Rose Was Afraid That She Couldn't Afford to Show Off Her Interior Design Skills

Today I want to share an inspiring story about my friend Rose with you.

A few months ago, she decided to host an interior design course in Baltimore, Maryland for women who wanted to learn more about home decor.

Rose knew that mid-century modern design was one of the most popular styles that people were interested in.

The problem was

She didn't have a big enough budget to furnish her apartment to host the workshop. Frankly, Rose was embarrassed to have customers come into a home with lackluster design.


Mid-century modern design

Until she found out about Eternity Modern.

Once she saw how much more affordable the furniture was, compared to the other stores, she quickly furnished exactly the right places in her home in a mid-century modern style.

She brought new life into her living room and suddenly it was worthy of admiring. It helped her radiate with self-esteem while sharing her interior design knowledge with her students. Rose loves spending her free time relaxing in her mid century modern living room.

Without even noticing, she started speaking louder, smiled more and the students loved her energy.

She even loves taking pictures in her stylish new place, which is really strange for Rose, as she was always a bit shy!

Photos were shared of her curling up in her cozy Womb Chair & Ottoman with her puppy on a Sunday morning sipping tea, lounging on her pillowy soft EM Sky Sofa while reading her favourite novel, and even working from home at her Nelson Swag Leg Desk...

Her guests usually think that the apartment is much more expensive than it is, and it's funny to see them wondering how she got all that.

It's stories like Rose's that really bring tears of joy down my face.

I've had dozens of customers from that exact workshop become life-long friends after she recommended them to Eternity Modern.

That's why I know you're going to love our mid century modern furniture just as much.