28 Best Interior Designers In Houston

Houston may be known for its infamous pop culture references, but it's also home to some of the best interior designers that you'll ever come across. This list has been carefully vetted and thoroughly created to help anyone who's looking for a project consultation of any kind, be it styling it up with the DS 600 Sofa, sticking with the classic Corbusier Grand Modele Three-Seat Sofa or going cozy with the EM Sky Sofa.

Houston Interior Designers

So, whether you're a homeowner looking for a quick renovation fix or someone who needs to spruce up a commercial space, this list has got professionals who can guide you through designing your dream space, purchasing your forever mid century modern furniture pieces, and creating your perfect oasis. Let's take a look:


1. Marie Flanigan Interiors


Marie Flanigan, an award winning Housten interior designer, believes that we are the best version of ourselves when we're in spaces that inspire us the most. This is why this firm strives to create spaces that deliver the best in all; aesthetics, ergonomics, and functionality.

The team here believes that a space should be realized to deliver an experience rather than contrived beauty. They combine interiors, architecture and structure in a way that makes a home feel absolutely magical. With their work featured in prominent publications like Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, etc. they're definitely a great place to get a consultation for your residential projects.


2. William Stubbs & Associates


William W. Stubbs is one of the most influential interior designers in Houston. His creative expertise and ability to communicate brilliantly with clients has led to the creation of many wonderful interiors.

Stubbs is a tastemaker who leads his team with the same passion that he invokes in actual designing. The spaces that he crafts are always iconic and tailored to befit each bespoke demand that a client discusses with him. William Stubbs and his team have mastered many styles over the years, including city chic, historic charm, and modern classic, all of which have a certain eclectic charm that never fail to please clients.


3. Contour Interior Design


Founder Nina Magon has leveled up this Houston interior design foundry to deliver tasteful, luxurious aesthetics for her clients. Her team is well-versed in the art of creative designing and they share the same passion for crafting wonderful, state of the art spaces as their founder.

Contour Interior Design is the mastermind behind many unique projects, including culinary hotels, spas, exclusive residences, and even special commission experiences. With a team that's masterful at crafting timeless, understated, and incredibly classy spaces, this firm is great for consulting about a wide variety of projects.


4. Pearl Design Interior


Helmed by Alecia & Charles Johnson, this Houston-based interior design firm is a boutique haven for everyone who wants to revel in specially tailored services. Pros at residential and commercial interior designing, the team here have also crafted projects for celebrity shoots, which has led to a well-recognized practice.

The great thing about this firm is that they design in a savvy way. Every project undergoes thorough research of the site and the client's lifestyle, after which a theme and general ambiance are decided upon. The result is the creation of a timeless, sophisticated space that enchants everybody.


5. Laura Umansky


Laura U is quite a popular interior design firm in Houston. This consultancy believes in crafting holistic spaces that are the perfect culmination of beauty, function, and ergonomics. This team takes their role as designers very seriously and are experts at all sorts of project management, be it a ground up construction, a gut renovation, or even just curating simple finishes.

This firm specializes in crafting beautiful residential spaces that are a firm reflection of the client's choices and vision. They are also experts in styling a space according to different themes so whether you're a fan of traditional or contemporary, Laura U is here for you.


6. Marker Girl


Heralded as one of the best places for residential interior design services in Houston, this firm believes in family-oriented designing. Feeling invited and totally connected with the space is something that is often overlooked when designing beautiful homes.

This is where Marker Girl comes in. They believe that style doesn't need to be sacrificed for a beautiful “Family Friendly Homeâ€. Their services will mark your home as one of the finest places to be when all is said and done.


7. WenDT Design Group


Amilee Wendt is an award winning interior designer who has a whopping 25 years of experience under her belt. The spaces that she crafts are some of the best in Houston, catching everyone's eyes and leading to tons of word-of-mouth popularity.

WenDT Design is also known for their ability to tackle a diverse range of projects. Their full services apply to residential highrises, estates, small homes, and also the commercial sector. They'll definitely help you achieve the kind of aesthetic that you've always dreamed of.


8. Teresa Reissig Interiors 


This Housten interior design firm has been around for quite a while, and Terea Reissig has been part of the ASID community since 1982. Today, this firm still stands tall and delivers a range of full services for projects that span both small and large scales. Whether you're looking for a commercial or residential expert, you'll find all of them here.

With around forty one years of experience in the field, the team at Teresa Reissig specializes in both new constructions and gut renovations. Their work has been featured in numerous publications and their great reputation really precedes their skill.


9. Michael J. Siller Interior


Luxury interior designing has never been as fun as with Michael J. Siller. As the principal designer, he's always drawing inspiration from nature, travels, and his observations. As one of the most sought-after Houston interior designers, he'll definitely be able to fulfill all your aesthetic and functional needs fully.

Michael and his team have distinguished themselves through their keen eye for detailing. They excel at creating spaces that are formal but comfortable at the same time. Their client communication is always on-point and you'll never find anyone better if you really want to explore the charismatic side of interior designing.


10. Pamela Hope Designs


Helmed by the renowned award winning Houston interior designer: Pamela Hope, this firm specializes in bringing a sense of confidence to spaces. Pamela and her team are experts at residential projects and they always strive to bring a sense of inherent charisma to any space that they design.

Twenty years of experience in the field as led Pamela to build a very loyal client base. Her passion for art and culture reflects in the way that she crafts spaces. She's a high rated professional who can help you derive the kind of concept that might be hard to articulate for anyone less skilled.


11. Dodson Interiors 


This Houston-based interior designer will make all your dreams of casual sophistication an absolute reality. Led by Julie Dodson, this firm is known for their “casual glamourâ€ trademark. Her approach at crafting spaces makes a complicated process feel effortless. The looks that she comes up with are truly inspired.

Julie's approach to design includes merging Hollywood glamour with a transitional style appeal. She's an expert at making any space feel the epitome of homely while also evoking a sense of formality to the mix.


12. Jane Page Design Group


This Houston interior designer has been plowing the field since 1980 and has lived through an illustrious career. Jane and her teal always make it their goal to exceed client expectations, ensuring that each and every goal is met and surpassed along the project run.

Jane believes that no project is too small or too big. Her full services apply to every scope. She and her team are skilled at crafting highly collaborative ambiances that always leave the clients in awe of their creativity.


13. Lucas-Eilers Design Associates


This Houston interior design firm is a legacy that has been carefully built by Sandra Drews Lucas and Sarah Brooks Eilers. The firm has been around since 1995 and has garnered a really positive reputation with innumerable clients over the years.

The team at this consultancy always strives to create timeless and incredibly imaginative spaces. They're experts at crafting really distinguished ambiances. From traditional to contemporary and everything in-between, they can help you achieve any look that you want! You'll certainly benefit from their passion for this field and everything that it has to offer.


14. Ginger Barber Interior Design


Simple and homely are the two words that can be used to describe the aesthetic that this Houston interior designer has to offer. Ginger Barber and her team always strive to strip a space to its bare necessities and cap it off with natural textures to deliver a timelessly unique look.

Ginger is known for her unique take on neutral colors and textures. Despite working with understated colors, her spaces are never short on drama and personality. She'll definitely be able to help you achieve the most beautiful interpretation of whatever you have in your mind.


15. Paloma Contreras Design


Helmed by the duo Paloma Contreras and Devon Liedtke, this Houston interior design firm is a must go-to for everyone who wants to experience their contemporary French-rococo side. Every consultancy has a trademark look and this one is all about drawing inspiration from classic visuals, French antiques, and silk wrap dressed.

The firm provides full services and specializes in residential interior designing. While Houston is the main hub of their design activities, this team has also carried out extensive work in  LA, New York, South Hamptons, and more. Furthermore, everyone here promises to make your renovation process as stress-free as possible.


16. Paisley House


An interior designer should always have a passion for art, which is why Joani Scaff has such a unique perspective to offer her clients. An expert at residential projects, this Houston interior designer has become one of the most sought-after person in the field.

Joani always strives to deliver the most authentic customer experience to her clients. She's got a friendly personality, which translates into a confidence booster when you're a nervous first-time client who just wants to make their home beautiful. Both Joani and her team can help you accomplish all that and more.


17. Rainey Richardson Interiors


Rainey Richardson specializes in providing a fully tailored experience to her clients. It's this quality that has made her one of the best interior designers in Houston. She specializes in crafting spaces that are elegant but not over-designed which always amazes all her clients.

As a pro who's been working the field since 2001, Rainy has become an expert at building her client's dreams into towers of reality. She always takes note of your lifestyle and helps you design your spaces accordingly. It's all about the details, so that's where she focuses all her energies while making all your dreams come true.


18. Mauricio Nava Design, LLC


This award winning Housten interior design firm is led by Maurucio Nava, who's an absolute visionary and has a special talent for satisfying even the most confused of clients. He's able to extract your raw ideas and develops them into wonderful, stunning, and functional versions of their base form.

This consultancy specializes in the modern chic, transitional, and contemporary interior design themes. Mauricio and his team always strive to deliver the best client experience and can craft any kind of a residential or commercial project that you have in your mind.


19. Sweetlake Interior Design


Having your dreams become reality is always a surreal experience, so this Houston interior designer promises to make the experience totally worth it with her amazing skills. The firm has been around since 1998 and has finished many a projects a la turnkey renovations, staging, and more over this span of time.

The team at Sweetlake Interior Design has a vast array of contacts pertaining to furniture, lighting, and other decor paraphernalia. They can definitely help you achieve the kind of look you want while curating the best objects for you!


20. B.W Collier Interior Design


Led by BradforD Collier, this Houston interior design firm is known for making refined luxury as approachable as possible. Opened in 2009, the firm has developed a loyal client base over the years. You'll love how this team is able to concoct beautifully livable spaces in harmony with gorgeous aesthetics and great functionality.

Collier and his team always strive to put their client's vision before whatever they have in mind. Their full services apply to all genre of projects and they promise to pay utmost respect to your ideas above anything else.


21. Meg Lonergan


This Houston based consultancy is all about merging those stunning southern accents with an international style vibe. Helmed by Meg Lonergan, this firm strives to provide the best interior design services nationwide. The team here prides itself on providing the best client experience while weaving stylishness in your everyday lives.

Meg is excellent at expressing her vision through wonderful textures and unique color schemes. Her minimalist accessorizing always enlivens a space and you'll love how she's make your renovation journey as stress free as possible.


22. Gin Design Group


This firm is home to some of the greatest and creative minds of the era. Based in Houston, they can help you come up with the most expressive, dynamic, and wonderful spaces you could ever think of. Their work has been featured in numerous publications and has also been the recipient of several prestigious awards.

Gin and her team are experts at designing stimulating, fully appetizing spaces in the food and beverage genre. Gin's personal experience in this particular industry has made her a highly successful contender to consult for any restaurant or eatery related project. Other than that, she also takes on residential and commercial projects that beautifully showcase her experience in the field.


23. Weidner Hasou & Co.


This collaborative firm is the brainchild of Genna Weidner and Deborah Hasou, who began working together on renovation projects around seven years ago. Both have a unique perspective, which provides an excellent experience altogether when it is combined.

The team here always strives to deliver timeless spaces that are customized according to client's needs. They specialize in residential renovations and new constructions. This hub of creativity and collaboration always results in happy clients that are always appreciative of how in-sync and seamless the entire process actually was.


24. Eklektik Interiors


Helmed by Kathy, this Houston interior design firm is all about delivering the most amazing client experience. The spaces that they craft are as timeless and amazing as they are personal and ergonomic. Additionally, the process is as enjoyable as ever so clients feel really at ease with the designer.

Kathy brings a unique one-of-a-kind aesthetic for all her clients. By closely studying their lifestyle and incorporating her signature look in all of them, Kathy has become a highly sought-after expert in her field. She's definitely one of the best that you can consult regarding your project.


25. The Design Firm


Kara Wuellner is the mastermind behind is Houston interior design consultancy and her passion for crafting beautiful spaces started off ever since she was a little girl who cut out furniture pieces from magazines to create beautiful rooms on paper. Her hobby later became a true passion, and this firm came into being.

Kara and her team help elevate their client's lifestyles. They're professionals who can help you save a lot of time and money on your projects. The team you'll be assigned is promised to deliver a truly unique and distinguished experience that also keeps your own wishes and ideas in mind.


26. Missy Stewart Designs


This Houston interior design firm is led by Missy Stewart, who is an expert at creating wonderful experiences instead of bland spaces. She's got 25 plus years of experience under her belt and over this time, she's completed innumerable projects that have never failed to satisfy a client.

Missy and her team work in close collaboration with contractors and other professionals in the field. To her, creating a holistic experience is something that is always very high on the priority list and her passion for creating beautiful homes always shows in the way that she takes on each and every aspect of the project head-on.


27. Abel Design Group Ltd


This architecture and interior design consultancy is considered one of the best places in Houston. No matter what the scope of your project, they'll be able to help you come up with new and unique ideas to satisfy all your aesthetic and functional needs.

This interior design firm is able to tackle all genres, be it restaurants, commercial or retail projects, or even residences. Their award winning interior-architecture services cater to the rising trends and always leave every client in awe of the end product.


28. Estrada Interior Design


Carol Estrada runs a full service interior design company. With over 10 years experience, Estrada Interior Design has helped complete numerous residential and commercial projects. Carol is well known for her keen eye when it comes to interior design. 


These are some places where you can get some great project consultations in Houston should you need guidance on redecorating your mid century modern living room or your commercial space. We hope that this list helps you find the best possibilities around you!