The Best Mid Century Modern Beds For Every Budget

If there's one design style that actually never went out of style, then it's Mid Century Modern.

Hailing from the literal middle of the twentieth century (1947-1965 approximately), the Mid Century era boasts clean lines, functionality, and a focus on geometry. The universality and timelessness of this style have made it popular even in today's world - so much so, that people are especially attracted to Mid Century Modern furniture.

From beautiful sideboards to chairs, and even end tables, this genre is a vast one to explore. But the one furniture item that's been trending from this theme these days is the Mid Century Modern Bed. Aside from their excellent quality and sturdy craftsmanship, the clean, charismatic design of these beds suits modern sensibilities really well. So below, we'll touch on what such a bedroom looks like, various features to look out for when making a purchase, and finding what's the best option for you:


What Does A Mid Century Bedroom Look Like?

To better understand what to look out for in your Mid Century Modern Beds, you first need to understand what a bedroom designed in this theme might look like. Let's take a look:

Clean, simple, and modern: A Mid Century Modern Bedroom features clean, simple, and modern furniture items and accessories. There's a distinct lack of clutter and everything incorporated in the design is neat, classy, and understated.
Geometry: The geometry emulated in a Mid Century Modern Bedroom leans on the clean side as well. This style appreciates both angles as well as curves, so there's no limitation on shapely contrast as long as the end result is sleek and sophisticated.
Function based: Everything in a Mid Century Modern Bedroom is function-based. There aren't any frou-frou elements - everything has a purpose and there's always a close attention to detail.
Embracing minimalism: There's little-to-none ornamentation in such bedrooms and every furniture and accessory that is selected embraces minimalism. Everything is artless, timeless, and basic, ensuring that nothing is overly elaborate or baroque.
Visual contrast: The color and material scheme of a Mid Century Modern Bedroom leans on the contrasting side. The palette leans on the neutral side and the materials are specially selected to evoke a sense of visual contrast. You'll find a lot of bright, earthy, and warm tones like various types of wood that are coupled with cooler hues like grey in the form of concrete and tiles.
Statement planters: Nature is an integral part of a Mid Century Modern Bedroom, but to keep things from looking overwhelming, you should opt for a single, oversized statement planter. Alternatively, you can opt for one or two hanging planters (in a macrame holder) and hang them over the window if you have any. The idea is to keep things from looking too cluttered, so always focus on that.
If you like the ageless versatility of this interior design theme and want to emulate it in your own bedrooms, then you're definitely at the right place


How to give your bedrooms a Mid Century Makeover?

The minimalist nature of this style makes it quite easy to incorporate in most bedrooms. If you've got an inkling to do a refresh on your own, then here's how you can go about it:

White walls for the win: The first thing you need to take care of when designing a Mid Century bedroom is to opt for white walls. They're reflective, can make a room feel bigger, and best of all - let all of the furniture and accessories take center stage. The neutral backdrop is like a blank canvas that you can use to highlight the overall personality of your bedroom.

Rekindle that wood affair: The Mid Century style is especially fond of wooden elements, so that's the first thing that you should emulate while articulating it in your bedrooms. You can opt for DIY wall paneling in a rustic wood finish. You might like to opt for wooden-textured floors (mind that you don't have to go for expensive hardwood - vinyl and tile work just as well). Or if you just want to be understated, then you can pick out various wooden furniture items and place them against a backdrop of white walls to create a beautiful, visually striking, and highly contrasting look. Mind that a Mid Century Modern Bed might be one of the best ways to do that.

Your light fixtures: Light fixtures are also designed to respect certain themes, and you can use them to emulate a Mid Century Modern vibe in your bedrooms. Central fixtures with their stylish lines, curves, and angles are a tasteful and impactful way to do this. However, if you've got a ceiling fan in the center of your room's ceiling, then you can also opt for hanging pendant lights or Mid century table lamps above your nightstand. If you've got a small alcove or armchair in your room, then you might even like to pair it with a Mid Century floor lamp.

Wall art and accessories: If you want to emulate a bit of color in your bedrooms, then you can put up a triptych of printed Midcentury Style wall art on the statement wall. These are easy to recognize because they take inspiration from the classic De Stijl movement and feature primary colors like red, yellow, and blue in conjunction with black and whites. Moreover, their designs are rather simple, abstract, and geometric.
If you're not one for artwork, then you should opt for Mid Century style wall accessories. Wall mount mirrors are a popular choice. They come in modern sunburst patterns and can help emulate a tasteful, refined aura in your bedrooms.

Minimal accessorizing: The accessories that you decide to feature in your Mid Century bedroom should adhere to the thematic values of this style. You have to be minimalist but impactful, and the best way to do so is by selecting contrasting pieces. A tall table lamp on your nightstand or reading table can look pretty great. A group of three simple vases in varying heights on your console or dresser can make a nice impact - especially if you use them to feature a single stem of variegated leaves.
You can also feature a collection of classic liquor bottles or thematically appropriate candelabras. Lastly, you can use throw cushion covers to create accent points throughout the bedrooms. You can feature a cluster of contrasting, geometrically patterned, and colorful throw cushions in front of your Mid Century Bed Headboard or on top of your Mid Century Chair.

Furniture on-point: Lastly, your furniture must always be on-point, because it's the main feature of your bedroom. Remember: only use the things that you need. Don't over furnish because you think something might just add aesthetic value to your space.
Since you're furnishing a bedroom, of course, the very first thing that you should be looking for is the perfect bed. Then come the nightstands. If you want to have a TV, then a floating console would also be a good choice. If your room is your personal sanctuary, then you can even put up a Mid Century style bar cart. An armchair in the corner can be paired with a Mid Century end table. It all pretty much depends on the dimensions of your room and how much is too much.

Features & Designs To Look For When Choosing Mid Century Beds

The bed always takes center stage in a bedroom, and if you're searching for a Mid Century one, then here are some of the main features that you should look for:

Tapered legs: Mid Century beds with tapered legs are the most common. They've transitioned into the Scandinavian style as well and give the bed an airy, elevated vibe. They pair well with a solid headboard and have quite a lightweight, breezy aura about them.

Stiletto legs: These are straight and tall - just like a stiletto shoe - and usually paired with railed headboards. These, too, promote a sense of lightweight breeziness and are perfect for Mid Century bedrooms that lean on the smaller side.

The floating platform aesthetic: Platform Mid Century beds lean on the heavier side and are most suited for medium to large-sized bedrooms. They also pair well with solid headboards and always remain the focus of the room, even when there's a lot of other furniture to take note of as well.

Tufted headboards: Framed by a wooden border and accentuated with tapered legs, tufted Mid Century bed headboards either feature deep button or channel tufting. The fabric is always neutral in color - most notably grey or cream.

Angular headboards: These are typically made out of solid wood and the headboard leans back at an angle. Such headboards are paired with tapered or stiletto legs, and are perfect for small to medium-sized bedrooms.

Rattan-filled headboards: If you're looking for a Mid Century Modern Bed that leans on the stylistic side, then you should definitely go for rattan frames. These headboards feature a short body where their middle part is filled with woven rattan. Sometimes, there's a wooden accentuation in the middle as well.

The Best Mid Century Modern Beds According To Features And Design

Mid Century Modern beds are known for their excellent and robust craftsmanship, but as the design varies, so does the price point.

Typically, beds with railing-style headboards are the cheapest. They're pretty light in aesthetic and look great in small bedrooms and studio apartments. Prices start as low as $500 and go up to as much as $1500.

Mid Century Modern beds with solid headboards can be quite expensive, especially if you're shopping from online stores like West Elm. Prices start from $1399 and go all the way up to $3000. These beds are quite robust but look very breezy. They fit well in small to medium-sized rooms without seeming overwhelming.

Fabric-clad or tufted headboards vary in the price range. Some of them are affordable, while others are mid-ranged. Others can toe the line of expensive, but ultimately it depends on the design style, the quality of the materials, and the amount of materials used. Prices start from $500-$600 and go all the way up to $3500.

Mid Century Modern beds with tapered legs, stiletto legs, and angled headboards share a similar price range. These features are usually mixed and matched together to deliver a wholesome effect. Prices start as low as $ and can be as high as $1400-$1800. One might even say that tapered legs or headboards are one of the most dominant Mid Century Modern characteristics in beds, and they're timeless enough to look good in all types of rooms, no matter what their size.


The Best Mid Century Modern Bed Frame and Headboard Color For You!

At the end of the day, the aesthetics of your Mid Century Modern bed are of the utmost importance, and the color scheme plays a key role here. Here are some suggestions that might help you make a good decision for yourself:

Wooden: Solid wood Mid Century bed frames can vary in grain, tone, and shade, depending on the type and genre of wood that you're opting for. Prices start as low as $300-$400 and can go as high as $2000-$3000.

Going neutral for fabrics: Mid Century Modern is a theme that thrives on neutral hues, so if you're choosing a fabric upholstered or tufted headboard, then this is the palette that you need to tap into. From understated hues of frost, cream, and white to grey and tan, you can choose your pick in a price range of $1000-$3000.

Synthetic or authentic rattan: Synthetic rattan headboards come with solid frames, but despite the contrast in materials, they have a very charismatic and stylish appearance. Plus, the synthetic aspect also makes them slightly cheaper and you can easily find one that suits your needs in around $700-$800. Authentic rattan headboards are typically paired with solid wood rails and feel, and they tend to be double in price; around $1400-$1600.

So, this is everything that you need to know about Mid Century Beds, how they can be featured in theme-appropriate bedrooms, and what price ranges you can find them in. We hope this piece helps you tie all of these aspects together to find the best one for your own homes.