Top 10 Best Interior Designers in Atlanta, Georgia

Known for taking centre stage in America’s Civil Rights Movement, Atlanta is the capital of Georgia. It is a city that brims with history, charisma, and is now a leader in the thriving residential and corporate scene. With a world famous aquarium, so many coffee shops, and an enriching past, it is no wonder that this city is also home to a great design industry.

In fact, any resident who’s been looking to spruce up their homes, offices, or business places are in for a treat, because we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 best interior designers in Atlanta right here. Aside from their incredible talent, each firm has been hand-picked because of their distinguished take on design and ability to make each project as experiential and unique as possible. Let’s take a look at what each one has to offer:


Peace Design

William Peace believes that there’s an inherent calmness in the principle of “balance” when it comes to designing spaces. It evokes a sense of rhythm and soothes the frayed edges of our mind. That’s exactly what he does when curating spaces for his clients - balances them out while retaining the functional integrity of the space. With a firm belief that a built environment has the ability to shape the way that we see feel stuff, William and his team end to incorporate the most authentic materials, art, and overall aesthetics within each of their projects.

You can virtually experience this firm’s commitment towards harmony in the entirety of their project gallery. Each space features a certain visual balance that is attained through the use of classic elements and timeless furnishings. The expert managing of form and function is also apparent in every interior, and you’ll certainly fall in love with the distinct balance of colours that’s carried through every space in a seamless, artful manner.


Joel Kelly

Joel kelly was exposed to the idea of spaces being vibrant yet lived-in at a very early age, and he used this as inspiration to launch a highly successful interior design practice in Atlanta, Georgia. Today, his expertise at blending the best of architecture and interiors has garnered him a great reputation amongst professionals and clients alike and his ability to make each project unique to the client highlights his exceptional talent.

Well versed in a number of stylistic influences, Joel is able to curate the most special spaces. The Baker’s Bay residence is one of his most gorgeous projects to date. It’s a stylish retreat that the owning couple wanted to stand out from the rest, so the influences of modernism are the highlight of the whole design. Moreover, this residence has also won the 2019 ASID Award, so it’s definitely appreciated by professionals out there.


Erika Ward

This concierge-level interior design firm is one of Atlanta’s finest. The team here has helped many busy professionals make their homes absolutely special. Their idea of every home being a sanctuary is highly appreciated by clients and their ability to curate a highly nurturing environment in every project is truly exemplary.

College Park is one of their best works. This unique kitchen remodel shies away from the typical with its full-feature backsplash that contrasts naturally with the white cabinetry. Moreover, all the little details such as the ergonomic pull-out shelving inside the cabinets and the great faucets add a lot of functional viability to the lovely design as well.


Pineapple House Interior Design

This Atlanta interior design firm has been setting industry standards for 40 years now, and have thrived under the eclectic guidance of their principal designer; Stephen Pararo. Providing full services, this firm strives to guide each of their clients through the entire renovation process as seamlessly as possible. From conception to the management of every single detail and final finishes, the team here is ready and willing to take you through it all.

The Modern Lakehouse Residence is one of their most impressive projects to dates. It features a seamless blend of sleek modern incursions complemented with eclectic contemporary details that lend the whole ambiance a ton of personality. The abundance of natural light and seamless emulation of contrasting accents make this home instantly dynamic and visually pleasing.


Sherry Hart

Sherry Hart’s philosophy of every home being a storyteller and a canvas in one has led her Atlanta based interior design firm to the heights of success. She believes in listening to each client’s story and draws upon their vision to create spaces that reflect their lifestyle while also repurposing some of the most treasured parts of what they had in that space to begin with. Her signature style leans towards comfortable chic and you’ll notice an inviting, lived-in aura in all of her projects.

In fact, it’s most apparent in the Brookhaven residence, where the trappings of rustic whimsy and contemporary charm collide in a seamless harmony. The woods-and-whites aesthetic is complemented with lovely neutral accents and comfy furniture tha welcomes you to relax in its embrace. There are also the occasional splashes of bold hues that make the whole house quite visually dynamic.


Habachy Designs Inc

Michael Habachy’s 20+ years of experience in the industry has given his Atlanta-based interior design consultancy all the extra edge it needs. His timeless aesthetic and ability to reinvent each space with a charismatic twist has earned him a great reputation in the industry and as well as several accolades in the press department. He’s also adept at creating customized furnishings and is definitely a lighting maestro who can transform the very face of a space with a few simple tricks.

His talents are best portrayed in the Midtown Condo Residence project. It’s an urban chic home with flourishes of eclectic detailing that give it so much personality. The use of bold, charismatic neutrals reinforce a suave atmosphere while the use of kitschy accessories and lush greenery along with stylishly sleek furniture adds to the overall character of the ambiance. It’s a home that you’ll want to put on your Pinterest inspiration board.


Carter Kay Interiors

“Comfort” and “character” are the keywords that this Atlanta interior design firm uses to its advantages while creating discerning spaces for their clients. This team-based venture has had over 30 years of experience in the industry and has been enlivening their projects with classic detailing, timeless color and material interpretation along with creative takes on pragmatics for a long time.

Even Nora Roberts would be jealous of their take on this Montana Bunk project, whose rustic romance and farmhouse chic charm is interspersed with refreshing modern details. It’s the epitome of cozy, comfortable, and lovely. You’ll love the creative take on the furnishings and how some of them have something new and innovative to offer. The visual layering of textures is also quite commendable - as is the use of fabrics and artwork in all the right places.


Amy Morris

This Atlanta interior design consultancy was founded in 2005 by principal designer Amy Morris, who has nurtured her distinct vision of curating tradition-steeped spaces with a modern edge through this practice. Her firm has a client-collaborative process where she takes the basic ideas of her clients and embellishes them in a way where new possibilities are born from the old ones.

Amy’s got a talent for layering interiors, which has defined her signature style. You can see her refined tastes in full swing in the Brookhaven residence, which is an extraordinary take on the age-old “modern breezy” look. The sheer simplicity of her interpretation makes this home instantly timeless. The use of whites in tandem with the abundance of natural light is absolutely divine, and the eclectically-shaped furniture along with the strategically placed greenery only adds to it.


Nandina Home and Design

John Ishmael and his team work on the philosophy that a real home should never look like a cookie-cutter version you take out from magazine spreads. Instead, it has to be the perfect balance of comfortable, visually attractive, and functionally viable in order to deliver the best user experience. They believe that a consultancy at their Atlanta-based practice will help inspire and nourish your ideas into something that their team can polish to perfection. 

Their expertise at custom residential design can be appraised in their Family Hunting lodge project. The idea was to curate a “multigenerational hunt camp” which could be the fort that centered as the hub of the family with its comfortable cabin-in-the-woods charm. With so many hand-crafted details and gorgeous furnishings that thrive under the light of on-point accessorizing, this home is as thematic, majestic, and gorgeous as they come.


Jeffrey Bruce Baker Designs

Jeffery Bruce Baker helms on of the most impressive architectural and interior design consultancies in Atlanta. His penchant for molding the best of timeless classical and modern-contemporary elements have garnered him a lot of accolades for his distinguished aesthetic and signature style. Moreover, he curates from a refined collection of bespoke furnishings and artworks, which give his projects just the right amount of distingushment that they need.

The French Revival residence by this team is not just a mood-maker, but also a groundbreaking reinvention of a classic style. All the delicate details have been artfully embellished with the strategic placement of artwork and the furniture gives a lively sprucing up to the artful ambiance as well. The expert use of lighting and accents is also exemplary.

To conclude, all of these amazing interior designers are the cream of the crop from Atlanta’s thriving design industry. We hope they interest you and help you design the kind of space that you’ve always been dreaming about.