Top 10 Best Interior Designers In Las Vegas, Nevada!

As the city of Casinos and world-class entertainment, Las Vegas has made its mark on the international community. But fake Elvises and gambling aside, the fast-paced life of this city is also the home of some of the best interior designers out there. If this city’s your home, and you’ve looking for someone special to do an immediate revamp of your space, then here’s a handy list for you.

Each firm has been picked specifically based on their unfettered ability to craft something unique, to explore innovative ideas, and to imbue personality within their projects. Intrigued? Let’s take a look at them:


1. Inside Style

Creating beautiful spaces has been Inside Style’s mission since its conception in 2004. Their incredible taste, inspirational designs, and collaborative teamwork have become a hallmark of their workings. WIth 9 consistent years in the Houzz “Best of…” list, this Las Vegas interior design firm has also made an international mark on the design community.

Priding themselves on providing designs with a mission and spaces fit for comfortable and glamorous habitation, this team has worked on a wide variety of projects. The Rancho Circle residence is one of the best ones in their portfolio. The classy neo-classical emblematic of this home has been carried out in bold tones and sophisticated strokes. The use of neutral accents has been gorgeously offset with jewel accents and beautiful lighting. Everything pulls together wonderfully in a clean and charismatic way.


2. Parlor 430

This Las Vegas interior design firm thrives on bringing the best of modern and contemporary aesthetics to its clients. With a keen eye for detailing and a streamlined perfection that is hard to capture in spaces without professional experience, this team is all about creating fresh, engaging spaces that brim with modern charisma.

Parlor 430 has a number of commercial and high-end residential projects under their belt, but the one that stands out the most in their portfolio is Savory - an urban chic residence that has been handsomely dressed in several shades of gray. The understated grandeur of this abode is offset with refined opulence and swanky luxury. The windows capture views for miles, imbuing the neutral interior with refreshing outdoor links. It’s definitely a home that calls to every modernism aficionado out there.


3. Statement of Style

Many people are intimidated by the entire process that comes with hiring a professional team, and this Las Vegas interior design team strives to leech out the mystery of the process by laying down a step-by-step guide for all their clients. Their consultation is much more than a general contract - they take care of their clients like their own family by helping them envision their raw ideas with a polished, professional flair.

This team has tackled quite a number of projects over the years, ranging from high-end residential to commercial. The versatility of their skill can be appreciated throughout their portfolio. From elegant material finishes that belie understated sophistication to classy outdoor spaces that invite you to come and cozy up within them, you’ll find a number of new additions for your inspiration board on their site.


4. Thomas Burger Design Inc.

This Las Vegas interior designer used to be a resident of The Big Apple, but has made quite a reputation for himself and his firm in the entertainment hub of the world now. Burger’s portfolio ranges a diverse spectrum of polished, eclectic, and swanley interiors that brim with upscale charisma and absolutely on-point detailing. His skill and talent are quite unprecedented, leading to Chinese government asking him to design the “City of the Future.”

With a motto for “Design your life, and live your design,” this firm and its team have helped many people realize their dream aesthetics in their spaces. Their experiential take on design has been best interpreted in their Contemporary residential project. Designed like an eclectic art gallery, this home features a seamless blend of neutral and bold colors. With amazing views of the surroundings that are captured through neatly designed window walls, this home offers the best of all worlds.


5. Tiny Little Pads

Located in downtown Las Vegas, this interior design firm is unique, in that they only design interiors for children, pre-teens, and newborn babies. Therefore, if you’re looking for someone to turn around your child’s space, then this is definitely the place to visit. Jannicke Ramso, who helms the team here, is a veritable pro at understanding the lifestyle, aesthetics, and spatial as well as experiential needs of children. As a result, the spaces that she designs are not only beautiful but also exceptionally unique.

There isn’t just a single notable project on their website - their entire portfolio is worth a second and even third glance. Jannicke and her team have clearly got a hang of how to incorporate adult themes into children’s spaces, as evident through their gorgeous interpretation of the rococo style in a nursery. Then there are the birthday-themed and monochrome rooms, along with various others that belie playful ingenuity and uniqueness.


6. YWS Design & Architecture

With creative thinking and innovation as their goal, this interior design firm from Las Vegas has been putting its mark on the world quite exceptionally. Their relentless dedication and ability to work on every facet of a client’s vision has garnered them a loyal local and international client base over the years. Their goal to create leisurely experiences through spatial transformation has led to many successful projects over the course of their 10-year inception.

The team at YWS are experts at designing amazing leisure spaces, so their Treasure Island project is definitely one that you should visit. It’s a mixture of hospitality, dining, and entertainment that has been packaged into the most creative and swanky of experiences. The use of bold colors with neutral accentuation is quite dominant and has been used to make the ambiance as stimulating as possible. The lighting adds to the overall effect and layers the whole project with a lovely sort of drama that really complements its genre.


7. Fabiola Avelino Interiors

This Las Vegas interior design firm’s got its finger on the zeitgeist of all the latest trends, and they’re well-known for crafting only the most stylish of spaces. Fabiola Avelino, the mastermind behind this team, is a true artist who has developed a signature style that all of her clients fall in love with. As many Fortune 500s as their clients, this firm has quite a number of projects under their belt.

Out of everything in their portfolio, the Canyon Gate project is the most noteworthy. Its elegant and charismatic aesthetic has been articulated in rich neutral tones speckled with jeweled accents and luxurious finishes. Moreover, the use of windows to interlink the outdoors to the interior makes the overall effect even more exquisite. The furniture and accessories spice things up with their artistic edge. If understated opulence is your goal, then this project should definitely be on your inspiration board.


8. Lisa Escobar

Bespoke design is always mindful, and Lisa Escobar’s Las Vegas-based interior design firm has certainly mastered it! Promising a qualitative environment and the highest degree of swanky luxury without leeching away the artistic integrity of a space, the team at this firm works hard to bring their clients’ aesthetics to life. They also design personalized furniture, so that each project has something one of a kind that’s true to it.

Lisa Escobar’s entire portfolio is a testament to her creative ingenuity. If you look at her residential collection, you’ll immediately notice an incredible diversity that is amplified and exemplified in the unique use of form, structure, and layering of space that she offers.


9. Jill Thomson Design

This high-end Las Vegas residential interior design firm specializes in residential projects. The team here is a pro at guiding their clients from the very first to the very last stages of the project, and they make the entire process as hassle-free as possible. Jill, the principal designer, has a warm, timeless aesthetic that is able to make each space that she designs absolutely cozy, livable, and stylish.

If you’re looking for a glimpse of what she can do, then the Irvine High Rise project is an excellent and tasteful representation of her skill. The modern-contemporary outlook of this home has been exceptionally carried out in the form of expert furniture selection, beautiful accessorizing, and the gorgeous use of lighting. The layout has been styled to make the circulation as seamless as possible, and the impeccable finishing only adds to the whole ambiance.


10. Marteen Moore

From styling to concept development, Marteen Moore has made her Las Vegas interior design firm heaven for struggling clients. She excels at clearly defining the goals and implementing raw ideas into polished diamonds. Moreover, she keeps your budget and personal preferences in high regard, which has garnered her the reputation of a true professional.

Marteen’s entire portfolio gallery is a study in inspiration. From modern contemporary living rooms that brim with stylish austerity to sophisticated and classy dining nooks that are topped off with classic chandeliers, she’s done it all. No matter what kind of a project you challenge her with, she’ll make it come alive instantaneously.


So, these are some of the most distinguished interior design firms in Las Vegas, Nevada. They’ve all been hand-picked based on their incredible skill, vast recognition, and the innovation that they bring to the table. We hope you find your renovation partner on this list.