11 Best Interior Designers In Tucson, Arizona!

The American West has always been a fascinating place to explore, and pop culture has only taken it to new heights. However, aside from cowboys and Mexican food, Tucson is also home to some fine designers.

If you live in the city and are looking for some great designers to help you revamp your homes, then here’s a shortlisted catalog for you. Each firm has been hand-picked for its unique design offerings and individualistic aesthetics. We hope you can find your best match here:

1. Arizona Designs Kitchens and Baths, LLC

Boasting the best of bathroom and kitchen aesthetics, this company is one of the finest niche interior design firms in Tucson, Arizona. With many projects in the pipeline and many realized perfectly, this consultancy promises to make your bath or kitchen the most fashion-forward, inviting, and functionally feasible space that you can imagine. You can either visit their showroom or set up a consultancy on phone or by email.

Meanwhile, you can check out their entire portfolio and pin projects that you want to put on your inspiration board. You’ll notice an undercurrent of sheer class and sophistication in every project they’ve completed. There’s also a distinct richness and unfettered elegance in all of their designs that you’ll really appreciate.

2. Design Studio 1127

This full-service interior design firm boasts expertise in designing, furnishing, and remodeling. They take on all manner of projects, be they renovations or new constructions. Their “all-about-the-client” policy has been specifically designed to accommodate patrons while realizing their raw ideas with full potential. They’ve successfully created many long-term relationships and are masters of the interior niche.

A quick look through their gallery will have you noticing the innate warmth and homeliness that they infuse in each one of their projects. With livability and comfort in mind, they designed many premium spaces with respect to their client’s wishes. From modern to rustic and traditional, they’ve got their finger on the zeitgeist of trending themes and are perfectly capable of articulating them in the best possible way.

3. Designlines, Inc.

This locally owned and operated Tucson-based interior design firm specializes in the full-service palette. From space planning to paint consultation, they can help you regarding all facets of your project. Furthermore, they’ve got a vast professional network all over the Tucson area, so they’re well acquainted with industry partners who can help you design the perfect home for yourself.

For a quick gist of what they have to offer, you can look at their cozy dining/living room project. Dressed in a sophisticated neutral color and material scheme, this project has been articulated in rustic accents and warm lighting. With lush furniture and expert use of texture, this living room and dining area feel like they’ve been plucked out of a Hollywood movie set.

4. Designs by Priya LLC

Specializing in livable luxury, this Tucson interior design firm excels at creating lush, upscale, and high-end interior designs. Priya, the principal designer, believes that every home should tell the story of its inhabitant, and that’s what she strives to do in every single project. With keen detailing and swanky elegance that’s interwoven into the very fabric of each space, Priya and her team excel at creating wonderful, comfortable, and luxurious interiors.

The Mercado New Build residence designed by this team is a study in excellent visuals. The neutral palette of this home is overlaid with a classy teal hue that lends a lot of personality to the overall space. Achromatic accents have been expertly intertwined within this home, and lend their understated elegance to the masterfully furnished and accessorized atmosphere.

5. DeWitt Designs, Inc.

With the mainstream slogan of “individually inspired” as their motto, this Tucson interior design firm specializes in designing beautiful, well-adorned homes that brim with absolute grace and sophistication. The spaces that they design are an extension of the user and everything that they emulate in their process and articulation is specifically chosen to complement their lifestyle. Led by Sarah and Jim DeWitt, this firm is one of the best in all of Arizona.

If you want to know what you’ll get out of this consultancy, then take a quick browse through the entire portfolio on the DeWitt website. From classy living areas to ornate bedrooms and incredible commercial spaces, you’ll notice how this team can easily switch genres, themes, and design aesthetics with infinite grace and skill.

6. Interior Trends Remodel & Design

Priding itself on providing premium interior designs, this Tucson-based consultancy is a hotbed for trendy homes. The team here has a highly collaborative process that builds on the initial ideas of the client and provides white-glove full services that tackle everything from concept derivation to implementation.

Their exterior house design gallery is a veritable inspiration board. From warm Mediterranean elevations to stylish contemporary facades, you’ll find a number of unique ideas to put into your mood board here.

7. Interiors In Design LLC

Boasting a highly client-oriented approach to designing, this Tucson interior design firm curates spaces that are specifically tailored to an individual’s lifestyle. Keeping time-frames and budgets in mind is high on this team’s priority list. They specialize in all types of projects, be they multi-purpose family residences, commercial spaces, or even hospitality or medical buildings.

Their whole residential design galleryis a study in perfect form and function. With streamlined modern projects with hints of contemporary to timeless old-school themes that are articulated with vintage flair, they’ve got a vast cache of projects that you can derive inspiration from.

8. Linda Robinson Design Associates LLC

Specializing in the “Sophisticated Southwest” look, Linda Robinson LLC is one of Tuscon’s highly sought after consultancies. Deriving inspiration from a number of sources, Linda and her team always effuse their spaces with casual elegance, warm tradition, and an exclusive indiginous nature. Their signature aesthetic much appreciated by a widespread client-base and if you’re looking for someone well-versed in traditional contemporary visuals, then this is it.

The warm and fashionably forward aesthetics of their Contemporary Eclectic residence boasts an inherent modern charm. Despite the emulation of bold hues and traditional European accents, this home is a study in artful eclectics. With comfortable furniture, cozy lighting, and an expert layout, everything feels homely yet immaculate.

9. Liz Ryan Design

As the recipient of many awards, Liz Ryan Design is one of the finest consultancies in Tucson, Arizona. Liz herself believes that a house is just brick-and-mortar - it can’t be anything without an excellent interior that will make it a home. All of her projects reflect her worldly experience, and each of the spaces that she has designed still brim with timeless personality and character.

The entire extent of her expertise can be viewed through the firm’s online portfolio, but the Mystic Canyon residence is the one that takes the cake. The wholesome ambiance of this project leans on the warm, cozy, and evergreen side. With warm hues and red accents with wooden details, everything looks absolutely picture perfect.

10. Lori Carroll & Associates, LLC

Lori Carroll is one of the most versatile interior design firm’s that you’ll come across in Tucson, Arizona. With a team that can encapsulate any theme in any type of a project, this consultancy had garnered a lot of positive press and client reviews over the years. Their penchant for timelessness is appreciated by a number of clients. In fact, many are left in awe of how they can totally transform even the most low-end spaces into striking magazine-spread worthy interiors.

Serene Escape is one of their most beautiful projects to date. The entire residence has been strung out in warm colors, materials and textures. The bold accents are just the right frequency of vibrant to lend the spaces an undercurrent of eclectic beauty. The architectural language and furniture selection complement each other perfectly, and the whole home is definitely fit for a gallant mood board.

11. Sunset Interiors & Design Studio

This Tucson interior design studio is a furniture showroom, first and foremost, then an interior design firm. Just a general visit to their studio will familiarize you with the inherent charm, quaintness, and beauty with which they curate all of their furniture pieces. All of it is also poured into the way that they design spaces for you. Boasting a number of amazing projects and heralding some amazing press, this firm is a must-visit if you want something unique and distinguished.

The La Paloma Hacienda residencedesigned by this team is a reflection of their refined tastes. Spectacularly designed with warm hues and gorgeous lighting, this home is a study in understated charisma. Each room carries its weight without taking away from the overall thematic consonance, and every piece of furniture richly accentuates the atmospheric resonance two-fold.


These are some of the best designers in Tucson, Arizona. They all bring something new to the table and you’ll find that each one of them specializes in something new. We hope this list helps you narrow down your options for the next renovation.