Top 10 Best Interior Designers In Baltimore, Maryland

As the largest city in Baltimore, Maryland is known as one of the busiest seaports in the USA. It also boasts some sprawling coastlines along the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic. With so many scenic altercations to offer, it’s no wonder that Maryland is also host to some great interior designers who’re helping residents make the most of their homes.

If you’re also someone who lives in the area and are looking for someone to revamp your spaces, then this is list is for you. Each consultancy has been hand-picked based on the excellent skills of their principal designers, the way that they can collaborate with clients, and how they can express their client’s vision in the most experiential manner. Let’s take a look:


Patrick Sutton Interior Design



Patrick Sutton believes that a good narrator can make sense of any medium, and design is definitely one of it. Promising a rabid attention to detail and pushing for an expression that promises a story of the client, this firm always strives to develop a narrative that is unique to the people who are going to live in it.  It’s definitely the place to go if you really want a space that will tell your story in the most distinguished manner.

All the projects in this firm’s list are as diverse as they come, annotating to the individuality of the people that the spaces have been designed for. Every project is absolutely adventurous and he’s also gained quite a few international accolades as well.

Sutton was inspired by his father to look at the world as a magical place and his entire portfolio is a testament to this training. His design of the health and wellness pavilion is a retreat to end all retreats. With an amazing spa and pool along with a natural color scheme that has been articulated in earthy materials, this project is definitely Instagram-worthy.


Mona Hajj Interiors



Mona Hajj prides herself on having a far-reaching globalized vision that she seamlessly merges with the American lifestyle. Her emphasis on elegance, simplicity, and comfort is accompanied by a range of visual influences that tend to make each of her projects culturally and visually diverse. As one of Architectural Digest’s top 100 designers, Hajj has garnered a lot of accolades from industry professionals and her clients alike.

In fact, her Bethany Beach project is one of the finest transitional homes that you’ll ever see. From the lush, oversized furniture to the strategically placed homely, rustic accents and a farmhouse chic ambiance that is accentuated with vintage flair, this home is visually dynamic and absolutely enchanting.


Millbrook Circle Interior Design



Priding itself on being absolutely exceptional, distinct, and creative, this award-winning Baltimore interior design firm is helmed by Liz Dickson. Her penchant for creating refreshing and comfortable spaces that are belied by a sense of understated luxury has earned her many discerning clients. Promising excellent quality along with a team of skilled contractors and artisans, Liz promises her clients the best of all worlds.

The work done by this firm leans on the diverse side. From showstopping kitchens to relaxing study rooms and contemporary cottages, there’s a lot to experience here. You’ll appreciate the distinct use of colors and materials throughout each project on their portfolio.


Michelle Miller Interiors



With a shared goal of creating spaces that are as gorgeous as they are functional, Michelle Miller has garnered quite a reputation for her firm in the Baltimore interior design scene. Not only is she an expert at what she does, but she’s also got a network of industry professionals (contractors, architects, carpenters, etc.) who allow her to tailor every space exactly according to her clients’ needs. 

Michelle’s ability to rise above the challenges of each project that she takes on can be seen in her Blackberry Road residence. It’s a home that has been tastefully decorated and designed to perfection. With a backdrop of monochromes and a foreground of lovely multi-hues that have been interspersed with lovely accents of blue, mint, and even red, this home feels like it’s been plucked out of a high-end design magazine.


Karen Renee Interior Designs, Inc.



The goal of this interior design agency is to enrich your lifestyle through the spaces that they curate. Led by Karen Osborne and her team, this consultancy promises to deliver a comfortable yet beautiful experience to all its clients. Specializing in all sorts of residential interior design projects - be they senior homes, clubhouses, sorority homes, etc. - Karen has managed to make an impressive portfolio for herself.

You can check out her entire residential design gallery for a closer look at their accomplishments. You’ll definitely see a lot of Pinterest-worthy spaces here that you’ll want to add to your inspiration board. Their ability to juggle different styles and make each space stand out on its own is truly inspiring in its own right.


Joy Home Design



Taking home staging to a whole new level, this interior design firm from Baltimore, Maryland offers exclusivity and high-end appeal on all the projects that they design. With 15 years of experience and a dedicated team of industry professionals, this company promises to completely transform the face of your space. They’ve got a fleet of trucks and a 4400 sqft warehouse that allows them to provide quick and reliable services.

There are before-and-after shots of some great turnover projects in their gallery. From bedrooms that went from empty and stark to full, comfortable, and lush along with stunningly staged living rooms, there’s a whole lot to explore here. You’ll notice an immediate change in the very fabric of your space after they’re done with it.


Homewood Interiors



This Baltimore interior design firm is run by Stacia Smith, who is a firm believer in the famous Emerson quote, “Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art.” She and her talented team have a vision that aspires them to make every client’s dream space a true, visionary reality. Coupled with the raw ideas that they get from the clients themselves, this firm takes on the challenge of converting every space into a gorgeous and highly experiential yet comfortable reality.

Town Center Turnkey is a central city home that they designed for a young professional couple. The entire home was curated towards a breezy outlook with transitional elements that kept the atmosphere from feeling to stark. The expert use of warm and pastel colors also evokes a highly relaxing vibe that makes everyone who enters this residence feel completely at ease.


Laura Hodges Studio



Taking on the tagline of bold, sustainable, and tailored, this Baltimore interior design firm will take you on a journey through every project on its portfolio. Their full services range a diverse spectrum and they’ve been on the receiving end of a number of prestigious design awards. Laura Hodges also owns a home decor shop that features globally curated one-of-a-kind accessories and items.

One of the best projects within their portfolio is the Baltimore residence, a neatly designed home curated to perfection. It not only features a stunning neutral interior design theme but is also imbued with an abundance of natural light that makes everything feel breezier and airier. Moreover, the use of beautiful decor, furnishings, and accessories brings in the right amount of contrast to the ambiance, making the whiteness of the walls feel filled in and beautiful.


Karen McCooey Studios


As a one-stop shop that offers a showroom, gallery, and shop where you can get all of your interior design and renovation vitals, Karen McCooey Studios has become an important part in the Baltimore design industry. The team here has got their finger on the pulse of all the current styles and have got amazing design acumen when it comes to selecting the best furnishings, accessories, and general decor items.

With 28 years of experience in the design industry, Karen McCooey has garnered not just the respect of her clients but various industry professionals as well. Her entire design portfolio is a testament to her philosophy of “love” - where she believes that one should be truly passionate for the spaces that they’re trying to create. It is this love that reflects in each project that she takes on, on behalf of her clients.


Berlett Design Group



Run by Jamila Scarlett, this firm is one of the best ones in Baltimore, Maryland. She’s an expert at curating spaces that feature a synthesis of color, light, and texture - all of which are specially designed to deliver a harmony of aesthetic and functional viability for the people who’d be experiencing the space. Jamila is a connoisseur of art, which she blends quite seamlessly within every project that she designs. 

Her eye for timeless synthesis and ability to blend old and new is what makes her so sought after by clients. You can see how divergent and eclectic her vision truly can be within the entirety of her work portfolio. From lovely living rooms that feature contrasting color schemes from opposite spectrums of the color palette to industrial-rustic spaces that feature a textural material combo, Jamila can make your homes as distinguished as they come.

So, these are the top 10 interior designers in Baltimore, Maryland. As you can see, each one of them has something individualistic to offer and we hope you can partner with one of them on your dream project, no matter what genre it is.