Top 10 Best Interior Designers in Santa Ana, California

As the financial and governmental center of the Orange County, Santa Ana is one of the most fast-growing cities in all of America. Therefore, it’s no surprise that it’s also home to some amazing interior designers who’re helping people make their homes and businesses into something special.

If you, too, are looking for a great designer to transform your space in Santa Ana, then you’re at the right place. Here’s a list of the top 10 designers in the area and each one of them has been selected based on their unique skills, creative vision, and distinguished aesthetics. You’ll love what they have to offer, so without further ado, let’s a look:

1. Ana Maria Designs

Beaing born into the industry, Ana Maria had interior design running through her DNA from the get-gol, and she nurtured her talent by co-owning her father’s company. However, she branched out on her own and managed to launch a successful interior design and custom furniture store that caters to the high-end luxury interior design market, making her firm one of the most well-known in Santa Ana.

Her House of Design project is a really unique take on modern design. Featuring an understated, earthy, and natural color scheme that is offset by vintage furniture and down-to-earth decor elements, this home is as unique as ever. You’ll really love how warm and inviting it really is and how the brown and blue tones contrast together in the most beautiful and attractive manner.

2. 27 Diamonds Interior Design

Lisa Conley and her team believe that every space should be the perfect mixture of function, creativity, comfort, and beauty. Therefore, they always strive to deliver a great combo of these elements in all of their projects. Moreover, they’ve been the recipient of numerous awards and their flat-rate prices really puts off the pressure off clients when it comes to affordability.

They have almost 1000 completed projects under their belt, but the one that really stands out is the Newport Coast residence. The contemporary-traditional beauty of this home makes it truly one of a kind. Its moody and charismatic, with a navy-and-white color scheme that instantly effuses the ambiance with gravitas. It’s a home that you’ll immediately want to put on your Pinterest board.

3. k. smith interiors

Specializing in luxury interior design, this Santa Ana-based consultancy provides excellent service with a great attention to detail. Their tried-and-true method of designing spaces involves listening to the client and polishing their vision without any extra embellishments. Their signature aesthetic leans on the classy, sophisticated, and timeless side with special care towards functionality.

You can appraise their skill in the Monarch Beach residence, a project full of quintessential contemporary charm. From the wooden accents to the warm furniture scheme and lighting against a backdrop of white walls, this home instally evokes in inviting aura. It’s also stylishly accessorized with a combination of modern and vintage decor, which sets of a nice visual contrast throughout the space.

4. Olga Dean Interior Design

Curating thoughtful and livable spaces is the main goal of this team and they continue to thrive in their mission by truly satisfying their clients. In fact, one of their MO’s is that they never go ahead with a proposal unless the client is well and truly satisfied with it. Other than that, this team boasts a diverse talent palette and has completed a number of projects in various genres, including Farmhouses and other contemporary spaces.

A lot of their work has also been featured on Houzz, but the one that really takes the crown is the Vista Baya residence - an Instagram-worthy home that that brims with sophisticated detailing, understated patterns, and a furniture scheme that leans towards comfortably vintage with a hint of modern. The decor palette is also effused with a lot of personality and really gives this home extra character.

5. Vision Interiors

This independent interior design studio in Santa Ana not only provides a full-service menu, but they also boast a combined 40 years of experience in the industry. You’ll really love the thought and care that they put into each one of their projects. From the development process to plan reviews, 3D modeling, and project management, they’re well-versed in all the steps of the renovation and new build process, so they’ll be with you from the beginning to the end of your journey.

The Shipton Home project by this team might be a classic waterfront property, but the classy designing is what truly sets it apart from the masses. The tall, stylistic full-length windows really brings in the best views while the white backdrop of the ambiance makes for a study in breeziness. The stylish but comfortable furniture with its wood and blue accents brings in a bit of the ocean-aesthetic inside, and the sleek lines make for a trendy emulation in the overall scheme of things.

6. Blackband Design

This Santa Ana interior design consultancy has been internationally recognized and awarded for its exceptional take on curating spaces. Helmed by Greg and Wendy Blackband, this firm operates on the philosophy of bringing completely unpretentious ambiances to its clients while putting uncompromising mandates on sophistication, functionality, and elegance.

While the team at this firm is well-versed in all styles and strives to deliver the best across all project genres, their Waterfront residence is quite the fan favorite. The understated refinement of this home derives from its strak white backdrop that lets the waterfront views truly shine. It also contributes to an airy aesthetic that is harmonized with highly comfortable furniture and stylish decor.

7. Megan Crane Designs, Inc

As the recipient of multiple awards and positive press, Megan Crane’s interior design consultancy is considered one of the best in Santa Ana, California. She prides on presiding over a highly talented and passionate team that always works out the best design solutions. The firm’s signature style balances artistry with function and sophistication in order to provide the highest level of excellence in all aspects of the project.

Their Soft Contemporary residential revamp is a stylish neutral take on a typical, old-school from. Laid out with trendy furniture and decked out in elegant hues of grey and brown, the entire house has been lit up and accessorized to deliver the best of visuals and functionality.

8. dRichards Interiors

This Santa Ana-based interior design firm is all about delivering innovative solutions to everyday problems. They believe in their creative talent and have worked out an efficient client-oriented process that helps their patrons get the best of all worlds. They’ve flexed their project portfolio to an international scale and their work has been published in some pretty renowned magazines and publications.

Working from coast to coast has also led the team at this firm to refine its signature aesthetic. You can clearly see their inventiveness in their Coastal Modern residence - a revamp on an out-of-date beach-house. Principal designer Denise Richards went with maximizing the surrounding views while keeping the rest of the embellishment to a minimum in order to deliver the best experience.

9. Bassman Blaine Home

Promising to exceed your expectations every single time, this interior design firm in Santa Ana excels at residential, luxury, and even new construction design. They pride themselves on their exceptional service and strive to create beautiful spaces while making the journey as memorable and easy for their clients as possible. With amazing reviews and some amazing industry awards, this firm is a rising star in this market.

One of their finest projects includes the Equity Estates - an ocean-front penthouse on Florida’s Purple Island. The stunning surroundings of this suite were utilized to the fullest by keeping the interior as stark and minimalist as possible. The subtle sandy accents really highlight the cool, refreshing views of the outside that can be seen from every single window. It’s a project that invokes instant tranquility within the person who’s experiencing it.

10. Morrison Interiors

Denise Morrison figured out her penchant for designing spaces by her obsession to completely redesign her family home. Today, she brings this passion to her clients by striving to make their spaces as comfortable and pretty as possible. She calls her signature style “tension”, where she contrasts various design elements from different thematic gentes to create a space that is as pulled together and lovely as possible.

You can see exactly how she does that in her Laguna Beach residence, where she designs every room in a juxtaposition of modern and rustic finishes. The result is a stunning, earthy-sleek, and highly comfortable home that makes you want to bask in the luxury of the whole ambiance.


We hope these 10 amazing designers from Santa Ana, California are exactly what you’ve been looking for and that you find your dream partner in this list.