Top 16 Interior Designers from Seattle Near You!

Most of the world might know Seattle as the star city in Grey's Anatomy, but it's so much more than that. Despite the constantly rainy weather, it's a city that sparks an instant interest in its coffee culture, techie aspects, and of course, it's trademark: the Space Needle.

But aside from fictional celebrity doctors, Seattle is also home to some of the most creative, intelligent, and innovative interior designers out there. The city brims with contemporary culture and these professionals are always out there, keeping up with the pace of changing trends in the industry. Below, we'll share a list of handpicked designers from Seattle, so you can easily choose your pick when planning a renovation, remodel, or even new construction. Let's take a look:

1. Alinda Morris Interior Design LLC

If tailored services are what you're hoping for, then Alinda Morris and her team would be the perfect partners for you. They're an excellent full-service interior design firm in Seattle and boast a multi-layered approach to design. From aesthetic to technical aspects, they can handle each facet of your project while delivering a space that is thoughtful, livable, and modern with all the contemporary comforts that define the trappings of our lifestyle today.

If you're looking for a glimpse of what they have to offer, then we recommend Project 12 from their portfolio. It's a fantastic interpretation of contemporary thematics with just a tinge of modern in the mix to keep things interesting. Featuring a neutral color scheme that's underscored with the right amount of jewel tones and an abundance of natural light, this home feels like a veritable dream to live in.

2. Michelle Dirkse Interior Design

Michelle Dirkse and her team are all about creating client-focused spaces that are brimming with individuality. Their focus on timelessness, innovation, and bespoke elements has made them one of the finest interior design consultancies in Seattle. With multiple awards and boundless creativity, this team has tackled a number of projects and are some of the best professionals that you'll encounter in this industry.

Their dedication to customer satisfaction shines in the design of their Lake Washington Residence project. The wood-and-white theme of this home is quite elegant and features an artistic, sophisticated take on design. The ingenious use of neutral colors with just a splash of bold hues makes the ambiance all the more intriguing. It's definitely a home that speaks to a contemporary soul.


As Seattle's finest interior design firm, this consultancy believes in a culture of collaboration and place their client's interest and vision on the highest pedestal while curating a space for them. Their refined, sophisticated, and highly creative aesthetic makes for meaningful and discerning spaces that will make you want to lounge in them. With 30 years of experience and a cumulative legacy in luxury architecture and upscale designing, this team will definitely help you get the spaces of your dreams.

Their Island Retreat project is a testament to the kind of innovation that this team brings in every single project. From the gorgeous rustic accents to the emulation of natural views and warm materials, this home is coziness personified without compromising on the style. It's classy, classic, and fun for everyone - be it, kids or adults, given the spiraling slide that connects two floors!

4. Hyde Evans Design

Articulating your style with the best of sensibilities, vision, and wholesomeness, Hyde Evans Design has become one of the best firms in Seattle. With a specialty in residential projects of all scales, they collaborate with clients and professionals alike. The timelessness of their aesthetic and the refined tastefulness of every ambiance that they create is truly incredible. Their experienced team manages and plans your projects to perfection - all you have to do is consult them.

The Madrona residence was designed by this team to capture the zeitgeist of modern-contemporary timelessness. Its monochromatic color scheme is interspersed with wooden accents to evoke warmth within the ambiance. The sleek materials, fashionable hardware, and fantastic accessorizing all works to pull together a space that is truly mesmerizing.

5. Seriously Happy Homes

This Seattle interior design firm believes that every space should be approachable and real - highly unlike the cookie-cutter spreads that you see in magazines. This is why they strive to create spaces that are comfy, functional, and down-to-earth. They offer their expertise and confidence, proud of the fact that they can help you plan, manage, and articulate the home of your dreams.

Case in point; their basement makeover. Anyone who's had to revamp a basement would know how challenging it is to make it homey, but Rebecca West and her team manage to do so in an effortless manner. The after of this makeover is stylish, fashion-forward, and very approachable without compromising on the style. It's definitely a space that invites you to entertain yet relax, lounge with style, and recline with class.

6. Miller Interior Design

Everyone has a different life, unique experiences, and a distinguished visual palate for what they like and what they don't. Miller Interior Design promises to curate spaces that speak the story of your life. They create spaces that complement your lifestyle and individuality. This is what makes them one of the most coveted interior design firms in Seattle.

You'll love their dedication to creating personal spaces, and if you want to see a reflection of their skill, then take a look at the Gorbachevs project. The modern flair of this project is perfect for complementing contemporary sensibilities. With an achromatic palette that is accented with warm hues, this home boasts a cozy atmosphere that will make you want to tuck in as well.

7. Gregory Carmichael Interior Design

This award-winning interior design firm in Seattle is all that it is hyped to be - original, innovative, and collaborative. Gregory and his team combine knowledge of the technical aspects of remodeling with incredible visuals, resulting in spaces that aren't just pleasant to be in, but also brim with character, affluence, and class. Their upscale articulations always have a hint of richness in them, but that never takes away from the overall character.

Their Downtown Penthouse project is the perfect representation of everything that this team is capable of. Featuring a sleek, sophisticated backdrop that is embellished with warm wooden tones, this suite facilitates from wonderful illumination - a careful and strategic combination of accent and ambient lights that swathe the whole space in a warm glow. Add in the stark minimalism and you'll really appreciate the understated yet gorgeous outlook of this project.

8. Garret Cord Werner Architects & Interior Designers

With a belief that interior design is both a science and an art, Garret Cord and his team has managed to rise up the ranks as one of the best firms in Seattle. He notes that the work they do is a visual sport that requires careful calculations and detailed knowledge for the perfect implementation of what you have in your mind. This is where this team comes in; boasting the best of knowledge, experience, and skill, they pride themselves on creating spaces that are unique, individual, and highly distinguished.

That said, Garret and his team strive to get an emotional response from the people who experience their spaces. Their Pacific Spirit Estate project is a prime example of how they perfectly plan and execute spaces that are inherently contemporary and set to please the eye - and the sensibilities. You'll love the background of warm accents that are interspersed with nature and accentuated with beautiful furniture that leans on the modern side. With an innate warmth and stylishness that brims from each aspect of this house, this project will definitely make it to your inspiration board.

9. CallisonRTKL

Boasting a global reputation and a seven decade legacy, this Seattle-based interior design firm is definitely one of the most executive, professional, and collaborative consultancies that you'll ever visit. Incorporating the latest technologies and keeping up with the everchanging trends has made this firm a front-runner in the industry. Their skillset aside, you'll really appreciate the marketable visuals of their projects and how they design each space to be better than the last.

The sheer diversity of their portfolio will impress you a lot. The Wing at Fulton Market is one of their most successful projects. Its a women-based co-working club that has been fashioned in light, pastel hues to emulate a breezy, feminine vibe. Underscored with beautiful and stylish furniture that has been arranged in a layout that evokes collaboration, you'll love the dynamics and stunning visuals of this project.

10. Colleen Knowles Interior Design

If luxury is what you want in your projects, then no one does it better than Colleen Knowles and her team. This interior design firm is definitely one of the best in Seattle and has twenty five plus years of consultation under their belt. Their creative ideas are backed with the right technical knowledge and they certainly have the skills and contacts to help you articulate your vision perfectly.

Their Landsdowne Lane residence is one of the inspiration-worthy projects that you'll ever come across. With nature has the backdrop, the understated neutral color scheme of this home perfectly offsets the trendy furniture palette. The stylish accessories also lend a touch of elegance to the mix and there's an undercurrent of warmth that runs through the whole design that really attracts the eye.

11. Two 9 Design, LLC


This commercial interior design firm in Seattle tackles hospitality, residential, retail, and multi-family projects. So, if you're in the market for revamping a non-residential space in the best of ways, then this is the firm that you should be consulting at. From large-scale to small-scale, they take on all types of projects and have built a venerable repute in the market for being highly collaborative with their clients.

Their Y-E project is another one for the books and an exceptional example of what they have to offer. You can easily decipher the level of their expertise by noting the keen details that have been infused in each project. Similar is the case with this one. It's definitely noteworthy and would make a great addition to your mood board.

12. Heidi Caillier Design

Whether you're looking for a simple room refresh or are hankering for a gut renovation, Heidi Caillier and her team are here to solve all your problems. Their dedication to creativity and ability to blend pragmatism with beauty has impressed many clients, leading them to be one of the best interior design firms in Seattle. Moreover, they've got a list of amazing contacts that include various artisans, architects, and more. Mixing raw skill with passion for creating the best spaces, this firm has got an amazing portfolio that you can browse through.

The Snug Cabin project by this team is definitely one of the best that you'll ever see. There's a distinctive retro-vibe to this project really captures one's interest. Plus the eclectic use of materials and accessories will certainly draw you in. From rich Laura Ashley style florals to vintage lamps that are underscored by modern accents, this residence enchants the sensibilities. Moreover, you'll love the mix and match of warm, bright hues with dull counterparts and how everything pulls together stunningly.

13. Sara Eizen

If affordability and family-friendliness is of paramount importance to you, then Sara Eizen would be the perfect consultant for you. Her penchant for advertising the best interior aesthetics at reasonable and economic rates have made her one of the most sought-after firms in Seattle. Other than revamping spaces with impeccable taste, Sara is also a professional organizer who promises to rework and compartmentalize all of your clutter in a way that will improve your lifestyle.

Her gallery is chock full of amazing projects that you can browse at your leisure, but the one thing that really stands out amongst all her works is a general sense of clean, sleek orderliness without leeching off the hominess from any space. You'll also notice the excellent color coordination and how you can't really see any visual clutter in any of her projects. That's the magic of being a superb interior designer and master organizer - you get the best of all worlds.

14. Nancy Ralston Interior Design

This Seattle interior design firm was founded in 1994 and has been a front-runner in the industry for more than two decades now. They have interior architecture savvy experts who can help you curate a highly personalized new construction by collaborating with your architecture team, aside from providing a bespoke interior palate. With a well-defined vision, a budgeted outlook, and suitable goals, this firm can help you get the space of your dreams without a hitch!

You can check out their Carmel Residence project and see the sheer confidence, charisma, and beauty that brims from every aspect of this home. Clad in a rich wooden material scheme that's offset with warm lighting, the ambiance of this residence feels like a cozy hug. It's stylishly furnished and accessorized, ensuring that the users will feel snug and welcome in every nook and cranny!

15. Susan Marinello Interiors Inc

Susan Marinello and her team are of the firm belief that every space should boast a strategic marriage between its interior and architecture while respecting the fabric and context of its surroundings. That's exactly what they excel at and they have a dedicated client base to testify that. Their success in the field is a result of a unique perspective, a distinguished palate, and a skill for getting the best of technical and pragmatic aspects without compromising aesthetics.

This firm has won various awards and accolades. You can see the essence of their work in each project featured in their portfolio. The Private Residence one especially stands out because of its tasteful emulation of classic and modern details. The overall ambiance is positively tasteful and the refined emulation of elegant materials makes for a timeless outlook that makes this residence feel inherently swanky.

16. Robin Chell Design LLC

Robin Chell Design LLC is one of the most influential interior design firms in Seattle. It was founded in 2002 and has won several awards for its team's impeccable and tasteful work over the years. With a keen understanding of changing trends, valuable relationships with clients and vendors along with a core philosophy that dictates how design should be memorable, comfortable, and impactful, this firm has a host of successful projects and a loyal client base.

Their Laurel Hurst project boasts a mid-century style makeover that has been carried out with utter sophistication and impeccable tailoring. The updated structure and furnishing look even more beautiful with a beautifully spruced-up background, and the overall style ambiance recalls vintage charisma with contemporary flair.


These are 16 of the best interior designers in Seattle, and you can see how each one has something truly distinct to offer. They've all been hand-picked and we hope that you can easily find your renovation soul mate here.