Top 10 Best Interior Designers Chandler, Arizona

Many might know Chandler as the name of a popular character from the show Friends, but it’s also a lovely little city in Arizona, USA. It’s known for the historic fabric of its downtown and its beautiful collection of outstanding interior design professionals. 

So, if you’re looking for a great place to get some advice on sprucing up your space, here’s a great place to get started. Below, we’ve compiled a list of fantastic consultancies and firms where you can find great designers to transform your homes, offices, and more! All of them have been hand-picked because of their exceptional aesthetics, way with various styles, and how they can make their spaces experiential. Let’s take a look:

1. AB Design Elements, LLC

This Chandler-based interior design firm is all about curating unique interiors. Their focus always lies on customization, where they take complete home renovations and transform the space to suit the user’s lifestyle. They also specialize in custom furniture, so each home feels true to the owner in every aspect. This firm’s value for maintaining great client relationships is also quite apparent in their excellent communication and the way that they creatively collaborate with each client.

You can appraise this quality by looking at the individuality of each project on the company’s portfolio. From rustic, cottage-style homes that brim with old-school charm to sleek modern residences that boast contemporary renaissance, you’ll love the diversity of every single project here.

2. Interiors Remembered

Interiors Remembered is an award-winning interior design consultancy that has been around since 1991. Their work revolves around the belief that a nicely designed space can affect the quality of your life. They strive to curate interiors with superb craftsmanship, irresistible aesthetics, and incredible ergonomics. 

This firm has designed many unique interiors with innovation and creativity at the forefront. However, their Gilbert, AZ Design & Remodel is one of the best you’ll ever see. The lovely achromatic theme of this residence brims with understated style and charisma. Everything is tasteful and refined, ensuring that the residents of this home would always feel like they’re basking in the sense of luxury. 

3. Guided Home Design

Having thrived for 16 years in the interior design business, this Arizona consultancy has collected quite a loyal client base. They’ve won multiple awards over the years, and the team is always equipped with the proper knowledge, tools, and ideas to bring every client’s vision alive. 

You’ll love what they’ve done with the hybrid space in their Backyard Paradise Retreat project. It’s an ode to contemporary modernism, where the neutral color scheme and thoughtful furniture have been complemented with the right accessories and a backdrop of nature that makes it feel as if half the space is outdoors to begin with!

4. Center Stage Interiors

The team at Center Stage Interiors believes that the home is essential to everyone’s life. Therefore, their philosophy revolves around styling it in the most homely and customized manner for each client. With multiple “Best of….” Houzz awards under their belt; they strive to provide affordable services to people so that everyone has access to a better lifestyle.

You can check out the entirety of their interior design portfolio to get a gist of their talents. You’ll find a lot of unique projects, and the best part? They rest on all scales - from large homes to small bedrooms; there are so many ideas that you can explore there! It would be just like adding to your mood board!

5. S Interior Design

Offering to make your spaces the epitome of beautiful and functional, this interior design firm strives to turn your dream spaces into reality! They promise timelessness in both residential as well as commercial spaces. Their goal is to make each space as expressive and experiential as possible. Moreover, their time-tested design and delivery method have satisfied many clients over the years.

S Interior’s work has been featured extensively on Houzz. You can also browse through their Design Gallery to see the actual extent of their talent. There are so many fantastic options there that you’ll want to put on your inspiration board. 

6. Designerblvdaz

Designerblvdaz is one of the most popular interior design firms in Arizona. It’s helmed by Carol Hatch, who promises to curate your style and translate it within the spaces she’ll design for you. Their signature style is rooted in simplicity and modern luxury. You’ll see a lot of understated luxury in their projects, and you’ll also appreciate how they can make each space different from the next while simply adhering to their signature style. 

This firm’s entire portfolio is a must-see. If you’re a fan of understated, achromatic spaces with a hint of rustic, then you’ll love all of their projects! There’s always such a visual balance of white, black, and brown! Plus, the contrast is striking! You’ll want to pin most of these to your Pinterest board!

7. LMOH Home

LMOH Home is run by the dynamic team of Leann and Layne, whose last name starts with an M! They believe that functionality and luxury go hand-in-hand - in fact, both aspects need to be interdependent to create the perfect space. Their design process is thoughtful and intuitive - something that clients never fail to appreciate.

They constantly explore several ideas before choosing a flexible one that highlights what the client wants to the fullest. You can see the team’s penchant for creating remarkable spaces by looking at their Stargazer Trail, it’s a timeless combination of old and new that has been interpreted within a blank space with the utmost panache and flair!


Hailing from a family who relishes sciences and architecture, Jeanine Sipple Dougherty delved into interior design and never looked back. To date, her firm is one of the best consultancies in all of Arizona. She’s also NCIDQ-certified, which sets her apart from the other designers in the market. She has extensive experience in residential and commercial design sectors, so her talents are certainly not limited.

Jeanine’s portfolio is a reflection of her vast experience in the field. She has a fine grasp of various interior design styles and is a master at articulating them beautifully within any space you present her with. You’ll love how diverse she can be while respecting the integrity of the room and its given dimensions!


This interior design consultancy in Arizona is a team effort. They’ve won multiple design awards over the years and deal in delivering the best residential and commercial interiors. Moreover, they also design custom furniture to complement each interior they curate. They’ll also help you curate the best products in the market and accessorize your interiors perfectly!

Mountain Retreat is one of the best and award-winning projects in the company’s portfolio. Just one look, and you’ll immediately fall in love with its bold, impactful visuals. With so many dramatic fireplaces, autumnal colors, and lush materials, this home feels exudes an inherent sumptuousness and luxury! The details of each room are elaborate and worth noticing!

10. Distinctive Interior Design and Real Estate

This interior design studio and boutique shop are heaven for all those who love curating their spaces in one go. Aside from getting professional design services, you can also get some stylish accessories here. You can buy anything and everything here, from cute tableware to full-fledged art and sophisticated furniture. 

You can check out their interior design portfolio for some inspiration! There are so many lovely spaces they’ve curated for various clients, each of which brims with an inherent uniqueness. No two of them look the same, which is another thing that clients appreciate - the attention to custom detailing!

As you can see, Chandler has some amazing interior designers, and we’ve put them all on this list. If you live in the area and are looking for a solid professional to get your project off the ground, this list will be your best friend!