Top 10 Interior Designers In Aurora, Colorado

As the third-largest city in the state of Colorado, Aurora has a lot to offer in terms of culture, eating, shopping, and a number of outdoor activities. But it’s also home to an incredible population (386,261 as per the 2020 census), and most of them are homeowners who want to make their house the most beautiful one.

This is where Aurora also becomes host to some of the best interior designers in the state. If you’re also a resident of this state and searching for someone to totally transform your home, office, or business space, then this list is for you. Each firm has been curated based on its individuality, its extent of collaboration with clients, and its unique flair for designing the most distinctive interiors. Let’s take a look:

1. Centre Sky Architecture

As experts in mountain architecture and sustainable design techniques, this firm is one of the best that you’ll consult in Aurora, Colorado. From custom residences, resorts, ranches, and even commercial spaces, the team at this firm expertly navigates every genre while emphasizing client requirements. They always pay special attention to site integration, which plays a huge role in their sustainable design solutions.

Their Sparrowhead Spanish home is one of the most gorgeous residences you’ll ever come across. It’s got a cozy modern-rustic aesthetic that is outfitted with stylishly comfortable furniture. The lovely warm lighting, oversized windows, and contemporary accessorizing work together to create an ambiance that appreciates its surroundings while providing a classy and sophisticated interior.

2. Craine Architecture, Inc.

This is a one-stop-shop design consultancy in Aurora, Colorado. Whether you’re looking for a residential upgrade or whether you’re up for a commercial interior revamp or even an urban infill, the team at this firm is diverse and creative enough to fulfill all of your needs. Their greatest quality is how they listen to their client’s queries and respond to them with quick-witted design solutions that always go in the best interest of the project.

Platt Park is one of their finest works. The proportionate scale and gorgeous modern-rustic integration of this home make it instantly eye-catching. The bright and airy interior design is accentuated with stylish furniture that adds value to the whole ambiance. The lush landscaping and lovely outdoor spaces complete the whole look with grace and panache. It’s definitely a home worth adding to your inspiration boards.

3. Design Studio Architects

With a reputation for consistent innovation, this interior design consultancy in Aurora, Colorado has won many awards and has a fine reputation with clients. With 40 years of experience in residential, commercial, and educational interior design, this team approaches every project with a lot of verve and creativity. Moreover, they’re excellent at cultivating lasting relationships with their clients and always strive to deliver amazing end results in a timely and budget-friendly manner.

In fact, you’ll notice their unique flair for emulating homeliness within their Detroit Steet project. Cozy, bright, and airy, this home instantly makes you want to curl up with your favorite hot beverage and relax all of your woes away. From the lovely wooden accents to the classic neutral color scheme, the refined outlook of this home is as charismatic as it is comfortable.

4. Doug Walter Architects

Boasting almost 140 awards for its services, this interior design firm in Aurora, Colorado has been nationally as well as internationally recognized for its works. They basically specialize in designing “additions” that neatly affix within the preexisting home while matching its unique individuality. This flair for customization has won them a lot of professional as well as client acclaim over the years.

A quick look at their Whole House project will have you instantly recognizing their incredible skill. The entire home went an extensive upgrade and the end result is positively charming. From dimly lit rooms for ambient comfort to cozy furniture and stylish finishes, the entire space feels inviting, relaxing, and built for comfort. Aside from that, a brief look through their entire portfolio will have you believing that remodeling is better than scraping an entire home.

5. Ekman Design Studio Architecture

This boutique architectural firm has been in the business of making spaces prettier since 1995. The team here are pioneers of innovation and they strive to create spaces that reflect the personal experiences and inspirations of the users. Their goal is to create interiors that work in harmony with their surroundings. By maximizing views, daylight, and overall surroundings within the interior, they’re able to curate homes that offer the best of all worlds to their clients.

The interior and architectural restoration of the Denver Show House is one of the best projects in this firm’s portfolio. It not only highlights their skill for respecting the existing historical value of space but is also a study in how to preserve the authentic character of an old home while adding an extra oomph to the whole project.

6. Godden Sudik Architects Inc

Knowing that a home is the most intimate part of a person’s life, this Aurora interior design firm strives to make a beautiful backdrop that will complement your lifestyle. They’ve been helping people make the best of their homes for 26 years and have a penchant for creating qualitative and imaginative spaces. So whether you’re looking for someone to spruce up their new build projects for whether you’re up for a gut remodel, this team can help you get the best of them all.

Scott Sudik and his team are experts at curating the best residential spaces, and you can see the extent of their skill and expertise in every project in their portfolio. From lovely modern foyers to classical living rooms and contemporary bedrooms, they’ve got a range of diverse and interesting spaces that you’ll instantly want to add to your inspiration board.


This interior design firm leans on the boutique side and takes on residential projects of every scale in Aurora, Colorado. From full-service house renovations to even simple basement remodels, Hart Studio LLC is ready to take on every kind of project that their clients come to them with. They’re also experts at customized additions to existing houses which look like they’ve existed all along.

The Urban Loft makeover by this team is one of the most fantastic turnovers that you’ll ever see. They took off the faux-rustic finishes and converted this home into a classy urban-chic space that impresses with its stone-faced ribbon fireplace, art niches, and gorgeous multi-faceted finishes. Add in the wooden accents and stylish furniture, and this home feels like it’s been plucked out of a magazine spread.

8. HMH Architecture + Interiors

This architecture and interior design firm in Aurora, Colorado has been industry leaders since 1989. Today, they have a firm footing and a client base that really appreciates their innovative and energy-efficient solutions. Their penchant for creating valuable, experiential, and qualitative ambiances in all genres (be it residential, commercial, retail, or more) has gained them a number of awards over the course of years.

If you want a glimpse of what they can offer, then take a quick look at their New Century Modern home. It’s a classic home that features a midcentury style atmosphere with a restrained palette and neutral color scheme. With lovely contemporary additions and windows that bring in gorgeous outdoor views, this home is a veritable masterpiece. If you’re into understated and debonair charm, then this home should definitely be on your inspiration board.

9. Signature Interiors of Colorado

This Colorado interior design firm fancies itself to be the bridge between dreams and reality. This team’s mission is to create spaces that are a true reflection of their client’s lifestyle. Therefore, they’ve now fine tuned a collaborative process that helps their clients easily navigate through the design process. Their efficient project management and budget allocation is also something that patrons really appreciate.

Their entire portfolio is a true reflection of their talents. Every project featured there is as unique and distinguished as the next. From beautiful bedrooms that are as stylish as they’re comfortable to kitchens that are classy and efficient at the same time, this firm always outdoes itself in every endeavor that they take on.

10. Wolfe Design House

Wolfe Design House is the brainchild of Katie Wolfe, who established the firm in 2005 and has reached for the sky ever since. Katie and her team have a signature design style that’s the perfect blend of sophisticated and effortless. Their appreciation of the old and new alike helps them create spaces that are charming and charismatic at the same time.

Katie’s aesthetic is absolutely amazing, and you can see what she’s capable of in her Color of Envy residence. The entire project is the embodiment of eclecticness. Every room features a unique color scheme that has been articulated in the most stylish and eye-catching way possible. If you’re a fan of quirky and colorful spaces, then you’ll really love this particular project.


We hope these top 10 interior designers in Aurora, Colorado are exactly what you’ve been searching for. Each firm on this list is exceptional at what they do and we hope that you find their work as exemplary as we do.