Top 61 Best New York Based Interior Designers

If you live in the Big Apple, then you'll know the importance of trendy upkeep especially when it comes to your home interiors and layouts. Staying on top of trends is never easy, but you certainly do so if you know a good interior designer. However, finding a reliable one is not an easy task at all. So, if you're looking for a New York interior designer to deliver your project with the utmost style, flair, and grace (and also help with your mid century modern furniture haul, of course), here's a list of 61 (in no particular order) of the best ones:


Top New York  Interior Designers

1. Betty Wasserman Art & Interiors

Betty Wasserman is an award winning New York based interior designer who is known for her elegant and refined aesthetic. Her expertise over the Hamptons luxury style is well-known and praised by professionals and media experts alike. Her designs have won many awards and her projects have been published in many magazines.


Betty Wasserman's studio offers many design oriented services, out of which interior designing is the most sought after one. From space planning to project management, palette selection, furniture selection, and many other customizations, the studio offers some of the best services you'll ever find in the city.


2. Safavieh 

A dichotomous furniture shop and an interior design consultancy, Safavieh is one of the best stylists you can go for when updating your homes. Not only can you find an amazing collection of furniture, wicker benches, rugs, and accessories in their extensive library, but they also have great interior designers who can help you get the best out of your project.


Safavieh is all about helping their clients reach the best design development that they possibly can. This New York based interior design firm is known for bringing their client's vision to reality in the best possible way. From custom design plans to white glove delivery services, they're all-rounders that you can easily reach out to.


3. Rinaldi Interiors

Kristina Rinaldi's eclectic vision is the perfect representation of the unique and distinguished tastes, personalities, and characters that are found in New York City. With an eye for detailing and the ability to select bold colors that provide amazingly photogenic spaces, her studio can definitely bring all of your ideas to life.


The best thing about consulting with Kristina is that she's able to see a space as an extension of the owners own personality. So whatever she designs come off as highly individualistic and suitable to your tastes. Her knowledge of color application is extensive and revered, and she's also been a part of many panels on such discussions.


4. Atelier Armbruster

If you're a homeowner whose tastes run the gamut of sleek, modern, and stylish, then Atelier Armbruster is the studio you should be looking at. Helmed by Yaiza Armbruster, they'll be able to bring your vision to life in the most tastefully minimalist way possible. Focused on modernizing spaces while preserving their original integrity, this consultancy can appease your need for that high-end look.

 The Armbruster team is well versed in designing residential and commercial spaces, and this New York based interior design firm should definitely be on your check-out list if you're searching for a designer that's got a keen eye for attention to detail.


5. C&L Interiors

Based in Long Island, this New York based interior design firm was started out by Carolyn and Louise. Their intention was to provide the best possible spatial consultation to their clients while also managing dealings with craftsmen.

The services provided by C&L are very extensive. They could either help you with a single room or even a single window treatment, or they could design large-scale areas for a big project just as well. They've got their thumb on the zeitgeist of the design world, and can definitely help you keep up with the pulse of all the ragingly timeless New York oriented design themes out there.


6. Tina Ramchandani

Synonymous with modern luxury and contemporary artfulness, this New York based interior designer definitely delivers a breath of fresh air in every project. The firm prides itself on its efficient articulation of client's design ideas while maintaining that soulful minimalistic concept in each project.

The firm offers a concierge program which means that they fully handle a project from start to finish. The turnover is a great moment of accomplishment for the team as a whole, and the sentiment certainly echoes in the client's reactions as well.


7. Stewart Rodriguez

Starting from a brand and ending on a consultancy, Stewart Rodriguez is an award winning retailer and interior design firm that can bring all your upscale Manhattenite dreams to reality. With offices in Puerto Rico and New York, this firm delivers on all genres and scales of projects, be it residential, commercial, or hospitality related.

The main attraction that is found in all Stewart Rodriguez designed interiors is that slick cosmopolitan appeal that is often blended with tropical accents. If you're searching for someone to create unique and eclectic spaces for you, then this is the firm that you should be opting for.


8. Threshold Interiors

Located in the nest of West Chelsea, this New York based interior design firm is a must-check-out for everyone who wants to style their spaces with understated flair, elegance, and unique charm. Owned by Liz Tiesi, the projects delivered by this firm are known for their artful sophistication.

From revamping to new constructions, Threshold Interiors is a one-stop-shop for every type of project need that you have. You'll definitely find what you're looking for at their doorstep.


9. Lucy Harris

Known for their sheer class and collaborative designing, Lucy Harris and her team have been featured in multiple publications, including Architectural Digest and New York Magazine. This firm is known for their high-end aesthetics. From upscale commercial projects to swanky residential interiors, Lucy Harris has everything locked down in their portfolio.

Lucy Harris and team are very cognizant of their client's aesthetics. They always indulge in a highly collaborative process that lets the client take the wheel on how everything's going to turn out in the end.


10. DHD

If you need a full-scale one-stop-shop architectural and interior design consultation in New York City, then DHD is the firm you should be visiting. Their all-encompassing services include ground-up architecture, site development, and even fine art counseling along with interior designing.

With David Howell is principal designer, this firm is all about making their client's vision shine while keeping budgeting and technical aspects in mind as well. Keeping both value and beauty in mind, DHD is committed to delivering the best of all worlds to everyone who seeks their consultancy.


11. Hubley Design Interiors

If you like spaces that are experimental with their texture and patterning, then Hubley Design's is the place you should check out. Owned by Jeanette Hubley-Lasher, this New York based interior design firm is all about delivering spaces that are brimming with character.

The extensive use of color, textures, and patterns used in the spaces designed by Jeanette always signify a love for eclectic beauty. If you're the kind of client who loves personalizing spaces according to your moods and personality, then you should definitely check her out.


12. Jarret Yoshida

These days, designers always come up with luxe, high-end ideas that never feel accessible, so if you want spaces that feel like home despite being swanky and elegant, then Jarret Yoshida is the one you should be checking out.

What sets this New York interior designer apart is his ability to merge classiness with a lived-in, casually relaxed vibe. There's always a foreground of graceful sophistication that is articulated in a very cozy way. So, if that's the kind of aesthetic you want to go for, then this one is it for you.


13. Chango & Co.

Artful, minimalist, and sophisticated these are the words that are synonymous with the spaces designed by Chango and Co. This New York based interior design consultancy delivers on the bright, airy, and spacious front without losing that modern grace and contemporary charisma at all.

Chango and Co. is a highly respected consultancy, even in the design world. Many of their projects have been featured in Elle Decor, New York Times, House Beautiful, and more. Their services are highly credible and they always deliver on the client's aesthetic with the utmost panache, reliability, and a lot of flair


14. Marie Burgos Design

Los Angeles and New York based interior designer Marie Burgos has made quite a name for herself in the design world. She is known for merging all practical aspects with utmost sophistication and tranquility.

There's a quiet grace about the spaces designed by this consultancy that always leaves the user feeling highly relaxed without compromising on the style at all. Marie Burgos is also a Feng Shui expert, so each room she designs appeals to the sensibilities and delivers a very positive effect on how a person perceives the space as a whole.


15. Art Home Garden

AHG known as At Home Garden is a New York based interior design firm that boasts an expertise in custom finishings, exterior and interior designing! Their portfolio spans both residential and commercial projects, so you'll definitely be investing in an amalgam of experience and uniqueness.

AHG designers are known for their fully collaborative work and they have definitely done their homework. Some of their major projects have been carried out for Big Names like Johnny Walker, Jack Daniels, Christophe Robin, and Verve Medical Cosmetics.


16. Kelly Weldon Design

Designer and entrepreneur Kelly Weldons New York based interior design practice was founded in 2007 and has definitely hit the top of the list in the Big Apple today. Her stunning vision and prowess in bringing her clients vision to life has been acknowledged by many.

The studio always delivers on aesthetic and provides some of the best services that you'll find island-wide. Popular for her distinguished classical composition and unique use of materials, KWD is a firm that delivers the best of all worlds.


17. apartmentjeanie

Jeanie's studio is a New York-based design company and she could be dubbed as the Marie Kondo of the West. She's a lifestyle curator who is known for organizing even the most cluttered of spaces. She loves turning a basic, uninspired space upside-down and sideways-up, eventually transforming it into something unique, stylish, and enjoyable.

Jeanie works her magic by coming up with creative solutions for everyone's design dilemmas. She has been dubbed by the Town & Country Magazine as the chaos conqueror.If you're struggling with streamlining your spaces, then you should definitely check her out.


18. Elsa Soyars Interiors

This New York and Hamptons based interior designer is known for pushing the envelop of a space and creating stuff that is extraordinary, elegant, and epitomizes extreme sophistication. Her upscale aesthetic is echoed in all services provided by her firm and the studio is especially popular for creating highly confident and organic environments that always suit the client's personalities.

Elsa Soyars Interiors is a one-stop-shop that also provides architectural consulting and construction management. The firm also takes on bespoke furniture and landscape designing. They also provide an inclusive implementation that always feels like a dream come true for the clients.


19. Debbie Lori Travin Interiors

DLT Interiors is another one of the best New York based interior design firm with an offshoot in South Florida. Known for their inclusive renovation and design process, the firm has taken on multiple residential and commercial projects that have been successfully finished from beginning to end.

All partners at DLT boast a fabulous aesthetic and even though they might be juggling several projects at a time, each client is amazingly dealt with. Professional and highly coveted, this firm is the epitome of classy, upscale, and encouraging when it comes to every single project that they take on.


20. Decor Aid

Based in multiple cities, Decor Aids New York oriented consultancy provides high-end interior design and furniture solutions. Their designers are masters of warping any space to provide that upscale, swanky look at highly affordable prices.

Decor Aid has also won many awards, but what makes the practice really popular with the general public is their fixed pricing, access to exclusive furniture discounts, and how they are able to make that highly coveted ritzy and glamorous aesthetic truly economical for their clients.


21. David Kaplan Interior Design LLC

A seasoned expert in the space planning and interior design genre David Kaplan is a well-known New York based interior designer. His practice is cognizant with bringing innovation in classics. His ability to spice up casual spaces with the utmost flair is something that all clients really appreciate.

The firm, as a whole, prioritizes collaborative work and always includes the client in every decision. Progressive, impressive, and promising beautiful spaces, this firm is a must-check-out for everyone who wants to design a flexible ambiance with tons of innovation to spruce things up.


22. Tara Benet

Well known for mixing bold, beautiful accents with refined sophistication, Tara Benet is a New York based interior designer who can totally transform any space to suit a client's need, style, personality, and aesthetic. Her award-winning work in the field has made her a true veteran who can design interiors that are casually upscale and swanky.

Featured in publications like Elle Decor, HGTV, Houzz, and more, Tara Benet and her team always work with a stunning and thoughtful vision in mind. The firm's unilateral cohesion and refined visuals also echo in the luxury styling of the furniture brand B&B Italia, of which Tara Benet is a visual stylist for.


23. Blythe Design Studio

A graduate of the prestigious Yale University, Bernard Blythe is a renowned New York based interior designer who is well-known for his graceful, sophisticated, and upscale aesthetics.  Garnering some major experience from world-renowned design firms, he later opened his own practice along with partners Andrea Blythe and Marcus Fiore.

Blythe Design Studio specializes in reconfiguring and revamping outdated New York properties. His work is well-appreciated by clients who love maintaining the historic or old-school vibe of their spaces with a lot of flair, uniqueness, and sophistication.


24 .Victoria Mendal Design

This New York based interior design firm is an independent unit that specializes in both commercial and residential projects. They've completed a number of projects in Manhattan, Miami, Massachusetts, and more.

Victoria Mendal specializes in customizing a space while respecting the client's budget and without compromising the functional integrity of a space. Their all-inclusive services also span electrical and lighting requirements that suit the client's style. If you want to reinvent your spaces without busting your budget, then this is definitely  the firm to check out!


25. McGRATH ll

This New York based firm is all about telling stories through interior design. The designers at  McGRATH ll believe in creating spaces that have personal meaning and manage to capture the essence of the clients wishes through a bespoke, highly sophisticated narrative. This is a firm that delivers on their promise of upscale sophistication, so if that's what you need, then check them out.

McGRATH ll specializes in classical detailing and how it can impact contemporary spaces without delving too much in the traditional aesthetic. The unique perspective of each designer at this firm will certainly be able to make all your interior design dreams come true.


26. Elizabeth Bolognino Interiors

Popular for her layered minimalistic aesthetic, Elizabeth Bolognino is one of the most well-respected interior designers in New York city. Her firm is all about capturing that timelessness that always remains relevant and contemporary through the passage of time.

This firm is also very cognizant of how to emulate luxury within a space without compromising on that relaxed casualness that makes a home feel like a home. Their mastery of merging new and vintage items always makes them truly unique and coveted within the design world.


27. Inside Wright

Founded and nurtured by Tobi Wright, this interior design firm in New York is one of most unique and eclectic ones you'll ever come across. With a number of projects under her belt, this firm is all about bringing texture to life and adding lots of personality to simple and sophisticated spaces.

Tobi's inspiration comes from her art historian parents and how their lifestyle impacted her own personal aesthetic. Today, she is a master of integrating beautiful and artistic visuals within timelessly modern spaces. If you're looking for someone bold and distinguished to articulate your home interiors, then she's definitely the one.


28. Mahle Design

Mahle Design studio is a great New York based interior design firm whose designers are perfectly able to capture that distinct casual sophistication that everyone seems to love these days. The spaces designed by this firm always turn out to be bright, airy, breezy, and highly refined.

The debonair aesthetic is complemented by the designer's ability to articulate a client's dreams and ideas in a well-budgeted way. If you're searching for someone to design highly cohesive spaces that will artfully reflect your tastes without compromising on the quality, then this is your stop!


29. Galo Verdesoto Design

From gut renovations to feature-length interior design projects, this New York-based firm is an expert in them all. The high-end aesthetics of their designers are well-appreciated and loved by clients. The understated luxury of their projects never fails to impress and their creative approach to designing always results in highly unique spaces.

The services provided by this firm also include architectural designing, so if you want to design a project from scratch, they're definitely the ones you should be checking out.


30. Lena Lalvani 

If you're the kind of homeowner who loves color, pattern, texture, and eclectic boldness, then Lena Lalvani is the New York interior designer that you should be checking out. Her unique skill of incorporating storytelling in a space through personal items never fails to make client's happy and she's always able to personalize spaces with a lot of positive flair.

Specializing in customized paint techniques, Lena believes that there are zero limits to creativity and the only style that should matter when designing your homes should be your own, individualistic one!


31. Sara Bengur Interiors 

If you need an expert in colors and their impact on someone's mood via interior design, then you definitely need to check out Sara Bengur. With a multicultural design ethos, this New York based interior designer is able to bring spaces to life just by choosing the right hues and tints.

With a highly collaborative and sensitive design approach, this designer never fails to invest herself into the client's daily lives and activities, which always helps her design the best spaces, layouts, and circulation spaces. This interactive experience has made her quite popular with many clients.


32. 1625 D/B

With the motto of construction is conversation this interior design firm in New York has managed to rise in the city's most desired ranks. With thousands of projects under their belt, the designers at this firm are all skilled veterans that can help you bring your vision to life in the most stylistic and timeless way possible.

The project management services of this firm include detailed discussions with clients and the designers. Their all-inclusive packages also encompass architectural consultation. The firm's vast experience with the urban structure of NYC makes them a really good choice if you want someone to skillfully manage entire project from A to Z.


33. Katie Leede Studio

Well-versed in decor and a skilled creative enthusiast, Katie Leeds is a Big Name in the Big Apple itself. While most designer focus on reinventing spaces through physical and constructive changes, the Katie Leede Studio is all about sprucing things up with decor. This firm is a creative laboratory that strives to bring eclectic visuals into typical spaces with the help of gorgeous decor items.

Katie Leeds has a well-curated contact list of architects, designers, and craftsmen who make her job look easier than it can ever possibly be. She's well sought-out in the field, both by clients and professionals alike.


34. D2 Interieurs

This full-service design and architectural firm is led by the New York-based designer Denise Davis, whose design and product teams span a number of states. D2 is quite popular with professional publications, having been featured in magazines like HGTV, at HOME, and more.

This firm is all about capturing the unique essence of every client and translating their ideas physically into the project space. The skilled mastery of the designers and the beautiful finishing of each project has made them a coveted firm in the area. If you're looking for star-quality work, then you should definitely check them out.


35. Design By Ruchi

This New York-based interior design firm promises a mastery in all sorts of spaces. From a traditional gut renovation to a vignette design, they're able to prove their creativity and innovation in all sorts of spaces. From start to finish, each project is promised to be taken care of with the utmost efficiency and professionalism.

The wide range of services provided by this firm includes layouting, schematic designing, mood boarding, and customizing. Project management is also provided and the overall aesthetic is always curated to suit the budget of the client.


36. The New Design Project

Owned by Fanny Abbes and co-managed by James Davison, this New York-based firm is known for its on-trend designing and stylish aesthetics. The cosmopolitan visuals of this studio's work impress clients and have been beautifully articulated in many projects, be it residential, commercial, or even international.

Currently working on projects in New York and London, this firm is all about tastefully articulating their refined aesthetics to match their client's sensibilities. If you're a fan of sleek, modern, and ritzy, then you should definitely check them out.


37. Jason Agee Design

The New York-based designer Jason Agree is a Manhattanite favorite, with many signed, sealed, and delivered projects on the Upper East & West Side.  His full-service consultancy attracts clients because of the sheer meticulousness and thought that's put into each and every design that he comes up with.

The firm started out in 2009 and since then, Agree has been a part of a variety of design projects in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and The Hamptons. The expert vision of the principal architect echoes within the rest of the team and every project is definitely a sight to behold and experience.


38. JSE Interior Design

An expert in residential and hospitality projects, JSE Interior Design is a New York-based firm, whose clean and sophisticated aesthetic speaks for itself. Every venture is a thing of beauty and the keen attention to every single detail be it architectural or decorative makes every client feel totally satisfied with their investment.

JSE Interiors is also well-respected by many online publications and was even a part of Houzz's Best of 2020 list. The firm is also LEED-accredited so you can rest assured that they delve into sustainable practices. 


39. Benjamin Cruz Designs

A specialist in the cool sophistication of the contemporary modern aesthetic, Benjamin Cruz started out as an advertising executive and became a designer by chance when his former colleague asked him to design his vacation home. That one chance encounter was the beginning of a 10-year long design career that is defined by innovation, artistry, and elegance.

Benjamin Cruz and his team design spaces that are the epitome of comfortable and welcoming. An expert in using the warm and neutral color palette, you'll definitely find a cool, sophisticated aura within every space they've designed in their portfolio.


40. MDA Design Group

Found in 2003, MDA is a collaborative interior design studio based in New York. Their work encompasses many genres that include corporations, institutes, and residences. The hierarchy of the company ensures that all services are beautifully catered to every client's needs without any hassle at all.

MDA Designs is recognized for its attention to detail, the use of innovative materials, and coming up with amazing design solutions on the go. Fully engaging and collaborative, the excellent teamwork between the clients and designers makes this firm one of the best ones that you'll find in this city.


41. Eisner Design

Founded by Joseph Eisner, this New York-based interior design firm opened in 1992 and has since become one of the best in the area. The main concept behind their design process is that spaces should be flexible and timeless they should evolve with every passing year, which is why contemporary modernism is considered a hallmark element of every project designed by Eisner.

Exploration of new ideas and collaborative teamwork with the clients is one of the foremost aspects of this firm. Eisner is also LEED-accredited so many of his design practices are eco-friendly and sustainable. If you're searching for the best of all worlds, then do check this firm out.


42. K-Ann Kreations & Design, Ltd.

This Westchester, Manhattan, and Connecticut based interior design firm offers great services and is even venturing into the custom furniture market. Creating beautiful environments is their forte and they let potential clients get to know them by providing a virtual 20-minute assessment meeting. If someone wants to continue, they can do so by going for an hourly consult.

This film definitely delivers on the upscale aesthetics front, so if you're searching for something unique and stylish, this is definitely a studio to consider.


43. Atelier 616

This New York based interior design firm provides a full-service package with amazing results. The concept behind the conception of this firm was to deliver spaces that are as amazing as they are personalized to the client's taste.

The designers at Atelier 616 always make sure to work within the clients budget and still come up with ideas that are highly beautiful, aesthetically relevant, and able to cater to the client's wishes.


44. Tahar Decor

Founded by Rinat Tahar, this New York based interior design firm is perfect for those who love the rich and eclectic aesthetic. The studio consists of a team of seasoned designers who are experts at bringing client's dreams to life.

With a highly diverse style palette and an ability to work with distinguished tastes, Tahar has created herself a nice little niche in the New York scene. If you want someone to design your space to be bold, beautiful, and creative, then this is the studio that you should be checking out.


45. Willey Design

John Willey's New York based interior design firm is known for its lush and luxurious interior designs. Artistic, posh, and brimming with refined charm, this firm is all about enlivening a client's vision with the care, structure, and uniqueness that it deserves

Willey Design started out in 2006 and the firm has undertaken several projects spread out over NYC, Los Angeles, the Hamptons, and more. The smart and graceful interiors designed by this firm are universally appreciated by all.


46. Erin Roberts

If you're looking for a firm that specializes in designing minimalist spaces that brim with personality, then this New York based interior design firm is definitely it. Founded by Erin Roberts, the studio is pro at styling spaces that are earthy, sleek, and comfortable.

A sculptor and artist by profession, Erin Roberts has now become a master at curating interior designs that speak to the soul. Her relaxed approach and stunning end results have impressed many a clients, and she's even been featured in various platforms like apartment therapy, freshome, etc.


47. Drake Anderson

Drake Anderson captures the essence of New York City in his stylish, colorful, and eclectic interior designs; this firm is helmed by award winning designers Jamie Drake and Caleb Anderson. Renowned for designing luxurious and refined spaces, the studio has partaken in many a project.

Drake/Anderson is especially known for their layered approach to interior designing. The way that the designers juxtapose historic aesthetics with modern ones is appreciated by clients and professionals like.


48. Vincente Wolf

Vincente Wolf is one of the top interior designers in New York and his firm is known for its excellence in commercial, hospitality, and residential interior designs. With an impressive portfolio of projects, Vincente and his team are a great place to consult if debonair sophistication is what you're looking for.

This firm is well known for designing spaces that emulate restrained elegance. There's something timeless about the way the designers from this firm curate spaces. The simplicity-driven designing flaunts a global perspective that is articulated through modern decor and minimalist visuals.


49. Bilhuber Designs

Bilhuber studio is known for capturing that All-American beauty in their interior designs. Founded by Jeffrey Bilhuber, this firm is all about bringing their client's vision to life with flair, confidence, and a timeless beauty.

The Bilhuber studio features designers who think out of the box and curate spaces that take cues from their environment and surroundings. Jeffery Bilhuber himself has garnered almost thirty years of decorating experience, which is why the projects he takes on always turn out to be well-furnished, elegance personified, and very eclectic.


50. Carrier & Company

One of America's top and well-recognized interior design firms, Carrier & Company has made quite a mark in the field. Featured in publications like Elle Decor, Luxe Gold List, and more, this studio is home to some amazing designers who'll definitely be able to bring all your renovation and remodeling dreams to life.

The spaces and projects designed by this studio are known for their qualitative visuals and amazing personality. With an excellence in color and material management, you'll love how the interiors created by this firm always feature a certain uniqueness and distinguished charisma.


51. Victoria Hagen

Victoria Hagen's is popular for designing cerebral, charged, and classy spaces, the human equivalent of whom can be related to Katherine Hepburn according to Architectural digest.

One of the most influential New York based interior designers, Victoria Hagen and her team always come up with interiors that are thoughtful, well-defined, and the epitome of sophistication. There's a restrained magic about her aesthetic and how timelessly it is articulated in all the projects taken on by this firm.


52. AERO Studios

One of New York's best, AERO Studios is renowned for their eclectic portfolio and their ability to enliven any project with unique color statements, design ideas, and personality. An integral part of the OBrien's interiors and architecture practices, this is definitely the place to check out if you're looking to create something sophisticated but idealistic.

Spanning many commercial and residential projects, the spaces designed by the professionals in this firm are very strategically and artfully crafted. They're always brimming with character and personality and the interdisciplinary concept of the studios always ensures the best planning.


53. Mark Cunningham Inc.

Artistic, static, and timelessly crafted, the interiors designed by Mark Cunningham Inc. are a testament to the sophisticated aesthetic of the founder of this firm. Cunningham himself spent fifteen years with fashion design guru Ralph Lauren before launching his own practice in 2005.

With so many years of experience and so many unique concepts that have been skillfully articulated, this studio is now renowned for its signature styling that features casual elegance and luxury. Elle Decor has even listed Mark as one of America's top designers!


54. Alexa Hampton

As one of New York's classiest interior design firms, Alexa Hampton lives up to the name by designing spaces that are the epitome of graceful, swanky, and comfortable. Founded by Mark Hampton and led strong by his daughter Alexa, the firm continues its legacy of chic, layered, and urban interior aesthetics to this day.

Providing smart, stylish, and timeless design solutions for projects of all genres, this firm always manages to stray away from the typical. Their designs are classic and very stand-out, so if that's something that appeals to you, then go for it.


55. Shawn Henderson

Renowned for the layered sophistication featured in his designs, Shawn Henderson is a well known name in the New York interior design scene. His firm is known for styling some of the best projects in the city and what really sets them apart is how they try to use sustainable materials and vintage furniture in every project.

Featured in respected publications like Elle Decor, Architectural Digest, Veranda and more, this firm is definitely one that you should check out if you want to make a very low carbon footprint during your interior design venture.


56. Thom Filicia

Tom Filicia Inc. is another New York bestseller in the interior design industry. As one of the leaders of the contemporary interior design, this firm is all about capturing the pulse of all new trends and designing spaces that remain as timeless as ever, even after a few years have passed.

This firm boasts a large and evergrowing portfolio  that ranges from commercial to hospitality and even residential projects. Thom Filicia's aesthetic has also gained public recognition as he appeared on Style Network, HGTV, and even Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.


57. Bella Mancini Design

With a twenty year experience in the interior design industry, Bella Mancini has become a popular name in New York. Their highly collaborative process and client indulgence has made the studio well-appreciated by many.

Their unique approach to design consists of a comprehensive design program, where each phase explores a new facet of the project. From story planning to project management, this firm is a one-stop shop for many of your interior design and renovation needs.


58. Kati Curtis Designs

Boasting an impressive portfolio of complete and in-progress, Katie Curtis designs has an amazing list of local and international clients. The firm is famous of their globally inspired classical style aesthetic, and how each project boasts a uniqueness that belies the traditional undertones.

The expressive use of colors and materials carried out in projects designed by this firm captures the essence of each client. Renowned for their individuality, you'll love Kati Curtis and the way her team works if you truly want to go eclectic.


59. Brad Ford ID

As one of New York City's finest, Brad Ford's interior design firm is all about bringing you spaces that come alive despite being refined, tasteful, and sheer elegance personified. The spare and modern aesthetic of founder Brad Ford has becoming the sounding grace of this firm's outlook and overall deliverances.

The signature straightforward elegance and simplicity of this studio's interiors is well-loved and appreciated by clients and other professionals in the industry. With the mantra of creating spaces that respect the user, this firm has definitely become the magnum opus of New York's design scene.


60. Brooke Gomez Design