The Best 100 DIY Craft Blogs in The World

Over the years, DIY-ing has become a much-loved art form and people are always crazy about finding the best projects to tackle.

Unfortunately, the internet is riddled with too much fluff material with not enough oomph in this genre, which is why we've taken it upon ourselves to curate a list of the Best 101 craft blogs from around the world.

Here, you'll find the most amazing craft blogs and their best DIY projects according to us. There's something here for everyone recipes, easy crafts for kids and adults, etc., so let's take a look before preamble:


DIY Decor Craft Blogs

Poppy Talk


This blog is a beautiful little niche area for everyone who loves decor, DIY-ing, and exploring new ideas. We love almost everything they've got to offer, but there's just something super special about the DIY Thankful Pumpkin Pie Crust Template.

This project is basically a gateway for you to create customized pie crusts. It shows you how you can stencil out beautiful messages on this universally loved dish. Moreover, it's very easy and you can even access video instructions by clicking on the provided links.


The Sweetest Occasion

This is another DIY blog that's got everything on its menu, but party planning is their calling, so that's what you'll love about their offerings. Out of everything they've got, we especially love their Oktoberfest Party at Home, and here's why:

It's cozy, it's intimate, and everything feels like fall personified. The food ideas are absolutely brilliant and the decor matches the high bar as well. There are some planning tips and hacks in there as well that you'll find incredibly helpful while planning your own celebration!


Tatertots & Jello 

This blog lists out craft ideas and inspirations of every kind be it according to skill level, age, or season. So there's literally a lot to explore here, but the project we admire the most is the list of Fourth of July Party Ideas!

There are literally so many uniquely themed ideas here that you can look through. They pertain to food, decor, and more. The list is quite vast, so you're likely to find many things that you like. There are even DIY games and accessory ideas that you can follow as well. Nothing screams patriotism than color-coded everything, and that's exactly what you'll find here.


Sugar & Cloth


This cute lifestyle blog is an ode to inspiring crafts and you can really see how much love is put into each creation. There were literally so many things to pick from, but our personal favorite turned out to be cute Halloween Candy & Ghost Decoration!

You'l love how unconventional this idea is! It's not just limited to simple wreaths and spooky add-on's, but present a full picture that will make everyone stop and admire what you've done with your front door! It's very cute, kid-friendly, and you can follow the easy instructions to make it your own!


The Idea Room


This blogger is your companion in all things creative and the ideas that you'll find here are pretty amazing. We liked quite a bit of their stuff, but nothing could beat the extra oomph of the DIY fabric pumpkin and fall decor!

You'll find tons of wonderful interior design ideas here that represent the fall-to-winter vibe. The cozy aesthetics and the easy- to-follow  fabric pumpkin craft instructions will definitely leave you wanting more!


The Crafty Angels


This decor blog is a pool of creativity that touches on interiors and general projects. We love the individuality of every single venture and adored the 10 easy ways to make a Rakhi at home with kids tutorial!

Rakhi is an Indian sibling's day tradition where the sisters tie a fancy bracelet called Rakhi around the brother's wrist! We love how each Rakhi is absolutely unique and super easy to make. You'll find tons of pretty ideas to celebrate this event in full swing!


Craft By Amanda


This crafting blog is a full-time community that really appreciates contributions by people from all over, and out of everything they have, we just fell for the Glowing Jack O Lantern Jars! They're such a cute yet spooky Halloween decor addition!

It's a crafty little project that your kids will adore, but do remember to supervise the adult portions of this craft (e.g. cutting open the glow stick, etc.). The instructions listed there are full of some great information so just follow them and you'll have your own glowing jar of Halloween horrors that you can display on your mid century modern sideboard!


Lia Griffith


Fall and winters are never complete without acorn decor. This is why we especially curated this wonderful craft project for you from this niche lifestyle blog!

It's a very easy tutorial! The boxes themselves are super adorable and would make a great way to pack personalized gifts or sweets for your kids! You can even feature them as a function decor item on your living room EM Coffee Table!


Shrimp Salad Circus


Succulents are the latest-greatest trend in plant decor, but not many people have the green thumb to make them thrive. This is why we loved the paper succulent tutorial from this blog so much! It's a lovely way to add a lush vibe in your spaces without having to care for real plants!

You'll need to invest in a circuit for this craft project, because the leaves have a complicated pattern that you just can't cut out with scissors! Other than that, it's very easy! You can feature the end product on your bookshelf or on your Nelson Swag Leg Desk work station to keep yourself feeling fresh!


Kids Craft Room


This kids crafts website is all about appreciating your inner child to help nurture your growing children! You'll find so many awesome ideas here, but we just couldn't overlook the super fun climbing popsicle stick spider craft tutorial!

It's really easy to make and you can easily access the materials from anywhere! Your kids will love this activity and may even use the final products as their room decor! Just hand them over the door knob or hook them on the wall next to your cozy Finn Juhl Pelican Chair and they'll make a pretty fun accessory!


Honestly WTF


This fantastic lifestyle blog touches on a lot of genres, be it decor, interiors, art, travel, etc. but their DIY offerings are also some of the best that you'll find on the internet. The list is pretty good, but our favorite turned out to be the DIY sunglass and mask chain!

With some pretty basic materials, this blog teaches you to design your very own sunglass chain with customized bead choices. From stringing up the colored beads to capping them off with the right materials, there's some really fantastic step-by-step information here! You just love the end results!


The Country Chic Cottage


DIY-ing everything is the motto of this blog and you'll find many cricut tutorial and crafts here! Whether it's home decor or kids activities that you need, everything is easily available here, but our personal favorite is this unique collection of Halloween crafts.

It's basically a curation of ideas that you'll absolutely adore! It spans all genres and you'll definitely feel tempted to break out all your materials and start crafting your favorite ones!


A Girl And A Glue Gun


If you're a craft hoarder then you'll definitely relate to this blog and how easily accessible they've made their ideas to the world. The project index is pretty extensive here and our favorite one is the Mummy Board as a cute Halloween decorations!

It's a really cool project that you and your family and craft together on Halloween! It'd make a great outdoor garden accessory! The materials are also easily available and the overall look at the end feels just the right amount of spooky and fun!


Love The Day


Now you can unleash your inner detective by indulging yourself in these amazing Nancy Drew Party Ideas. Let's be honest: Nancy Drew was the badass of our generation and reading about her adventures was such a pleasure for all of us. This is why we just had to list this idea as the best one from this blog!

The list covers printables, party decoration ideas, and some ambiance-making props that will just blow you away with their amazingness! Itâ' like, you can throw the party of your dreams for your kids and their friends now!


Craft By Courtney


Sometimes, repurposing things is all you need to feel productive, which is why we loved this simple Basket Makeover with DecorArt tutorial so much! It's an easy-peasy craft venture that can also add to the loveliness of your home decor!

You just need some simple accessories and your favorite paint combinations to get going! You could even make it a full family venture with your family and loved ones! It's also a great way to add that homely quality to your interior designs! 


American Craft Studio


According to this blog, crafting should always be a super fun venture, so their index is full of some bright, cheerful, and amazing ideas! They're all pretty great, but we just really loved the 4th of July banner!

It's colorful, looks really unique, and can be easily crafted if you follow the instructions right. The unique thing about this banner is that it's got some 3 dimensional aspect thanks to some beautiful crafting techniques, so it'll definitely stand out from the rest of the decor.


Craft A La Mode


If you're in search for some unique homemaking ideas, then you'll absolutely love all that this fun lifestyle blog has to offer! We loved browsing through their recipes and craft ideas, and ultimately decided to feature the how to make faux enamelware thankful basin as the best one!

It's very stylish, homely, and will make a cozy addition to your interior decor. The steps are detailed and can be followed quite easily. Plus, the vintage look will make it feel like an heirloom that you inherited from your great grandma Alice.


Rustic Craft


You'll love the hardcore decor and DIY-ing on this blog especially if you l ve customized accessories that spruce up everyday life and special occasions. As for us, we just fell for these gorgeous Thanksgiving centerpieces ideas for our Tulip Table and couldn't look away! 

The collection is vast and you can definitely find something that caters to your tastes. From rustic, homely designs to fresh modern ones that pop with color, there's a great curation of ideas here for everyone. We hope you love them as much as we did!


Create And Craft


If you're searching for some great DIY home decor inspiration, then you'll never find any place as better this blog. We especially loved their DIY Moon Mirror project and how it can make such a versatile wall decor accessory!

The great thing about this is that you don't need any tools just a bunch of easily available stuff that you can buy without hassle. Afterwards, all that's left is to follow the easy instructions and you'll have a great statement piece on your hands! Match it with a console or put it on your sideboard we promise it'll look totally magical!


Rachael Jess


Wreath crafting may be related with Christmas, but you can literally craft one for any occasion that you want. They're super versatile and can be reused, which is why we absolutely adored all the Halloween Wreath craft ideas listed on this blog.

The only basic thing that you need is a polyester ring and some glue all other accessories can be switched out and personalized with whatever you love or whichever occasion you're styling your wreath for. These wreaths make for interesting decor, so you'll love hanging them around your house or style one to represent every season!


Craft By Ria


We love how this blog's got a craft to celebrate every significant event and if you're looking for something fun and quirky to gift your beau, then you'll absolutely love the pom pom heart yarn tutorial! It's fun, easy, and packs a big, red punch!

The supplies for this one are simple and easily available. You just need some yarn, scissors, glue, and beads! Just follow the simple instructions and you'll end up with your own pom pom heart. You can even personalize the color to make it an every-occasion gift or a home decor accessory! It's definitely a great project to take on with your kids as well! Sitting around your mid century modern dining table on a Sunday afternoon while enjoying some crafts with your kids... Sounds like a perfect day.


HandMade Charlotte


This DIY crafts blog is a homemaker's dream come true. It's got aesthetically pleasant and yummy recipes, fun projects, and lots of other unique stuff. However, their best project, according to us, is the: DIY Topsy-Turvy Rag Doll Tutorial.

This craft project can be easily customized and can make a wonderful homemade gift for your loved ones. It basically comprises of decorative rag dolls sewn out of fun fabrics. Each one is absolutely unique and the instructions are detailed enough that you won't falter during the process. If you're a sewing aficionado, then this craft project will bring you lots of joy.


Taylor Made


This decor and lifestyle blog is the center of all crafts, be it cooking, sewing, or more. The colorful aesthetic is an instant moodmaker here, but the best project according to us, is the one where they share some creative tips for catching up on project life.

This craft project is basically picture journaling kind of a scrap book that you create with printed out pictures. It's perfect for those who love to keep track of their precious memories with the perfect hacks on how to keep it alive and inte

esting for as long as possible. So, if you too want to document your life through changing times, then this is it!


Maker Mama


The Maker Mama blog is a haven for everyone who loves podcasts, photography, and DIY crafts! But the thing that we loved the most from this blog was actually the DIY Drink Coast Christmas Ornament. What's better is that Christmas is right around the corner so you can create your own for the decor season!

Made out of several identical glass coasters, some ribbon, and hot glue, this ornament is as pretty as it is easy to make. You'll love its classy aesthetics and how it will give a totally contemporary look to your mid century modern Christmas tree! The instructions are pretty simple so you'll have no difficulty creating a unique design of your own.


Lifestyle Craft Blogs

 P.S. - I Made This


his wholesome little blog covers food, beauty, and lifestyle ideas. They've also got a handy Craft Math corner that you absolutely must check out! That aside, we loved their DIY Halloween carnival Carstume./p>

Note that this is not a conventional costume it's actually a whole set design and it takes quite a bit of space. You'll need lots of cardboard boxes, paint, and balloons (and maybe a bit of help! Make it a family project!). However, the end results will be totally and truly worth it!

Design Sponge


This lifestyle blog hosts an entire community of wonderful ideas pertaining to fashion, interior design, and travel. You'll love each and everything that they have to offer, but we simply couldn't get over their stunning DIY clam PVC pipe walls!

Just look at that seamless installation and detailing! It's an interesting way to breathe new life into typical walls and once you see the before-after of the whole project, you'll also be raving about just how fantastic the whole venture actually was! Genius! 


A Little Craft In Your Day


This is another lifestyle blog that touches on a number of unique genres. They've got advice on fashion, crafting, and lots more. However, we just loved their unique take on DIY coasters and mug rugs! You'll love these if you're a clean-o-holic who hates staining their furniture!

There are so many amazing ideas here that you can follow up on! From understated jute designs to colorful and funky felt ball ones, you'll love how trendy, voguish, and absolutely whimsical each design is! Plus, you can easily find an idea that complements your furniture style!


Positive Splendid


This craft and lifestyle blog is all about keeping up with the changing times. They've got some marvelous ideas, but we found that we absolutely could not get over their easy face mask sewing pattern! It's the perfect craft to keep everyone busy while this pandemic lasts!

From their easily-accessible list of supplies  to the easy instructions, this craft is like a gift that keeps on giving! You'll love customizing your masks in your favorite fabrics and patterns! Just pull on your craft gloves and get sewing!


Creative Green Living


This lifestyle blog focuses on sustainability and healthier choices in every aspect of life especially food and crafting! You'll love their various DIY offerings, but we just especially adored their abstract take on the Unicorn Christmas Tree Ornament!

It's such a cute little craft that you can easily indulge in with your kids. Plus, Christmas is just around the corner and if you want to avoid the rush of this season, what's a better way than to craft your very own ornaments? Just foll

ow the easy instructions here and create your own adorable, personalized Unicorn ornaments!


Skip To My Lou


Everyone loves a good all-rounder and you'll never find a more skilled master of all trades as the host of this blog. Her vast array of lifestyle choices range many genres but we absolutely fell for her no-sew tutu skirt tutorial!

If you've got a little one who aspires to be a ballerina, then this craft project would be right up your alley. It's fun, easy, and can be easily made out of materials that are super accessible. Plus, you can try out the same technique for adult-sized tutus!


A Pair And A Spare


This lifestyle blog keeps up with all the recent trends and the pandemic has certainly resulted in some inspiring takes here, out of which our all-time favorite is the cloth face mask tutorial! It's easy, fun, and just requires some basic level sewing!

The great thing about this tutorial is that it touches on the types of fabrics that you should opt for something reusable, breathable, but firm enough to keep those pesky germs out! You just need a few basic materials to get started and the end results are pretty great!


Tip Junkie


Flower crowns are ALWAYS the best hairstyling choice, no matter what the occasion! This is why or favorite pick from this great lifestyle blog was not even a debate!

From picking the right flowers to weaving them together in the most fanciful way, there's a lot that you can learn from this tutorial! You'll definitely be able to create a whimsical crown of your own all that'd be left is how you choose to style it on your hair!

I Heart Naptime


Christmas is a time for sharing and this lifestyle blogger has taken it upon herself to teach everyone the meaning of, Love Thy Neighbor. Her top 50 neighbor gift ideas just wormed their way into our heart and we loved the items featured on this list!

There are lots of non-food items on this list as well, and if you want to spend some magical family time together, then DIY-ing them would be the best bonding activity! Then there are the food related items and they are some of the most delicious things that you'all ever come across on the internet! Perched on a Wishbone Counter Stool, all while enjoying the process of crafting edible and non-edible DIY goods...


Sincerely Kinsey


This lifestyle blog strives to inspire everyone to live their best creative life through traveling, crafting, and DIY-ing! Their love of art reflects wonderfully on all their projects, but we simply loved the DIY Accordion Photo Album!

This photo album style has that distinct retro-vintage vibe that will make it seem like an heirloom you inherited from your great grandma. With some simple tools and easy steps, you can create a small collage of your best moments with this tutorial and display it proudly on your Warren Platner Side Table.


Lovely indeed


If you're in search of a great lifestyle blog that covers your favorite niches, then you definitely need to check this one out. They've got so many great pieces on their site, but we just loved the cheerful DIY front door wreath for fall!

Wreaths are a total classic that can be customized to represent any season! So if you're feeling that fall/winter vibe, this one would be right up your alley. It's very minimal, stylish, and would make a great first impression for everyone who's entering your home!


Craft Unleashed


This crafts blog is a true inspiration for everyone who wants to seek out some unique, lifestyle oriented ideas to satisfy their urge to innovate. Their envelope mini-album project is one of the best that the've got to offer!

It's from the paper crafting genre and is a really fun and economical way to get all your creative juices flowing! Everything is laid out in the most simple manner, and the overall look can be totally customized according to your tastes and desires!


Pretty prudent 


This lifestyle blog is a total gem if you're trying to find fun, healthy activities to busy yourself with. We loved the How to grow sprouts tutorial and how it's a great way to add a healthy diet to your pre-existing food preferences. 

The instructions are very concise and easy to follow. You can even follow some affiliate links to get the necessary products if you don't have them at home. In just a few days, you'll start enjoying the fruits of your labor!


A Spoonful of sugar designs


This lifestyle and crafts blog is run by a mother daughter duo, so you'll find lots of interesting ideas and recipes here. We loved the dedication this team puts in their art and especially favored the Top 10 craft projects tutorial!

It's basically a carefully curated list of some wonderful craft ideas picked from the intraweb! You'll love how each idea offers a unique flavor. The aesthetics are totally on-point and want you to instantly start out on your favorite tutorials right then and there!


Honestly WTF


This fantastic lifestyle blog touches on a lot of genres, be it decor, interiors, art, travel, etc. but their DIY offerings are also some of the best that you'll find on the internet. The list is pretty good, but our favorite turned out to be the DIY sunglasses and mask chain!

With some pretty basic materials, this blog teaches you to design your very own sunglass chain with customized bead choices. From stringing up the colored beads to capping them off with the right materials, there's some really fantastic step-by-step information here! You'll just love the end results!


The Merrythought


This New York based lifestyle blog is all about embracing the simple life. All of their posts touch on how to keep things minimal yet stylish. You'll be inspired by their moodboards, and maybe just like us, you'll also fall in love with their Halloween Charcuterie Board!

It follows the Cheese tray trend and gives it a spooky uplift to match the Halloween theme. You'll find the list of food items you'll need right before the instructions on how to follow through with it. It's a healthy and delicious craft indulgence that would satisfy all your munchies!


Tell Love and Party


This lovely little lifestyle blog covers a huge niche and you can find tons of craft ideas to follow here. But the one that really inspired us was the melted crayon solar system. It's fun, easy, and a great way to let your kids explore their creative side. You'll love how easy it is to do!

Just sharpen the crayons and melt the shavings with a fun ironing technique. You'll have a galaxy full of colors to pick from as you make up your solar system. You can hang the final product in your kids' bedroom as a fun heirloom.


 Gift Ideas Craft Blogs

Chica and Jo


Food gifts are the best gifts, which is why we loved these Mini S'more kit gift boxes so much! They're such a fun little present with a customized edge really one of the best creations from all the projects and recipes on this blog!

The whole box is so thoughtfully created! There's even a mini scentless candle that can provide a heat source to roast the s'mores! The deliciousness is enhanced two-fold by the Hershy chocolates and even the box exterior is made up prettily! We love it!




This blog is a creative outlet and brims with love for several crafts. You can find lots of fun tutorials here and can even shop items if you like them. Out of all the things listed here, the one that we absolutely loved was the stylish folded top gift bag tutorial.

Labeled with hand-written notes of You're So Special this project does feel absolutely special and will certainly add that extra oomph to your own gifts as well. The video tutorial is super easy to follow, and the end result is super pretty! You'll love making this and the recipient will love the packaging!


Damask Love


This blog definitely lives up to its promise of being, the craftiest corner of the interweb! It's chock full of some amazing ideas for both kids and adults. Out of everything, we chose the Santa Christmas Coffee Cup as our favorite as it just got us in the holiday spirit!

It's basically a cup dressed like Santa with tiny Santa-shaped cookies right inside to complete the theme! All the glitter and glam simply enhances the deliciousness of the cookies and just one look will let you know that this is the craft gift you want to be giving your family and friends all while sharing a laugh on your modular EM Sky Sofa this season!

A Beautiful Mess 


This is the go-to blog of everyone who needs a little everyday inspiration. They've got advice on fashion, recipes, and DIY-crafts, and since Christmas is just around the corner, we decided to share their totally amazing Happy Holi's craft project with you!

No one likes skimping on the decor when it comes to this special Holiday, so this project is all about designing your own shelf space with 5 easily available items. You'll love how easy it is to follow and how you'll be able to make the most of your wall space without giving up your favorite decor items.


My Poppet Makes


This blog embraces DIY like a charm and features a variety of amazing projects that will totally blow you away. The main focus here is crochet, so that's what we'll be elaborating on that as well. It was pretty challenging to pick out a single perfect project because they're all so lovely, so we decided to go for the classic combo.

This link leads to a compilation of some amazing DIY crochet-related project. From rainbow cushions to headbands and even some stylish socks, you'll find a ton of gorgeous curations that you can easily do as well, if you're well versed in this particular art.


Oh The Lovely Things


You'll instantly fall in love with the super cute aesthetics of this blog. It covers a wide range of beauty, fashion, and DIY ideas, and we love the roundups that they present with the fantastic aesthetics that go along with all the ideas.

While the ideas here are not their own, everything has been tastefully curated and is recommended for young and old women who love crafting things. You'll really admire the whole list and how it's chock full of gorgeous DIY craft ideas that will improve the aesthetics of your home while keeping you busy and engaged.


Jacks & Kate


His blog is full of wonderful and innovative ideas that are tried and true. You'll find many wonderful and unique inspirations if you browse through it, but our personal favorite is the Egg Crate Foam puppet box!

Who knew such an inane object could be used to create such wonderful animations. By painting the foam different colors, you can just let your kid's imagination run wild and ask them what they see in it. Whatever they say can be created into a stick puppet that you can attach to the foam on a cereal box! It's a great way to let your kids fantasize splendid worlds of their own!


Mini Eco


Cool kids crafts are a dime a dozen these days, but it's a challenge to find some that don't require you to bust a leg while getting all the materials ready. This is why we adore this Paper Owl Mask tutorial! It's super easy, fun, and requires no hassle at all.

The colorful design will really attract your kid. You can even sit them down and hand them the various parts to glue together. This craft project is a great interactive activity that will allow you and kid to bond through art.


The Sweetest Occasion


This is another DIY blog that's got everything on its menu, but part planning is their calling, so that's what you'll love about their offerings. Out of everything they've got, we especially love their Oktoberfest Party at Home, and here's why:

It's cozy, it's intimate, and everything feels like fall personified. The food ideas are absolutely brilliant and the decor matches the high bar as well. There are some planning tips and hacks in there as well that you'll find incredibly helpful while planning your own celebration!




This blog deals with DIY home renovations projects and have transformed many drab and boring spaces into something unique and amazing. It was a true challenge to pick out the best project from their catalogue, but we just couldn't look past the gorgeous flower shop reveal!

From the soft pastel accent wall to the incredibly designed and super ergonomic main shelf, this shop showcases the talented genius of Jenni Yolo and inspires everyone on how simple technique and vision can help you create the space of your dreams! It's definitely a reveal worth looking at!


Mer Mag


Tis blog is an influx of creativity and if you're looking for something to do with your kids, then you'll love all the different things that they have to offer. We looked through their extensive directory and although it was super hard, we picked the Forivor Pupper Theater as our favorite!

It's basically a reenactment of the enchanted forest-inspired puppet show that inspires kids to envision their own ideas and express them through a physical format. You'll love the wonderful inspiration board and can even enlist your kid in the following competition!


Crafty Chica


This blog belongs to a creative motivator, so it's full of some amazingly versatile DIY ideas. You'll love almost everything that they have to offer, but we simply couldn't get past their awesome No Struggle Pumpkin Carving technique!

This tutorial features all the tips and tricks you need to know in order to carve out the best amateur designs on your pumpkin. There're even some handy-dandy tips here to tell you which pumpkins you should choose for your carving. It's really just an all-rounder and that's exactly why we love it!


Paper & Stitch 


This blog is literally a catalogue of inspirations. It touches on every genre from DIY crafts to fashion, recipes, and more! And while there was a bunch of stuff that we absolutely loved, nothing was superior to the DIY clay earrings tutorial!

Featuring a bunch of techniques with easy-to-find materials, this blog teaches you to design your own fashion-forward ear-wear. You'll love the funk details and how everything comes together in stylish pastel hues.




If you're into funky and unique crafts, then this blog will be your haven. They've got a bunch of some truly distinguished craft ideas and we simply loved how their DIY carnivorous plant just packs that extra-eclectic punch!

It's basically made out of paper mache technique and you can see how close it is to the inspiration photos. The sculpted body and teeth come together brilliantly, and we love the spooky end results! Just image the terror on kids faces when they knock on your door for trick or treating with this thing in the background!


The Craft Sparrow


Everything's precious if you know how to repurpose it, and this blogger has taken this statement to the heart. We love her unique take on crafting and absolutely adored her DIY boho-inspired perler bead elastic bracelet tutorial!

This simple and easy to follow blog shows how you can create stylish jewelry of your own with everything that's readily available at home! All you need are some perler beads and elastic cording to design wonderful bracelets that suit your personal style!




If you're into easy, simple, and elegant solutions that improve your daily life, then you'll love this blog and everything they have to offer. But as far as we're concerned, we just can't get over their essential tips for crafting with glitter!

Glitter is just timeless never goes out of style, never will! It's a total crafting essential but it has this uncanny tendency of getting out of hand when you're using it. So this blog touches on all the ways that you can easily contain it, use it in moderation, and clean it up when it gets to messy!


Not Martha 


Making beautiful stuff and sharing it with the world is an inspired passion, and very few do it better than the front runner of this blog. We love everything on their menu but we especially fell in love with their DIY felt Dahlia flower brooch tutorial!

The lush flower looks like the real thing and can be repurposed for any occasion be it your kids prom corsage, a wedding, or more! The instructions are super easy to follow and you can easily make your own in the color of your choice!


Craft On Sea


Beautiful kids' crafts these days are the Holy Grail of every mother who's raising some cute little munchkins, and this blogger's got you covered in this department. Her Resist Art Ghost Craft is such a fun little activity that will keep your kids busy and creatively inspired!

This negative painting effect will totally intrigue your kids and you can always help them make more unique and intricate shapes/designs as they keep coming back! This tutorial sets a nice footprint for everyone to follow and leaves room for more creative interventions by you!


Heart Handmade UK


This blog brings you a daily dose of creativity with its fresh look at everyday stuff and how small things can bring you joy if you just put in a little time and innovation. We absolutely loved the easy-peasy Halloween Table Runner tutorial here! It's a fun way to add a little haunted-house horror to your homes!

It consists of a simple stencil technique that prints out spooky designs on your desired runner fabric. There's a whole tutorial here on how to make a complicated stencil so you won't have to repeat the pattern by hand! Just follow the steps and make this unique runner your own!


Say Yes 


Finding great Halloween DIY ideas can be like finding a needle in a haystack if you don't find the right sources, and if you've been struggling similarly, then try out this amazing Spooky Cheesecloth Ghost tutorial!

It's just the perfect way to hand ghosts around the house while retaining that perfect Casper-style shape! Just follow the steps and get that scary look in your homes to complete your Halloween theme!


ModPodge Rock!


Crafting and outdoor activities are a total joy when you want to try new things out with your little ones, and nothing can ever beat this best camping crafts list if you're really into getting the nitty-gritty of it!

You can make so many fun accessories by following this list. From DIY fireflies to summer camp chairs and travel spice kits, there's so much to explore on this list! Rest assured that your kids won't be missing their screen time once they start accompanying you on these craft ideas!


Oh Happy Day


When it comes to Halloween, chocolates are a total overkill. If you're one of those treaters who want to give something fun to the kids, then you'll just love the Halloween Eyes Treat Bags DIY tutorial!

There's just something about a plastic bag of faux eyes that hits all the sppoky notes when you want to both trick and treat those little costume-clad door-knockers! You can even tack on customized messages on each bag when you hand them out! So just follow the simple steps and you'll be well on your road to adequately creep everyone out!


Oh Joy!


Pumpkin projects are always an evergreen way to add some fall flavors to your homes, and this blog's got several gorgeous projects for everyone. In our favorite post from here, there's an entire list of some amazing pumpkin-related projects!

We love how each one is so unique and offers a totally distinguished outlook! Trust us you've never seen so many awesome pumpkin revamps in one post! After going through this list, you'll definitely want to break out your carving and paint kits to indulge in one last fall hurrah!


Studio DIY


Just like the name of the blog suggests, Studio DIY is all about crafting things for fun! They've got a bunch of awesome ideas that you can indulge yourself in, but nothing could top the Edible Haunted House tutorial in our humble opinion.

Making these mini-houses can be the perfect opportunity to bond with your kids, letting them unleash their creative side, and finding a good hobby to partner with you! Not only are these super pretty, but they can also be customized according to any occasion if you know how to play around with frosting!


Hello Glow


Self-care is important, but what's better is that you do it in a natural way. That's exactly what this blog teaches you. You'll love their ideas, and if you're like-minded with us, you'll especially appreciate their 15 different ways to make your house smell amazing tutorial.

It's full of aromatherapy ideas that can make your homes both smell and look amazing! All of these ideas are extremely easy to follow and the best part is that they're all organic, so you won't be investing in any chemical odors! Lounge in your Egg Pod Chair while taking in all the amazing smells and just relax...


Crafty Pod


If you like repurposing old things, then you'll love the specialty niche of this blog. Although there are only the greatest hits left here, you'll definitely be able to find things that you love here. The plastic canvas gem ornament is just one of the projects we loved and we'll name it our best one from here.

This project just might make your day if you like investing in complicated things. Don't be daunted by the looks of it just follow the instructions and see how everything just seamlessly comes together! You can use these as window hangings or even put some up on a statement wall to showcase your craft soul to the rest of the world.


Red Ted Art


Searching for some fun activities to do with your kids? This crafts blog is full of them! While all of them are pretty good, we loved how easy and fun the paper crafting tutorial actually was!

From things as simple as ornaments and toys to full on pop ups, there's a lot that you can find here. There are even science-related paper crafts and Christmas ornament designs that will totally blow you away! Trust us there's definitely a lot to love here!


The Spruce Crafts


If crafting 24/7 is your hobby, then you absolutely need to check out this wonderful blog! They touch on crafts and hobbies of all kinds, but the one section that's after our own heart is the one that teaches paper crafting!

This entire niche is full of various craft ideas that you can pursue at your own leisure. From stylish banners to tissue paper flowers, tassel garlands and lots more, you can easily find projects that match your interest and skill level the best! You'll definitely enjoy sifting through various tutorials and find all the instructions super easy to follow.