Top 14 San Diego Designers That You'll Love For Your Project

This West Coast city has a lot to offer, and that also rings true when it comes to design professionals.

San Diego interior designers are some of the most innovative individuals you'll ever meet, but it can be a challenge to find the best ones. This is why we've curated a hand-picked list for you. It consists of a hand-picked selection of creative professionals who can help you design all types of projects, be it simple makeovers with a sofa refresh like the iconic Mario Bellini Sofa, new constructions for a beautiful mid-century modern living room, or classic remodels to include timeless furniture pieces such as the Tulip Table. Let's take a look:

The Penthouse 1 by JULES WILSON

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This San Diego interior design firm specializes in high end residential, commercial, and multifamily projects. Wilson herself has 26 years of experience in the industry and has gained industry accolades after starting her own firm in 2005. The firm has a specialized team that caters to the clients personal needs and effuses Wilson's exquisites, timeless tastes in all projects that they take on. Their ability to add a bold aura to elegant spaces is what truly sets them apart.

The Penthouse 1 project by this team is in a league of its own. Featuring sleek modern details, slim-fit detailing and minimalist accents, this residence is a heaven for everyone who appreciates the beauty of a stark modern theme. The neutral color scheme is interspersed with stunning cool blue spots that spark a lot of interest in the overall ambiance. Add in the abundance of natural light and the entire home feels like an oasis floating in the sky.


The Maisonnoir by CM NATURAL DESIGNS

If intense contemporary charisma is what you're aiming for, then this San Diego interior design consultancy is just the place for you to visit. Helmed by Corine and her incredible team, this studio is all about understanding the psychological impact of a space before effusing it with beautiful aesthetics. Their unique take on crafting spaces has helped them curate highly experiential spaces and a lot of client accolades and great press over the years.


The Maisonnoir residence designed by this team is a fusion of lush decadence and cozy livability. Every inch of this abode features subtle detailing that keep the eye moving from one point to another. Embellished with stunning decor and artworks, the impact of every room packs a heavy punch. With beautiful furnishings and an abundance of natural light, the entire ambiance of this home has been crafted to enchant, captivate, and fill the users everyday lifestyle with beauty.


The Living Room by SAVVY INTERIORS 


This San Diego home design firm is home to a lively team of professionals who love adding beauty to drab spaces. They delight in dismantling ugly, distasteful elements and making a space feel as wonderful as it can be. Their design-build-furnish services offer a one-stop-shop for all elements of space designing, and they even have their own General Contractor License, which enables them to go forward with gut renovations that require extra oomph!

Their Living Room catalogue is full of some amazing home transformations. Each project is absolutely unique, reflecting the owner's taste in the form of distinct designing. You'll appreciate the sheer diversity in their catalogue after all, it's not easy to design the same room in numerous variants. But this team has definitely accomplished it with the kind of savvy that eponymous with their name.

The Bond at the Beach by LORI DENNIS

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Owned by Lori Dennis, a bestselling author and the star of HGTV's Real Designing Women this firm is definitely one of the top interior design consultancies in San Diego. Emphasizing luxury and high-end appeal, Lori and her team are able to effuse every space with understated elegance, chic sophistication, and character. With numerous projects and accolades under their belt, clients have nothing but great words to say about Lori and her team's exceptional services.

Their Bond at Beach residence is an exemplary articulation of their aesthetics. Designed in dull tones that are accentuated with stunning lighting, this home is dressed to the nines in sleek, swanky furniture. You'll appreciate the keen attention to detail and how each and every accessory has been strategically placed at just the right place to make the space feel full and wholesome. It's a refined, charismatic home that is personalized to perfection.

The Penthouse by MAEGAN SWABB 

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This boutique interior design firm is one of the best in San Diego. With a team that specializes in delivering that WOW factor in every project, they are masters at crafting spaces that feature cutting-edge creativity. Emphasizing high-end styling and careful attention to detail, this firm always delivers mindful ambiances that comfort the soul. You'll certainly appreciate their collaborative spirit and ability to make each project as personal as possible.

You'll especially appreciate their Penthouse project. It features luxuriating details and a ritzy aura that's seldom found in typical homes. Brimming with decadence, each room is an absolute vision. The view, the furniture, the layout each and everything has been curated and crafted in a way that emphasizes perfection. Living here would definitely be a five-star experience by all standards.



This San Diego interior design firm specializes in everything fun and modern. Since 2005, they've been constantly upping the field and have completed over 150 projects during this time. With multiple awards and some amazing accolades under their belt, this firm strives to create spaces that are like living art. They focus on unexpected details and clients absolutely love their take on casual chic with complemented with a clean-lined approach.

This team's Santaluz residence is an example of modernity articulated with unique flair. The contemporary designing of this abode is accentuated with aquatic blue and green splashes that are counterbalanced with a neutral base. The underlying sleekness and distinguished appeal sets this home apart and makes it feel like it's a villa that's located on a mountaintop with a gorgeous view! You'll definitely appreciate its openness and creatively spacious layout!

The J Public Relations 1 by Esteban Interiors

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Founded by Estaban Lopez, this San Diego interior design firm promises to give quality and style equal importance. The team here always strives to go beyond client expectations and deliver spaces that are wholesome, effortlessly sophisticated, and slated to remain timeless for years to come. They always appreciate a client's budget and make sure that they get the space of their dreams without busting their bank accounts. You'll find their work in renowned publications and their client testimonials are pretty amazing as well.

The J Public Relations 1 project by this team is a study in cosmopolitan glam and understated appeal. The use of creative lighting is an especially notable part of this project. Soft pastels and upscale neutral hues have been used to create an ambiance the brims with high-end luxury. The posh furniture scheme sets the tone for ritziness, and the overall thematic appeal of this space is positively gorgeous. You'll love the dynamic visuals and innovative use of different materials.


The Coastal Abode by Kern & Co.

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Helmed by President Susan Spath, this interior design firm is one of the finest consultancies in San Diego. Their team of skilled professionals always strives to create spaces that reflect the client's passion and vision with grace. Their ability to incorporate architectural planning and bespoke carpentry in each project lends them the kind of creative liberty that typical consultancies work extra hard for. Over the years, they've curated some find spaces for luxury brands and residences.

Their Coastal Abode project features a modern farmhouse style aesthetic. Its picket-fence exterior makes way for a complementary interior space that is studded with beautiful rustic textures and sleek modern trims. The fine fusion of agrestic and contemporary is what makes this residence so unique. Its spacious layouting, tasteful material selection, and beautiful accessory curation offers a tasteful trifecta of services that clients appreciate a lot!


The Hamptos inspired luxury home by Robeson Design

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The concurrent teamwork of this San Diego interior design firm has elevated their reputation to a whole new level. Their team is comprised of rising stars that really take the initiative to guide each client to the fullest. With a collaborative spirit and warm interaction, they pride themselves on taking raw ideas and converting them into a shining version that always exceeds clients expectations. They also have great industry partners so they can give each client the full renovation experience without any of the speed bumps that make this journey a hassle.

The Hamptos inspired luxury home designed by this team deserves all the appreciation that it can get. Steeped in neutral confidence, it brims with understated beauty and elegance. The combination of artistic patterns and comfortable lighting is complemented with gorgeous furnishing. The decor is tastefully curated and adds the perfect amount of detailing to the entire ambiance. It evokes natural charm and character without going overboard with anything.


The Blue Water Seafood Market & Grill by Tecture, Inc.

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This San Diego based studio focuses on the details and the team here is not just comprised of veterans who can craft stunning spaces, but they also curate beautiful art and objects. If you're searching for a consultancy that will help you think out of the box, then there is no one better than Tecture Inc. From conception to construction, they're able to bring all of your ideas to life in the most unique way possible. Their solutions always have a distinguished quality and they always play an active role in making sure that your spaces are the perfect symbiosis of functionality and visuals.

Their Blue Water Seafood Market & Grill project is one of the finest dining and retail spaces that you'll ever see. Each element has been customized to perfection and the entire ambiance pulls together to deliver a highly cozy, comfortable, and stylish user experience. From design to fabrication and installation, each aspect has been carefully overlooked and skillfully implemented. All the small details certainly pack a heavy punch!


The Midcentury Modern Dream by Blythe Interiors 

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If you're working on a budget but still want to curate the home of your dreams, then this is the perfect San Diego interior design firm to consult. Their realistic approach to interior designing is steeped with innovative inspiration, budget-friendly details, and thoughtful implementation of every client's personal style. From simple accessory refreshes to furniture upgrades and full renovations, they can help you design spaces that are cheerful, inviting, and super trendy.

Their Midcentury Modern Dream residence is a project that showcases their affinity for classy personalization. Since this style has a very masculine appeal, the Blythe team gave it a feminine touch while keeping the essence of the theme fully intact. The use of spaces, materials, and coloring is positively artistic and the general ambiance feels casually breezy!


The Point Loma by HOPE PINC DESIGN


Hope Pinc and her team are some of San Diego's most coveted professionals. Their incredible skill when crafting beautiful spaces is showcased in all the little details that shine when the project is complete. They're also incredibly cognizant of the environmental impact of their designs and Hope herself is a LEED certified. She believes in merging the essence of a space with the requirements of a client, and so far, it's been going pretty great for her.

You can check out her Point Loma project to get a taste of what this consultancy has to offer. The residence features a beautiful open floor plan where the living room adjoins the kitchen and dining area. Even through the space constrains, everything has been perfectly layouted and designed to evoke airiness. The casual-chic appeal of the ambiance is curated through various textiles and materials. The color-scheme leans towards cool-neutral, evoking a comfortable livability within the ambiance.


The Hillside Revival by HOWARD INTERIOR DESIGN


This San Diego interior design consultancy is all about designing smart and elegant. They believe in crafting wholesome, cohesive spaces that are steeped in character, charisma, and personality. The team here puts a lot of effort into each project. From measurement of spaces to finding the best design solutions for their client's problems, they have a personal stake in how each project turns out.

Their Hillside revival project is a stunning articulation of the team's excellent skillset. The kitchen island was redesigned to open up the layout and cozy wooden tones and accents were used to add a lush rustic touch to the ambiance. This abode brims with unfettered charm and elegance, touching the soul with its organic invitation.


The Mission Creek Spanish Revival by Studio Surface Interior Designs

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This versatile San Diego interior design firm was founded in 2009 and has, since then, crafted projects in various genres and in all scales, be it small residential makeovers or high end retail or resort projects. This team offers great consultancy and strives to make each project as unique as possible. Their penchant for creating balanced spaces with layered aesthetics is very remarkable.

Their Mission Creek Spanish Revival residence offers a close look at how this team is able to take unique concepts and articulate them in conventional spaces. This home exudes distinguished eclectic appeal with an underlay of modernity. The texture and pattern incorporation is incredibly tasteful and the overall ambiance feels absolutely refined.


We hope this list of San Diego designers helps you find one that complements your tastes and can design the space of your dreams, be it with mid-century modern, modern bohemian or even retro style furniture.