Top 39 Interior Designers and Decorators in Chicago

Chicago is a city that's rich with contemporary culture, so the designers here are known for their unique take on modern and contemporary aesthetics. 

This list features Chicago's best interior designers the creme de la creme of the Windy City. They've been chosen because of their fresh perspective, innovative ideas, and their ability to always put the client first. Whether you're searching for a designer to redesign your mid-century modern dining room or Scandinavian living room, this list has got you covered. Let's take a look at what sets them apart and a project that highlights their capabilities:



The 432 Park Avenue, New York by AXIS MUNDI

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Specializing in residential and cultural projects, Chicago is home to one of the top design firms - Axis Mundi. With a high command on how to incorporate personalized details and gorgeous styling, this firm has a very client-focused approach to interior designing. The team here specializes in blending concepts, technologies, and ergonomics to deliver well-defined, beautiful, and livable spaces. Their work is renowned and published in many popular publications.

The Park Avenue apartment project by Axis Mundi is especially enchanting. It's super glam, but also has a casual-chic, low-slung appeal. Utilizing all the gorgeous views provided by the skyscraper, the interior is lush and imbued with an expert combination of bold and light colors. It's truly a testament to the designer's keen eye that that overall contrast seems so balanced and unique.


The Portfolio by Barron and Stoll

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As one of Chicago's top interior designers, Barron and Stoll has carved itself quite a name in the industry. With lots of press under their belt, this firm has a peculiar way of adding uniqueness to all the spaces that they design. They pride themselves on crafting an ambiance that makes you want to linger.  From color to texture and overall tone, they take each and every single detail into consideration in order to provide their clients the most holistic experience. 

The great thing about Barron and Stoll is that they have a very diverse portfolio. If one project is done in lush reds and burgundies, then the other one would be carried out in gorgeous understated monochromatic hues. However, the one thing that remains common in them all is the ability to add a touch of neo-traditionality to the space!


The Residential Portfolio by Brynn Olson Design Group

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This Chicago interior design firm is totally top-notch. The team here prides itself on being comprised of thinkers and feelers, rather than cool professionals with a clinical eye. They are makers of home and the emotion of their craft is pretty visible in every single space that they design. They're pretty driven and always strive to create spaces that are a reflection of their clients.

The entire residential portfolio of this firm is filled with interiors that is each better than the previous one. With a focus on natural light, cool neutral colors, and accessorizing that makes each space feel homelier than ever, you'll find that they've crafted innumerable ambiances that speak to the soul and mind alike.


Cannon Frank, A Design Corporation PC

If you're looking for warmth coupled with magnetic charisma, then this is one of the best Chicago's interior designers to look at. Their spaces are not just artful, they're soulful as well. With an unwavering attention to detail and an ability to design ambiances that make you feel right at home despite being totally upscale, this firm has carved itself a niche in Chicago's top decorators.

One of their best projects to date is the Chicago Pied a Terre condominium. The small space in this project has been treated and designed in a way that evokes spaciousness. With open transitional areas, a soft color scheme, and lots of natural light, everything feels fresh and breezy. It's very unique, fresh, functional, and extremely ergonomic!

The River North Renovation by Devon Grace Interiors

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If you're interested in designing upscale, ritzy, and luxurious spaces, then Devon Grace Interiors is one of the best places to get a consultation. Their ability to curate the most bespoke and personalized items makes each project a unique experience for the client that they're designing for. The company's mission includes making all the hectic and confusing processes as accessible for clients as possible, which has made them quite the go-to firm in this industry.

Their River North project is a culmination of stunning achromatic colors, ample natural light, and unfettered sophistication. The plush and stylish furniture is complemented with beautiful fabrics, understated tones, and amazing lighting. It's a whole experience, rather than a clinically designed residence.


The Luxury Condo by Donna Mondi Interior Design

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If you're a fan of eclectic-contemporary spaces, then Donna Mondi is one of the best Chicago interior design that you can consult. The entire team is comprised of skilled personnel that can beautifully articulate Mondi's neo-traditional-meets-latest-trends aesthetic seamlessly. Aside from timelessness, all of Donna Mondi's interiors are accessorized to the nines and as ergonomics as can be.

You can see a culmination of all the aforementioned qualities in their Luxury Condo project. Designed in stunning shades of grey and accentuated with oversized windows that let in ample natural light, this residence is an ode to unfetted luxury and swankiness. With minimal hints of bold and contrasting colors, the interior design of this home is not just comfortably urban chic, but also incredibly ergonomic and livable.


Foster Hill Design

This award-winning Chicago-based interior design firm is all about creating comfortably modern spaces that are the best blend of trendy and casual chic. Their full-services include guiding their clients towards what they might want and creatively collaborating with them during each and every step of the project. The whole project is turn-key and word of mouth has made this firm quite popular in the Chicago design industry.

Their Pearson project is one of the best that you'll ever see. This residence is designed in cool, understated colors, but it has so much personality. With lots of natural light and beautiful accessorizing, the spaces feel very approachable despite having a touch of austerity to them. The right amount of toning, texturing, and accentuation has made this project totally exquisite!


The Gathering Space by Fredman Design Group

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As a firm believer in meaningful designing, the team at this firm has created many a successful interiors over the years. Their creative spirit and ability to transcend the typical has marked them as quite unique in client's eyes. The spaces that they design are not only attractive, but they're also pretty Instagramable. Their ergonomics and perfect functionality is the cherry on top.

The Gathering Space project by the Fredman Design Group is one of the most charmingly livable residences that you'll ever come across. The material selection is incredibly soothing and gives off a nurturing vibe. The furniture is stylish but also very comfortable and the double-height main living area with the tall puncture windows adds a fresh, breathable vibe to the whole design.


The Lakeside State by Gemma Parker Design

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Known for their excellent designing and project management, Gemma Parker Design is one of the best Chicago interior designers that you'll come across in the Windy City. With national and international projects under their belt, Gemma and her team has managed to design some of the most amazing spaces that are appreciated by a worldwide audience! Their work has been featured in numerous publications and their client base speaks for itself.

The Lakeside Estate project by Gemma Parker is an excellent representation of their signature aesthetic. Featuring stylistic projects, chic decor, and a stunning color scheme, this residence is as breezy and beautiful as they come. It got lots of natural light and is interspersed with cool, bold colors that add am exquisitely relaxing vibe to the overall ambiance.


The Pearson Street Residence by Gray & Walter Interior Design

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This Chicago based interior design firm has a whopping two decades worth of experience under their belt. As such, they've become some of the most renowned maestros in the industry. The team takes pride in their artistry and ability to conform to a client's vision with as much panache as possible. widely publicized and well-known for their amazingly timeless aesthetics, this firm is a go-to for everyone who wants their spaces to be as unique as possible.

Pearson Street Residence is one of their most inspiring projects. It's a home that evokes unfettered charisma and low-slung charm at the same time. It's spacious and designed in relaxing tones, with just a few bold hints to keep the ambiance interesting. The whole home is a hook for the eye and will make anyone feel comfy without taking away from the flamboyancy of the overall aesthetic. 


The Burling by Honsen Interiors

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Honsen Interiors is home to some of Chicago's top decorators. The team believes that style is a possession that speaks volumes about someone's personality. This is why the spaces that they design are as personalized and bespoke as possible. There's a genteel sophistication and unspoken suaveness to each space that they curate, and their work has been well-represented in popular publications. 

The Burling project by the Honsen interiors team is a testament to the team's out-of-the-box thinking. The sheer elegance of this residence speaks through its timeless materials, stunning accessorizing, and beautiful neutral color scheme. Add in the exquisite furniture, and it's definitely an absolute winner.


The Cambridge Home by James Thomas

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This top Chicago interior design firm is part of the globalized community. The team here believes in utilizing beautiful things and making them a part of your spaces. They believe in emulating a certain amount of romance in every space, which always results in an easy elegance that never fails to make a person feel totally at ease.

The Cambridge Home project by this firm is a contemporary take on the vintage design theme. It's a daydream that has been physically articulated into a solid space. With lots of texturing, gorgeous detailing, and stunning colors in the mix, the whole residence feels like it has been plucked from the twentieth century and given a modern update!


The Luxe High Rise by Jasmin Reese Interiors

Photo by Jasmin Reese on

This white-glove firm is home to some of the top Chicago decorators and has made quite a name for itself in the industry. Led by Jasmin, a fine arts painter, this firm and team has a very artistic approach to designing beautiful spaces. Embracing traditional sensibilities while appreciating modernity, this interior design firm has created some of the best spaces that you'll ever have the pleasure of experiencing.

In fact, their Luxe High Rise project is an excellent example of their signature aesthetic. Tastefully designed and beautifully accessorized, it's a home that features understated elegance. Its neutral color scheme, elegant furniture, and ritzy accents deliver a totally sophisticated aesthetic that is brimming with refined energy.


The City Retreat by Jessica Lagrange Interiors

Photo by Jessica Lagrange on

In business since 1998, this firm is helmed by one of the best Chicago interior designer you could ask for. With a diverse portfolio and some amazing press, the team here has progressed towards incredible success over the years. Their unique tastes and aesthetics have delivered many a charming spaces over the years. The spaces that they design are as vibrant, timeless, and personable as possible.

The City Retreat project by this firm is definitely a must-see for everyone who wants to browse through their portfolio. It's got an inherent charm that is articulated through streamlined furniture and delicate color scheme. The unfettered charm of the ambiance has an understated ritziness and glamour that is camouflaged with urban simplicity. It's truly a great residential project.


The Winnetka Private Estate by Kara Mann

Photo by Kara Mann on

Known as a cultural vanguard because of her unique take on transforming and evolving traditional aesthetics, Kara Mann is one of the top Chicago interior designers that you'll ever come across. There is a transcendence in Mann's aesthetic that projects the perfect blend of contemporary sensibilities. She has been dubbed as the spark plug of the design world and has taken on lots of residential and commercial projects over the years. 

If you want a taste of what she's got, then take a look at her Winnetka Private Estate project. The smooth minimalist features of its interior design are juxtaposed with unexpected curves and a vintage accentuation. Everything is layered, outfitted, and detailed to perfection, giving the home a very refined, tasteful outlook.


The Barrington Hill by Kaufman Segal Design

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Promising quality resourcing and a firm upkeep with changing trends, this interior design firm has got more than two decades of experience to offer. Home to some of Chicago's top decorators, the team here believes in delivering bespoke items that reflect the energy and personality of their users. They specialize in personalizing items be it a sofa or a cabinet or a hand-scraped wooden floor finish which makes each project as unique as the client that ordained it.

Their Barrington Hills project offers a quick look at exactly what they can offer. Featuring classical details with modern twists, this entire residence is a showstopper of a project. Despite the large spaces, nothing feels stark of off-putting in any way. In fact, each detail, color, and material has been specially chosen so that the space feels elegantly full.


The Fulton Market Loft by L Rose Interior Design

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Taking functional sophistication to a whole new level, the team of designers at L Rose Interior Design offers some of the most charismatic spatial aesthetics that you'll ever come across. They pride themselves on providing optimum client satisfaction by designing projects that speak to their soul and mind alike.

Their Fulton Market project is a great representation of what they have to offer. Although the space is very small, the interior speaks volumes in luxury. With the help of creative lighting, stunning furniture selection, and gorgeous accessorizing, this home is the epitome of swanky sophistication.


The Glen Ellyn Estate by Lauren Coburn

Photo by Lauren Coburn on

This full service design and renovation firm has an award-winning reputation. With some pretty prominent press and an ability to create a visceral connection between the architecture and interior of a space, Lauren Coburn and her team has garnered quite a reputation for themselves. They are industry leaders who have designed many amazing residential and commercial projects, leading them to be some of Chicago's top tier decorators.

If you want a quick taste of what they have to offer, then take a look at their Glen Ellyn Estate project. The subtle classical detailing in this residence is done in an exquisitely artful manner. With subtle shades of grey taking center stage in beautiful natural light, the ambiance is both ritzy and upscale. It's a home that is as casually luxurious and feels like a total dream.


The Family Residence by Leslie Jones & Associates

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This top Chicago interior designer believes in well-being and philanthropy just as much as they believe in creating artistically inclined yet comfortable spaces. As pioneers of style and qualitative craftsmanship, you'll never meet a team as humble and collaborative as the one at this firm. Their drive to create beautiful ambiances is unmatched and their ability to add a touch of magic to every project never leaves any client unsatisfied. 

You can take a look at their Family Residence project to get a quick look at what they can offer. The warm, contemporary rustic look of this home is truly enchanting. It's full of life and brimming with positive energy. There're lots of gorgeous views through punched windows and doors, which makes the wood-clad interior feel all the more welcoming.


The Living by Marshall Erb Design

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This top Chicago decorator and his team have a knack for creating spaces that people just can't help but fall in love with. Their full services include curating gorgeous and personalized pieces of art, antiques, and decor that can make every space feel extremely bespoke. Their work has been published in many renowned magazines and Marshall Erb himself has been listed a Top Influencer by The Fixer.

From large to small spaces, this firm can take on any project. Their Living project perfectly showcases the talent of this team. The bright, airy design is interspersed with gorgeous furniture and stunning views of outdoor vistas that have been perfectly captured through strategically designed windows. It's a project that speaks of understated luxury while also providing the best of comfort.


The West Hollywood by Nate Berkus Associates

Photo by Nate Berkus Associates on

Making spaces approachable yet luxurious is the motto of this team and over the years, they've made quite a name for themselves as some of Chicago's top interior designers. Nate ability to beautifully blend natural and contemporary elements has made him a coveted professional in this field. The spaces that he and his team design are not only comfortable and ergonomic, but they're also incredibly beautiful.

The West Hollywood apartment designed by this team is one of the most exquisite residences that you'll ever see. It's a whole experience with its lush textures and 60s capsule aesthetic that is contemporized with the use of modern materials. It's a very charming home that is brimming with unfettered charisma and uniqueness, unlike anything you'll ever see. 


The City Loft by Nora Schneider Interior Design

Photo by Nora Schneider on

NSID is an exclusively top Chicago interior design firm and they've crafted some of the best homes in the Windy City. The team here believes that simplicity leads to the most sophisticated aesthetics, so they always craft ambiances that are cosmopolitically minimalist. They also put a lot of effort in details and pride themselves on honing their clients original vision to perfection.

Nora Schneider's City Loft project is the epitome of urban chic perfection. Detailed with stunning art and decor pieces, it has a vibe that evokes understated luxury and high-end appeal. It's chic, elegant, and charismatic a trifecta that never fails to hook the eye and this home feel like a luxe penthouse suite.


The Landmark Revival by Rae Duncan Interior Design

Photo by Rae Duncan Interior Design on

Rae Duncan is Chicago's top decorator whose outreach has become international over the years. With some great press under their belt, they've participated in projects of many genres that include hospitality, residences, corporate, retail, and more. With the help of a skillful team and an ability to create wonderful spaces, you'll seldom find anyone better to make your spaces shine.

Duncan's Landmark Revival project is a testament to her creative genius. The way that she and her team have added ergonomic, functional touches to make the small space as viable as possible is truly amazing. The careful attention to each and every detail and led to the creation of a space that is an all-rounder in both functionality and aesthetic.


The Residence 3 by Reed R Krueger & Associates

Photo By Reed R Krueger & Associates on

Reed Krueger and his team are some of Chicago's top decorators and their client-centric practice has made them very sought-after in the Windy City. Their charismatic interior designs evoke a classic cosmopolitan appeal and each client's opinion is carefully polished and applied to the final execution. They pride themselves of presenting fresh ideas that will remain timeless through the passage of time.

If you look at their Residence 3 project, you'll immediately fall in love with how they've balanced out neo-classical details with modern ones. The lush materials and stunning furniture provides the perfect blend of upscale ritziness. The careful selection of artwork and textures caps off the whole aesthetic exquisitely.


The Portfolio by Shakoor Interiors 

Photo by Shakoor Interiors on

If you're a fan of eclectic with a touch of contemporary luxury, then Shakoor Interiors is the firm that you should be consulting. This practice is home to some of the most brilliant and top Chicago decorators in the windy city. Their qualitative detailing, vibrant visualization, and an ability to add a distinguished look to each space that they create will leave you wanting for more.

Their entire portfolio is Insta-worthy! From bespoke furniture pieces to artfully crafted customized credenza and incredible use of space, you'll find lots of things you'll want to pin on your Pinterest board! But most of all, this firm specializes in classiness and you'll find each and every ambiance in their portfolio to be more sophisticated than the last.


The Projects by Studio Brunstrum

Photo by Studio Brunstrum on

You'll find some of Chicago's best interior designers at this firm and their aesthetic will wow you to no end. They're curators of wonderful spaces but they never compromise the functional aspects to accommodate them.

Their entire portfolio is full of some amazing visual content, but the interior architecture design renovation is the one project that took the cake for us. It's extremely beautiful and inspiring. The sheer ingenuity put into the detailing and transformation is noteworthy!


The Gulf Coast Penthouse by Suzanne Lovell

Photo by Suzenne Lovell on

Suzenne Lovell and her team take pride in adding magic to everyday spaces. Their motto is to craft an ambiance that adds interest to someone's lifestyle. They got a lot of flair, which translates pretty well in curating wonderful rooms that speak to one's soul and personality.

Lovell's Coast Penthouse project is an eclectic mix of contemporary comforts and bold, vibrant accents that add a lot of visual dynamic to the neutral background. With carefully curated materials that add a low-slung appeal to the otherwise cosmopolitan visuals of the space, this is a project that is centered around the client's way of life to the fullest!


The Purple Family by Unpatterned

Photo by Unpatterned on

This full-service studio is home to Chicago's best interior designers. They take on new constructions as well as renovation projects for various commercial, residential, and other types of projects. The team here is an expert in working with existing constrictions provided by a site and still manages to create beautiful interiors that always hook the eyes.

Their Purple Family project is a formal residential interior design project that is designed with undertones of mauve, eggplant and more such hues against a stark white backdrop.  The beautiful bright accent colors and natural light leeches away some of the formality from the space and lightens the whole ambiance and mood exponentially.


Chicago's Best Decorators


The Lincoln Park by Michael Abrams

Photo by Michael Abrams on

Abrams is one of Chicago's top decorators and his firm is responsible for creating highly personalized and timeless spaces. His refined aesthetics are quite prominent in every project that he takes on. He and his team provide a great blend of artistic sensibilities and practical considerations. This duology always results in the most creative ambiances.

In fact, Abram's Lincoln Park project is a fine example of what he has to offer. The classy articulation of this residence is carried out with neutral materials/colors, beautiful statement art and light pieces. It's a home that is imbued in understated luxury but also has light casual undertones. 


The Lake Shore Drive by Summer Thornton

Photo by Summer Thornton on

Summer Thornton is well-recognized in the Chicago design industry. Her work is fearlessly bold and has been well publicized by many renowned publications over the years. She and her team believe in designed spaces that are a reflection of a client's passion, so she always blends innovation with client-centric detailing in all her projects.

Her Lake Shore Drive project has been carried out in Chicago's famous Co-Op building. The whole residence was given a colorful face-lift that emphasized on outdoor views while also adding casual comfort to the eclectic ambiance.


The Greenwood Avenue by Sara Vaile Design

Photo by Sarah Vaile Design on

If classic-vintage is your jam, then you won't find a better designer in Chicago than Sara Vaile and her team. Established in New York and headquarterd in Chicago, this firm believes in crafting wonderfully vibrant spaces that would make their client's lives more cheerful. With some great press and word of mouth clientele, they've been doing a pretty good job so far.

The stately aesthetics of Vaile's Greenwood Avenue project exude a very eclectic appeal. There is a sense of unexpected uniqueness to the space that feels very charming. The focus on textures is not only charismatic, but also makes the space feel lived-in despite its swanky, gilded overyones.


The Oakdale by Anthony Michael Interior Design

Photo by Anthony Michael Interior Design on

Bold, charismatic, and always on-point, Anthony Michael's interior designs have a very strong personality. The amount of character that is imbued in every space is incredible. From bold strokes to stunning artwork and lifestyle-conscious designing, this designer and his team have done a lot of innovative work over the years.

Michael's Oakdale project is a formidable example of his aesthetic. The focus on dull colors is offset with vibrant accents. The decor and accessorizing is done quite tastefully. Each room exudes confidence, which will definitely pour into the client as they start using this space.


The HGTV Smart Home by Tiffany Brooks

Photo by Tiffany Brooks Interiors on

This residential interior designer has been named one of the best in the industry by Architectural Digest, and her work with HGTV is very well recognized as well. Over the course of her career, Brooks and her team have crafted many beautiful homes, all of which are very unique in their own right and offer a timeless appeal.

You'll find many wonderful projects in Brook's portfolio, but her HGTV Smart Home residence is simply our favorite. Its pastel color scheme, elegant textures, and refined looks are interspersed with homely undertones. It's the best of contemporary eclectic with lots of artistic flair!


The Historic Home by Amy Kartheiser

Photo by Amy Kartheiser Design on

Offering elegance and ease is the main goal of this top Chicago decorator and her team. Their aesthetic comprises a mixture of modern, traditional, and global elements, which are incorporated in a way that makes a space feel the epitome of trendy and timeless. 

Stylish and unique, their historic home project offers a look at this team's best work. The sheer tranquility of the space is garnered through the use of neutral colors with a striking contrast, warm textures, and beautiful accessorizing that makes this residence feel incredibly homely.


The Lake Forest Showhouse by Alexandra Kaehler

 Photo by Alexandra Kaehler on

This residential and commercial interior designer has built a reputation as one of the pioneers in Chicago's design landscape. The team at this firm is well-versed in crafting interiors that are casually modern and very fit for contemporary use. Their distinct aesthetic and widely publicized project portfolio never fails to impress!

Their Lake Forest Showhouse is an amazing is a teen girls retreat and has been articulated in soft hues, feminine details, and beautiful patterns. It's a very striking interior design that focuses on adding very specific ideas and aesthetics to create the whole picture. It's very pedantic and thoughtfully designed for its give purpose.


The Lively Lepidopterarium by Julia Buckingham Interiors

Photo by Julia Buckingham Interiors on

This top Chicago decorator and her team are essentially responsible for creating some of the most vibrant spaces that you'll have the pleasure of experiencing. Emulating life and vividness instead of dead modern details is their go-to, and you'll love browsing through their portfolio if you're a fan of colors in interior design.

Buckingham's Lively Lepidopterarium project is a great example of the kind of aesthetics this firm has to offer. Brimming with eclectic decor, this residence feels kitschy and welcoming with its emphasis on organized clutter, colorful details, and stunning patterns!


The Southport Corridor by Michael Del Piero Good Design

Photo by Michael Delpiero on

If balanced spaces with emphasis on architectural details are your thing, then this is the best Chicago decorator that you can opt for. There's a natural distinctness to all the spaces that they design and the team always explores new facets of each project to give it a unique flavor. Their work is well-recognized globally, and their press page speaks for itself.

The striking aesthetics of this firm's Southport Corridor residential project are a testament to the uniqueness that this firm can offer. Decorated with some of the most avant-garde and sculptural details, it's a home that will never feel boring. The eclectic visuals are complemented with timeless accents, giving it a fully wholesome appeal.


The Chicago Pied-Ă -terre by Tom Stringer Design Partners

Photo by Tom Stringer Design Partners on

As one of Chicago's top designer, Tom Stringer and his Partners always bring their A-game to each project. Over the years, they've worked with the best architects and consider each project a journey to discover the client's true needs. Their work speaks for itself and has been widely publicized. They pride themselves on designing client-centric and geographically relevant spaces, which is a huge quality that sets them apart.

The elegant transitionality of Stringer's Pied-a-Terre project is a sight to behold. It features neutral colors, neo-classical accents, and undertones of modernity all of which makes the interior design feel very fit to appeal contemporary sensibilities!


The Contemporary Farmhouse by Frank Ponterio Interior Design

Photo by Frank Ponterio Interior Design on

Synonymous with classic elegance, Frank Ponterio manages and leads as one of Chicago's top decorators. The firm was founded in 1994 and their mission to design incredible spaces has since led to international fame. They've also been recognized by some fantastic publications in the design world, and firmly believe in crafting client-centric, highly unique interiors.

Ponterio's contemporary farmhouse design is not simply elegant, it is also very classy and upscale despite having many rustic accents. The lush furniture and natural textures are complemented with an abundance of natural light. It's very much like a cottage in the woods that has been refurbished with a modern twist!


So these are some of the best decorators and interior designers in Chicago. We hope that you find their work and individual aesthetics as amazing as we did! Whether you choose to go with a more traditional mid-century modern furniture like the barcelona style sofa or more artsy like the DS 600 Sofa, we're confident that our list will provide you with an interior designer that will be perfect for you.