Top 10 Best Interior Designers In Nashville, Tennessee

The capital of country music is also the home of some of the most fantastic interior designers in the world. Music may be interwoven in the very fabric of the city, but the ones who do all the actual ambient weaving are these designers.

If you live here and are looking for someone to design the most brilliant of spaces for you, then here’s a handy list of designers who you’d want to consult with. All of them have been specially hand-picked because of their unique skillset, vision, and ability to curate experiential spaces. Let’s take a look:

1. Anderson Design Studio

With 8 international awards and a “celebrity designer” status under her belt, Kathy Anderson has made her studio one of the most sought-after interior design consultancies in Nashville, Tennessee. Her widely publicized work has been recognized by professionals and clients alike, and her keen eye for detail and aesthetic transformation has lent her a diverse returning client base.

Anderson Design Studio has a star-studded patron list, but the project that stands out the most on their portfolio is the Haley Retreat. The rustic-chic design of this home is brilliantly done. The rich textures have been artfully displaced and the use of golden lighting along with the natural materials sets the tone towards cozy and intimate. It’s a residence that calls to your inner winter bear and is a sight for sore eyes.

2. Crowell & Co. Interiors

The basic concept of this firm’s backstory was to bridge the distance between the concept of “form” and “function” - none of them precede the other; both of them are equally important. The goal of this team is to design spaces that will let the user carry on with their lifestyle in the most organic manner while making the surroundings as pleasing and artful as possible.

Out of all the projects on their portfolio, the one that stands out the most is the Cohen Lofts Etta project. The rich, decadent ambiance of this loft is broken up with bright, bold-colored accents. The lovely undertones of pink and yellow lend the overall ambiance a cheerful outlook while adding a playful touch to the otherwise debonair theme. It’s a home that has been designed in layers and feels absolutely wonderful to live in.

3. Decorating Den Interiors

Boasting national and international recognition, this interior design firm in Nashville has a whopping 50 years of experience under its belt. Their work has been featured in a number of well-known publications and they’ve come up with a specialized, easy to adhere process that will make clients feel as if their entire project is running as smoothly as possible.

The neutral transitional living room is one of the finest examples of how they can take something “understated” and convert it into something interesting and truly visionary. That’s how you can gauge the talent of real designers - they have the ability make even the drabbest of spaces sparkle.

4. Eric Ross Interiors

Eric Ross is of the firm belief that a space should make the user feel warm and welcome. Luxury is also something that should be emulated in a a room in order for the user to feel the full experience. This is where this Nashville interior design firm comes in. With highly personalized solutions and a careful eye for detail that will leave one feeling truly awed, this firm is not only reputable, but also has a loyal client base.

The thing with Eric Ross and his team is that every space that they design is absolutely flamboyant and full of life. Their Woodmont residence is an excellent example of how their ideas add a unique flavor to every space that they curate. From lively wallpapers to furniture that brims with character, there’s something distinct about every single room in this house. The sculptures and accessories are even more beautiful and add such a gorgeous panache to the overall ambiance.

5. Leslie Newpher Interiors

This full-service interior design firm takes on both gut remodels and new constructions - and best of all - manages to carry them both out to perfection. Their process has been specifically designed to accommodate the clients as much as possible. From the first brick to the last accessory, they’re there to give you the best experience.

Out of all the projects on their portfolio, the Collefe Grove residence is one of the most fantastic one’s the you’ll ever come across. The gorgeous contemporary-transitional vibe of this project is quite stunningly interpreted in the overall ambiance. From the grand piano centerpiece to the classic neutral color scheme, everything has been carefully and strategically added to make the atmosphere feel as wholesome as possible.

6. Marcelle Guilbeau Interior Designer

Marcelle Guilbeau is a design guru who believes in the philosophy that a truely habitable space is the one where “ meets the soul.” He and his team make sure to be attuned to the needs of each client as closely as possible so that they can have the most amazing spatial experience of their lives. Their specific ideology for a home design is known as “Soul Style” while the one for the office is known as “Core Values.”

You’ll see some great examples of the “Soulful home style” throughout their portfolio. It’s all about identifying whether you’re into modernism or traditional aesthetics or whether you like sensational spaces or enjoy practicality. The team at this firm helps one identify their ideal aesthetic and helps them design their spaces accordingly.

7. Pencil & Paper Co.

If you’re a fan of bold colors and patterns, then Pencul & Paper Co. is just the place for you. This retail-come-design experience will make you feel as if you’re having the most absolute fun experience that you possibly can. Led by Gen, a “Southern Living Tastemaker,” this firm will help you get the best of your colorful palette in any way, shape, form, and style that you want.

The Modern Southern Living niche of this company’s portfolio is one of the prime examples of how Gen and her team can fashion beautiful spaces. The entire residence is an eclectic mix and match of wonderful patterns, textures, and colors. Each room has been outfitted in the most strategically colorful way, mostly by using everyday use items and positioning them in a way that breathes new life into the room. It’s definitely

8. Rutledge Interiors

From concept to construction, Rutledge Interiors is one of the finest interior design firms in Nashville. With many years of experience and a wide array of projects under their belt, this firm has tackled many projects, be they residential or even pertaining to criminal justice. The absolutely talented team here can guide you from point A to point B of the entire process with absolute ease.

You can experience their full expertise in the entirety of their residential portfolio. The projects there showcase a wide variety of style genres, highlighting the fact that you can tap this team to design any and every kind of home for you. You’ll love the sheer diversity and will want to add everything to your inspiration board.

9. Savage Interior Design

From practical considerations to hiding small elements of surprises in the spaces that he designs, Jonathan Savage and his interior design theme pay special attention to balance and harmony. Jonathan’s signature style includes emulating classical sculptures into modern ambiances to give them a unique stylistic touch.

Jonathan and his team specialize in residential interior design, and the Moultrie Park project is one of the finest in their portfolio. The softly designed ambiance is interspersed with an aura of sumptuous luxury thanks to the strategic use of plush fabrics. The monochromatic theme is simply outdone and the accents of navy blue in the mix take it to a whole new level.

10. Thurman Design Studio LLC

Boasting a portfolio of both small and large projects, this interior design firm has carved a cozy little niche for itself in Nashville, Tennessee. Thoughtfulness is their main goal and they always strive to provide quality aesthetics to their clients. But the thing that they pride themselves the most on is that they try to reflect the user’s personality within each project so that every space is a reflection of the person who’s ultimately going to use it.

The skill of this team is best represented in their “Globally Modern” project, which captures the best of contemporary eclectic visuals. The careful mix and match of all accessories showcase the keen eye for detail that this team has. The backdrop of white is embossed with colorful accents that lend the whole ambiance a playful touch. It’s a quirky modern home that the residents would definitely have fun living in.


These top 10 designers from Nashville are absolutely fantastic at what they do and they should be your go-to whenever you’re thinking about designing a space. We hope you can find exactly the one that you’ve been looking for while browsing through this list.