10 Top Sacramento Interior Designers That You'll Love

As the capital of California, Sacramento has a special place on the American radar. It's also home to some of the most talented designers in the region.

Sacramento interior designers have a way of enlivening even the drabbest of spaces. Their inherent talent and charisma gives way to iconic projects and award-winning designs. This list features 10 of the best ones in the region. Their exquisite aesthetic and wonderful way of adding beauty and function to spaces has made them quite the catch in the area. From simple additions such as an Artichoke Lamp to make a mid-century modern living room more outstanding, Let's take a look at what each one has to offer:


The Orinda Home by Uhrich Design

Working with clients to design their dream spaces is the MO of this firm. Imbuing each project with an individuality that's the reflection of a client is just something that they believe comes with the job. Uhrich Design is a great Sacramento interior design consultancy, and they thrive in the healthcare, residential, as well as the commercial niche. Their tremendous ability to upskill and design complicated spaces has made them a dream team to work with in the regional industry. Their creative sensible, and reliable practices will definitely impress you a lot.

Their Orinda residence project is a vintage contemporary dream home with hints of transitional accents in the mix. The color scheme, overall layouting, aesthetics, and spatial ambiance have all been tastefully curated to deliver a space that is not just comfortable, but also the epitome of stylish. This residence exudes cozy vintage vibes that will transport you to 50s Americana and its understated suburban lifestyle.


The Truckee Home by Tami Teel Designs

Tami Teel and her team inspire, create, and build to suit your aesthetics and lifestyle. They're pioneers of the industry and some of the best consultants in Sacramento. Tami Teel's philosophy is that she wants to translate the image of the most relaxed scenario in your mind and convert it into the place that you live in. She is an expert at imbuing every project with personality, individuality, and charisma. You'll find a lot of unique projects in her portfolio, and rest assured, her services are definitely great.

Her Truckee Home project is one of the best residences in her portfolio. Brimming with openness and breezy charm, this home features rustic ingenuity with hints of contemporary in the mix. The cozy color scheme is translated through beautiful, organic materials. The dim lighting adds romance to the space, and the furnishing bring tasteful modernity to the whole look.


The King Corporate office by RMW Architecture & Interiors

This Sacramento interior design firm has got a diverse portfolio that they've curated for over fifty years of hard work. From healthcare and science to academic , industrial, and residential, they've got experience in all niches and a team that's dedicated to bring every client's vision to life through sheer hard work, experience, and immense talent. Over the years, they've built steady relationships with clients, empowering them to visualize their best spaces to that they can be realized in the best possible way.

The Sacramento Kings Corporate office is perhaps one of the best projects in their portfolio. As one of NBA's superstar teams, their office was designed by crafting a fine balance between hospitality and corporate ambiances. With an emphasis on the brands colors and agility, this is the kind of modern corporate space that every company aspires to create these days. So, if you're looking for a consultancy to take on a unique project for you, then this one is definitely it.


The Iconic Mid Mod by Rebecca Ward Design

This Sacramento interior design firm prides itself on helping busy professionals design the spaces of their dreams. They have a unique design process that ensures a worry-free, totally easy renovation journey for everyone. Their on-site meetings, delivering a unique solution for each room, and drafting professional drawings to articulate all their ideas is kept as hassle-free as possible. This is a great studio to consult if you don't want too much on your plate during the renovation.

Their Iconic Mid Mod residential interior project is one of the most stylish residences that you'll ever see. The whole ambiance has a warm, cozy appeal that exudes unfettered charisma. The overtones of sleek modernity make the whole space feel contemporary. Even the decor and accents have been selected to imbue the home with comfort without compromising on the visual dynamics.


The Warmly Modern by PepperJack Interiors 

This Sacramento interior design firm likes to explore every client's adventurous side. From initial consultation to finalization and execution, this team is here to guide you seamlessly through all stages of your renovation project. Their portfolio is full of inspiring possibilities, providing a closer look at Laura's signature warm and modern look. Specializing in the residential interior design genre, this firm has produced many award-winning designs over the years.

Their Warmly Modern project features the perfect blend of old and new aesthetics. The best part is how the sleekness of the ambiance has been maintained by choosing the right finishes. The wood-on-white aesthetic is beautifully articulated and the materials boast a qualitative value. There are also some eclectic pops of color in the mix that make the whole residence feel visually dynamic and incredibly interesting as a whole.


The Portfolio by Interiors | Lionakis

This firm prides itself on providing the most holistic design experience to Sacramento residents and beyond. With the belief that a good space can inspire a person to think beyond the box, they provide custom solutions for everyone.

This team's major service markets are in Healthcare, Education, and Civic/Public work projects and help these markets tailor spaces that represent the market's aesthetics, culture, and lifestyle, and most importantly: its vision.

Lionakis's entire interior design portfolio is a sight to behold. Comprised of wonderful, fun, eclectic colors and spaces that brim with agile functionality, they've designed spaces that will make you want to experience them for real. Their work in the corporate sector is especially pretty great. They've taken the concept of modern workspaces and articulated it in beautiful, quirky ways. The details of each project are especially inspiring.


The Streng House by Katie Denham Interiors

Katie Denham's childhood was built around the concept of spatial experiences, as she lived in a home that was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright's student. The early exposure to how a space can impact a person's lifestyle led her to study art and architecture in the latter half of her life. Today, with 20 years of design experience under her belt, she is one of the leading interior designers in Sacramento. Her highly unique aesthetic, a creative team, and collaborative spirit have won the hearts of many clients over the years.

Her Streng House residence is as innovative as it is quirky. It's designed in an uncanny combination of fun and understated colors. There's a sense of eclectic buried under the overall sophistication of the ambiance. It's a home that brims with natural playfulness and cheer. With bold dashes of color in the mix, it feels like the entire residence is a cool haven that welcomes everyone with open arms. Add in the wonderful detailing, decor, and unique textures, and you'll never experience a home with similar vibes ever again.



This Sacramento interior design firm has been around for quite a while, and they've won many local and international awards over the years. Their humble beginnings have resulted in strong roots, and their initial restaurant, corporate, and residential projects are hailed as absolutely iconic even today. These days, this team has a streamlined process that has been polished to provide each client a custom, collaborative, and highly personal experience. Working with them will definitely be the highlight of your renovation journey.

Their East Sac Residence is an influential project that perfectly showcases the team's unique aesthetic. You'll immediately notice how discerning the whole vibe of this home is. Everything has been beautifully curated and the overall aura of this home is tastefully refined. From the neat finishes to the gorgeous accessorizing, everything has been strategically selected to add quality to the entire home. You'll also appreciate the careful layouting, and how there's a sense of spaciousness within each room.


The Walnut Grove Retreat by Misha Lindsey

This full-service Sacramento based consultancy specializes in designing both residential interiors as well as exteriors. Their bold, inspirational aesthetic never fails to impress clients. Their portfolio spans a diverse genre and they've partaken in many unique projects. From restaurants and wineries to custom furniture, collaborating with industry professionals, and e-design, they can offer you services in any and everything. You'll certainly enjoy their great teamwork and ability to warm up to clients in order to bring their vision to life.

The tastefully curated Walnut Grove Retreat residence designed by this team will take you to breezy beach houses structured around sandy shores. The inherent breeziness and creative eclecticness of the home features natural materials and textures. Even looking at the images will inspire a sense of calm within you, so imagine the kind of tranquility the users of this residence must feel.


The Land Park Drive by Design Shop Interiors

Leyla's passion for real estate and construction bought her to the field of interior design, and today she is a renowned industry professional. This firm began with her kitchen table, and years down the lane, she and her team pride themselves on providing the most holistic services to their clients. She's a warm person to consult with and you'll feel all of your inhibitions skew away as you tell her all the possibilities that you have for your dream home.

Leyla and her team designed their Land Park Drive project in the savviest manner. Brimming with midcentury style charm and understated charisma, this home is all about evoking a natural sophistication and breeziness. Featuring chic details and a sense of beautiful whimsy, this home feels like a fairytale cottage that has been given a modern makeover. It's beautiful, stylish, and certainly a blueprint for inspiration for every homeowner out there.


To sum it up, these are some of the best interior designers in Sacramento. Their amazing consultations and services will make you want to know each one more closely. We're sure that at least one of them could be your best bet in the region, whether you're looking for some help searching for the best quality mid-century modern furniture such as the Womb Chair replica or a even a simple refresh on your Scandinavian living room, they've got it all.