The 13 Best  Interior Designers in Austin

As a state capital of Texas, Austin is a hotbed of eclectic activities. And it's also home to some of the most creative enterprises out there.

Austin interior design firms are well-reputed in the industry, and here we've curated a list of some of the best ones. They've been hand-picked because of their unique offerings, their distinguished aesthetics, and great repute. Each firm on this list has something new to offer, and if you're searching for someone to get a consultation with, then this is the best place to start. Whether you're looking to recreate a classic mid-century modern living room with a Womb Chair replica and a timeless leather mid-century modern sectional like the Charles Sofa, or redesign your space to have a Scandinavian living room with natural wood elements like the Wicker Bench, we're confident this list has interior designers that will suit your needs. Let's take a look:




This award-winning Austin interior design firm strives to combine smart craftsmanship with elegance, style, and practicality. Their full-services include taking on a new construction and completing it with absolute flair while keeping the architecture in mind. Other than that they also take on remodeling projects and can even provide great consultation on furnishings.  No matter what the scope of a project, they can certainly help you attain the space of your dreams.

Allison's Leander Nameless residence project showcases her and her team's ability to evoke a classic homeliness in a modern space. From beautiful wooden floors to gorgeous fabrics and a sleek sheen on the surface, this home has been designed to absolute perfection. Its modern undertones are layered with contemporary accessorizing and the understated textures used throughout the space take it out of the park!




This Austin interior design firm specializes in curating eclectic spaces with a fresh, transitional edge. The team here emphasizes on clean lines and luxurious detailing. The way that they curate boutique spaces is simply stunning and you'll find that every project features qualitative details and expert workmanship. From residential projects to new construction and specialized detailing, theyâ're able to construct the home of your dreams perfectly.

Their Avalon residential project is one of the most elegant ones that you'll ever see. The simple white and wood detailing boasts a sophisticated ambiance. The neutral color scheme and quality materials manifest a beautiful environment that is calming and tranquil to reside in. The beautiful accessorizing and details add so much flair ad panache to the overall look!


The Montana Dog House by HEATHER SCOTT HOME & DESIGN


This award winning Austin-based interior design firm specializes in curating exquisite spaces. They emphasize on chic details, classic visuals, and a serene ambiance. But no matter how timeless each project, the team here never compromises on the details. Each space is super classy and approachable. Their full services span a whole range and they are masters at conceptualizing as well as visualizing the space of your dreams.

Their Montana Dog House residence is one of the classiest farmhouse-chic residences that you'll ever see. It features urban chic accents interspersed with distressed finishes that give it a trendy, contemporary edge. The monochromatic color scheme is absolutely gorgeous and lends the entire home a somber sophistication that looks positively upscale.

The Calming Coastal Family Home by MAUREEN STEVENS


Maureen Stevens had always been passionate about curating visually pleasant spaces, so she grew up to open one of finest interior design consultancies in Austin. She understands that making small changes to your surroundings can make a big change to the overall aesthetic. This is the philosophy that she and her team incorporate in every single project that they take on. Her spaces are brilliant and inspiration, so much so that her work has been widely publicized in many magazines.

The Calming Coastal Family Home designed by this team is a testament to how they can evoke serene tranquility in the very essence of a space through good design. The use of natural light, distressed finishes and cozy fabrics lends this home a lovely, serene aura that the users appreciate a lot. The all-white backdrop is the perfect canvas for all the organic textures, and the overall ambiance of the space is positively soothing.


The Casa Cartel by MCCRAY & CO.

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This Austin interior design firm is one of the classiest ones that you'll ever visit. The team here is all about designing wonderful, breathing environments and they always curate everything in the most responsible manner. Their full services include furnishing and lighting residential and commercial projects. You'll enjoy their passionate approach to dealing with every client and how seamless they can make everyone's renovation journey.

The Casa Cartel residence designed by this team is an eclectic joy to experience. The entire home is a mixture of beautiful contemporary trends that have been conjoined in the most beautiful manner. With lots of wonderful statement features, stylish furniture, and beautiful accents, this home is a joyful wonder that evokes cheer in every single person that experiences it.

The Crockett by Rachel Horn Interiors

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Rachel Horn is a nomad and a traveller aside from being an interior designer, so all of her projects are imbued with cultural influence, charm, and history. The spaces that she and her team design are incredibly rich and brimming with character. The eclectic undertones of each project are layered with smart, sophisticated materials, colors, and sleekness. Every project has an inherent beauty that appeals to regional and international audiences alike.

Rachel's Modern Farmhouse Crockett project is a sight to behold. Designed in plush materials and minimalist details, this home is a total classic. It has been accessorized to the nines and exudes an urban chic, super sophisticated appeal. The ambiance borders on ritzy and the sheer class and austerity of the whole home is one for the books.

The Rio Ancho by Michelle Thomas Design

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This full-service Austin interior design firm is popular for designing spaces that are functional, ergonomic, and pleasing to the eye. They take on old remodels, gut renovations, as well as new constructions. From classic detailing to architectural features and more, this team can handle all aspects of interior designing perfectly. Their goal is to make each space as charming, approachable, and livable as possible, and it definitely shows.

Their Rio Ancho project is a residence that brims with unfettered charm and character. It's upscale, trendy, and furnished with beautiful, classy, and high-end items that add an uncanny mix of cheer and sophistication to the whole ambiance. With lots of colors and contemporary patterns in this mix, this home is one of the most stylish, vibrant spaces that you'll ever experience.

The Warm Inviting by  Count and Castle Interior Design 

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This interior design firm in Austin is one of the coziest places to get a consultation for your project. With 15 years of experience under their belt, they're able to craft spaces that are the epitome of chic, stylish, and redefining. They take on both residential and commercial projects, delivering a thorough execution of your raw ideas. 

You'll appreciate the beautiful visuals and sleek functionality of each space in their portfolio, but nothing beats the comfy beauty of their Warm Inviting residence. It's a neutral haven that's styled to perfection with bold accents and bright lights. The stylish aesthetics of each space are interspersed with gorgeous textures, which lend the whole ambiance a homelier appeal despite its modern overtones.

Portfolio by Jane Reece Interiors

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This nationally recognized interior design firm from Austin is helmed by Jane Reece, whose dedication and passion to curating beautiful spaces has won many hearts over the years. She is not only a style icon, but is also a warm person who takes joy in her client's pleasure when they experience her spaces. From the smallest of details to the largest of accents, she can certainly bring your vision to life.

Reece's entire portfolio is a sight to behold. Each space that she's designed is full of personality, charisma, and style. There's an undercurrent of elegance in every single project that is layered with focused detailing, eclectic accessorizing, and contemporary vibes. Her work is an inspiration for everyone that beholds it.

The Windsor Vero Beach by GREER INTERIOR DESIGN


This Austin based boutique interior design firm is for everyone who wants their project to emulate spatial wholesomeness. This team comprises of experts who can perfectly merge architectural and interior detailing. This holistic approach to design is appreciated by clients a lot, especially as everything is stunningly and perfectly executed in reality.

Their Windsor-Vero Beach residence is a culmination of genius vision given tasteful articulation. The team rose up to the challenge of merging the existing Anglo-Caribbean style aesthetics with the modern additions beautifully. The result is a gorgeous, breezy home interior that is full of life, style, and comforts of every kind.

The Ultra-Modern condo by Spaces Designed Interior Design Studio

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This one-stop-shop of an Austin interior design firm specializes in providing end-to-end real estate and interior design services. From residential to commercial, they can take on any type of a project and articulate it with flair. Their ability to curate the best details and furnishings has resulted in many tasteful interior designs that have received some amazing press over the years.

The Ultra-Modern condo designed by this team is the perfect blend of cozy, ritzy, and urban chic. It features stunning accents, stark white undertones, and a posh austerity that makes it feel like a contemporary dream. It's a beautiful home that brims with unfettered charm, panache, and swankiness because of its excellent designing.

The Bellagio Living Space by TURNSTYLE INTERIOR DESIGN


This Austin based interior design firm takes personalization to a whole new level. The team is dedicated to getting to know the person behind the façade in order to deliver spaces that make you feel at home. You'll appreciate their hands-on and collaborative approach to design, especially as they guide you through the process of renovating in a seamless manner. 

This firm believes that good design is never formulaic, and they interpret that belief quite beautifully in their Bellagio Living Space project. The Santa-Barbara style aesthetics of this home are given a lush contemporary makeover. By merging various aesthetics and focusing on apparent details, this team was able to breathe new life and a fresh, cozy, flamboyance within this residence.

The Classic Comfort living room by BATES DESIGN ASSOCIATES


Led by Kim Bates, this Austin-based interior design firm believes in the possibility of guidance, to show the clients various possibilities that come from their unpolished ideas, and articulating them in the best possible reality. Taking function and beauty to a whole new level, this team is able to craft fabulous spaces that appeal to everyone.

Their Classic Comfort living room interior is just an example of how expertly they can mold your spaces. The neutral backdrop and cream colored layering of this space is complemented with beautiful accessorizing, natural light, and stately accent pieces. It''s a beautiful, pulled together living space that sparks instant calm.


So, these are some of the best Austin-based interior designers around you. We hope this list guide you to your perfect match so that you can design the space of your dreams.