A Buyer's Guide to Bar & Counter Stools

Sitting at a bar or counter stool can have this early-morning or late-night luxurious feel that we often forget. We spend so much time sitting tall, whether it's doing work at the counter in our mid-century modern kitchen, enjoying a meal, or getting a drink to end off the night. That said, beautiful mid-century modern counter stools can make a huge statement or work to complement the elements in your design so choose wisely. 

In 2021, we've noticed the trendy styles when it comes to bar stools & counter seating, as well as what makes them excellent choices for your living space. So, we want to share these trending designs with you to help you determine what works best for your home.

Natural Charm

Wishbone Counter Stool

Using the best natural materials, this sculptural style offers timeless comfort. The Wishbone Chair became an iconic design in the 1950s due to its heavy form that was popular at the time. These chairs are reliable, sturdy, and absolutely charming. The earthy wooden elements bring a refreshing feel to the table, which works great in cozy & stylish homes. This look has stood the test of time, which provides a memorable statement that can continue for generations to come.

That satisfying feeling when you get home after some time away is evident in the Wishbone Counter Stool. It welcomes you with a classic look, and undeniable comfort that you know will always be there to make you feel at home.



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Modern Class

Set of Two Bertoia Counter Stools

For those who enjoy a more modern, late-night style in their home, the Bertoia Counter Stool is a high-quality option. It provides the elegance of a high-class bar while also offering a welcoming & casual atmosphere for daytime. Designed by Harry Bertoia in the 1950s, the Bertoia Counter Stool comprises a tubular steel frame and a raised, stylishly curved seat. This design proves that vintage can have a modern appeal that lasts through the years.

If you want to give your home a revitalized look, this quality style is the perfect choice to add to your bar or counter. Its established, classy, and versatile. Whether you are looking for something established & attractive or something cool & relaxing this set does it all. Also available in the collection are the Bertoia Bar Stool and Bertoia Chair.



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Minimalist Elegance

Set of Two Norman Counter Stools

We've covered two of the three main counter stool styles, earthy and modern. Now, we're ending the guide with the final style, the kind that can work for almost any type of interior design minimalist or what we call minimalist elegance. This replica Cherner Counter Stool is a tribute to the original, harnessing the power of minimalist design and organic materials to produce a piece that is elegant and functional. It essentially captures both elements of a modern and natural approach. 

This set offers a versatile beauty that effortlessly complements both contemporary and down-to-earth interiors. The soft lines and rounded edges make the style feel inviting while also creating a functional seat. 



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Choosing seating is always a crucial part of the design process. When it comes to bar & counter stools, these style choices will sit tall and stand out, so it's best to consider what works best for you. While trends come and go, these three categories remain great choices throughout the years.

Depending on your design preferences, your home, and your intentions for the setting choosing the right stools can bring it all together.