13 Amazing Denver Interior Designers You Want to Consult

Denver is one of America's most populated metropolises and is home to both indigenous and ultra-modern buildings. This exposure to so much eclecticness is the reason why it also houses some of the best interior designers in America.

If you're looking to renovate or remodel your home or even begin a new construction then here's a handy list for you. Whether your style is more industrial like the Bertoia Chair, classic mid-century modern like the title="Womb Chair replica">Womb Chair replica, or modern chic like the EM Sky Sofa, this article has got something for you. We've handpicked 14 interior designers from the Denver region and each one has something special to offer. From great vision to amazing aesthetics, here's everything else that you can find with these designers:


Atelier Interior Design


This Denver-based interior design firm aims to improve the environment where you live, work, and play. With 15 years of experience under their belt, Atelier Interior Design studio has built a stellar reputation for itself. They pride themselves on avoiding any repetition and their design vocabulary is quite vast.

The team at Atelier is all about making the entire design process as easy as they can for their clients. They start with an initial phone call conversation where the clients are able to discuss their desired aesthetic and hopes for the project. This later transitions into visual dialogue where the team works hard to bring the client's vision to life.

You can check out their entire body of work for some amazing inspiration. From sophisticated contemporary homes that offer unique and personal details to sleek modern spaces that are touched with customized charm, this firm has a vast portfolio that will certainly leave you wanting for more!


Dragonfly Designs


Dragonfly Designs is an  award-winning Denver interior design firm has been an industry leader for 16 years. Their desire to help people and curate the best spaces has garnered them quite an amazing reputation with both clients as well as professionals.

The team here excels at residential interior design and they pride themselves on delivering an individual flavor to each and every project. These designers have a comprehensive roadmap for every client where they explain ideas and goals while discussing budgets and functionality along with the aesthetics. In fact, you can see all of that and more in their Boulder Mountain Rustic residence, which is a study in natural materials, distinguished details, and an interior that brims with unfettered charisma. The organic material scheme and classic wood-and-white theme has been interpreted to perfection.


Duet Design Group


This top interior design firm is one of Denver's best and the team here consists of experienced, passionate, and talented individuals. Their goal is to design comfortable and delightful spaces for every individual be it a home or an office. Their services span the gamut of residential to commercial, corporate, multi-family, and micro-design. You can even consult them for art, furniture, fixture, and equipment selection.

The design process of the Duet Design team is made very easy for the clients and their diverse interior designing experience and creativity can be best read in their 7th avenue Parkway project. Designed for a transplant art enthusiast couple, this home boasts a wealth of culture and transitional detailing. With rich, charismatic accents and a blend of various design styles, this home has been pulled together in a gorgeously eclectic manner to perfection.


JJ Interiors


This interior design firm has won numerous awards and client accolades over the years. Helmed by Jennifer A. Jelinek, the team here prides itself on designing healthy, functional, and inspired spaces for their clients. Each team member has a unique aesthetic to offer, and they blend it well with JJ's professional expertise. This firm knows how to allocate resources and they're certainly able to curate a broader overall experience for their clients with the appropriate tools, enabling everyone to save time and money.

But best of all is the fact that JJ and her team's full-services are centered around making every client's dream space come alive. Their classical-modern project is a study in well-balanced decor, interesting design details, and an aesthetically pleasing ambiance that will have you searching their portfolio for more inspiration.


K. Brant Interior Design


Kirsten Brant is a disciple of the author Alexandra Stoddart, and her vision and expertise has spiked this Denver interior design firm all the way to the top of the charts. Kirsten and her team are strong advocates of traditional design principles, so the spaces that they design have a very understated, symettrical, and classic charm.

Kirsten and her team also promote client collaboration in order to create high-quality spaces that are truly distinct. Their 15 Central Park West project is certainly one for the books. It captures the essence of its Big Apple location and has been designed to deliver gorgeous aesthetics that appeal to contemporary sensibilities. You'll love the artsy, understated appeal of this project and would definitely want to check out more of their portfolio!


Kimberly Timmons Interiors 


This Denver-based interior design firm is perfect for bringing all your dreams to life. The team here is committed to bring you the best in terms of creating a space that's not only beautiful but also functional and ergonomic. Kimberly and her team always strive to create spaces that have a positive impact on their clients lives. Each detail is well-thought-out and appreciated by industry professionals as well.

This firm has also been nominated in the 2020 Colorado Homes & Lifestyle Fabulous list, and their expertise is well-showcased in their Castle Pines Contemporary residence. From clean lines to stunning modern details, this home is a gorgeous blend of neutral themes and minimalist austerity. With lots of natural textures to offset its clean look, this home looks like a total dream to live in.


Megan Kane Interiors


Megan Kane Interiors is a  Denver-based interior design firm is known for its team's thoughtful approach to design. Their emphasis on cozy livability is certainly something to appreciate. All of their projects are designed with client preference and lifestyle in mind. You'll also appreciate their collaborative design process and how they're able to emulate a distinct flavor in every single project that they design.

The Preserve is one of their most interesting projects. It features classic American detailing with a contemporary flourish. The whole ambiance is a study in refined grace and each room has something statement worthy to offer. From beautiful aesthetics to gorgeous overall impact, this residence is definitely designed in a way that will make everyone want to be its owner.


Nadia Watts Interior Design


Nadia Watts has been a connoisseur of arts since a very young age by heritage and her exquisite tastes show well in every single space that she designs today. Her appreciation for beauty and a keen eye for detail is ubiquitous in every project that she and her team take on. From bold, beautiful aesthetics to ergonomics and functionality, she's able to effuse everything with charisma, character, and personality.

Nadia's dedication to imbuing her client's vision in every residence that she designs can be appreciated through her Living Room portfolio. Although working with standard layouts, each one of her living rooms are absolutely distinct. She's able to imbue a little bit of her client's personality in each and every space, bringing it to life in the most distinguished manner possible.


Post 31 Interiors


Post 31 Interiors is one of Denver's more popular interior design firms. The team here always tries to create spaces that are a blend of modern, elegant, and grounded. They believe that no space should be fussy and unlivable by design instead, it should be curated, crafted, and completed in a way that suits the client's lifestyle and accommodates their everyday lives. They believe that the entire world is their studio and invite their clients to explore with them!

Their Sticks and Stones residence is one of the finest rustic cottagecore endeavors that you'll ever see. Designed to evoke a sense of grandness, this residence is brimming with character, charisma, and unfettered style. From unique and statement-worthy accent elements to the use of natural materials, you'll feel like you're looking at a fantasy articulation of your dream ranch house than a typical residence.


Studio Thomas


With the firm belief that design is all about layering the space in the best possible endowments, Kristin and her team have carved themselves a cozy little niche in Denver's interior design industry. With 20 years of experience in the real estate industry, Kirsten has her finger pinned on what makes a house a home. Her study of interior design is as much experiential as it is through books, and you can see her craft articulated to perfection in her portfolio.

The Organic Modern Ranch residence designed by this team is one of the most beautiful projects in their portfolio. The bright, understated, and gorgeously neutral color scheme of this abode is accented with gorgeous accessories, stylish furniture, and a spacious layout design. It's the dream aesthetic of every contemporary homeowner!


TVL Creative


TVL Creative is a  Denver interior design studio provides complete solutions for every project that they on. From concept to construction, they've got their client's back through the thick and thin of the entire process. Their mission is to provide the best version of the space that they can while articulating their client's vision with clarity, imagination, creativity and innovation.

Their Pomona Lake project is an eclectic masterpiece that has been designed while keeping the unique tastes and distinguished requests of the client in mind. From the rustic undertones to the cozy accents, everything has been delivered in the finest possible way.


Á la carte DESIGN


Specializing in residential interior design, the Á la carte design and its team can articulate your dream home in the most comfortable and luxurious manner. From interior space planning to custom design and project management, they can take care of each and every aspect of your renovation, remodel, or even new construction for you.

The team, under the leadership of Jeane the principal designer, has curated an expertise in color, materials, and spatial management. You can see all of the qualities in their remodeled kitchen and living room project. Managing such a small space is always a challenge, but the open floor layout has been artfully managed and the material scheme plus the furniture layout have been outfitted to perfection.


Andrea Schumacher Interiors


This top interior design firm in Denver specializes in creating stylish, sophisticated, and comfortably luxurious spaces. Polished to perfection, each project is as unique as the client who would live in it. Curating timelessness and swankiness, this team always manages to imbue all their projects with the right amount of drama, ergonomics and functionality.

Their personal commitment to each project is what makes them so coveted to clients. Each residence in one of a kind, and their entire portfolio is worth taking a look at. You'll certainly see a lot of inspiration-worthy content, as Andrea and her team have a very distinguished aesthetic and a certain way of delightfully articulating their client's vision to reality.


So, these are some of the best interior designers in Denver. Whether you're searching for the best Bauhaus furniture or a work-from-home mid-century modern office makeover, we hope you find the design partner of your dream in this hand-picked list.