Top 44 Handpicked Jacksonville, FL Interior Designers to Follow

It can be highly daunting to find the right designer for your renovation/remodel project, especially when you have a city full of choices and an abundance of mid century modern furniture to pick from. But if you live in the Jacksonville, Florida area, we've got a treat for you. Here's a list of 45 handpicked interior designers that can help you transform and elevate your space. Whether it's helping you find the perfect wicker bench for your bedroom, search for a mid century modern sofa that is both beautiful and comfortable (hint: we heard the Mario Bellini Sofa meets all the requirements) or redecorate your mid century modern office, they'll ensure that your dream becomes a reality. Let's take a look at them:


Top Jacksonville Interior Designers


1.Peace Love Home

As one of Jacksonville's latest greatest interior design and retail showrooms, Peace Love Home has made itself quite a name in the niche. Known for its specialty in coastal design, this company delivers on the elegant and original front. Their understanding of lifestyle and deep collaboration with each client has led to many creatively designed spaces.

From full design services to single-furniture product sourcing, this company provides all sorts of alternatives. No matter what your design needs, they'll definitely be able to fulfill them all.


2.Design Mind LLC

This boutique interior design firm is renowned for its classy interior designs. With a team of diverse professionals with highly distinguished backgrounds, you'll be able to realize all your design dreams to reality by consulting with them.

Design Mind is the kind of company that believes in a qualitative design. They've got a variety of tried-and-true methods and project dealing approaches that always result in the best ambiances. Their adaptability makes them a client favorite and the dynamic results of each project always make a nice addition to their portfolio.


3.Pullman West

This kitchen, bath, and interior design company deliver on all practical and aesthetic fronts. Whether you want to renovate the two most pragmatic spaces in your homes, or whether you want a full-service interior design, they're a great place to consult in every regard.

Pullman West prides itself on its one of a kind showroom where they've got a full-scale material library that clients can browse through. From finishing touches to gut renovations, you can consult and hire them for any part of your project and they'll deliver without any hassle or constraints.


4.The Chroma Home

This mother-and-daughter design team has resulted in a booming Jacksonville-based business that delivers many unique design aesthetics and styles. This duo now runs a successful firm that is known for its style, elegance, and unrestrained customizations.

Chroma Home provides a diverse range of consultation and services. From initial consultations to get a feel for each other, they also help their clients in creating mood boards, selecting wallpapers, and space planning. If you're looking for something unique and sophisticated, then definitely check this firm out.


5.Anastasia Design Group

Founded by Valerie Lee in 1997, ADG is the kind of design firm that specializes in evoking a unique touch in every single project that they take on. With a large number of high-end residential and commercial projects under their belt, this studio is a Big Name company in Jacksonville.

ADG specializes in all three niches of designing; i.e. consultation, construction, and project administration. They'll be with you from scratch all the way to the end if you end up working with them.


 6. Unique Interiors

Led by Antoinette, Unique Interiors has been providing excellent design services since 1994. With a personal focus on every client, every project turnaround feels like a customized dream come true for anyone who consults here.

Unique Interiors is a full-service studio and their motto is an inspiring, your style is our style. They specialize in all; new construction, decorating and remodeling. The company has also extended into a showroom over the years where you can consult them on bedding, lighting, cabinetry, and much more.


7.Micamy Design

Specializing in residential, commercial, and clubhouse interior designs, this firm is all about bringing a distinguished flair and uniqueness in each project. The firm has a team of skilled designers who bring their unique flavor and perspective to each project while respecting the vision of the client.

Micamy Designs specializes in creating casually sophisticated spaces that don't feel too austere but are still very fresh and modern. Offering amazing styling and some great spatial planning dynamics, this firm is definitely one for the books for homeowners who want to go contemporary.


8.Donna Mancini Interiors & Flooring

A showroom and an interior design consultancy, all in one, Donna Mancini is the place to check out when you want to explore your elegant side with panache. Their flooring and cabinetry are also pretty amazing, so if you're looking for a general kitchen update or want to source materials for flooring, you should definitely check them out.

Donna Mancini is also a full-service interior design company, and their projects turn out to be pretty amazing. They're one of Jacksonville's greatest, and their one-stop-shop always leaves a lasting impression on clients.


9.Lauren Leonard Interiors

Founded and led by Lauren Leonard, this firm specializes in designing deeply eclectic spaces that are the perfect combination of colorful, homely, and visually pleasant. Lauren and her team of passionate designers always manage to evoke a charming effect in their ambiances that make clients feel very welcome and satisfied.

This Jacksonville based interior design firm provides an excellent cache of services. From a full remodel to room services, their process begins with getting to know you and ends with a beautifully designed project that fits your personality perfectly.


10.Pamela Neel Interiors

This Jacksonville interior design firm prides itself on changing the way people feel about their spaces. Pamela Neel and her team are connoisseurs of elegance, sophistication, and homeliness, so every project that they take on is very humanized, balanced, and well-loved by the clients.

This firm is all about humanizing spaces so that people feel comfortable in them. Working with a variety of budgets, you can consult this studio for full-services, interior design services, material and finishes services, or even a consulting retainer package.


11.Decorator Girl

Specializing in residential interior designs, this Jacksonville-based firm has made itself quite a name in the niche. Led by Liz, whose passion for creating beautiful spaces translates splendidly in every project she takes on, you'll definitely be able to articulate all your dream devices by consulting here.

Decorator Girl is especially known for its perfect aesthetic blending of classical and modern styles. Every residence that's spruced up by this team ends up becoming the talk of the town, so if you want something casually luxe in a comfortable budget, you should definitely check them out.


12.Karen Rothen

An expert in selecting the best materials, colors, and every interior design related thin, Karen Rothen as becoming a well-known name in the Flordia design scene. Her studio takes on diverse projects that include commercial, residential, and even specialized areas.

Rothen specializes in delivering timelessly beautiful spaces. She's great at listening to her clients and her collaborative process always makes them feel fully involved in the process. Her ‘customized' ideology never fails to impress everyone and if you're searching for a mix of experience and class, then this is definitely the place to check out.


13.Interiors Revitalized

This Jacksonville based design firm consists of an excellent team of designers that are experts in home staging, interior designing, and even destination home interior designing. Their diverse portfolio and vibrant vision always couple well with existing ideas that are provided by the clients.

With a wide range of projects under their belt, the team at Interiors Revitalized always manages to deliver the best on every front. From great collaboration with clients to achieve the best design results, there's little that this firm can't accomplish.


If close collaboration and specialty designing are what you're looking for, then ADS Designs is the firm that you should be looking at. Founded by Amy D. Steedly, the specialty of this firm is residential design. With 13 years in the business, this firm shows great commitment to delivering the best designs and ideas on this side of the country.

They're especially known for their excellent collaboration with architects and other construction specialists so that your design journey remains as smooth as possible. Sourcing things from customized collections by artisans is also something that ADS Designs is known for.


15.RK&J Design

The projects designed by this Jacksonville interior design firm are always the epitome of thoughtful, stylish, and debonair. They're known for their restrained beauty, classic finishing, and extraordinary ambiance.

RK&J Design is led by Susan Johnson, whose 20 years of practice has resulted in the design of many stunning spaces. Her emphasis on beauty and function is an aspect that delights many clients. She's a proficient and certified designer who can definitely bring your mental visions to life in a classic and effortless manner.


16.David Waller Interiors

Known for their free in-home consultations, David Waller Interiors is helmed by Cheryl, whose 45 years of experience in the field has resulted in a great reputation. Whether it's a full-service project or just one room design, DWI is an expert in all.

This firm was founded in 1973, so the years of experience and curation of skilled designers have resulted in an amazing portfolio of various projects. DWI is one of the very few firms that have an on-site work area. Their team is always part of the hands-on experience and whenever they take on a project; it's always from the beginning to the end.


17.Chisholm Design

With a motto of creating everyday elegance for your homes this Jacksonville interior designer is an expert in creating spaces that are artful, sophisticated, and trendy. Presiding over the whole venture is Cathy Chisholm, who is a firm believer that a home should reflect the personality of the user.

Chisholm design is also known for their ability to interpret many unique interior design styles and formats within a variety of spaces. If you experience a space designed by them, you'll automatically feel the inherent harmony and visual balance that's created within the various design elements. The firm has now expanded to various states, but the beating heart of their design values remains the same.


18.Michael Gainey Signature Designs

This firm lives up to its name and is known for adding a signature touch to every interior design and that touch echoes the essence of your own personal taste. That's what makes them so different and unique from the rest.

This Jacksonville based interior design firm is led by Michael Gainey a seasoned pro in this industry. His eye for diversity, sophistication, and elegance has resulted in many statement interior designs that one simply cannot help but fall in love with. With distinguished projects and tasteful ambiances under their belt, this is definitely a firm to visit if you live in the area.


19. Arrow North Co.

Sharie Kaslasi's homegrown interior design firm has now become one of Florida's best. Her perspective of restoring spaces while keeping in touch with the humanist side of things is something that appeals to many clients.

Arrow North is known for its tasteful approach to design. their aesthetics are very lowkey, austere, and elegant. Their process involves a free 20-minute initial design consultation so everyone can get a feel for things, and the rest just takes off from here.


20.C&K Design Partners

Found by Charles M. Gardner and Kyle M. Williams both of whom have been working as interior designers in Jacksonville for 15 years this firm is great for those who want to be tasteful yet adventurous with their interior designing.

Boasting full-service interior design packages along with home staging, holiday decor, and estate sale services, this firm is great for all sorts of decor-related projects. Their passion for designing beautiful spaces and excellent collaboration with clients has resulted in many gorgeously designed projects. They're a great place to consult if you live in the area.


21.Modern Cottage Collective Design Studio

This interior design firm is the perfect gateway drug for any homeowner who appreciates the modern aesthetic but wants to interpret it with a cozy flair. It's a boutique design studio in Jacksonville that helps create beautiful living spaces for busy families.

The designers at this firm are experts at transforming boring builder's beige into something pleasant, visually appealing, and stylish. They take a space and convert it into a minimalist haven. On top of it all, they're Brevard County's only cruelty-free interior design studio which basically means that the furniture and textiles that they use in their designing never harm animals in any way.


22.Michelle Walsh Designs

As part of Houzz's Best of series for four consecutive years, this Jacksonville Interior design firm is one of the best that you can consult in the area. The spaces that they design are known for being polished, unique, and absolutely exceptional. If you're searching for someone to design refined and tasteful interiors, then you should definitely check them out.

Moreover, the team at this firm always prioritizes the clients needs. You can consult them for your design, decorating, and even new construction needs. With qualitative materials, aesthetics, and ergonomics, they can definitely design spaces that will bring your comfort and joy.


23.  27 South Design

A team of certified professionals from various fields came together to create 27 South Design. With HGTV designers, building experts, interior design assistants, and even a foreman in the mix, you can bet that this firm can provide full-service design and more. Their ideas, execution, and quality are truly inspiring and have satisfied many clients.

With a keen eye for detail and experience in residential design, this firm has built quite a reputation for itself. The team at 27 South Design are not only experts in interior design but are also excellent at the real estate business.


24.Persimmon Interior Design Inc.

This interior design firm is known for tackling all types of projects be it small or large. So whether you're looking for someone to consult about your window treatment exchange, or whether you're looking for someone to redesign your entire home aesthetic, this is definitely the place to go.

Aside from full-services, this firm also tackles a single room service. Their team consists of experts who can bring any client's vision to true reality. They're great at everything and will definitely be able to help you achieve the kind of visuals that you're looking for.


25.Gordon & Johnson Interiors

This interior design firm is best known for tackling customizations. Their ability to take a client's raw vision and transform it into something unique, beautiful, and exceptional is something that always leaves everyone in true awe. With three principal designers at the helm, the team at this firm is known for providing exceptional services.

As one of Jacksonville's best interior design firms, you can definitely consult them to deliver on all your dreams. Their appreciation for detail can be seen in their social media construct and you'll definitely feel inspired by browsing their feed.


26.Lola Interiors

Providing livable luxury to their clients is the motto of this particular interior design firm in Jacksonville. Their simplified design process has resulted in many unique aesthetics for small and large projects alike.

Lola Interiors is a full-service firm that is handled by five women with a majestic aesthetic. Their sheer passion for what they do translates superbly in the spaces that they design. So, if you're in the search for convenience while designing luxury aesthetics, this is where you should be consulting.


27.Amanda Webster Design

With twenty years of experience in the greater Jacksonville interior design scene, this firm is one of the best that you can consult in the area. They've got passion, an eye for detail, and an ability to get adventurous with whatever the client needs.

The team at Amanda Webster Design always works in corroboration with the rest of the management team especially during a new project, the architect is always consulted. With schematic design, development, and basic construction services, this firm also specializes in the furniture phase and always makes sure everything turns out brilliantly.


28.  J Sandler Interiors

J Sandler Interiors is known for designing quiet, contemplative spaces that are cozy but not shabby. Their ability to balance restrained elegance with comfort is something that every client always appreciates.

The team at this firm always takes a realistic approach to design. Everything is tastefully curated and the color schemes always deliver a calm, cool, and fully relaxing aura that makes one feel as if they're in their own personal heaven.


29.Troy Spurlin Designs

Helmed by Troy Spurlin & Alex Gebicke, this firm has created many award-winning designs across North Florida. Their 25-year long expertise in the field makes them two of the best designers to consult in the Jacksonville region.

This duo is an expert in designing unique spaces that are tasteful, refined, but never skimp on the personality front. Having worked with many nationally-acclaimed designers, they've got a lot of experience under their belt, and if you're looking for experts who can help you create stunning spaces with lots of character, then this is definitely the place to consult!


30.Snider Metcalf Interior Design

With a deep philosophy of designing spaces that are healthy, sustainable, fully functional, and aesthetically viable, this Jacksonville Interior Design Firm is known for tackling all technical problems with creativity. Their ideas and solutions are tailored to complement every clients lifestyle.

Moreover, their full-service design package encompasses every element of interior design that you can think of. From initial consultancy to the realization and site-presence, they've got you fully covered. Aside from that, this Snider Metcalf also specializes in bespoke furniture, so if you need a fully personalized home interior then you should definitely get in contact with them.


31.KMH Design 

Known for their expert residential interior design services, KMH Designs is one of Jacksonville's finest! Owned by Kathleen Franza, this firm specializes in contemporary and minimalistic spaces that are clean, restful, calming, and elegant.

Franza herself boasts 19 years of experience in the field and has worked on many projects throughout the years. Her motto is to never follow the trends but to simply stick with whatever feels timeless, creative, and relevant. The firm has also expanded into a homewares section, where specially curated interior decor items are put on sale by the KM team.


32.Robyn Branch Design

Owned by Robyn Branch, the daughter of furniture store owners, this firm is led by the philosophy of providing tasteful and tranquil spaces for the clients to use. The residences that they design are tastefully designed, artfully decorated, and the concept is always articulated in a timeless manner.

With minimalism as the main theme, you can find many contemporary aspects along with coastal accents in the spaces that they design. If you want to find a designer who can make your home feel like a million bucks but in a casual and down to earth manner, then this is the firm to check out.


33.Claudettes Decor

If you don't want the hassle of booking a full consultation and want the firm to come to you, then Claudettes would be the perfect choice for you. Their unique shop at home service allows you to check out materials, furnishings, and even the portfolio of the designer in the comfort of your own abode.

This not only enhances the overall perspective of your ideas within the context of your home but also gives you much more leeway to discuss all your ideas more thoroughly. Lauded by many clients and appreciated by Houzz, this interior design firm has become one of Jacksonville's best.


34. Villa Decor

The thing that sets Villa Decor apart from the rest of the Jacksonville interior designers is their e-design services, which includes the clients simply sending the general gist and measurements of their space to the firm and still getting to actively participate in the whole process.

Some of their other services include customized millwork and cabinetry, so if you're renovating your kitchen, this firm can be a good partner in both the design and execution process. You can also get their help in color/material finishes, lighting layouts, and even have them make a 3D model of your vision.


35.K. Bess Design

They say that the best in their field lean from experience, and that's exactly how Karen Bessemer rose to the top of the Jacksonville interior design scene. Her career started as a window treatment manufacturer in 1988, and today, she's the owner of a well-recognized firm inspiration at its best.

With a great reputation built over years of providing excellent design services, K. Bess studios are one of the best places to consult if you're looking for that sweet-home Alabama vibe with a tinge of timeless contemporary.


36.Decorative Architectural Shapes

Do you know all those small, spectacular details that make an interior design truly noteworthy? That's exactly what Decorative Architectural Shapes specializes in! They're a studio that's an expert in providing some of the most gorgeously designed interior and exterior design services in the Jacksonville area.

Most of their work is a combination of eastern and western aesthetics, and they consult in creative space planning, designing, and project management. With many residential and commercial projects under their belt, this firm has definitely risen in ranks and is widely popular in the entire USA.


37.Barga Interiors

Christine Barga's 30 years of experience in the Jacksonville interior design market has resulted in a well-reputed firm and many amazing projects over the years. An expert in the residential design genre, she and her team have participated in the gorgeous ambient translation of many a mountain villa, city residences, and more.

The main concept behind all of their ideas is to create interiors that are timeless but never belie the client's personal taste. With an emphasis on the recipient's ideas and an ability to visualize their raw thoughts into something beautiful, this firm has made itself quite a name in the area.


38.Robyn McQuiston Design

An expert in the beach home aesthetic, Robyn McQuistion Designs has been catering to the Jacksonville area for over 10 years. The firm never differentiates between big and small projects whether it's room service or full service, they tackle all projects with just as much gusto and passion.

This firm is also quite connected with the local vendors, so they're excellent at curating gorgeous interior decor pieces at reasonable prices. Their work ethic involves coaxing out the clients needs and requirements and translating them within actual spaces with tons of flair!


39.Phoebe Howard 

This particular design firm is steeped in successful history. It started off as a retail outlet for gorgeous home decor accessories, that multiplied into two over five years, and later morphed into an actual business.

If you browse through their portfolio, you'll find their signature style: a fresh take on the traditional aesthetic that never fails to impress any client. As a published author and a successful business owner, Phoebe Howard has made herself quite a name in the Jacksonville design scene and is considered one of the finest designers in the area.


40.Shop Crosby Designs

Jenny Crosby's brainchild came to life in 2011 and is an extension of her 100-year-old family legacy: Hugo's Interiors & Fine Furnishings. The firm is known for designing spaces that are an artful blend of old and new. Jennie, herself, is an expert at blending heirlooms with a contemporary ambiance, which certainly sets her projects apart from the rest.

As one of Jacksonville's most inspiring interior designers, Jenny and her team provide full-service interior designs. If you really want to go all the way, then you can even hire artisans from the extension to design customized upholstery, window treatments, and more for you!


41. Grove House Interiors

Leanne Jones is an expert in residential interior designing and her specialty in the nice has made her quite a name as a great designer in the Jacksonville area. Her unique take is inspired by all the different artists in her own family and as a result, she is able to create ambiance and spaces that are artistic, eclectic, unique, and elegant.

The studio is well-known for having a great relationship with clients. Most of the projects are a work of collaboration and casual comfort is always something that is prioritized in the design.


42.Design Elements of Brevard Inc.

This firm is a national representative of eight provincial associations, which makes it one of the most reputable interior design studios to consult in the Jacksonville area. The team here consists of diverse professionals that can tackle any project, be it commercial, residential, retail, or even corporate and healthcare designs.

This company also boasts a wide range of connections across the field. These include manufacturers, suppliers, and more. If you're searching for a designer to take on a huge project, then they're the best ones to consult.


43.Sidney Cardel's Interior Styling

This is another success story of how a gift and accessories shop upgraded into an interior styling business. Owned by Cathy Thomasson and named after her mother, this firm can help you design surroundings that can also contribute to your health.

Her motto of your space, your body has converted many. It's a philosophy that is seldom applied in any if all interior related projects these days. So if you're searching for someone to design health-conscious ambiances for you, she's definitely the person to consult.


44.Emily Andronici Interiors

This interior design firm is led by a creative, passionate, and collaborative individual, so you can rest assured that your spaces will turn out to be as personable, unique, and charming as possible.


With a specialty in vacation rentals and boutique commercial spaces, you'll get that homely Stars Hollow vibe from this homegrown interior design firm.