How to Make Sure Your Living Space is Relaxing

Design Tips: Create A Relaxing Environment

After a stressful day, the only thing left to do is get home and relax. That’s why your home environment should feel like a calming oasis, where you can leave all of your worries at the door. Unfortunately, our spaces can sometimes feel anything but relaxing. 

So, we wanted to share some design tips to help you eliminate stress from your surroundings and create a beautiful place that makes you feel at peace.


The perfect foundation for a calming atmosphere is a neutral color palette. These tones bring a sense of warmth into your home, and they’ll help create a more cohesive design. For instance, if your living space has a color palette made of bold or striking colors, it will be more complicated to find decor that doesn’t clash with them. Soft neutral tones have a calming visual appeal that looks great with a range of different styles.


Soft textures and relaxation go hand in hand. Think about your favorite blanket, softest robe, or comfiest reading chair– what makes these pieces so relaxing is their soft and cozy touch! When designing your space, look for textiles that offer this same appeal. This can look like a beautiful boucle sofa, airy linen curtains, or natural woven chairs. Soft textiles are key to keeping your home comfortable and relaxing. 


In this modern age, it’s not uncommon to find yourself working from home. Whether you work remotely from a home office or occasionally bring home extra paperwork to finish your tasks after hours– it’s not always easy to separate work from play. The solution is to create a designated workspace in your home. It’s much easier to destress from working when you’re desk isn’t nearby to remind you of everything you need to get done. 

If you find it challenging to accomplish this in a small space, we recommend using stylish storage furniture where you can keep your work out of sight and out of mind.


A neutral color palette is a great way to relax your space, but that doesn’t mean bright and bold colors are off limits! In fact, a fun pop of color here and there will give your home more personality and promote a positive mindset. You can incorporate your favorite vibrant shades with throw pillows, artwork, house plants, and other colorful decor items. This can help you achieve a cheerful atmosphere with the colors you love without it being too overwhelming.


When you need to relax, good lighting is essential. Instead of relying on harsh overhead lighting, it’s helpful to use stylish lamps, candles, or other accents that will set the mood. This one aspect can change the entire vibe of your living space, so you can truly create a calming atmosphere.


Let go of the idea of perfection. Allow yourself to play around with various decor pieces or furniture styles so you can discover what design makes you happy. Don’t stress yourself out by trying to create a flawless home. It's much harder to relax if your house feels like a perfectly-curated museum! Go with the flow when decorating, and it helps you design a space that gives you that “welcome home” feeling.


Capture the serenity of nature with your interior design! Look for furniture made with natural elements like wood, wicker, wool, etc. These pieces can make your space feel grounded and connected with the peacefulness of nature. Many mid-century modern designs use natural materials that look classy but still feel calming and cozy.


Last but not least, remember to decorate your home with some meaningful personal items. Place your favorite photos from family gatherings or memorable vacations around the space to really make it feel like home. Find a spot to put those special keepsakes and the memorabilia that brings you joy! Incorporating these personal pieces into your relaxing design is the finishing touch you need to create your ultimate happy place.

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