Top 19 Boston Interior Designers Near You!

Whether its baked beans or Fenway Park, Boston is the go-to city if you want to experience American culture at its finest. It's definitely one of the best cities to live in, and if you're planning on being a permanent fixture there, then you can find many amazing properties as well as designers to help you make a cozy home there.

In fact, Boston is the main hub of some of the most amazing interior designers out there. Not only are they experts in their niche, but are also very accommodating towards clients, appreciate their aesthetic and cultural values, and bring a sense of uniqueness to the entire project. This list of the top 19 interior designers in Boston consists of handpicked firms and consultancies that can help you make the best of any kind of a project. Let's take a look:

Annsley Interiors

Annsley McAleer's Boaston-based interior design consultancy is well-known for its fresh take, charisma, and upbeat style. This team is well-versed in the art of accruing a space with lots of personality and comfort alike. With many awards and accolades under their belt, they'll be sure to design the space of your dreams. So, if you want to hire a designer who can effuse your home with charming optimism then this firm should be on the top of your list.

You can check out their entire residential design portfolio for an understanding of what they are capable of. Each home is elegant, casually disarming, and makes you want to sit down, put your feet up, and begin to relax. You'll notice the familiar strains of classic, timeless styling intertwined with cheerful color scheme selection, both of which are signature go-to design moves of this firm.

Catherine & McClure Interiors

Catherine & McClure Interiors is a Boston interior design consultancy that is known for their unique take on the New England style. Their refined aesthetic boasts classic jointures with sprinkles of eclectic in the mix. You'll also note distinct flavors of worldly influences (a la Paris, Africa, etc.) in each of their projects, and wonder at how seamlessly they've been incorporated into the overall fabric of the design. If tasteful and refined are what you're hoping to get, then this is the firm to visit.

The Cliff Road House project by this team is a picture perfect representation of what their signature aesthetic looks like. With a gentle, serene-white backdrop that's infused with a stately, beautiful charm, this home is the epitome of comely, welcoming, and absolutely cultured. You'll love its graceful austerity and understated oppulance.


This award-winning Boston interior design firm is known for spicing things up in bland and boring spaces. Their ability to enhance the architectural vocabulary of a space is truly unparalleled and their discerning clientele is certainly wise enough to appreciate things. With unfettered artistry and charisma, Dane Austin and team are able to create highly sought-after and distinguished spaces that never fail to captivate people.

You'll notice their skill and ability to create fun yet tasteful spaces in their Kalorama Penthouse project. The unconventional red and white color scheme of this residence is complemented with sleek modernity and an austere ambiance. The minimalistic decor and charismatic accents add an atmosphereic ethos to the entire setting that is seldom ever found in such projects. The stylish warmth of the inside is contrasted by the cool trendiness of the outdoor areas. It's definitely a project worth taking inspiration from.

Dietz & Associates, Inc.

Where you're in for a residential revamp, a commercial refurbishment, or an institutional project, this Boston interior design firm has got your back. This team consists of tastemakers whose distinguished eye for detail and refined aesthetics and help you get the space of your dreams. You'll love the timelessness of each of their projects, and appreciate how they're able to anchor each space with a hook, focus, and substantial refinement.

The entire portfolio of this firm is a study in evergreen aesthetics. You'll notice a streamlined poshness in every single one of their projects. From artfully modernized outdoor spaces to classic indoor areas with a touch of refinement, there's a plethora of dashing, debonair aesthetics in their cache that you'll immediately want to put on your mood board.

Elms Interior Design, LLC

With a firm belief that every home should be an inspiring living space for its user, Dee Elms and her team have become some of the most sought-after interior designers in Boston. Cultivating areas that are not just habitable, but the epitome of visually pleasant, comfortable, and tasteful, this team can tackle a number of multi-disciplinary projects that cover a big spectrum - anywhere from an urban penthouse to a traditional workspace.

The contemporary eclectic ambiance of their Marlborough Street Residence is a charmingly artistic representation of a beautiful, livable, and cultured space. From the lovely colorful accents to the tasteful backdrop of neutrals and bright abundance of natural light, this home feels like an absolute experience to live in. You'll love its sophisticated accessorizing and it's able to effuse an unchecked elegance in every nook and cranny.

Elza B. Design

With a passion for creating stylish and inviting interiors, Barbara Elza Hirsch has created one of the best interior design firms in Boston. She strives to design each space in layers. She likens her process to that of a painter, with each stroke adding depth, dimension, and unfettered visual appeal to the overall atmosphere of the project. She believes in creating spaces that nurture as well as revitalize the soul, and her portfolio speaks for itself.

In fact, her entire profile is worth taking inspiration from. Barbara is a connoisseur of fine-lining and you'll see a certain streamlined beauty in all of her projects. She's got her very own furniture line and the unique credibility of each piece is quite apparent in every single one of her projects. Her mastery of colors and textures is complemented with expert use of lighting, and you'll love how she's able to anchor her projects with a soulful serene atmosphere despite maintained a cultured understated vibe.

Frank Roop Design Interiors

With over two decades of experience and numerous awards under his belt, Frank and his team have built themselves a cozy little niche in Boston's interior design scene. With international recognition and amazing press, this firm's work has been widely publicized and clients certainly appreciate the unique flair that this team brings to each project.

You can see the quiet intimacy and efficient visual officiousness of this team in every single one of their projects. There's a characteristic refinement in all of their projects that burbles with distinguished charisma. Frank and his team always work hard to imbue a lot of personality in all of their spaces, so that it feels like a comfortable friend, rather than a cold, austere place where you simply reside.

Heather Wells Inc.

This Boston interior design firm prides itself on being an incubator of fresh ideas. The team here is creative, innovative, and always striving to deliver the best of all worlds to their clients. Their raw talent and enthusiasm reflects in the sheer elegance, comfortable refinement, and tasteful articulation of each one of their projects. You'll love how attentive they are to the details and how collaborative their entire process can be.

The team at Heather Wells Inc. believes that creating a truly wonderful spatial experience takes many hands, so they've got a vast network of craftsmen, vendors, and other industry professionals. Their portfolio features a variety of sophisticated spaces that brim with character, personality, a classic, timeless veneer that never goes out of style.

Justine Sterling Design

Justine Sterling firmly believes that creating a fine space requires effective utilization of space, and this pragmatic philosophy has helped her create many refined spaces all over Boston. Her interior design consultancy is treasured by a loyal client base, who really appreciate her collaborative spirit and ability to articulate their raw vision into a beautiful reality.

Justine takes on both commercial and residential projects, and her portfolio is a testament to her innovative approach to design. Aside from form and function, Justine and her team always pay careful attention to the feel of the space. They strive to effuse every project with a soul so that the user can bask in the essence of the project while also appreciating its fine veneering.

Koo de Kir Architectural Interiors

From project development to construction and installation, this Boston-based interior design firm provides full services. Their creative drive and passion for detailing elegance, charisma, and sophistication in every nook and cranny of each project is loved by their clients. They always strive to create marvelous spaces that are effectively pragmatic while being visually pleasing to be in.

The Modern Loft design project from their portfolio is truly an inspiration and a testament to this team's skill. They totally transformed the entire space that used to be a Methodist church, then a synagogue into an upscale modern home. The warm white color scheme and clean lines of this loft are austere, but not stark. In fact, there's an undercurrent of homeliness within the entire project that is underscored by timeless vintage details. You'll want to add this to your modern home mood board!

Kristen Rivoli Interior Design

Working hard is always a given, but if a designer works smart, then the client always gets the best of all worlds. That's what Kristen Rivoli promises and delivers, making her interior design consultancies one of the best ones in Boston. Aside from creative ingenuity, she's also a skilled and tenacious project manager who always sprinkles an abundance of personal attention to each of her projects.

She's got a fun process and a highly collaborative spirit that effuses each of her ventures with humbled gravitas. If you want to see the fruits of her labor, then her Boston's Millenium Tower project is definitely one for the books. The eclectic-contemporary interpretation of this space is underscored with elegant refinement. It is tastefully decorated, gracefully accessorized, and featured beautiful custom-built additions that impress with their stately and pragmatic presence. From expert spatial management to exquisite aesthetic-making, this project feels like it should be a part of a picturesque magazine spread.

Nicole A. Hogarty Designs

Promising to make your renovation venture a fun and exciting journey, this Boston interior design firm brings experience, innovation, and skill to the plate. They strive to accommodate their clients as much as possible, going as far as to involve them in every single decision of the process. With a vast network of contractors, vendors, and craftsmen, they promise to be your tool for perfectly articulating the home of your dreams.

Their New Beginnings project is a sight for sore eyes with its lovely upscale interpretation of the modern-contemporary style. The suave and polished living room is furnished with streamlined furniture and a skylight has been installed in the center to enhance the openness of the layout. There's a certain artistry in the accessorizing and even the lighting has been expertly installed to create a wholesome, airy atmosphere.

Daher Interior Design

This award-winning Boston interior design firm offers its full services in all types of projects - be it sprawling coastal bungalows or streamlined sky-scraper condominiums. Led by Paula Hamel Daher, this firm boasts a discerning clientele who really appreciate her analytical mindset and refined approach to design. With boundless inspiration and a clear command of her craft, Paula and her team have become some of the best interior designers in Boston.

The Sky High View project by this team is one of the most sophisticated articulations of the modern theme that you'll ever see. Despite its timelessness and clean austerity, it's softened by this inherent beauty that comes in the form of intelligent accessorizing. With gold accents that strikingly contrast the neutral backdrop and colorful vases that have been strategically placed all over the space, it's a home that feels stylishly comfortable and aesthetically inviting at the same time.

Rachel Reider Interiors

sophistication, this Boston interior design firm strives to do away with your hurdles of budgeting, time management, and beautiful articulation of raw ideas. Their well-honed process is client-friendly, specifically designed to take care of all the details, and handles all the pragmatic aspects of designing or revamping a home perfectly.

This firm believes that interior designing should be carried out in layers and the team's deft understanding of color, pattern, and texture plays a huge role in the wonderful wholesomeness of the end results. You'll love their Custom Calm residence that has been carefully structured to accommodate the fast-paced lifestyle of a family of six. With a neutral palette accentuated with warm hues, this home is a study in refined sophistication and features ane expertly curated family-friendly environment.

Boston Interior Design | Spazio Rosso | United States

This boutique Boston-based interior design firm is known for its unconventional and highly distinguished take on creating spaces. Their exceeding creativity goes into the creation of super stylish spaces that spark ingenuity within the user. They take inspiration from all walks of life - be it music, fitness, technology, or more.

You can actually experience their out-of-the-box thinking in their Project 7, which is a sophisticated three-dimensional work of art in its own right. There's not a hint of indifference in the space. Everything has a clear visual link and bold accents throughout the space help create charismatic focal points. Streamlined for modern attraction and featuring innovation in the very essence of the design, this home deserves its very own Pinterest board.

Lewis Interiors | Boston Interior Designers

With seventeen years of experience in this industry, Polly Lewis and her interior design firm have strived to achieve the pinnacle of excellence in both Boston, as well as on an international scale. With impressive press and amazing client accolades under their belt, they've managed to create spaces that are sensitive, experiential, and evoke a sense of reverence within the user.

Moreover, they always appreciate the personal style and tastes of their clients. You'll notice an inherent charm within their Cliff Walk project, which is a fine example of what they can accomplish as a team. The contemporary charisma of this home is articulated through elegant neutral hues. With just a hint of bold accents and an expert emulation of natural light, this entire residence is as soulful as it's stunning.

John Berenson Interior Design

A master of various styles and an expert working within all budget ranges, John Berenson and his firm have become one of the finest and most approachable interior design consultancies in all of Boston. Their full services range a gamut of offerings and they've successfully accomplished a number of renovation, refurbishments, and new construction projects.

You can check out their portfolio to get a gist of what they can offer. You'll notice how inviting each of their projects are - underscored with an innate aura of welcome and a bold beauty that very few designers can articulate. It's definitely the go-to place if you've got a set budget but want a great outcome.

Carter & Company Interior Design

Able and accomplished enough to take any and all kinds of projects (be it a vintage conservation or a brand new construction) Michael Carter and his team are some of the best interior designers in Boston. Aside from respecting their client's basic ideas, they also provide excellent site supervision and all other necessary coordination that is needed to finish of a project as diligently as possible.

This team prides itself on taking away all the functional hurdles out of the creative process and promises the best outcomes. Their One Dalton residence is one of the best contemporary projects that you'll ever see. With a delicate feminity that reflects in the color scheme and general articulation of the design, this home boasts an aura of incredible refinement and charisma. Overlaid with wonderful accents and smart accessorizing, this home is the epitome of classy elegance.

Chrisicos Interiors

This Boston interior design firm boasts high-level expertise, amazing experience, and a vast array of resources to bring your ideal home to life. With a loyal client base and word-of-mouth marketing, they've made themselves quite a comfortable niche in the Boston interior design industry. You'll love the sheer refinement and consideration that they bring to each of their projects, and how it reflects on the overall presentation of the space.

Their Atlanta residence is a study in modern efficacy and contemporary charisma. Outlined with bold highlights and accentuated with smart and strategically placed accessories, this home has a veritable soul as well as a shiny, exterior veneer. It's a residence that wants to be lived in and inspires you to imagine an entire life in its cozy, fashionable embrace.

These top 19 Boston-based interior designers each have something unique to offer. This list has been specially curated to accommodate anyone who's looking to create exquisite, comfortable, and distinguished spaces. We hope you can narrow it down and find your best match here.