Top 10 Best Interior Designers In Lexington, Kentucky

Famously renowned for its thoroughbred racetracks, Lexington is the home of the Kentucky Horse Farms and many other exciting sites. It’s also the crux of western culture and houses some of the best interior designers in the States. 

All of them have been pumping out astonishingly creative spaces for the residents of the city and beyond, so if you’re looking for someone to revamp your homes or offices, you’ve landed at the right place. 

Every company on this list has been curated because of its incredible skill and individualism when it comes to design. You’ll love what they can do with simple projects and how they are able to transform boring spaces into something bold, beautiful, and experiential. Let’s take a look:

1. Carol Pippen Interior Design, Inc.

Carol Pippin and her interior design firm have been on the block since 1996 and have made quite a mark on the Lexington interior design scene. She and her dedicated team have developed a large network of industry professionals and patrons over the decades. They’ve also developed a streamlined process that lets them articulate each client’s vision and specific interior style into the kind of reality that they want.

The Versailles Ranch House interior by this team is quite perfect and one of the best projects in this team’s portfolio. The single-story home has been given a cottage-style revamp with all the rustic accents it could handle. There’s also a nice sheen of contemporary minimalism that runs over its surface. You’ll love the pastel decor and how the natural light has been breezily bought inside through large, picture-perfect windows.

2. Metamorphosis Studios, LLc

Jennifer Higgins is an artist - a painter, a sculptor, and even a wood-work aficionado - all of these talents, she incorporates in her interior design work. Over the years, she’s also branched into designing murals and customized furniture pieces. She loves what she does and puts an incredible amount of passion into each one of her endeavors. You’ll notice this love and care for detail in every single aspect of her design. She’s a connoisseur of refined tastes, and she’ll definitely help make your vision come true in the best possible way.

Metamorphosis’ entire portfolio is a testament to Jennifer’s skill and dedication. She’s an artistic soul, which reflects in every project that she takes on. Her keen eye for selecting the best color palates, emulating the most stylish furniture, and accessorizing to the nines is boldly apparent in all of her undertakings. She’s a true professional with a portfolio that speaks on her behalf.

3. Terri Bennett Interior Design, LLC

Specializing in residential remodeling and interior architecture, this Lexington-based interior design firm is one of the most fantastic consultancies in Kentucky. The team here is quite dedicated to providing the best services to their clients, so no matter what kind of style you’re aiming for (be it modern, classical, or industrial), they’ll certainly be able to help you with it. 

This company has quite an impressive portfolio and you can see their range in the number of projects that they’ve taken on and completed successfully. You’ll love the diversity that they offer, and how each residence is truly individualistic. It’s a testament to the designer’s ability to manifest the client’s personality within the space in a truly unique manner.

4. J & R Construction Services Inc

Serving the Lexington community since 2003, we are a remodeling company they are a design/build home remodeling company that has designers on staff to help create, draw and help you with all your selections, to hand hold you throughout the project has not only won several accolades but also a number of awards! Lindsey Bonds is our Office Manager, she has nothing to do with the actual design process. Lynn Arnett is our design manager. is quite a connoisseur of curating refined, tasteful, spaces, and he leads a team that can guide you from the beginning to the end of your project in a completely seamless way. Moreover, they pride themselves on providing quality craftsmanship and even promise five, ten, and even lifetime guarantees depending on the piece that they’ve made for you.

Their home remodeling gallery is quite a delight to browse through. It consists of so many discernable and tasteful interiors. Custom cabinetry is especially a thing that this company prides itself on providing its clients, so you’ll definitely see a lot of unique designs in that regard. Other than that, each project is a stand-out in its own right, so that’s another achievement under this firm’s belt.


Renowned as one of the leading resource for commercial and residential interior design in Lexington, this consultancy is hemled my aunt-niece duo; Nancy Elam and Jessica Cull. It’s a woman owned business enterprise that is known for its exemplary design services and their ability to provide creative solutions for challenges that emerge in every project while keeping up with the timeline and budget.

That said, you’ll love the way that this team is able to interpret any interior theme in the most beautiful manner. Their Rustic Modern residence is absolutely beautiful. It’s a project that brims with homespun contemporary charm. All the textures have been so beautifully incorporated while respecting the integrity of the contemporary accents. It’s a home that is cozy, inviting, luxurious, and absolutely Pinterest-worthy.


6. Kimberly Shearer's interior design

Promising stylishness and affordability as their main forte, this Lexington-based interior design studio invites you to an initial consultation. Their network of professional contractors and decorators is another benefit that clients readily avail. Helmed by Lisa Shearer, this firm promises to deliver on all fronts, be it cost, quality, design, or even construction.

Guest House Built is one of the most fascinating projects on their portfolio. The vintage-transitional appeal of this home is absolutely awe-inspiring. All that woodwork is not only gorgeous, but also sets the tone that makes this home feel charismatic. The accessorizing is even more innovative - there’s a deliberate clutter to the whole ambiance that is elevated with warm accents and lovely decor items that add a lot of visual value to the whole design.

7. Improve It Home Remodeling, Inc.

This interior design firm from Lexington promises to deliver on any and all remodeling fronts if given the chance. They tackle every aspect of home improvement - even if you’re looking for a simple window replacement, they’ll help you with it. However, if you’re looking for a “five star partner for a five star project” then they promise to deliver excellency on all fronts as well. They also provide free quotes and flexible financing issues, so that’s another thing that clients really appreciate.

This company has more than 58000 large and small projects under their belt. They also boast a vast portfolio that is an absolute joy to browse through. In fact, there’s an entire section dedicated to before-and-after images on their project board that is worth browsing through. They offer thousands of window frame palates along with a huge number of bathroom installation options as well, for those who just want to revamp a small section of their home.

8. Living Spaces by Lyn

Living Spaces by Lynn is on of the best interior design consultancies in Lexington. They specialize in a number of aspects. From home staging to gut renovations and even moving/home origanization, they offer a variety of services that deal with making your home beautiful in every situation. This firm has also been the recipient of the Best of Houzz Service award for the past 7 years, and continues to provide quality services to clients even now.

This consultancy also boasts quite an impressive portfolio. Their dedication to making each project as unique as possible is apparent in the way that they effuse each home/space with as much individuality as possible. The visual diversity is quite exemplary and you’ll feel like you’re browsing through a customized instagram profile while looking through each project.

9. Set The Stage

The team at Set the Stage is super competitive and has propelled this interior design firm to the top. Today, they are leaders in the Lexington design industry and have a solid client base who loves what they can do with their spaces. They are innovative, creative, and always try to emulate personality within the spaces that they’re working on. Their keen sense of style and ability to balance every aspect of design with adequate functionality is also something you’ll really appreciate.

Seneca Park is one of the best projects on their portfolio. The whole residence brims with unfettered charm and charisma thanks to its iconic dark-and-white color scheme. Then there’s the tasteful effusion of texture within each room and how it interacts with the white parts of the backdrop. The stylish furniture, on-point lighting, and even the smallest detail has been curated to uplift the whole ambiance. It shows that this home has been spun by the hands on an expert.

10. Patricia Butler Interiors, LLC

Patricia believes that life is a journey and our spaces should be a reflection of who we are at each point. Therefore, she always makes a point of getting to know her clients so that she could mold some aspect of their personality within the space. Patricia is also a literary, artistic soul, so she is always drawing inspiration from music, art, and literature. She’s a daydreamer and it reflects in the work that she does.

You can see a glimpse of what she can do in her Eclectic Living Room project. It’s a lovely, understated room that has been underscored with strategically placed bold colors. The symmetry and visual balance of the space is quite appealing, and the overall impact of the space leans on the transitional side.

This was a list of the top 10 interior designers in Lexington. We hope that you enjoyed browsing through all these options and found someone who might be able to translate your own voice and personality into the space of your dreams.