Plants Guaranteed to Spice Up Your Interior Design Concept in 2021

Top Interior Designer's expert opinion on the use of plants in modern interior design in 2021


We've humbly requested  the Top  Interior Designers in the country  for their thoughts about adding plants in modern interior design  and here are some expert opinions that we believe will help us all.


Elsa Soyars, Principal Designer, Elsa Soyars Interiors, one of New York's Top Interior Designers. 

I love to incorporate plants in my designs. Either accents on surfaces or corners of rooms for height , color and texture. They just bring life into spaces. Either succulents in glass containers, interesting cactus or fig trees. Beautiful orchids are instant elegance. Dried color roses in great boxes have become hugely popular. Poinsettias white or red for the holidays! There is so many simple choices that we can add to achieve a finish look in spaces.




K-Ann, the owner of  K-Ann Kreations & Design, one of New York's Top Interior Designers. 

One design trend that I see becoming a huge staple these days are Crystal Gardens! After a year of so much negativity and uncertainty people are really looking for peace within creative hopeful ways into their space and I have noticed as well as taken interest in these beautiful crystal gardens in place of a majority of plants! They are maintenance free and offer a calming to the space as well as look so pretty and unique! I'm finding people are making their own by researching how earth's crystals affect energy and incorporating sweet small succulents in a beautiful glass terrarium really adds a splash of zen! I have included an image of one a friend of mine and a client has recently developed a small business in creating herself below called ‘Crystalized. Gardens and I absolutely love this idea! As a designer I am constantly learning and incorporating new things especially being a huge proponent for positive energy and bringing that into newly designed spaces! 




Todd Davis, co-founder of  Brown Davis Interiors, one of the Inspiring Miami Interior Designers.

We are currently working on a South of 5th full floor ocean front penthouse with a full roof top garden and pool.  It is interesting you should ask about incorporating plants since this has been a topic we have been discussing with the clients. 

In the very large Master Bathroom we are incorporating plants along a wall of floor to ceiling windows to create the sense of privacy while creating a lush tropical environment.  The plants are decorative and help fill the very large space.  We are also incorporating tropical plants in the very large enclosed shower to decorate the space without making it look decorated.  These plans help soften the very modern architecture 




Mara Rodriguez-Walters,  owner and designer of MARA.HU DESIGN,  one of the Inspiring Miami Interior Designers.

There is nothing like bringing a little bit of nature to interior design.  Incorporating plants in your design helps make the space look and feel fresh and energized. Sometimes utilizing plants can be a challenge, mostly if you're trying to keep a clean and simplistic look to today's popular contemporary modern design.  I find utilizing either succulents or perhaps a Fiddle Leaf palm allows me to marry the two without jeopardizing my design goals. Plants can also inject a pop of color when utilizing white and natural color palettes.  I find myself working often with plants now that my clients are gravitating more to the indoor/outdoor design concept.




Tiffany Piotrowski, Principal Designer, Tiffany Leigh Design Inc. one of the  Top Home Decorators.

We believe that every room needs a little bit of greenery! Not only do they help purify the air, but adding plants to your decor is a great way to infuse some life into the design of your space.

We love taller plants like trees (particularly loving Olive trees and Audrey Ficus trees at the moment) to add height to a space and draw the eye up. They can help fill a corner that's looking a little empty and look purposeful and planned. 
We like to style trees in woven baskets for a more relaxed, casual look.
Smaller plants make great coffee table and shelf styling additions!