The Best Forecast For 2021 Interior Design Trends

2020 is finally about to end, and it's an excellent opportunity to hype yourself up for what's coming next! 2021 is the year of hope, so we predict that its interior design catalogue will be full of unique, creative, and beautiful ideas that will help you style your spaces for the better.

2021 Interior Design Trends

1. Up and coming color trends

Colors always make up the face of an interior design, so it's only right that they be the first thing that we elaborate on. Let's look at which hues will make a big impact on 2021 aesthetics:

Healing with the greens

Image by: Anne Sage

Pantone's 2021 synergy line is here, and it features some major love for all things green. In fact, botanical green and beryl green are at the top of this list with their fresh, understated, and elegant vibes.

The thing about green is that it's an incredibly healing color. Its subtle impact on the human psychology is very interesting after all, most things in nature are green (plants, grass, trees, etc.) so it has a natural tendency to make us feel anchored to the environment while also feeling relaxed. You can even start small by decorating with a variety of potted plants in mid century planters.

Jared Sherman Epps, CEO and Owner of JSE Interior Design, said, "The only thing I would add is that using botanical green or beryl green a sophisticated way to bring the outdoors in and create a lush, lively accent in city apartments or homes even in winter months."

So, we predict that there's going to be a big influx in green-hued decor. From beautiful wall paper designs to plain accent walls, designers and homeowners are going to go nuts with this color. It will be used in retail, residential, and commercial spaces alike, amplified with unique design perspectives and gorgeous lighting techniques.

Getting upscale with the navy

Image by: Turek Design 

Navy blue has always been a charismatic color. It's got a charismatic aura and is able to imbue spaces with unfettered glamour and lavishness. However, many people have always been on the fence about it.

However, next year, we predict that this particular color is going to take the design world by storm. From stunningly bold accents to full-fledged spatial designing, this color will make a huge comeback and leave everyone in awe.

This color is incredibly bold, so it will look the best in oversized public spaces that are adorned with bright ambient lighting. If you're designing just your statement wall out of it, then you can match it with moody accent lighting to create a glam environment. Navy blue walls are perfect for highlighting statement art, metal accessories, and light-hued wall decor because of its high-contrast.


More on the blues

 Image by Alison Giese Interiors

 Another interesting addition in Pantone's 2021 synergy edit is double whammy of light blues captain's blue and aqua to be more specific. So, chances are that we'll be seeing a lot of these particular shades as well.

Like classic greens, these lighter shades of blue also have an optimistic aura. Their cool intensity is perfect for creating a relaxed, tranquil, and healing atmosphere, so people are definitely going to fall in love with this color trend.

As far as usage is concerned, we see these particular shades of blue being most commonly used in the residential sector. Since they can amplify the tranquility of a space, they'll be used to finish beautiful feature walls, might even be emulated in statement decor pieces, or even furniture upholstery. 


The pastel evolution

 Image by Jessica Helgerson Interior Design


Each year, we see a dramatic inclination of homeowners and designers towards the pastel color trend. After the rise and fall of millennial pink, Pantone's 2021 synergy line has come up with the next pastel trend: Elderberry, Heirloom Lilac, and Filmy.

All of these colors are not only the epitome of understated charm, but they also immediately catch the eye and make you feel inherently calm. They're cool, sophisticated, and can be used to design stunning contemporary and eclectic spaces. It's a colour that should be kept in mind for your next mid century modern chair. 

The wintry vibe of this pastel trio can either be emulated singularly, or as a team of three. With just using one hue, you'll be able to craft a simple, minimalist space. But by using all three, you'll be able to play in contrast with your surroundings. Note: pair these colors with warm lighting so that they feel more welcoming as a whole.


Autumnal colors

 Image by Kathy Kuo

The need for warmth is an integral part of human nature, and since all of us have been spending so much time at home, our need of cozy spaces has only multiplied in the last year.

This is why we're going to be seeing lots of warm, autumnal-hued spaces in 2021. This color trend is definitely on the rise, and will include beautiful rust, orange, reddish, and other earthy shades.

Such warm hues pair really well with contrasting black or white backdrops. The high-contrast is absolutely striking and will be enhanced even more with good lighting. Try to opt for soft-core warm accent lights so that the autumnal hues feel cozier and more welcoming than ever!

According to Michelle of Michelle Walsh Designs ...

"We've all seen the gray trend here for a long time. What's next? White! And white with white oak , in particular. 

When she gave us the images, she said..

"You might have notice all of the natural elements being brought into design: raw wood, woven pendants , and rattan accents (we reserve the word wicker for outside ). To take our obsession with white a little further, we are turning to our bleached out, white oak! We are using them in our kitchens, flooring, bathroom, and anywhere else we can get our hands on. Complement this with interesting architectural lines, some soft brushed gold accents , and remove the over decorating. 

And she added...

"This aesthetic gives the feeling of light , clean and airy that is so desired these days. Perhaps how chaotic our world has become, the simplicity inside our homes creates a calming safe haven. What do you think? Could you live here?"

If we are to answer it honestly, we would say, very likely!


2. The prediction of patterns

Image by  Emily Gilbert; interior design by Jenny Wolf Interiors


Patterns are a key component of any interior design. They're like the spice in the wok of ambiance creation, and these are the top styles that we see arising in 2021:

Featuring blocks of vintage retro art, this pattern style is full of spunk and will be a trendy choice in 2021. It's a great way to introduce bold colors in your interior design and you can interpret it in the form of textiles, accessories, wallpapers, or even statement art.



According to Kristiann Colasacco, President/Owner of  K-Ann Kreations & Design...

"Textured Wall Coverings to act as Art are rapidly becoming a highly regarded trend as of recently! Applying these unique wall coverings on as "Feature" walls whether large or small areas really changes the entire mood of the room. Whether you are applying decorative sconces against them for ambiance in a dining or living area or installing them behind open shelving units in built in's to add visual interest to a simplistic design, there are many creative ways to utilize these underappreciated gems we have access to in the design market! I have shown in the attached image the Wall covering "Sanctuary Awakened Silver" by Phillip Jeffries! "  

One of the best things about this pattern is that it's very unique, so it always ends up becoming the focal point of the room. So if you want to brighten up your mid century modern living room, nooks, or general ambiances, then this is definitely the pattern style you should opt for!


Eclectic vines


This pattern style is also a little on the eclectic side, but it features such unfettered charm, which will make it a top choice in 2021. It consists of artfully jotted down vines on a plain backdrop. The leaves provide just the right amount of visual clutter and sometimes, there are even a few flowers in between.

This pattern is best emulated through the use of rugs and wallpapers. They're both great mediums that provide a lot of opportunity to add beautiful accents to your spaces!



Image by Impeccable Nest

This retro pattern is going to make a big comeback in 2021. People have become tired of the sleek, glossy, and unsustainable austerity of the modern-contemporary look, which is why patterns that feature lots of visual clutter are once again becoming top choices for many.

Out of all of these, the chintz pattern has a certain granny-chic quality that makes everyone feel welcome and cozy. It features beautiful floral, arabesque, and eclectic prints that are articulated in various colors.

The Chintz pattern is mostly featured in textiles, so if you're thinking about using it in your interiors, it'd look best on sofa or accent chair upholsteries.


Face line art

Image by Claudia Stephenson Interiors

Face line art features abstract line work that is artfully worked into facial profiles and it's going to be one of the top pattern trends in 2021. It's a very artistic concept and can be usually found in contemporary wallpapers, rugs, and accessories. Although there's a slightly retro touch to this concept, it's still very much in sync with modern sensibilities.

The slim-line design and unique perspective of the face profiles is perfect for evoking companionship within a space. This pattern comes in both achromatic and colorful hues. The final choice depends on the kind of product that you're using to emulate it along with the overall theme of your interior design. Due to the versatility of this art, you can pair it with the iconic EM Sky Sofa to create a chic look, or go bold and pair it with the curvy Mario Bellini Sofa.

3. Your material catalogue

You can never emulate the right colors or patterns without knowledge of the top trending materials, so here's a list of which ones will be the top choice, come next year:


Light, beautiful wood textures

 Image by Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

Wood has always been an evergreen interior design material. Its perpetual presence in spaces year after year only determines how versatile it actually is.

But since wood comes in so many unique textures, hues, and grains, it's always challenging to predict which specie will be taking center stage. In 2021, we foresee a rise in uplifting light wood textures. They're understated, can complement a number of interior design styles, and will definitely add a refreshingly cheerful aura to your spaces. Mid century modern benches can help you with this.

You might see light wooden textures being used to clad entire rooms, instead of just floors. Walls and even ceilings are a viable option. And since themes like the Scandinavian, minimalist, and contemporary styles all appreciate the use of this material, it's not a huge stretch of the imagination to predict lots of gorgeous wood accents taking up entire feature walls, false ceilings, and more.


Crystalized surfaces

Image by Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

We're not exactly thinking full-on Swarovski here, but yes, crystalized surfaces are a major 2021 interior design prediction. What comes to mind when you think of crystals? It's all up to your imagination, but it's a very glamorous material that can be worked into a space in a number of ways.

For example, a giant retro chandelier with crystal work right in the middle of a room can make a gorgeous focal point. Other than that, you can go for crystal bead curtains, crystalized wall accessories, crystal table decor, suspension lights, and more!

This material has an inherent ability to make any space feel swanky, so emulating it in your interior designs is a surefire way to not only make a bold statement, but also evoke a ritzy ambiance!


Satin sheen

 Image via Design Media 


Have you ever seen pure silk fabrics? The sheer, natural gloss and expensive aura of it is something that's going to make a huge splash in 2021. Satin sheen can be incorporated in a number of ways and all of them might just have one thing in common: glamor.

You can emulate this finish in your spaces by selecting the right wallpaper. You can also find laminates in this finish, and if push really comes to shove, then you can go for pearlescent paint finishes to complete the whole look.

The satin sheen can also be emulated by directly using fabrics. A satin bed sheer or duvet in the bedroom can have a bold impact. Similarly, satin pillow covers, curtain accents, or throws can also give you the effect that you want.


Metallic shimmers

Image via Home Designing

2021 is going to be the year that we see a dramatic rise in the use of metallic finishes yes, even more so than right now. This material is a vast genre of its own, so we're only just beginning to explore it. From the shimmery finish of brass and nickel to the understated shine of copper, there's a lot to experiment with here.

This is precisely why we might be seeing a huge uptick in the use of this material. It's going to cover lots of aspects of interior designing, but furniture is going to be the major focus here.

Metal furnishings have the ability to add some unfettered contrast to the ambiance. Plus, there's lots of room to experiment here. Have you ever seen luxuriously distressed metal sideboard facades? Or stylish vintage metal embossed patterns on a coffee table? Or a sleek, shimmery brass finish on a dining table's pedestal leg? Well, there's lots more to experiment with in this genre, and we're definitely going to be here for it!

4. Reduce, reduce, recycle the perks of choosing sustainability

Image via Terelee Homes 

Recycling is a big thing in the construction and design world, and over the years, many steps have been taken to reduce our carbon footprint by creating sustainable spaces. 2021 is going to bring an even more eco-friendly design theme for us in many ways, so let's take a look at some of them:


Recycled plastic furniture

Plastic is the most grievous threat to our environment at the moment. It's non-biodegradable and is adversely affecting our surroundings in ways that are hard to imagine. It's also taking up lots of space in landfills and is slowly destroying our ocean life.

Over the years, there has been slow progress in the field of upcycled plastics, but 2021 is the year that this movement finally gains traction. You'll see lots of bioplastics being used in interior designs. Recycled plastic rugs and furniture is going to be at the forefront and reused materials are going to lean the scales heavily in the low environmental-impact genre.


Reclaimed wood items

Reclaimed wood is usually derived from old boats, timber beams, and other such sources. Since it's a material that is not really derived from a non-renewable or slowly-renewable source, it's the perfect choice for designing eco-friendly interior designs.

Reclaimed wood is generally used to make handcrafted furniture items that may include beds, dining tables, consoles, storage cabinets, etc. However, if you or your contractors are able to source it without hassle, then this type of wood can also be used to craft the more hefty parts of your spaces, including floors, wall panels, etc.


Recycled building structural elements

Furniture is not the only genre that reclaimed wood and other recyclable material are going to be used in. In fact, building structures and other integral parts of construction are going to be carried out in upcycled materials.

Already, we have so many amazing examples of how to design a building with eco-friendly materials. Certifications like the LEED award propel designers to work harder to achieve this goal.

As a result, we've taken many steps in the right direction, and 2021 is going to be a firm continuation of it. Recycled metal, wood, glass and other materials are going to make sure that we take the right number of steps to preserve our environment while crafting the best possible spaces.


Sustainable bed sheets

Another trend that's going to take us towards a greener interior design approach is the use of sustainable sheets. Yes, rest and rejuvenation are more important than ever, but getting it in an eco-friendly way just might make all the difference.

This is quite a simple little upgrade. All you have to do is find the right material. Bamboo sheets are easily available and their satiny look will definitely add a luxe vibe to your rooms. Other than that, you can also opt for linen sheets. They are also very easy to find and are incredibly comfortable to boot!


5. Trending interior design themes

Image via Anna Rodé Designs

2021 is going to be a year of pleasant surprises, and here are the predictions for what themes might be coming our way, come next year:


Granny chic

It seems like 2021 is finally when we tire of the seamless gloss, minimal undertones, and austerity of the modern and contemporary styles. Instead, the granny-chic theme might be making the biggest comeback yet. Seen back in the 60s in the form of Laura Ashley patterns and old-school vintage vibes, this contemporary revival will be bit more present-oriented.

The cozy aura of this theme features understated wooden accents and beautiful florals with an underlying elegance that will attract it to our 21st century sensibilities. This style is slated to make a home feel more attractive on a permanent basis, as more and more people are going to be living, working, and spending most of their days indoors in the wake of COVID-19.



The Zen style is predicted to continue its amazing streak in contemporary homes come 2021. It's a theme that evokes a quiet, natural calm and is the perfect way to simplify your home interiors instead of opting for anything too frou-frou.

Characterized by lots of natural materials especially wood and understated lighting, there's a refined aura to this style that instills you with tranquility. It's uncluttered, brimming with charisma, and articulated through small, Japanese style details that evoke a cultural nostalgia within the ambiance.


Arts and crafts

Striving away from massive consumerism, another interior design style that might be making a huge comeback in 2021 is the arts and crafts movement also known as the handicrafts movement.

It's a style that is naturally eclectic, features lots of handcrafted details and focal points, and never fails to be impactful. Artistic visual clutter is a dominant feature of this style, closely followed by monochromatic themes and a strategic shabby-chic undertone that always makes you feel cozy and welcome.

This movement is especially receptive to heritage style pieces and vintage decor. It's eclectic and unique, urging the user to be as personal with the space as they can be. This is why it's going to be one of the main interior design styles that homeowners are going to explore next year.


Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an age-old way to emulate a sense of balance within the spaces that you live in. It's a theme that explores visual harmony, color balance, sustainability, and how to emulate positive energy within a space.

Feng Shui propagates the use of symmetry, green design elements, plants, and large windows. The principals of this style also dictate where you should or shouldn't place certain decor items (such as mirrors), which colors to use in order to emulate a certain energy within a particular space, the kind of furniture you should opt for (usually with legs), and what direction to design certain places in.


Biophilic design

Biophilia is the relationship between humans and natur , how the natural environment impacts our living spaces, and how healthy it is to incorporate plants and other green elements within an interior design.


This interior design style is going to become a mainstream trend in 2021! We're always looking to strengthen our relationship with nature and this theme provides the perfect opportunity to do so! Additionally, this style promotes a healthier living environment and can be easily incorporated within residential, commercial, and corporate interiors alike.

Emulating this theme will include bringing in lots of natural elements within your interior designs. They may include aquariums, unfiltered sunlight through oversized windows and skylights, along with bold living walls that make an incredible statement and prove to be the focal point of a room.


6. For the love of decor

Image by Molly of AlmostMakesPerfect 

Here's a list of all the trending decor predictions that we might see in 2021:


Plants, plants, and more plants

Quarantine has made us all go back to the basics, and many people have finally stretched out their green thumb! This means plants are becoming a trending home decor accessory once again and we couldn't be more ecstatic about it!

Growing indoor plants is a great way to brighten up your ambiance plus, you get the additional benefits of cleaner air! Moreover, plants are natural mood enhancers and great silent companions, so if you need a little pick-me-up, this is definitely the home decor accessory that you should be looking at.

From an interior design perspective, there are so many ways that you can feature planters in your spaces. From tall statement planters that only take up a small nook to a cluster of smaller ones that are artfully arranged on a bookcase, the choice is all yours. You might even opt for indoor wines that creep down hand-crafted Macrame hangers on your window sill if your planters are more inclined towards the sun.


Zen fountains

Gorgeous Zen garden style fountains are slated to become the next great focal point in 2021 interior designs. They're a charming way to ground your spaces and the ones that feature flowing water will also invoke a sense of tranquility within your spaces.

These fountains are usually outdoor feature elements, so if your living room connects with a semi-covered patio or a garden, then that's where they should be kept. Keep in mind that you'll need to design a visual connection between the fountain and the interior design via a window or a shouji door etc. to make this work.


Invisible kitchen hardware

Kitchen hardware includes all the handles and knobs that make up almost thirty percent of the visual clutter in this space. And since clean, minimalist kitchens are going to be the latest trend in 2021, invisible hardware will become one of the most sought after design trends.

Invisible hardware usually includes beveled edges that are subtly merged in the design of the cabinetry to bypass the use of typical door handles. It also includes clever push-style latches and integrated handles that are a true testament to the kind of innovative kitchen design technologies we've mastered over the years.


Abstract artwork

2020 has been such a soulless year, so 2021 is where people will look for things that spark their creativity and what better way to do that than hang a thoughtful abstract statement art piece on your walls.

When choosing this particular decor item for your home, try to opt for something that has bold colors. This will help make a more vibrant impact on your surroundings. It might also inspire you to think out of the box! If nothing else, it would make an eye-candy of a wall decor that will become the show stopping piece of your interior design!


Lots of ceramic love

Ceramics are the kind of home decor accessory that are visually light, seamlessly simple, and able to add a refined flavor to your surroundings. In fact, they've become so beloved, that many DIY-ers have even started manipulating other materials to look like them!

We predict that this trend is definitely going to bleed in 2021 and provide us with a lot of opportunities to experiment with ceramic decor. Their lovely creamy texture and artful simplicity makes them the perfect accessory to feature autumnal decor, singular flowers, and metal decor items in. Alternately, you can also feature them empty as is, but in clusters of 3 for a better visual impact.

7. Lifestyle trends

Image by Alecia Stevens Interiors


Now let's take a look at all the ways our lifestyle is going to change and evolve with the help of upcoming design trends:

Integrated living spaces

These days, we're more and more inclined towards an open floor plan. This is not just because of the general lack of space within current homes. It's also because visibility has become a very desired component of contemporary interior design.

Therefore, 2021 is going to see an even bigger influx of this technique. It's going to cover the kitchen, the living room, and the dining area meaning all the public space within a home. In the future, open layouts will become a total essential when crafting interiors.

The home office regime

COVID-19 has really redefined the way that we experience work. Carrying out our duties from the confines of a home office has become a strategic way to deal with this outbreak.

 According to Stefania SkrabakAHG Interiors  Principal Designer said that..

"Home offices have always been a "thing", but now with everyone stuck at home due to the pandemic, a home office is vital. It's about carving out a "nook"; whether it's in a dedicated room, closet, or a hidden corner made into a work zone. We can't all add an addition to our home, but we can create a multipurpose workspace within our current configuration."

And when redesigning your home in 2021, Stef added that..

"Longevity and sustainability are important in redesigning your home. We're all spending a lot more time at home and realizing that comfort is more important than the over-designed trendy pieces of the season. Forget the fast-design trendy pieces of furniture that you'll replace in a year's time; invest in higher quality and comfortable pieces that you'll want to use daily. Pieces that'll stand the tests of time."

Therefore, 2021 is going to see a huge reinvention of the home office genre. People will try to go for the un-cluttered look as it is known for improving focus and reducing distractions. Organizing accessories and minimalist desks will become a big trend. People will also look for functional decor items to improve the aesthetics of their workspace as well, so tiny planters, beautiful desk lamps, and interestingly designed paper weights and tape dispensers are also going to be a big thing.


Multipurpose rooms

Not everyone can have a big home with separate rooms, especially in this economy. This is why multipurpose spaces are going to be a rising trend in 2021. There are going to be some unconventional solutions to some very common problems, and you're going to love them!

Basically, whole rooms won't be dedicated to a single purpose in this design trend. In fact, we're going to see an interesting mixing and merging of functional elements e.g. a dining room that doubles as a study area or a living room that segues into a home office. There are going to be some clever storage hacks (classy murphy beds), adaptable design techniques (such as robotic walls) and unique aesthetics that will help you embellish multipurpose spaces in a distinct way.


A lot of natural light

An evergreen trend that's going to bleed into 2021 is the use of natural light. It has an inherent way of making an interior design feel more spacious, welcoming, and peaceful.

Moreover, as a result of introducing lots of natural light within our spaces, we'll also see some amazing innovation in the window treatment genre. Long gone are the days of old-fashioned drapes and heavily patterned curtains.

In the future, we'll be seeing lots of minimalist curtain designs, shades, and blinds. They'll have some subtle design elements like opaque finishing, the occasional tassel, or even a trim! They'll also have improved functional qualities with innovative materials, light filtering, and blackout options!