Top 10 Best Interior Designers In Chula Vista, California

The coastal landscapes, canyons, and rolling hills of Chula Vista make it one of the most amazing cities to live in with the States. With a thriving lifestyle that boasts adventure and down-to-earth living alike, you’ll find many people settling down there. If you’re one of them and looking to do a revamp on your home, then you’re at the right place.

Chula Vista has a great interior design landscape. The industry professionals here are some of the best in the country. We’ve curated the cream of the crop in this list, so that you can choose your pick from the best options out there. Let’s take a look:

1. Interior Design Imports

Helmed by Paul Schatz, the team at this Chula Vista interior design firm strives to bridge the gap between the various industry professionals who work on each construction project. As a result, they’ve got a really great network of architects, contractors, and more. But best of all is the fact that they never let a genre of a project hold them back. From sleek modern residences to historic spaces that hail from a cross-cultural motif, they can take on any project and make it shine.

You can see their creative edge in their Ranch Lifestyle 1 project. Underscored with rustic accents, this home simultaneously has a very contemporary look about it. It’s the perfect amalgam of posh, upscale, and homey - a trifecta that hits all the sweet spots when it comes to creating a dynamic visual experience.

2. Lori Dennis, Inc.

Lori Dennis is an HGTV star - yes, she’s appeared on “The Real Designing Women” and you can rest assured that her interiors weave in the perfect amount of luxury, comfort, and high-end aesthetics. Her work is widely publicized in popular print culture and she has received multiple awards for her work in the industry.

You can check out her Bond at the Beach residence for a glimpse of her work. It’s a highly sophisticated and offers a contemporary take on the minimalist style. Despite the clean lines, there’s a lovely gravitas to the whole space that immediately draws you in. A quick browse will have you wanting to pin each picture on your Pinterest mood board!


3. J Hill Interiors, Inc.

This full-service interior design firm has a reputation for creating timeless and highly versatile spaces. They strive to achieve the perfect balance of form and function, while each detail of every project is tailored specifically to the client’s needs. One look and you’ll notice how every project is pulled together with so much care, which is something that is highly appreciated by clients.

You’ll see so many unique and eclectic projects in their portfolio, but the La Jolla residence absolutely stands out thanks to its touch of eclectic. The stylish, coastal style home has been finished in sophisticated neutral accents. The sheer command over the texture and material palette represents the high-level skill of the designer. You’ll feel like the entire home belongs in a magazine spread or a custom Instagram profile!

4. Blythe Interiors

Jen Verruto’s lifelong goal as a designer has been to curate thoughtful and refined spaces. She’s a connoisseur of fine things, and her love of revamping is elevated by the fact that she doesn’t bind herself by limiting the scope of the project. From something as simple as an accessory refresh to a total gut remodel, Jen and her team can tackle anything you throw their way.

As the perfect blend of modern and vintage, Jen’s Mid Century Dream residence remodel is a great example of her skill. She’s taken the highlights of that era and effused them within the contemporary space in a way that would appeal to any modern eye!

5. M. Swabb Decor + Style

This Chula Vista-based boutique interior design firm is one of the finest you’ll find in the area. They’re a team-based effort, and you’ll love how their cutting-edge creativity is complemented by a mindfulness that adds depth to every space. Moreover, they’re always extra careful about detailing, so you’ll appreciate the high level of customization in each project. 

The work of this consultancy has seen some great press, but their Sophisticated Urban Living residence is definitely on another level. It’s a show-stopper of a modern residence that has been outfitted in neutral materials and lovely contrasting tones. From metal accents to patterned highlights, every single aspect of this home works in polarized harmony - and that’s a testament to the skill of the designer.

6. Realm Design Co.

This interior design firm is all about making you love the space where you live and work. The team here specializes in boutique commercial and residential interior design and their goal is to curate an ambiance where the owner feels represented to the fullest. You’ll love the visual diversity in their work, and how it feels absolutely inspired and refreshing.

In fact, the full list of their portfolio is definitely worth browsing through. However, Tolbert’s Great Room is a project that especially stood out amidst their work. The aggrandized opulence of this home has been transcribed in subtle ways. It’s cozy, calming, and luxurious at the same time - a combination that is very challenging to achieve if the designer doesn’t have the right skill.

7. Tracy Lynn Studio

For Tracy and her team, the whole idea of interior designing is about creating an ambiance that is customized for each client. Their holistic approach to design is always guided by the client’s vision, so that even the smallest of details is as individualized as possible. Their creativity and collaborative spirit are unparalleled and something that clients really appreciate about them.

A quick browse through their portfolio will have you seeing how each of their projects is underscored with a trifecta of glamour, minimalism, and coziness. MARBLEOUS is one of their most amazing projects. The entire home is a study in lovely wood and white aesthetics, but the smart use of textures here is absolutely well-done. It’s a lovely project that will make you want to put it on your inspiration board!

8. La Costa Cabinets & Design

This custom cabinet shop specializes in bathroom and kitchen interiors. They’ve got an entire showroom that features a variety of different options that you might want to emulate in your homes. They pride themselves on warmly guiding every client through the kitchen remodeling process and will definitely help you get the space of your dreams.

You can browse through their whole project portfolio for some inspiration! Browsing through their vast portfolio would be just like going through a kitchen/bathroom moodboard on Instagram. You can put whatever you like on your inspiration board and go from there!


Elena Maya’s 19 years of experience in the industry has culminated in her firm being one of the best interior design consultancies in Chula Vista, California. Function and aesthetics are both key aspects of her spaces, and she always amalgamates them in a way that that incorporates the client’s vision as well. 

Elena and her team firmly believe that a space is not simply a space - it’s also a feeling. So she tries to make every project as personalized as possible. You can take her Temecula Home Staging project as an example. It’s a lush home that has been carefully curated to incorporate the different scenic views that encompass the project site! Living here would definitely feel like residing in a luxury resort!


Promising to convert your spaces into one-of-a-kind luxurious sanctuaries, Nikki Klugh and her team have a distinct vision that has defined their brand as one of the best in Chula Vista, California. They always focus on creating healing and restorative spaces that are just as stylish as they are luxurious. Their signature style is an amalgam of the client’s vision and the team’s expertise in the design niche, so the spaces they come up with are always unique and individual.

Nikki Klugh and her team have taken on all sorts of projects through the course of their establishment. From small-to-large scale homes to commercial spaces, they’ve got the ability and vision to upgrade any space. Their Sorority International Headquarters project is a mixture of the two, and has been redone with such amazing pizzaz and flair. The blue-and-white color scheme is absolutely well-done and gives the entire house a cool, professional vibe without compromising comfort.


As you can see, these top 10 interior designers from Chula Vista, California are definitely up to the mark! They’ve got the skill, potential, and vision to make any space come alive and we hope that you can find your best match on this list!