Top 10 Best Interior Designers in Omaha, Nebraska

Known for its pioneer history and great cultural centers, Omaha lies in the US state of Nebraska. The city might be best known for its fantastic zoo, largest indoor desert and rainforest, but it’s also home to some excellent interior designers.

If you live in this part of the USA and are looking for inspirational designers to transform your spaces, then you’re in the right place. This list consists of hand-picked choices that feature great potential, have an amazing aesthetic, and have already made their mark on the industry. Let’s take a look:



D3 Interiors is the brainchild of Lisa McCoid & Julie Odermatt. They both pride themselves on being creative problem-solvers with honest determination and a fresh perspective that they bring to each and every project. They specialize in residential projects and strive to make every house a dream home. Their elegant project execution and expert management has gained them quite a favorable repute with clients.

A quick look at their interiors portfolio will have you amazed at the individuality of all their projects. Every single living room, bathroom, and bedroom exudes a certain uniqueness that is truly admirable. The different play on typical themes is also noteworthy along with the undercurrent of sophistication that runs through each and every project.


2. Interiors Joan and Associates


This Omaha-based interior design company is led by Joan, who is a firm believer that good design can make all the difference in your life. She and her team understand how all the unlimited options and design ideas out there can overwhelm clients, and they promise to make the whole process as easy as possible. As the 8-time consecutive winner of the “Best of Omaha” award, this company prides itself on seamless consistency.

Their penchant for interpreting individual ideas into gorgeous, real-life designs can be seen throughout their portfolio. However, Project no. 55 is a total winner because of its unique articulation and distinguished visuals. The combination of bright wood with grey 3D panels makes an instant statement. The customized barstool and amenities add a sense of luxury to the whole design, which is carried through a similar material interpretation throughout the rest of the home.


3. Julie Hockney Design


This full-service Omaha-based interior design studio specializes in both commercial as well as residential interior design. They’ve had the pleasure of designing corporate spaces ranging between 1200 to 40,000 square feet for innovative entrepreneurs. Similarly, no matter the size of the residential project, they’ve got the skill, experience, and spirit to make it as unique and worthy of the client as possible.

Glacier Ridge is one of their most iconic projects. The cabin-in-the-mountains vibe of this residence has been expertly carried out. The rustic ambiance has been articulated in cozy wooden accents with hints of stone and plush fabrics in the mix. The furniture is deliberately sumptuous and the overall vibe makes you want to kick back with a cup of hot coffee and enjoy the lovely views of the outside.


4. LK Design


Owned by the popular star hair colorist Lestor, LK Design now holds superior agency in the design world and has a team that will help you plan the best ambiance that you could ever hope for. From the beginning to the end, the size, scope, and style of every single project is discussed extensively with the clients, and this begins the close-knit process where the designers articulate your dream aesthetics into stunning realities.

Their Midtown Omaha Neighborhood project exudes unfettered class and glamour thanks to the trendy styling and swanky lighting design. Lester and his team specialy focused on the accent lighting, where hidden cove lights and toe-kicks add a subtle glamour to the entire ambiance, making the warm colors and rugged textures stand out more than ever.


5. The Designers


With the goal of making every space as beautiful as ever, Marilyn Hansen and her team have built quite the noteworthy firm in Omaha, USA. Their signature aesthetic focuses on timelessness and sophistication. Moreover, they can take on any and all types of projects, be it a brand new design/build or a simple home refresh. They’ve also completed a whopping 80 projects in hospitality, so that’s another speciality of this team along with residential planning.

Their 1970s kitchen renovation project is one that really showcases the true talent of this firm. It’s not just a simple facelift, but a total structural and spatial reconfiguration that has made the space so much more approachable and structurally viable. From the lovely Taj Mahal counters to the classic mosaics that are accentuated with beautiful wood, everything is as regal, elegant, and upscale as can be.


6. The Modern Hive


Providing innovation and quality design, The Modern Hive is the kind of interior design firm that provides excellent services in Omaha. The team here is led by Courtney Otte and together, they strive to provide the most amazing services to every single client. Their signature style leans towards “modern elegance” and their appreciation for quality products is well-loved by every single client.

The Lincoln New Build project by this team is the epitome of whimsical sophistication. The open concept plan is exceptionally done and features a lot of innovative features. Best of all is the inclusion of natural light, which flows in abundance in every single room. The breezy, bright color scheme is accentuated with lovely powder blue accents, and the gilded decor in strategic places caps off the whole design beautifully.


7. Titus Designs


The best homes always tell a story and Melissa Titus is here to interpret yours. With a firm drive for excellence in this field, Melissa designs her spaces with comfortable elements that make her clients feel at home. She focuses on laying down a blueprint for displaying the personal history of a client and her passion is firmly displayed in even the smallest details of every room that she curates.

Melissa’s entire portfolio is a thing of beauty. From projects that feature customized decor pieces to unique flooring design and timeless overall ambiances, you’ll see a lot of amazing spatial interpretations in her project list. There’s even a camping themed kids room in there that you’ll really appreciate for its authenticity and homage to originality.


8. Dawn's Designs


This interior design firm in Omaha features a team that is visionary on so many levels. Their design and color consultancy is exceptional, ensuring that they hold their own in the competitive industry of the region. Specializing in both commercial and residential interior design, this team strives to provide a truly transformative experience to every single client. Their motto is, “You always come first,” while honesty and integrity are a core part of their collaborative process.

You can check out their residential design portfolio for some instant inspiration. There’s a section for each part of the residence that you can explore on the website. From patterns that complement beautiful bedrooms to lovely material palettes that can make any home look fresh, there’s a plethora of creative ideas that you’ll want to put on your Pinterest board.


9. Inspired Interiors


Known for her “irreverrent” and “experiential” approach to design, Emilay Mackie has set her Omaha-based firm apart from the rest. Famed for delivering absolutely unique perspectives on typical design problems, this firm has a loyal following. Clients are quite struck by how Emily and her team are able to effuse fun and fantasy into regular old spaces. You’ll love the sheer charisma and personality that exudes from every project in their portfolio.

In fact, Wilmette Residence is one of their best. It’s a contemporary take on the classic style that features elements like modern wainscotting, statement light fixtures, and sumptuous furniture. The dramatic and moody color scheme sets the tone for instant luxury and the overall vibe is quite impact-worthy at first glance.


So, these are the top 10 interior designers and their firms in Omaha, Nebraska. We hope this list is helpful for anyone who’s looking for a dedicated professional to transform their spaces. Whether you're looking to brighten up your space with unique lighting like the Artichoke Lamp or Ettore Sottsass Mirror, or incorporate a modular modern sofa like the Soriana Sofa or Mario Bellini Sofa into your home, these interior designers are guaranteed to be able to help you achieve the space of your dreams.