Top 13 Interior Designers in New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, home of the Mardi Gras is known for its unique dialects, rainbows of distinctive music, and a cultural diversity that is hardly ever matched anywhere around the world. And thus, you can imagine what interior designers of this city have to offer. If you live in Louisiana and are looking for a great interior designer, then we've got the perfect list for you.

With aesthetics that pay homage to their eclectic city, every firm on this list has something very distinguished to offer. You'll fall in love with their flamboyant perspective, their sophisticated tastes, and their ability to breathe life into every space they touch.

Whether you're going for a chic look with the Wassily Chair or Mario Bellini Sofa or a modern bohemian look with the Wicker Bench or Poet Sofa, we're confident that this list will bring you one step closer to your dream home.

Every interior designer in this article was hand-picked for their creative and professional repertoire, and we can guarantee that they are some of the best that you'll ever meet. Without further ado, let's take a look:


1. Curtis Herring Interior Design

Specializing in upscale residential and commercial projects, this interior design firm is one of New Orleans finest. Helmed by Curtis Harris who began his career as a product and store designer for a national furniture manufacturer, this firm has been the recipient of many awards through the years. Their work has also been published in numerous well-recognized magazines.

However, if you truly want a glimpse of what Curtis and his team has to offer, then you should take a look at their Old Metairie G residence on Falcon Road. The snazzy interior of this home is absolutely breathtaking, but the most attractive feature by far is the 3D art wall in the dining room. The rest of the abode follows the same English Victorian theme with a contemporary twist, and you'll find yourself pinning several of these rooms on your own inspiration board.


2. Eclectic Home

Penny Francis and her team have made mixing and matching an art form, making their New Orleans based interior design firm quite a destination for clients. This locally and nationally recognized consultancy has been around since 2000 and has been helping customers achieve their dream aesthetics for quite some while now. If you want your residential or commercial spaces to reflect your unique personality, then this is definitely the place to go.

You'll especially love their Gravier residence, which is a fine cumulation of posh accessories and upscale design tastes. Designed with a modern twist, this home instantly captures the eye with its cool, understated color scheme and breezy vibe. With tastefully selected furniture and strategic pops of color, you'll appreciate the way that your eye instantly hooks to the surroundings of this home.

3. Graci Interiors, LLC

Offering cozy, homey, and well-designed perfection in each of their interior designs, Graci Interiors LLC is one of the best firms in New Orleans. Helmed by Chad Graci, who himself is native of The Big Easy, you'll find a unique juxtaposition of high style and vintage amalgams in this firm's portfolio. With an amazing understanding of the interplay between light, colors, and fabric types, Chad and his team has designed some of the most widely publicized projects in the area.

His Uptown Eclectic residence is one of the most classic examples of modern contemporary homes that you'll ever see. The main charm of this home comes from its fantastic layering of textures materials, and fun colors. It's understated, eye-catching, and also features a gorgeous neutral backdrop that is appreciated and loved by most homeowners today.

4. Kelly Sutton Design LLC

An expert at creating a marriage of the client's needs with her own experienced aesthetic, Kelly Sutton and her team have become some of the best interior designers in New Orleans. By customizing details and laying down the blueprint for gorgeous overall schemes, this team always strives to deliver spaces that can be categorized as hand-picked and designed by love.

Kelly's 14 year experience in the residential and hospitality genre has garnered her quite a repute in this niche. You can take a look at The Strand a beautiful Manhattan beach residence and one of this firm's best interior design projects to date. It's definitely an artful interpretation of the neo-classical style and evokes a sense of true wonder and aesthetic temptation to explore more as you come inside. From stunning furniture to tasteful artwork, you'll have a lot to get inspired from this beautiful project.

5. KHB Interiors

New Orleans is one of the most eclectic cities in the whole world, so it's only right that the designers here have an eye to match its grace. This is where KHB Interiors takes the win. By offering timelessly beautiful spaces that are functional and luxurious with just a hint of fun in the mix, this consultancy has garnered a loyal client base. You'll really appreciate their unique take on the classics and love how they always work in your preferences into the final product.

The New Orleans style residence design in their portfolio fully captures all the wonders this city has to offer. With bold pops of color, mixed-and-matched accessories, along with incredibly unique statement items like rococo mirrors, Murano-style chandeliers, and topiary indoor planters, you'll feel as if youâ're experiencing The Big Easy directly from within this home's interior.

6. Rivers Spencer Interiors

This New Orleans based interior design firm also doubles as a high-end retail store for contemporary women's clothing. Clients really appreciate the way that Spencer plays acute attention to the quality and detailing of each of her projects. With visual comfort, aesthetic viability, and functional details in mind, this firm has curated many wonderful projects over the years.

You'll love their Aline St. New Orleans project. The highly tasteful designing of this residence pays a contemporary ode to neo-classical sensibilities. All the accessories and baroque detailing have been selected with a keen eye, ensuring that the inhabitants are always awed by the sheer luxury of the ambiance.

7. Susan Currie Design, LLC

Clients rate Susan and her team absolute stars in the customer service department and this New Orleans interior design firm has garnered the favor of many for their stellar client satisfaction rates. No matter how big or small the project, Susan and her team are always ready and eager to take you on.

You can check out their Intown project for some inspiration. It's classy, timeless, and features an innate sense of comfort that will make you feel like you're in your very own elegant heaven.


8. Tara Shaw Ltd.

Tara Shaw is a firm believer in the soulfulness of antiques, which is why her entire design philosophy is built around this concept. Her past-meets-present take on interior design has made her one of the most distinguished and well-reputed consultants in New Orleans. By taking the initiative to merge modernity with vintage accents, she creates spaces that speak to the soul without seeming too impersonal.

One of this firm's most enchanting project includes the complete makeover of a glass boathouse that now features stunning contemporary lines. The entire landscape of this home has been developed to present a warm, welcoming, and modern ambiance. The juxtaposition of clean lines with sculptural furniture and artful accessories is truly exemplary. Add in the magnificent use of natural light and this residence becomes a total winner.

9. Villa Vici

With quality as the main focus of their consultancy, this interior design firm in New Orleans provide their clients with the best of all worlds be it furniture or services. Located in the heart of Magazine Street, this one-stop showroom and firm specializes in all things modern-eclectic. You'll love their carefully selected medley of decor, window treatments and more, each of which is carefully chosen from the best vendors from around the world.

The Riverfront Townhome project designed by this team is the epitome of exceptional. Tastefully done in a classic mix of neutral hues, this home is tastefully furnished, beautifully lit, and handsomely accessorized. It boasts a refined ambiance that showcases a keen eye for detail by the designers. Any connoisseur of modernism will absolutely appreciate what this home has to offer both functionally and aesthetically.


With a whopping 36 years of experience and 300+ completed projects, CAMPO Architects is one of the best consultancies in New Orleans for hospitality design. Their commitment to design excellence has been nationally recognized by industry leaders. They excel at full range architecture and interior design services with a specialty in historic, adaptive re-use, and hospitality projects. Their work has been featured in numerous widely known publications and their team is comprised of seasoned professionals who will guide you from start to finish on your project.

Their AC Hotel Little Rock is one of the best projects in their portfolio. Two historic buildings were combined to create a modern and upscale AC Hotel, the first of it’s brand in the state. CAMPO Architects did justice to the sleek new interior while maintaining the historic integrity of the buildings. With modern upgrades to the classic backdrop, this interior of this hotel will certainly leave a mark on everyone who experiences it.

11. studioWTA

As masters of residential, commercial, and institutional architecture and interior designing, this firm is one of the best in New Orleans. The team here tries to innovate drab and old ideas by questioning preconceived notions and embracing new techniques. Their collective approach to design is process-driven, eco-friendly, and culturally engaging. You'll love the visual distinction of each project in their portfolio, and appreciate everything that has been published in the press as well.

The Camp Place residence designed by this team is not only exceptional on the outside, but also features a cozy interior that has been inundated to feel like an actual campsite. When night falls, the light makes it feel like you're cozying up in a large tent. With excellent use of furniture, beautiful moulding of architecture with interior designing, and artful accessorizing, this home is certainly one for the inspiration books.

12. Trapolin Peer Architects

As pioneers of progress in this niche, Trapoline Peer Architects have quite a reputation as some of the best interior designers in New Orleans. Their commitment to inclusiveness spans all scales and they specialize in contextually sensitive designs that appreciate the fabric of their surroundings. You'll love the way that they reinvent with sustainability in mind and appreciate how they put communities as the center of all their projects.

Their Camp Street Residence features the renovation of a historical apartment that has already underwent two major refurbishments. The Trapolin team took it upon themselves to make the original architecture shine through their conservation-oriented design approach. The plaster on one wall was removed to showcase the original masonry work while the rear fade was installed with glass windows that contributed to the openness of the plan. It's a classic project that transformed an old space into something interesting and livable.

13. Ann Holden Design Firm

The storied career of Ann Holden is one of the major reasons that you should opt for this interior design firm from New Orleans. With a four-decade career and highly acclaimed work in this genre, Anne has curated a team of fantastic professionals who will help you design the space of your dreams in the most cultured, refined, and innovative of ways.

Anne's influence in design is beautifully captured in her Modern Refuge project. You can see her innate connection with design in the clean sophistication of this residence. From the understated color scheme to the restrained design language, everything brims with sheer refinement. The hint of playful patterns and the occasional splash of color keeps the ambiance from feeling too drab.