Top 10 Best Interior Designers Arlington, Texas

Situated west of Dallas, Arlington is home to not just a fantastic theme park, stadium, and specialty museums, but also some great interior designers who’re excellent at delivering on the dream home and office front. 

So, if you’re an Arlington resident searching for someone to help you revamp or remodel your space to perfection, you’re at the right place. This curated list consists of hand-picked choices that will make your life easier. Every firm has been hand-picked and the designers there always bring something innovative to the design front. So without further ado, let’s take a look:

1. Brandi Renee Designs, LLC

Owned by a mother-daughter designer duo, this interior design firm is one of Arlinton’s best. While they specialize in window-treatment consultation, they’ve also got a team that tackles all aspects of interior design and they’re very proud of each member’s contribution to the consultancy. From simple to elaborately customized, they’ve got the skills and expertise to articulate all your visions into reality.

You can gauge the kind of work that this firm can do by browsing through its portfolio. Immediately, you’ll notice the sheer diversity of projects. But what will garner your attention, even more, is the fantastic play of fabrics and textiles in each space. From valances and curtains that drop in rich curtsies to polka-dotted fabrics that give the space a modern look, this team has a way with textiles that you’ll never get anywhere else.

2. Kea Interiors 

Working on the motto that luxury is more a feel than a cost, this interior design firm strives to design beautiful spaces for busy professionals. Their goal is to elevate the quality of your life by building an ambiance that would effuse every moment you live in that space as memorable and comfortable as possible. Moreover, aside from full-services, you can also hire them for DIY design planning, artwork selection, and much more.

If you’re still on the fence, then a quick view of their residential gallery would change your mind. Chanda Kea has a talent for merging architectural formations with unique interior design details that enhance the overall outlook of a space in the most beautiful manner. You’ll love what she can do with what already exists in a room with some brand new innovative additions.

3. Madeline's Interiors 

Madeline believes that only true passion for your calling can bring your success, and perhaps that is exactly the reason why she runs one of the most sought after interior design firm’s in all of Texas. Her love for taking tired places and breathing new life within them has led her to gain the trust of numerous clients over the course of her career.

The fact that she’s excited about what she does every single day shows in all of Madeline’s projects. Her entire Renovation gallery is a testament to her skill and dedication to this profession. She’s built quite a legacy for herself and her limitless experience brims through the sheer distinctness of every single project here. You’ll definitely feel like your renovation journey is a fun adventure if you seek out her consultancy.

4. Traci Connell Interiors 

Tailored to perfection while being as livable and comfortable as possible, Traci has got the talent and vision to make your interiors as remarkable as they can be. Her keen eye for design pairs well with her expert spatial planning skills. Couple all that with her ability to create atmospheric space brimming with understated glamour and you’ll never find anyone with her creative sense anywhere else.

Oakwood Court is the pride and joy of her portfolio. This modern home has been tastefully finished in a lovely achromatic theme that is accentuated with bold metals and pops of bright yellow introduced through the furniture. It’s a home that is sophistication personified and would definitely make a great addition to your inspiration board.

5. Wesley-Wayne Interiors, LLC 

Any discerning client would love what this dynamic duo of interior designers could do with their homes. With a highly organized process and unique instincts, this team uses their honed instincts to translate your preferences into the most well-appointed spaces. They’re highly responsive and ready to lead you through each hurdle of the renovation process as seamlessly and gracefully as possible.

The true talent and expertise of this team can be easily experienced through their Two Become One project - a home designed in the most cohesive manner for a brother and sister with completely opposite tastes. From the lovely pops of color that dot all over the home to the inherent sense of comfort effused within the very ambiance, this project is one for the books.


6. Amy’s Paint and Remodeling Solutions 

Born with a passion to improve spaces, Amy opened her Arlington based company and made it a total winner. She and her team certainly do not discriminate on the size or scope of a project - in fact, they challenge you to bring them any space and they guarantee that it would be unrecognizable when they’re done with it.

While this team exels in specialized painting, they also tackle interior designing equally well. Their Modern Makeover project gave an otherwise drab residence an immediate and much-needed face-lift. All the dark wood in this home was painted white to initiate a sense of breeziness while the cool new blue accents really reinforced those relaxing coastal vibes when paired with the vintage floors.

7. Kim Bailey Interiors

Priding themselves on delivering creative, innovative, and timeless interiors, Kim Bailey and her team have certainly left their mark on the Arlington design scene. Her goal is to make sure that when each client opens their door, they’ll be met with a sense of peace and restoration. However, that doesn’t mean that she overlooks function or pragmatism - instead, she and team create a firm amalgam of all these aspects to deliver a wholesome result to their clients.

Kim Baily is also a furnishing maestro. You can experience her expertise in this genre first hand by going through her portfolio. From the huge variety that’s apparent on first glance, you’ll love the inherent stylishness and charisma of each furniture piece she’s designed, curated, or put in place. Strategic furniture selection is one of the most important pillars of interior design and she’s definitely got them down pat.

8. Ruthie Staalsen Interiors 

This Arlington-based interior design company is run by Ruthie Staalsen, a veteran in the industry. From full-service consultancy to walk-thoughs and virtual designing, she’s kept up with the latest trends and fulfils all her clients’ needs according to what’s hot in the market. Ruthie’s also got an “Away for the Day” feature where you hire her to refresh your home with the existing furniture and accessories in just a day!

Her living spaces project gallery is a joy to browse through. You’ll love the sheer variety of living rooms that she’s got there and how each one of them is absolutely distinct. However, the theme of indulgent natural light and cozy accents is a running constant that defines the very essence of each of her projects.

9. BGI Design 

This award-winning interior design firm is led by Amy Guess, who’s had 13 years of practice under her belt. With extensive knowledge of rendering softwares, applied color theories and what types of materials are trending in the market, Amy strives to provide efficient and well thought out spaces to her clients. 

You’ll really benefit from her residential and commercial consultancy, especially if you’ve seen what she can do with any boring old space. Her Lismore Court project is an excellent example. All the furniture in this residence is customized and curated to deliver a nice, cohesive feel that really sets a playful tone for the ambiance. 

10. D'KOR HOME by Dee Frazier Interiors 

As the recipient of many awards and accolades, Dee Frazier from D’Kor Home interior design firm have become some of the most sought after professionals in the industry. They not only take on the architectural planning, but also accommodate clients in the interior detailing phase as well. You can even avail of their home decor shopping services if you really want a look that’s absolutely on-point.

This firm’s home renovation portfolio is a veritable idea-center for those looking for some unique inspiration. You’ll come across a number of Instagram-worthy, well-appointed projects with lovely color schemes and unexpected material choices. Dee and her team have got an ability to work with uncanny options and deliver them in a visual palate that really impresses clients a lot.


Arlington’s got talent, as you can see through this list. With quite so many amazing designers, you can remodel your homes, offices, and commercial spaces in any brand, tone, or aesthetic that you want! Whether you're lusting over most iconic and curvaceous mid-century modern sectional aka the Mario Bellini Sofa, dreaming about beautiful and wavy decor like the Ettore Sottsass Mirror, or searching for your next modern lounge chair such as the Womb Chair and Ottoman to add to your space, we're certain that these interior designers can help you achieve it all.