5 Interior Design Changes To Boost Your Mood

Mood-Boosting Design Methods

Our living spaces can have a significant impact on our mood. Think about it if your home is messy, you will probably feel scattered or stressed out (and vice versa). If you're feeling down or even just in need of an exciting new change, you can boost your mood with interior design! Check out these simple methods that can brighten your day & enhance your living space!


Your environment says a lot about your mood, especially your living space. Nobody wants to come home to a messy, disorganized house it just makes it harder to relax! However, if you're feeling stressed out, your home is likely to reflect that feeling. So, if you want to destress, you need to start by decluttering.

Start decluttering by getting rid of the items, clothing, or even furniture you no longer need. As you let go of unnecessary things, it will help you let go of some of your stress! Once your space is cleared of the clutter, then you can start organizing.

When you organize your home, you organize your mindset! Move your items around, so everything is where it needs to be, and you can feel at ease knowing where all of your items are. Once you're organized and clutter-free, it will instantly boost your mood long-term. This will help you feel clear-headed rather than scatterbrained. 


Even if you love your interior design, it may start to feel boring after a long time. Sometimes, we need to make changes in order to re-energize. However, it's not always easy to completely switch up our home design, especially if you've already spent lots of years or money to design in the first place. Luckily, you can make a significant, exciting change without having to buy or get rid of anything just rearrange!

Whether you move one piece of furniture or rearrange your entire design plan it can bring a sense of renewal to your home. You may be in the same space, but the environment will feel different once you move things around. A great addition to any home is a mid-century modern sectional that you can effortlessly change up the layout anytime. It's an easy way to give yourself a fresh start for a more motivated mood! 


Even if you don't have a green thumb, it can be highly beneficial to your health & mindset to bring some plants into your home! For starters, house plants can brighten up the appearance of your design. There are plenty of different plants to choose from, so you can even find ones to match your interior design aesthetic and put them in some stylish mid-century planters of your choice.

In addition to brightening up your space, they are also proven to boost your mood! When you bring fresh plants into your home, they will help produce oxygen and absorb toxins to keep the indoor air clean! House plants help freshen the air but also have a positive effect on your mindset. Many studies have shown that indoor plants help increase productivity, concentration, and creative thinking. But the benefits don't end there house plants have also been proven to reduce stress, fatigue, and cold symptoms!

Another thing to point out is that when you decorate with indoor plants, you will need to take care of them. This responsibility is not stressful; it's actually very therapeutic and motivated. So, if you need something to liven up your space and your mood, or even decorate your mid-century modern sideboard visit your local plant shop!


It's natural to lose touch with yourself sometimes. Every so often, you may begin to feel upset or in need of a bit of pick-me-up. When you start to feel down, it's helpful to remind yourself of what makes you happy. There may be specific memories, art, keepsakes, or collectibles that bring a smile to your face so why not bring them into your home?

Add a personal touch of positivity with decor that you find meaningful. Even if it's just a framed photo from your favorite vacation it can make a big difference! When you are surrounded by things you love, it will lift your spirits! Personal decor additions, big or small, will include positive aspects of your personality into your decor. These will serve as positive reminders of the bright side of life that always surrounds you! 

And if you don't have any specific decor that you want to use, you can go on a fun little shopping trip & treat yourself to a cool decor piece such as a Wicker Bench that is decorative yet multifunctional! Decorating your home is simple, fun, and an instant mood changer!


The color scheme in your home can directly influence your mood. A great color palette can create a great environment! When picking out colors to bring into your interior design, you can consider your preferences and associations with certain colors. If you need something to get you out of a negative mindset, you can go for exciting colors that make you happy! Or, you can switch up the mood to create a calmer setting with softer shades & cool tones. 

Also, it has been proven that colors play a role in our attitude! When it comes to colors, you can start small with decor or go for a big change and paint your walls! Want to meet somewhere in the middle? Find a colorful mid-century modern rug or a statement modern lounge chair that you can tie into your interior style. 

It's natural to find yourself in bad moods, but remember it's not permanent! 

When you need a mood booster, start by changing your surroundings to reflect the mindset you wish to achieve. There are significant ways to do this, but there are also simple methods that can help out. Out of the five tips we've shared with you, we hope you found some inspiration to brighten your mood with some design therapy.