11 Best Indianapolis Interior Designers


Also known by its nickname Indy, the city of Indianapolis is the capital of the state of Indiana. It's a veritable hub of activities and consists of many Fortune 500 companies, university campuses, and children's museums.

It's also home to some of the most creative interior designers that you'll ever meet. With national reputations and an ability to transform every space into the best version of itself - whether you're looking to design a modern bohemian space, Scandinavian living room or mid-century modern office. The designers on this list have been hand-picked to provide you the best services, so let's take a look at them so that you can find your perfect match:



Everything Home


This boutique interior design firm in Indianapolis offers a Satisfaction by Design process that lets every client enjoy a flexible, fun, and interactive design venture. They take on new constructions, refresh old homes, and take on brand new remodels. They keep your timeline and your budget in high regard and strive to eliminate all confusion from the entire process. If you're worried about hiring an interior designer, then the team at this firm promises to put each and every single one of your concerns at ease.

You can check out their Hard Working Haven residential project for a glimpse of what they have to offer. Designed in the vein of rustic fabulousness, this home boasts a highly functional layout and some stunning spaces. Despite its humble, down-to-earth aesthetic, there are luxurious accents spread all over the place. The entire home feels like a cozy vision.



Jeff Sheats Designs Inc


This high-end interior design firm in Indianapolis promises to explore your lifestyle and give it a brand-new refresh with their extraordinary design abilities. With unparalleled management skills and an ability to imbue keen detailing into each and every aspect of the project, this team will provide the best guidance for all your renovation and construction needs. They even have a tailored It's You™ tool that will help you discover what you and your family actually need.

If you want a gist at what they have to offer, then look no further than their Danish Modern Interpreted home project. This residence embraces all the aspects of Nordic themes. It's designed in sophisticated neutral tones, has a stunning light plan, and is understated in its elegance. It's a beautiful home that also has undercurrents of luxury and feels like a total dream to reside in.



HER Home Design LLC


This one-stop-shop Indianapolis interior design firm specializes in property styling and home decor. They also have experienced realtors who can help you sell your home or buy an investment property. This firm has a highly evaluative and skillful team of professionals who specialize in the knowledge and know-how of the Indy market and will thematically and physically help you get the home of your dreams.

This consultancy is especially known for their budget management. As home renovation can be highly strenuous process for your bank account, HER Home Design LLC comes in to be their clients saviors.



Pam Hill Interiors


This interior design firm believes that art is a personal affair, and out of all its expressions, designing spaces is the most challenging and rewarding one. Based in Indianapolis, this team has not only won many accolades, but also numerous design awards over the course of their founding. They pride themselves on designing beautifully balanced spaces that speak to the clients soul, personal style, and vision.

Their Luxury Home-A-Rama is a beautifully curated contemporary-traditional home that shows the best of both modern and vintage features. The cozy color scheme, bold accents, and subtle ornateness lends a stunning beauty to the overall design ambiance that is complemented by the use of beautiful textures, stylish accessories, and luxe lighting.



Color Joy Interiors, LLC


Beauty and colors go hand-in-hand in the mind of Susan Young. Color Joy Interiors, LLC is her Indianapolis-based interior design firm and a brainchild of her childhood passions. She and her team are of the firm belief that if you don't like the place that you live in, then there's no point in continuing to reside there. This is where they come in. By reinterpreting a faithful iteration of your design aesthetic, values, and lifestyle, this firm is able to curate spaces that will inspire your everyday life to the fullest.

Susan and her team are pioneers of the affordable niche. They've got the resources and the aesthetic sensibility to design ambiances that don't bust your bank accounts. Each of their ideas are specifically curated to fit your space, budget, and preferred color palette. With an interactive design process and a team that's always right by your side, you'll really enjoy working with this firm to design the home of your dreams.



PH Design


Paul Hancock boldly claims that he doesn't rest until his clients are satisfied with what he's designed for them. His ability to imbue a little magic in every space that he works up is definitely something that has made this Indianapolis-based interior design firm the epitome of epic. Whether you're looking to revamp a single room, add a bit of color to your spaces, or even simply looking for a professional opinion on window coverings, bedding, or furniture PH Design is the place to go to.

The entire portfolio of this firm is something of an inspiration. There's a wealth of projects there that might as well make excellent addition to your Pinterest boards. From Insta-worthy railings with expressive wallpapered backdrops to understated, sophisticated, and highly elegant residential spaces that feel like a total dreamboat, there's definitely something for everyone here.



Cornerstone Interiors


As one of Indianapolis's best interior design firms, Cornerstone Interiors pride themselves on delivering one-of-a-kind spaces. Their aesthetics, visuals, design process everything has been specially curated to deliver stunning rooms that will go beyond even what you had imagined for yourself before. With 25 years of experience and some great service, you'll love how this firm will go beyond your expectations to create ambiances that will speak to your very soul.

Their Delicate Grandeur residential project is one of the finest reinterpretations of the neo-classical style that you'll ever see. Designed in beautiful, muted colors that boast neutral elegance, this abode features beautiful blue accents that add a fine spark to the whole ambiance. Add in the gorgeous decor and stunning furnishings and you certainly have an upscale masterpiece on your hands.



Kitchens By Design


This interior design team believes that to be a good designer, you need to be creative visionary, a dreamer, and a believer! So, they always make bold decisions and never fail to come up with spaces that reinvent, refurbish, and upgrade the existing aesthetic of any space to the fullest. They pride themselves on creating spaces that make people flourish and come up with innovative solutions that give a contemporary touch to every project.

You can take a look at their Willow Springs residence to get a gist of their talents. The wood and white color scheme has been beautifully interpreted and the open floor plan has been arranged in a way that evokes spaciousness. With little knick-knacks and design interventions, the entire home feels very tranquil, stylish, and a la mode.



Yamini Designs


Designing a space according to your lifestyle is the best gift that you can get and Yamini designs is here to guide you through the process from the beginning to the end. This team strives to improve the quality of your life by designing spaces that are thoughtful, customized, and perfectly suited for how you like to live and play. With the prize for the best vignette at the 2019 River North Design District Gallery Walk under their belt, this firm is certainly one of the best interior design consultancies in Indianapolis.

Their Glencoe l project has been awarded the Best Residence by a Small Firm prize and you can see exactly why by taking a single glace at its design. With neo-classical detailing that seamlessly merges with contemporary furnishings, this home is a study in understated beauty and neutral elegance. There are small splashes of bold colors all over the room to make it feel interesting and visually dynamic. It's definitely one of the best spaces that you'll ever experience.



Courtney Casteel Interior Design


With so many amazingly discerning projects under their belt, this Indianapolis interior design firm is led by Courtney Casteel, who is a visionary and a creative magnate in her own right. Her passion for design is seen in the way that she leads her consultancy and clients. This team not only deals in beautiful home interiors, but they've also garnered 15 years of relations with direct furniture manufacturers, so they can furnish your homes to the nines as well.

The Towne Residence designed by this team is a testament to their creative expression. It's a home that brims with unfettered charisma, unbridled charm, and creative luxury. All the details have been pulled together to deliver a truly wholesome environment that makes you feel relaxed and comfortable without compromising on the trendiness.



So Chic Home Designs


Helmed by Hope G. Pace, this Indianapolis interior design firm is one of the best in the city and the team here believes in creating stories through their spatial management. Their discerning aesthetic aligns personal and professional opinions to create spaces that shine like diamonds. They can also home stage for you and even have a team of amazing realtors to guide you through the process of buying or selling a home.

You can check out their entire project gallery for some inspiration. You'll see that they can take even the most generic of spaces and convert them into mindful, thoughtful, and highly dynamic interiors that are a joy to live in.



So, this is a dedicated list of some of Indy's best designers. Whether you're looking for a simple living room redesign with a classic Womb Chair or a complete living room overhaul with a stunning mid-century modern sectional, we're certain that you'll love their creative input and how they'll make your spaces the epitome of beautiful and graceful with their professional consultation.