to offer, then take a look at their Kenilworth Boulevard residential project. While brimming with rustic vibes on the outside, this home exudes unfettered contemporary sophistication on the inside. It's breezy, designed to evoke spaciousness, and features an understated decadence that really complements the client's raw vision. It's a beautiful home, both inside and out, with some mutual details in the interior-exterior designing that makes the whole project feel the epitome of wholesome.


The Palmilla Beach House by Lisa Bakke Interiors 

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Working on the philosophy that good design is forever, this San Antonio interior design firm strives to create the most timeless spaces! Imbued with inherent elegance, sophistication, and charm, Lisa Bakke and her team have curate stunning interiors that always speak to the soul. Bakke is an expert in textiles, so she always meticulously selects each and every little wall and furniture detail. She understands that designing spaces is a labor of love, and it shows in every aspect of the space that she crafts.

In fact, you can see Bakke and her team's talent in her Palmilla Beach House design. The entire home is an amalgam of blue, white, and brown accents. The idea is to create a cool, calming, and serene home that captures the tranquility of a rushing beach-scape, and Bakke has certainly done that in a masterful manner! Brimming with an abundance of natural light and evoking a relaxed vibe, this home aesthetic is certainly one for the books.

The Castle Hill Residence by Younique Design

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This San Antonio interior design firm holds a team of powerful visionaries who believe that everyone should design the kind of space that reflects their lifestyle. This team prides itself on being the tool that clients can use to design their desired spaces. Shea Pumarejo, the principal designer believes that spaces should function the way that we live, and that's exactly the kind of philosophy that she applies in every project that she takes on. If you want to take personalization to a whole new level, then do consult this firm of you live in the San Antonio area.

You can take a look at the Castle Hill residence by this team if you want a taste of what they can do for you. It started off as a Spanish Colonial Ranch that lost its identity over the years. This firm took on this project and totally revamped it into a home that's not just unique, but also filled with lots of character. With new wood floors, plaster walls, and a fireplace that's embellished with hand-painted encausted tiles, this home boasts an earthy look that is complemented with a breezy, spacious layout. It's been customized to accommodate the client's lifestyle and is detailed to perfection! With beautiful accessories, a touch of minimalism, and a focus on wholesomeness, this home is one of the best that you'll ever see.

The Common Desk by Method Architecture

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This San Antonio interior design firm prides itself on crafting ego-free services and operates with complete and total flexibility. They are a full-service team that can take on all types of projects, be it ground-up or gut renovations. They can also take on all genres of projects, be it retail, commercial, residential, or more. They also take on niche projects like breweries, public spaces, healthcare, educational etc. Each project they take on is like an adventure, inspiring and like a journey that takes you towards the realization of your dreams.

Take a look at their Common Desk project for a taste of what they can do. It's a soft-corporate project that takes agile designing to a whole new level. The collaborative spirit of each unit is complemented with a spaciousness within the layout. The co-working space connects to a retail area and is visually connected with wayfinding tools that make it easy for new comers to connect with the space. It's definitely one of the best corporate projects that you'll ever come across.

If you live in the San Antonio region, then these are some of the best interior design firms that you'll come across. They span a wide range of aesthetics, personal styles, and commitment values, and we're sure that you'll be easily able to find one that suits all your needs.