Top 10 Interior Designers in Louisville, Kentucky

Situated along the Ohio River and known for its legendary Derby, Louisville is one of the largest cities in Kentucky. With a number of museums and factories, it’s got quite a unique culture. You’ll also find some amazing interior designers here, and if you’re searching for someone to renovate your home, then you’ll love the list we’ve curated for you. With their good eye for design and wealth of knowledge about the principles of interior design, it's guaranteed that they can help you find your dream mid-century modern sectional, whether it's a stylish Mario Bellini Sofa, classic leather Charles Sofa, or showstopper DS 600 Sofa you're looking for.

All of these designers are the cream of the crop and bring something innovative to the table whenever you consult with them. Moreover, they’ve been handpicked from the local businesses so that you can get the best experience. Let’s take a look:

1. Journey + Jacobs Design Studio

With a tagline that promises that they “design for the senses,” Jaclyn and Amanda have certainly made their mark on the Kentucky interior design industry. This duo has worked together for 10 years and they emphasize creating a certain “mood” when designing spaces. Most of the projects that they curate brim with a lot of personality. Their signature style is “old school with a modern spirit” and you’ll see the vintage-meets-modern aesthetic all over their portfolio.

One of their most fascinating projects to date is the conversion of a meat processing factory into a trendy brewery. Utilizing the existing structure, the team at this firm was able to convert a totally industrial space into something remarkably stylish with their signature old-school-meets-contemporary style.

2. Leslie Cotter Interiors LLC

With the aim to create classically inspired spaces with a touch of luxury, Leslie Cotter has taken her Louisville-based interior design consultancy to new heights. She always balances out function with elegance, thus curating spaces that provide the best of ergonomics and aesthetics. There’s an inherent trendiness in all the projects that she curates, and you’ll really appreciate how she’s able to capture the essence of your vision quite easily.

Viridis is one of her most impressive residential transformations to date. It’s an Italianate that was completely made over from its dated 1900-era existence. From custom cabinetry to furniture that makes everything glam up two-fold, this home is a study in unique textiles and innovative accents. Just a single glance will make you want to put it on your inspiration board!

3. Natalie O. Design Co.

This boutique interior design firm is helmed by partners Julie and Natalie. Their combined interest in and keen eye for detail regarding interior architecture always leads them to find incredible solutions to all your design-related worries. They understand how colors, textiles, and natural light come together to deliver a truly unique spatial experience, and they strive to deliver the best results to every client.

The Renovated MidCentury residence project taken on by this team is quite spectacular. It’s got a retro vibe that immediately hooks you with its dated-meets-trendy aesthetic. Moreover, the use of cozy textiles and materials makes for a comfortable yet stylish outlook. You’ll really want to huddle in one of the armchairs and enjoy the understated elegance of this home.

4. Reflections of You, By Amy, LLC 

Specializing in home staging, renovation, and brand new interior design projects as well, Amy Wagner’s Louisville-based firm had garnered quite a reputation for itself. She’s great at helping you maximize your home’s value while minimizing all the costs that come with it. Moreover, her consultancy is basically a one-stop-shop for all your interior needs, as they’ve got an entire showroom featuring all the things you might need to furnish your home with.

Amy’s entire portfolio is must-see. From her excellent home staging before-and-after images to various projects that she’s taken on and remodeled from scratch, there’s so much to see there. You’ll appreciate the individuality of all her ventures, and love what she can do with your space when/if given the chance.

5. Set The Stage 

Helmed by principal designer Karista Hannah, this Louisville interior design firm is one of the best in Kentucky. Karista’s extensive experience in the design industry is really appreciated by all her clients, as it helps put them at ease during the decision-making process. She’s got a talented team working for her, ensuring that each and every client manages to get the home of their dreams exactly as they want it.

You’ll love their Seneca Park project. Featuring a residence that redefines contemporary tastes, this project was articulated with absolute care and perfection. You’ll immediately notice the emphasis on natural colors, which are used to ground the entire look. They’re further accentuated with stylish furniture, impactful light fixtures, and a number of strategically placed textures that reinvent the entire look.

6. Steinbock Interiors 

With more than 25 years of industry experience and recipients of the “Best of Houzz…” awards for 3 consecutive years, this firm is certainly the place to visit for some great consultancy. They offer a complete residential and interior full-service package, and you can rest assured that the highly experienced team can guide you seamlessly in every aspect of the design process - from floor to ceiling.

Their gift for taking a client’s vision and articulating it into reality can be seen all through their portfolio. There’s an entire section dedicated to accents, where you can see how this team emulates visual diversity in every project. Following that is the individual room gallery where you can see multiple kitchens, living spaces, bathrooms, bedrooms, etc. Each project is as unique as they come, which will definitely make you appreciate the creative multiplicity of this team.

7. The Lee W Robinson Company 

For Lee W. Robinson, it’s all about designing a lifestyle, more than a space. This ideology has led him far and wide within the Louisville interior design industry. Aside from full services in the renovation and remodeling genre, this firm also specializes in construction management. Moreover, their timely execution and budget-friendliness has led them to be one of the best consultancies in the area.

Their work speaks for itself, and you can browse through their portfolio to get a gist of what they can do for you. You’ll see a lot of project diversity - from double-height lobbies to sophisticated living rooms and gorgeous staircases, there’s so much to pin to your inspiration board from here!

8. Home Run Improvement

Initially a home and roofing expert, this company has expanded into all aspects of house improvement since 2010 - thus leading them to be one of the best in the Louisville design scene. The best part is that it’s locally owned and operated - plus, no matter what kind of housing problem you’re dealing with (be it roofing, gutters or remodeling), they can help you get the best results in every aspect.

Their work portfolio is extensive and certainly worth a mention. It’s got photos of works in progress as well as finished projects, so you can see the dramatic difference between what they started with and how it all ended up looking in the end. With 20+ years of experience in the field, this firm is definitely worth consulting - especially if you need technical assistance.

9. Luckett & Farley

A 163 years of existence has led this firm to be one of the most sought-after consultancies in Louisville, Kentucky. They pride themselves on providing world-class architecure in all genres, be it industrial, commercial, or hospitality. They also deal with mechanical, civil, and structural engineering as well as interior design procurement.

This firm deals with clients on a nationwide basis so there are a number of impressive projects in their portfolio. However, the one that stood out to us was the Texas Roadhouse Corporate Office. It’s a wellness-oriented agile workspace that was renovated to inspire creativity within the employees who work there. The articulation of the brand identity within the ambiance was a major challenge that the team managed to tackle with panache. Just one look will have you wanting to work there yourself. 

10. Munson Business Interiors

As the name suggests, this interior design company specifically deals with business interior designing. Their motto is that they furnish spaces for your success, and their extensive background in the field has led them to be one of the best consultancies in this genre. Their passion reflects in everything that they do, and clients really appreciate the keen eye for detailing that this team observes every aspect of the project with.

Their Quadrant Corporate revamp is quite an interesting project. The open-floor concept improves the agility of the office while promoting a more inclusive environment. Moreover, there’s an even better allocation of natural light within the spaces. Even the private offices have a glass front to promote transparency, which gives the overall ambiance a lighter, breezier feeling.


So, these are the top interior design firms in Louisville, Kentucky. They’re certainly a class act and will deliver the best of all worlds when it comes to designing a fantastic space that meets all your needs.