Top 12 Best Milwaukee-Based Interior Designers

Lovingly known as the Cream City because of the historically famous cream bricks produced and used in the city's architecture, Milwaukee has become one of the largest cities in the United States. If you live in there and are searching for some great designers to revamp your homes, offices, or any other spaces, then you're at the right spot.

We've curated a list of 12 hand-picked Milwaukee-based interior designers that you can browse through and choose from according to the complexity of your project and your needs. Let's take a look:

1. Aga Artka Interior Design 

Run by Aga Artka, this interior design firm is one of the finest that you'll come across in Milwaukee. Their collaborative design approacj not only includes clients, but also a number of different professionals in the field, including architects, contractors, engineers, marketing teams, and more. Aga and her team believe that a successful project amalgamates the best of timliness and budget, so they especially appreciate these two elements while designing your ideal space for you.

The Senior Living facility designed by this team is definitely one of their best projects. Introducing comfort through interior design is always challenge, but this team tackles it with experience and panache. With comfortable seating, reading nooks, specialized facilities, and quiet corners throughout the home, this is definitely one of the most ergonomic, pragmatic, and attractive assisted living spaces that you'll ever experience!


2. Stone House

Boasting the best of functionality and aesthetics in each of their projects, Anna and Sheldon have made Stone House into one of the most coveted interior design consultencies in all of Milwaukee. Always catering to a client's individual style and emulating visual perfection in each space, this team always strives to achieve the best harmony of pragmatics and sophistication in every project that they take on.

Their Wooden Haven residence is a great interpretation of Scandi-modern aesthetics with its classic warm brown and cream white theme. Accentuated with stylish furniture and accessories, this home speaks to the soul with its uncluttered aura. It also invites you to come sit down, relax, and take in the soothing ambiance while sipping on your favorite hot beverage - definitely an upside for the owners.


3. Peabody's Interiors

Emily Winters believes that your life is only as beautiful as the space that you live in. It's a well-known psychological fact that your surroundings have a great impact on your perception and thinking processes, which is what Winters and her team always create spaces that offer the best of aesthetics as well as ergonomics. With Peabody's Interiors, this team has helped many a people curate the spaces of their dreams.

Not only are Emily's designs unique, but they always have a certain individuality and eclectic flair about them. The Living Easy residence is a vacation home that this team designed to perfection. It was a turnkey project that needed a gut renovation, so Winters rose up to the challenge while dismanytling walls, opening up the layout, and accessorizing everything to perfection. It's definitely an excellent interpretation of contemporary living.


4. Karen Kempf Interiors

As one of Milwaukee's top interior design firms, Karen Kemph Interiors offers years of experience, expertise, and a keen eye for detailing in their consultancies. Their pride themselves on perfectly balancing the technical as well as creative aspects of each project. They collaborate with their clients in a way that makes them believe that they're an imperative part of the design process.

The team at this firm always try their best to translate your dreams and vision into reality, and if you want a look at their expertise, then we recommend you to go through their Classic Lakeside residence house. The breezy, eclectic, and beautifully executed design of this home leans on the eclectic side. It's articulated in a classy, sophisticated, and highly elegant manner. All the furnishings have been selected while keeping in tune with the overall theme, and the entire ambiance is a great mix of fun, welcoming, and swanky.


5. Jessica Jubelirer Design 

Jessica Jubelirer is a jack of all trades who consults her clients on various aspects of their project, including millwork, interior architecture and more. She and her team are expert collaborators who always put the clients vision above their personal tastes and ideas. Jessica believes in creating a unified, wholesome space, which is why all of her projects boast a carefull collaboration of customized furniture, expressive detailing, unique architectural accents, and a harmonized lighting plan.

The Whitewashed Lake Cabin project by this team is the epitome of rustic sophistication. It's got style, personality, and charisma - and it's been primed for pragmatics as well! The use of distressed and natural surfaces is complemented with bohemian accessories, and the overall impact is truly noteworthy. You'll certainly be inspired by the homely aura, careful craftsmanship, and tastefully selected decor of this home.


6. Jerrica Zaric Interior Design

This client-oriented firm is located in Milwaukee and specializes in bespoke and turnkey projects. WIth lots of refferals and repeating clients, this firm has established itself as a front-runner in the Milwaukee design scene. Their signature aesthetic features a careful and sophisticated mix of modern and classical themes. They take on large renovations as well as new constructions and have a network of trusted contractors that they always collaborate with.

With Jerrica Zaric at the helm, this team always delivers refined yet expressive spaces. One of their best projects includes the Kane Place Condo. The restrained monochromatic vibe of this home boasts a creativity that is very challenging to express through modern techniques. The sleek lines of the furniture and the careful emulation of colors works well to deliver a highly impressive, super swanky and upscale home.


7. Interiors Designed, LLC 

Kristie Henkel founded ID, LLC to practice her passion for designing gorgeous spaces, and today, it is one of the most appreciated interior design firms in Milwaukee. Balancing creativity and pragmatism in her designs, Kristie and her team have built a loyal client base and promise to deliver a beautiful home to everyone, despite budget constraints. In fact, this team specializes in designing gorgeous spaces without putting a huge dent in your back account, so they're definitely the go-to consultency if affodability is your priority.

Their Franklin Living Room project is a fine feat of detail-oriented interior designing. Featuring warm colors that are accentuated with bold hues, this room is a feat of understated drama and homely beats. It's designed to ensure that the user feels relaxed and at home without compromising on the style, swank, or trendiness. Even the furniture has been selected to accentuate the surroundings with its mixture of relaxed and crisp silhouettes.


8. Gabor Design Build LLC

Promising honesty, the best creative alliance, and a keen attention to detail, this team has managed to rise up the ranks and become one of the best interior design consultencies in Milwaukee. They specialize in all genres of interior design, be it a basic kitchen remodel, a gut renovation, an extension, or a new construction. They love connecting with clients and will certainly help you beautifully visualize the home of your dreams.

Their Up North Lakehouse Living Project is a contemporary-eclectic take on typical modernity. They decided to change up the entire ambiance by raising the ceiling, opening up the furniture plan, and retouching the layout to emphasize the views outside. The warm rustic tones used throughout the house are complemented with bold-colored furniture and gold lighting. This home definitely has that classic cottage-in-the-woods vibe and it owns it.


9. Dwelling Renovations LLC

This award-winning interior design firm has made itself a comfortable niche as one of the best in Milwaukee. Their client-centric design approach is all about making your dreams a reality. The team here specializes in architecture design, full remodeling, as well as interior design, so no-matter what kind of query you have, they can guide you through the process seamlessly.

Dwelling Renovations LLC has an extensive portfolio, but the one project that really calls the eye if the Cedaburg Interior tranformation. While before, it was a drab, boring, and old-fashioned house that didn't have an ounce of modernity, its revamp reimagines it in a totally contemporary fashion. The refresh retains its classic vibe, but emphasizes the overall charm and charisma in a trendy, up-to-date manner!


10. Design Tech Remodeling 

This Milwaukee-based contractor firm has won awards for its creative take on typical projects. They promise to enhance your lifestyle with their unique designs and ensure that they can emphasize the output of your daily life exponentially. Helmed by Masha Wagner, this team always pays a special focus upon adding value to your home and have been serving the greater Milwaukee area since 1997.

They specialize in residential interior designing and their portfolio is chock full of inspiration-worthy designs that will make you want to save them up for your own remodel. You'll see a casual use of innovative tech in their projects and appreciate how they seamlessly incorporate pragmatics with visual artistry.


11. Deep River Partners, LTD 

These residential interior design maestros are helmed by Richard Sherer, who specializes in creative thinking and manifesting innovative ideas into realistic executions. Promising qualitative and lifestyle-enhancing design solutions, this firm has a highly capable team of professionals that can guide you through every single aspect of your project in a coherent and consistent manner.

Their French Transitional residential project pays homage to the existing traditional elements of the home. The team just tweaked and added new and improved elements to emphasize the character of the space even more. The ambiance is layered with a sense of modernity and the entire layout was reworked to elevate the Feng Shui of the space.


12. Calico Corners 

Calico Corners is not just an interior design firm - it's also a fabric and furniture showroom as well. Basically, it has been upgraded to be a one-stop shop where clients can have their entire space designed in the most convenient, accessible, and fashion-forward way.

This firm-come-showroom has been a part of the Milwaukee metro area since 1984, and its legacy shows in its distinguished spatial design. Their customized furniture craftsmanship is one of their best-kept secrets and you can see the expertise in their Brookfield residential project. Each piece has been lovingly curated and promises the best quality.


These are some of the most sought-after Milwaukee interior designers. We hope this list helps you filter your options and choose the professional that suits your needs the best!