Top 11 Interior Designers In Cincinnati, Ohio

Whether it’s culture, food, or fun you’re looking for, Cincinnati, Ohio is the perfect place for you. It’s a city that’s lovely to reside in, and if you already live there, then you’ll love this list of top 10 interior designers in the area.

They’ll help you elevate your homes, offices, and business spaces in the best possible versions of themselves. Every firm on this list has been selected based on its talent, recognition, and ability to impress clients. You’ll definitely find someone that suits your tastes and vision here. Let’s take a look:


1. Amy Youngblood Interiors

As an artist with innovative flair, Amy has effused her Cincinnati-based interior design firm with unparalleled creative efficacy. Luxpad has even named her as one of Ohio's Top Interior Designers. With local and national recognition under her belt, Amy Youngblood and her design team have a way of emulating each of their projects with unmatched aesthetic panache, charisma, and personality.

The 580 building condo from her residential portfolio is one of the best examples of contemporary pragmatism that you’ll ever see. The gentle, neutral color scheme and stylish evocation of lines and furniture throughout the space is complemented by the occasional bold accent and lovely texture. The gorgeous views of the surrounding urbanscape along with the beautiful lighting makes the space feel absolutely wholesome and charming.


2. Beck Architecture

This award-winning interior design and architecture firm in Cincinnati are experts at turning around residential and commercial spaces. Their passion for creating simple yet refined spaces has made contemporary modernism their signature style. They’re also experts at adding extensions and can even help you make the best of your gut renovation.

You’ll love their classic, timeless approach to curating spaces. The Art Collector’s Residence is one of the most magnificent projects in their portfolio. The way that each nook and cranny has been designed speaks of distinguished individuality. The residents wanted a space that would showcase their art, and the entire home has been created as a backdrop of their personal interests.


3. Designs on Madison

This interior design firm in Cincinnati offer full services and strive to create thoughtful yet celebrated spaces. They have a highly collaborative process that values their clients’ opinions and integrates them into each phase of the design process. In fact, the team’s collective commitment to their client’s vision is what has made them such a sought after firm in Ohio.

A simple browse-through along their Great Rooms portfolio will have you acknowledging how unique each of their projects are. From sleek modern to cozy contemporary and warm rustic, each living room has something special to offer. You’ll also notice the artful blurring of boundaries between the indoor and outdoor spaces, which is also a signature design technique used by this firm’s team.


4. Dwellings on Madison

With a firm belief that every dwelling holds a gathering of culture and curiosities, Grace Jones and her team cultivate all of their projects with a rich, customized distinguishment. Her signature style combines vintage and modern accouterments, and clients are always fascinated by her discriminating tastes.

You can clearly see the implementation of her style throughout her portfolio. You’ll notice an undercurrent of homeliness in each of her projects. You’ll also be impressed by the vibrant use of colors in each room and how everything has been artfully accessorized to make the space feel elegant as well as lived-in.


5. Elizabeth Schmidt Interior Design, Inc.

This interior design firm is helmed by Elizabeth “Betsy” Schmidt, whose 30 years of experience in the industry has led her consultency to be one of the best in the Cincinnati area. Betsy’s inherent talent pairs well with her training and travel experience. She’s able to draw on all three of these things to deliver a wholesome, aesthetically appealing, and functionall viable spatial experience for all of her clients.

A quick browse-through via Betsy’s project portfolio will have you zooming in on each picture. She has a distinct ability to play with colors and fashion spaces that are as gorgeous as they are useful. You’ll love how no room in her portfolio is boring or conventional - instead, each project brings something new and quirky to the table and is perfectly Instagram-worthy.


6. Evolo Design

Specializing in kitchen, bath, and overall home design as well, this interior design firm has been serving the Cincinnati area for a decade now. Their preference for emulating individuality in each and every project has made them quite dear to clients. Moreover, this team’s penchant for qualitative and high-end aesthetics always deliver timeless and sophisticated end results.

The Glen Harbor residence is one of the most elegant projects on their portfolio. It’s a beautiful home that has been dressed in understated neutrals. However, the views from outside have been maximized and the beautiful accent lighting in niches and crannies have resulted in a stunning overall ambiance. The stunning decor is absolutely on-point and the stylish furniture acts as the cherry on top of the overall design.


7. Greiwe Interiors

Boasting a 135 years of eminence in the design industry, Greiwe Interiors was first founded by Richard F. Greiwe and has been home to numerous designers over the course of its existence. The team that is at the helm these days consists of tried and true professionals who have extensive knowledge of the industry. Moreover, each client of this firm is is welcome to some great design resources thanks to the vast network of industry professionals that this firm has curated over its existence.

The living room portfolio of this team is one of the most extensive one you’ll ever see. The expressive style of each project is an ode to how this team nurtures individuality in each of their projects. From the lovely colors to the amazing detailing, you’ll love how charming and unique each living room actually is.


8. Interiors by Julie Bell and Associates

This multi-dimensional interior design firm in Cincinnati excels at residential interior design and are experts at renovating a new or existing home in a timely and budget-friendly manner. Led by a Julie Bell and her exceptional team, this firm strives to deliver optimum results to their clients.

This consultancy has won 33 awards and has a number of amazing projects on their portfolio. Their Traditions Model home is an excellent example of their work and fully captures the essence of the transitional style with absolute panache. The cozy and stylish furniture has been complemented with bold, bright decor accents, and the whole ambiance makes you want to huddle up in the den with your family.


9. John Senhauser Architects

This Cincinnati-based interior design firm prides itself on being client-centric and has been around the block since its 1979 inception. Their work has been nationally recognized and they strive to provide matchless attention to detail in order to fulfill their clients’ needs. This team always focuses on quality and sustainability in order to keep up with the latest trends.

Their Walnut Woods residence project is a custom home that brims with inherent warmth and charisma. The sleek modernity of the backdrop is balanced out by the extensive use of wood. A number of tall windows maximize the views from the surroundings and the overall ambiance is as healing as it is fresh and welcoming.


10. KZF Design

With 70 architects, engineers, and urban planners on their team, KZF Design is one of the most reputable interior design firms in Cincinnati, Ohio. Their experience in the public and private sector is exemplary and they’ve partook in a number of amazing projects in various genres over the course of their existence. From workplace to commercial, educational, and even industrial, they’ve partered with various clients and produced numerous amazing projects.

Their Clark Schaefer Hackett corporate interior design is a great example of what they can do with a simple project. The aim was to design a diverse, agile, and accommodating interior design that would inspire the employees as well as improve their productivity. The KZF team did so by curating most of the space with a natural/neutral color scheme and accentiating it with bold, energetic accents. The ergonomic furniture and great light cap off the whole project really well.


11. Reusch Interior Design

If you’re looking for someone to create spaces that translate your personality in the very space that you reside in, then this is Cincinnati based interior design firm for you. Principal designer Laney Reusch has been curating bespoke interiors since 2010 and has the ability to emulate her client’s sensibilities within each space.

Her ability to create visionary and dynamic spaces can be seen in her Vineyard Place project. Homely and charming, this residence is dressed in lovely fabrics and a sophisticated color scheme. The gorgeous use of lighting has been carried out with absolute panache and the stylish furniture caps off the whole look in an elegant manner.


So, these are the top 11 interior designers in Cincinnati, Ohio. We hope you find your perfect match on this list and manage to make your spaces as amazing as you’d dreamed of.