Top 15 Charlotte Interior Designers

As the most populous city of North Carolina, Charlotte is a major commercial hub, and is known for being home to some of the best interior designers in the country. It's brimming with new age culturalism and the designers on this list have been especially hand-picked to represent the local and international fads.

Top 15 Charlotte Interior Designers Near You

They've all been chosen because of their exceptional tastes, their ability to handle clients, and the fact that they can take the barest of space and convert it into something absolutely wonderful. Whether you're looking to add some spice to your living room with a unique mid-century modern sectional like the DS 600 Sofa, decorate your reading nook with a cozy modern lounge chair like the Circle Chair, or redesign your mid-century modern office, we've got something for you. Let's see what more each of them has to offer:

 Lucy and Company

Known for creating the best blend of modern and rustic spaces, this Charlotte interior design firm prides itself on delivering the best for comfort, functionality, and aesthetics. With ‘cozy livability being front and center in each one of their projects, Lucy and Company strive to add personality, charisma, and flair to every single one of the spaces that they design.

Their Selwyn Avenue project is an exemplary representation of such feats. Featuring clean, austere undertones that overlap with a neutral color palette, this home feels like a cool, tranquil dream to live in. It's interspersed with chic yet comfortable furniture that invites you to sit down, relax, and enjoy the calming atmosphere. Just the right amount of wooden accents and decorative clutter makes the entire space feel positively welcoming.


Lisa Sherry Interieurs

Lisa Sherry and her team go by the motto that no room should be overdesigned. They always strive for the perfect balance of visual harmony and functionality and have garnered a reputation as some of the best interior designers in Charlotte. Lisa and her team dress up your reality in the most beautiful, comfortable, and livable way possible. As a professional firm that has been a consecutive winner of the Houzz Best of series for three consecutive years, you'll certainly be able to design the home of your dreams here.

The Charlotte NC home designed by this team showcases how eclectic can also be understated. Taking on cool neutrals that are contrasted with beautiful wooden accents, this entire home is filled with carefully curated accessories that give it a unique touch. You''ll especially appreciate the use of textures and artwork both are very strategic and selected to make an instant impact on the user.


 Delphinium Design

Delphinium Design is a popular interior design firm in Charlotte and they're known for making the whole experience as fun for their clients as they can. Boasting contacts with local tradespeople and small businesses, they pride themselves on giving back to the community through thoughtful collaborations. You'll really enjoy how they're able to infuse a space with quality aesthetics and viable functionality.

Their Beaver Dam residential project is a great one for the books. Converted into a contemporary haven from a classic 2003 bonanza, the team managed to elevate the space by making it feel brighter, classier, and fresher. It certainly takes leave from the vintage ornamentation that it was beholden with before and focuses more on clean sleekness to appeal to modern sensibilities.


 West Trade Interiors

Designing daily use spaces in the trendiest of ways, West Trade Interiors is a Charlotte based firm that delights in creating inspired living. With an eye for modernity and an ability to infuse lots of personality into each project, owners Lisa and Hadley have a dedicated client base that absolutely raves about their work. With four decades in the business, this firm excels at articulating their clients expectations into the best realities.

Their Foxcroft Facelift project was a residence that needed a functional and aesthetic revamp specially to accommodate a special need family member. The team went to work and designed a layered interior design that also highlighted the meaningful original art collection that the homeowners had curated over the years.


The Redesign Company

If you're not into expensive revamps, then Christina's Charlotte-based interior design firm is just for you. She and her team come in for the day and rework your entire home to make it as fabulous, trendy and on-point as they can with just the things that you already own! It's a passion project that has turned into a profitable and well-loved business over the years.

The Redesign Company's entire portfolio is a thing of beauty. From gorgeously arranged bookshelves to rearranged rooms and little alcoves, there's a lot to explore there. You'll love the sheer homeliness and livability that's effused into each space. Everyday objects have been used to design interiors that speak to soul and never make you feel excluded.


 Annie Fair Design

With a growing number of projects on the east and west coasts, Annie Fair Design is one of the best interior design firms in Charlotte. Founded in 2017, this studio offers full as well as virtual design facilities for those who want to be their own project manager. With a strikingly unique vision and an ability to add life to any space, Annie and her team offer some great consultation for all types of projects.

Their NODA residence project is a tasteful example of how refined aesthetics can harmonize with cozy livability. With a sleek backdrop of neutrals that is interspersed with beautiful furniture and stylish accessories, this home feels like a total dream. It also boasts a spacious layout and some highly unique curation of dĂ©cor that adds so much more personality to each room.


Lauren Nicole Designs

Known for working closely with her clients, Lauren from Lauren Nicole Designs is a true master of creating beautiful spaces. Her ability to emulate just the right amount of rigor, passion, and uniqueness into each project be it large or small has made her quite popular with her client base. She always takes inspiration from her client's personal life and makes it the heart of each of her projects.

The River Ford residence designed by this Charlotte interior design firm is a study in vintage coastal charm. Furnished with the comfiest, trendiest furniture and embellished with some of the classiest décor items, you'll love the sheer individuality of this residence. It not only brims with unfettered charisma but is also super swanky and fabulous with a distinguished flair.


 Hart White Interiors

With a mission of designing classic, timeless, and smart spaces that are customized to perfection, Hart White Interiors has become quite the go-to interior design firm in Charlotte. Their start-to-finish approach and an ability to take on any project without discriminating against size has made them very dear to patrons. This firm strives to listen and implement what each client has to offer while making the entire process super easy.

Their Arden home project is an excellent example of how they're able to style any space to match the personality of their client. This neo-gothic residence has been revamped to deliver on the charming front. With beautiful rustic details and an emphasis on natural materials, both the interior and exterior of this home have been intrinsically intertwined to evoke classic charm.


New South Home

Striving to make every home the epitome of elegant sophistication, Melissa and her team at New South Home have made quite a name for themselves as some of the best interior designers in Charlotte. Their goal is to create the perfect home for you while making the entire process totally hassle free and enjoyable.

Their Forest Hill residence features a highly unique aesthetic with its combination of modern and neo-classical elements. It's gorgeously contemporary and adorned in stunning neutral colors that are offset by a fantastic material scheme and trendy decor. Styled to perfection, this abode feels like a tranquil retreat that the residents would feel like an absolute dream to live in.


Curate by Tara

Curate by Tara is a Charlotte interior design firm that prides itself on completely avoiding that manufactured look. Run by Tara who has a keen eye for detailing, each project in this firm's portfolio features the finest blend of furnishings, color, and textures. With a refined taste and a grab on what's trendy in the market at any given moment, Tara has a solid client base that trusts her instincts beyond anything else.

Her House on a Hill residence is one of the best projects in this firm's portfolio. Each room has been thoroughly and beautifully staged to deliver a wholesome, sophisticated vibe. From the living area to the nursery, each room has been gorgeously curated to deliver excellence in both aesthetics and function. It's a testament to Tara's fine tastes and her ability to add such a unique flair to everything that she touches.


Ally Whalen Design

This award-winning interior design firm in Charlotte has national recognition under its belt and focuses on high end residential and vacation houses. Led by Ally, whose penchant for classic curation and an ability to add refined sophistication and homeliness to even the barest of space has impressed many, this firm offers some great consultation. From being published in internationally recognized magazines to having an extensive list of testimonials, you'll be easily able to vet this firm and be majorly impressed by them.

Ally's Merritt Island residential project is an excellent inspiration for those looking to add to their idea books. Designed with a palette of breezy whites and blues that are intersected with calming wooden accents, this home is as tranquil, stylish, and infinitely beautiful as they come. The spacious layout and the abundance of natural light weave together to deliver a wholesome, soothing environment that youâ'll naturally fall in love with.


Jacy Painter Kelly Interiors

Mastering casual edgings with clean lines and personality, this interior design firm in Charlotte has a distinguished reputation. Helmed by Jacy, who has a background in pre-construction design, this studio takes on new constructions and renovations alike. With some great press and features in internationally recognized publications, you'll love what Jacy and her team will bring to the table.

In fact, you can look at her Living room design project as an example as well as an inspiration. It's full of lovely little details that intersect one another in the form of colors, textures, and decor. From the stylishly achromatic theme to the bright, beautiful accents that add life to the ambiance, this single room is a testament to Jacy's talent and ability.


Brenna Morgan

Promising to add livable luxury to your lifestyles, Brenna Morgan leads one of the best interior design firms in Charlotte. Her goal is to create an ideal backdrop for you to experience your daily life. She believes that spaces don't have to be dull in order to be functional. They can be inviting and elegant at the same time without succumbing to drabness.

Brenna's approach to designing homes is spiced up with a touch of sumptuousness. Her Bright Living project serves as a beautiful example and inspiration for how even the most regular, everyday spaces can be emboldened with brightness, beauty, and sophistication with the right design choices. Brenna champions visual and functional integrity, and it shows in the stunning detailing and overall ambient wholesomeness of this project.


Tamara Heather Interior Design, LLC

This Charlotte based interior design firm has been the recipient of Houzz's Best of series and strives to help its clients create experiential spaces that will pleasure their senses and satisfy their functional needs. From concept to completion, they've got your back through thick and thin, offering their guidance and expertise to lead you through the entire process with grace.

Helmed by Tamara, the team at this firm has exceptional tastes and an ability to articulate their clients requirements seamlessly within the project. Additionally, they can take on every genre of project, be it commercial or residential. Their Osito's Tacos & Tortas project revamped an eatery to match the playful spiciness of their food. Adorned with fresh, vibrant colors and whimsical artwork, this commercial space also has targeted lighting and an improved layout that is slated to make customer experience all the more engaging and comfortable.


Ball & Jacks Designs

With a mission to help their clients curate the most beautiful interiors to accommodate everyday living, Ball & Jacks Designs has carved itself a comfortable niche in the Charlotte interior design scene. Their ability to accommodate their clients with passion, compassion, humor, and style has resulted in a dedicated customer base and some great word of mouth marketing. You'll love how Jacqueline and her team are able to add magic even to the most ordinary of spaces.

 Their Magnolia residence project demonstrates exactly how they infuse each space with charm, charisma, and unfettered elegance. From stylishly curated furniture to an expertly applied color and material scheme, everything blends together to deliver a gorgeous ambiance that is artful, elegant, and borders on swanky. You'll love how the cool neutral tones have been infused with warm accents and how each accessory has been strategically placed to add to the entire ambiance.


So, these are some of the greatest interior design firms in Charlotte. We hope you loved the aesthetic and experiential diversity that each one has to offer and find your perfect match on this list.