43 Bathroom Makeovers That Will Make You Want To Update Yours Today

Renovating a bathroom is no small feat. It's a practical space that contains setbacks like plumbing, sanitation, and electrical wiring that can hinder the aesthetics quite drastically. But if you're searching for the best solutions out there on the internet, here's a list of 43 of them that will definitely help you out!


Bathroom Makeover Ideas

1. Renovating on a budget by Noting Grace

Any new homeowner or even a rental tenant has suffered at the hands of an outdated, totally inadequate bathroom design, and that's exactly what the NotingGrace went through, prompting them to redo their bathroom in under $1000 because of budget constraints.

However, the end result is quite the winner. While the old bathroom was all retro vintage imperfections with low countertops that were supposed to be handicap-accessible, the newer version is much more fresh and good looking.

This problem was essentially taken care of by raising the cabinet base and removing the top. Materials from the previous home reno were repurposed stylishly. Amazon products were used to spruce up the boring visuals to interesting ones. Cute accessories and matte black mid century modern lighting can be added to the overall look. This budget-friendly bathroom remodel is definitely what you should be looking at if you don't want to bust your bank account!


View Noting Grace's bathroom makeover


2. Guest Bathroom Makeover by PolishedHabitat

We've all had that guest bathroom where you have to constantly remind the people staying over to take fresh towels and whatnot. This is why Polished Habitat's guest bathroom makeover is such a sight to behold.

With limited space and tons of constraints, this bathroom has been strategically altered with great wall storage options where all the paraphernalia can be easily kept handy. From hooks to innovative shelving, it's the small things that make this bathroom look better and better than its stark previous form. And what's best is that it's all done on a pretty amazing budget!


View Polished Habitat's bathroom makeover

3. Trendy Bathroom Makeover by The DIY Playbook

They say that slow and steady wins the race, and that's exactly what happened when this blog owner redid their entire bathroom interior design. They DYI'ed it in about 8 weeks and as you can see above, the end results look pretty stunning and could make a great follow-up for people who want the same aesthetic in a shorter time.

The original bathroom was very stark and plain, but now it is timelessly trendy and completely on-point. By replacing the tiles and altering the vanity look, there's a visible difference in how it used to be and how it ended up in the long run. The classic white subway tiles that take up the bottom half of the wall are a stunner along with the slate grey upper walls that add drama to the whole ambiance. This is definitely a bathroom that will make an impact despite its small footprint.


View The DIY Playbook's bathroom makeover


4. Bathroom Makeover by Remodel a Casa 

If you don't want to do the hard part of a renovation, then this bathroom makeover just might be your best bet. Carried out by sprucing up existing things and adding tiny details, it leaves a gorgeous impression on the beholder. 

The bathroom vanity, counter, tub and even the fixtures are the same. It's just the little things that spice things up gorgeously. While the previous bathroom was all messy oak, outdated yellow paint, and white fixtures, the revamped version is so much better! By adding beautiful paneling to the bathtub and vanity, there's an immediate change in the overall ambiance. The curve of the shower curtains makes the wet area feel more spacious. With a bit of improved lighting, a DIY painted feature wall, and a funky rack, everything simply comes together perfectly.


View Remodel a Casa's bathroom makeover


5. Budget-friendly Makeover by 2beesinapod

There's something very satisfying about working with your hands and coming up with stunning end results. That's exactly what Jenn and Vicki bestowed us with by sharing some of their most trustworthy bathroom renovation tips.

From starting out with DIY ventures and taking a chance on vintage additions, there's a wealth of expertise and keen knowledge in their tips. They also recommend painting the bathroom tiles instead of indulging in a costly overhaul. One of their best tips is all about making the space your own with the help of personally selected artwork and using repurposed sheets instead of expensive shower curtains. All of their detailed ideas are perfect for those looking for small but great ideas to transform their bathroom interior designs!


View 2 Bees In A Pod's bathroom makeover


6. Bathroom Makeover with Paint by Three Birds Renovations

It's always pretty exciting to come up with innovative ideas to redo typical spaces. Paint is one of those materials that can always be used to spice things up, no matter what the genre of the room. This is why this Dulux based bathroom reno must be checked out by everyone! 

It's amazing that the overall renovation is carried out by just painting a number of items, such as wall tiles and fixtures, making the outdated materials and surfaces to give them a shiny new look. With a bit of innovative lighting and contrast, the whole space looks positively classy and absolutely elegant!


View Three Birds Renovation's bathroom makeover


7. $265 Bath Makeover by InMyOwnStyle

Upgrades don't need to happen with expensive overhauls and this cute little bathroom makeover is here to prove it. For Diane Henkler, converting her builder beige bath into something adorable and cheerful was a passion project.

By taking her time and investing in some good old DIY, Diane managed to convert her stock-oriented bathroom into a trendy and on-vogue project. By making headboard frames and adding bold patterns to the shower area, she instant made the space pop. Moulding was adding to frame the mirrors and the walls were treated with board and battan to hide the funky purple painted walls. In the end, projects like these are all about being tool savvy, so practice before you jump into the thick of things!


View InMyOwnStyle's bathroom makeove


8. Master Bathroom Makeover by A Beautiful Mess

Anyone who's had to deal with a dull master bathroom knows how painful the whole experience can truly be. So Laura's bath makeover from abeautifulmess is even more of an inspiration for homeowners.

Taking break from cool monochromes, her master bath is a breath of fresh air with its pastel pink color scheme. The lightness of this hue instantly brightens up the whole space and provides the perfect contrast to emulate some cool accessories in the mix. The all-white vanity and minimalist decor is all about making the space feel breezy on the whole. Gorgeous metal accents, the fluffy rug, white statement pieces, and the round mirror end up making the entire bath feel like a modern-eclectic dream.


View A Beautiful Mess's bathroom makeover


9. Rustic Bath Makeover by Pretty In The Pines

This homeowner in New York undertook a gorgeous rustic bathroom renovation and completed it with so much flair! Starting with the moodboards and ending with the plumbing, everything was absolutely done at home and without any heavy-duty professional help. 

This bathroom renovation consists of a whole overhaul, which means it consists of a demolition. If yours is similar, then do remember that you need to check for load bearing walls so that you won't end up making your whole house crumble. Now, the vanity took center stage in this particular renovation with its gorgeous distressed wood accents and artful visuals. With new floor tiles, fixtures, and a gorgeous mid century modern rug, you can make your whole space feel like an upscale master bath in a penthouse on the Upper East Side!


View  Pretty In The Pines's bathroom makeover


10. Bathroom Finishing with Jojotastic

Most of the time, it's the finishing touches that make or break an interior design. That's definitely the case in a bathroom overhaul, because without good accents and accessories, you might as well just leave the space as is. Jojotastic's handy-dandy list of finishes is a great tool for those who want to strike out with the basics and get the best results! 

Her revamp started with lighting. Everyone needs great lighting to get ready and what not, which is why having an awesome overhead vanity fixture is a must. Other than that, a stylish mirror, some trendy wire storage, belly baskets and floating shelves are also some basic necessities that make this bathroom experience so much better. Some beautiful textiles, hooks, and artwork can brighten up your dull walls and tiling with a lot of flair just like they did in this particular makeover.


View Jojotastic's bathroom makeover


11. Half bath makeover by housebythebaydesign

Sometimes, all you need is a small list and an inspiring tutorial to get ahead on that bathroom makeover, and that's exactly what happened with Casey from housebythebaydesign. Hankering to brighten up her half-bath, she ended up creating the most precious makeover project.

The generic and totally bland walls of the room were given an elegant makeover with paintable beadboard wallpaper and a rainwater hued upper half. With a few new accessories to spruce things up, the half bath looks like a brand new place!


View House by the Bay Design's bathroom makeover


12. Bathroom Tile Makeover by farmhouse living

Dirty tiles and grouting that gets messy with time are two things that can become the bane of your existence. It can be such a huge mess and an absolute hassle to redo all the tiling in your bathroom, which is why painting over them is a great DIY project that anyone can take.

Aside from being easy and cost-effective, painting tiles can really transform your bathroom. However, it's not easy. Just the prep-work takes a ton of effort and you have to scrub down all soap residue and calcium deposit on the walls thoroughly, like farmhouse living did. After that, you break out the paint and coat it 2 times on the tiles with either a brush or a non-shedding roller for an even effect! When it's all done, your bathroom will feel like a whole other place. You can even add a mid century planter for a pop of colour in your bathroom!


View farmhouse Living's bathroom makeover


13. Bath Renovation Ideas by Kikiinteriors

While deciding to take on a bathroom renovation is the easy part, actually planning the whole thing requires a whole lot of effort. This is why Kirsti at kikiinteriors compiled a handy list of renovation ideas, tips, and tricks to get your remodel started.

From delivering on some basic cost estimates to presenting some great reasons on why remodeling a bathroom can play up the value of your home, this blog touches on all the important aspects that rarely ever get covered.


View  Kikiinteriors's bathroom makeover


14. Budget Bathroom Makeover by houseandhome

It's always a challenge to get that high-end look on a limited budget especially in a bathroom, where even the tiling adds to the cost of things. So this budget bathroom makeover at houseandhome is a total inspiration for those who want to style it up without busting their bank accounts.

The one thing that kept the budget minimal in this DIY bath remodel was that the plumbing and electrical wiring were tweaked free of cost and much of the tasks were undertaken in a DIY manner. From the moodboard creation to the tiling, painting, and finding the most cost-effective fixture replacements, you'll find a ton you can learn about from this blog!


View House and Home's bathroom makeover


15. Dreamy Bathroom Makeover by 253lifestylemagazine

According to statistics, a bathroom remodel is one of the top most desired renovation projects by most homeowners, and if you aren't afraid to spend a pretty penny, you're going to fall in love with Sheryl and Jeremy's dreamy recommendations!

This blog touches on all the important interior design aspects of the whole remodel. From appraising the spatial quality to finding graceful and suitable proportions, you'll find a ton of technical information in this piece. Other than that, they also touch on the cost, materials, and basic budgeting, which is very good to know before you take on this venture.


View 253lifestylemagazine's bathroom makeover


16. Eclectic bathroom makeover by iamhayleystuart

It can be quite difficult to find a bathroom makeover that delivers on the personality front. You'll mostly find generic designs that look pretty but don't have that unique flair, which is why Hayley Stuart's gorgeous remodel is a great place to look at eclectic designs. 

From small simple hacks like putting some planters to add a fresh vibe to cutting a rug in half and covering the boring floor tiles, there's a lot you can learn about here. Working with tile stickers is such a bonus addition and perfect for those who can't afford a full-scale overhaul.


View I Am Hayley Stuart's bathroom makeover


17. 80's Bathroom Remodel by Darla Powell

Every homeowner who's ever bought a resale property knows what it's like to deal with an old-fashioned interior design, and it hurts the most when you look at the bathroom. Retro should always be of the cool variety, which is why everyone would love Darla Powell's 80's bathroom makeover.

Starting from the shower cabin finishes to the ugly floor and bathtub, everything saw a major overhaul. The old materials were replaced with fresh new ones and the fixtures were given a nice makeover to deliver a brand new, fresher, more aesthetically pleasing ambiance!


View Remodel by Darla Powell's bathroom makeover


18. Blue and Whith Bathroom Makeover by notjustahousewife

Buying old properties is much cheaper and they definitely give you so much more leeway with remodeling when the time comes. So looking at Stacy Risenmay's 1938 vintage bath remodel will certainly inspire you to come up with fresh new ideas of your own. 

Navy and white is a classic color scheme, so with that as the base palette, Stacy managed to design a gorgeous bathroom that features a gorgeous vanity that she made from scratch along with some beautiful shelves with an eclectic backdrop that cap off the whole look gorgeously. Add in some fresh greens, matching accessories, and some stylish artwork and the entire bathroom comes off as an icon of contemporary beauty.


View Not Just a House Wife's bathroom makeover


19. Upstairs Bathroom Makeover by helloadamsfamily

We all have some spaces around our house that require some minor facelifts to become the epitome of aesthetically pleasing, and if your bathroom is one of them, you need to take a look at helloadamsfamily's upstairs bathroom makeover for some trendy inspiration!

There are no big changes in this project. Just a fresh coat of paint makes a brighter impression and some new hardware adds a trendy vibe to the whole design. Other than that, the mirror was changed and the lighting was redone to add a nice fourth dimension to the entire bathroom.


View Hello Adams Family's bathroom makeover


20. Small Bathroom Makeover by bobvila

Putting a new spin on old spaces is the newest trend around the block and if you're in for some inspiration regarding this venture, take a look at this gorgeous small bathroom makeover featured at bobvila.

Aside from combining the small bath space with the closet to enhance the layout, husband and wife Michael and Laura Blough also did an overhaul on the basic materials and fixtures. The one really important tip that you can garner from this bathroom reno is that you can save a lot by shopping for fixtures at different places not just at the same store.


View Bobvila's bathroom makeover


21. Tiny Bathroom Makeover by thelatinahomemaker

Most homeowners are always short on space but big on ideas. This is why renovating tiny bathrooms to be as luxurious as possible seems to be a popular trend these days. If you're in the same boat and have a small bathroom that you want to spruce up, then this makeover by thelatinahomemaker would definitely make it in your top list.

The main thing to take away from this project is how simply changing the paint color added a glamorous aura to the whole space. The small proportions also benefited from creative accessories and baskets to ramp up the overall style of the space.


View The latina Homemaker's bathroom makeover


22. $100 Master Bath Makeover by girljustdiy

The most common worry of all homeowners when they take on a bathroom remodel is money, money, and money. But what if you could do a nice makeover in $100? Seems like a pipe dream, but really, just look at how Toni from girljustdiy did exactly that and ended up with an awesome space.

What started out with builder-beige cabinets and super bland fixtures turned out to become a dreamy navy-and-white masterpiece with a few budgeted items like paint, glue gun, sanding blocks, and more. With a few updates to the medicine cabinets, some gorgeous budgeted accessories, and some artwork on the wall, this bathroom looks like a totally different place! Perhaps she will add a wishbone chair next to the artwork.


View girljustdiy's bathroom makeover


23. No-Renovation Bathroom Makeover by collectivegen

Updating an old-school bathroom without doing the full works always feels like a totally impossible task, but not at all impossible as proven by Geneva Vanderzeil at Collective Gen. 

By sharing a step-by-step do-along guide, this makeover will also prove to be an excellent checklist for everyone who wants to do the same. From clearing things out to upgrading the bathmat and color-coordinating the small accessories, you'll find a lot you can learn from here. This just goes to show how small details make up the big whole.


View collectivegen's bathroom makeover


24. Modern Retreat Bathroom by mydomaine

Image by mydomaine

It's a very difficult task to convert a super dated bathroom into something timeless enough to be appreciated by contemporary sensibilities. Mydomaine features Mindy Cheng, who was able to fully transform a dull, dilapidated bathroom into a bright, beautiful, and super stylish heaven.

Requiring a bunch of dismantling and a full tiling overhaul, this bathroom renovation is for those who aren't afraid to spend big money. But the end results are simply gorgeous. From the stunning contrast of wooden accents, herringbone shower stall tiles and black floor to the window upgrade and bath tub retreat, everything in this bathroom screams of luxury! 


View mydomaine's bathroom makeover


25. Downstairs Bathroom Makeover by designsponge

Half-bathrooms are always the most fun and satisfying to tackle because although more detail-oriented, they tend to get completed quickly and the payoff feels great. One such project got featured on designsponge and the results are definitely something to see. 

The old fixtures, materials, and tiling was super old and even covered by a dirty yellow film. So the walls were redone in a gorgeous wallpaper, the floor was torn, sanded, and topped off with an ethnic rug, and a giant statement art was hung on the main fall to give an instant visual impact!


View Design Sponge's bathroom makeover


26. Classy Bathroom Makeover by lovegrowswild

Some projects just require a lot of heart, and nothing can ever make your space feel timelessly stylish than pruning an old one. At lovegrowswild, this bathroom makeover boasts a swanky and fashionable appeal thanks to a major overhaul. 

It includes ripping up the old floors and the bathtub to make way for fresh materials. With the help of a planked wall design and a new vanity, there was a very abrupt change in aesthetics. New fixtures, accessories, dry arrangements, and a central mirror add unparalleled charisma and superb contrast to the whole space!


View Lovegrowswild's bathroom makeover


27. Black and White Bathroom Makeover at centsational

There's nothing classier than the color combination of black and white. Imagine that in your bathroom remodel and you'll always come up with some sparkling ideas. If you need more inspiration in this regard, check out Kristi's gorgeous b'n'w bath makeover! 

Setting the visual standard pretty high, the scribbly black and white floral wallpaper of this bathroom makes an instant statement. The vanity is totally upgraded from a typical builders brown to a smooth white hue. With an exchange of mirrors and addition of some stylish accessories, this bathroom looks like a really beautiful homage to Hollywood regency.


View centsational's bathroom makeover


28. Affordable $150 Bathroom Makeover by cleanmyspace

Some basic storage overhaul and casual organizing can definitely make a bathroom feel bigger, brighter, and more spacious than ever. If you're working on a budget and want your bathroom to feel like a thousand bucks, here's an affordable makeover project from cleanmyspace.

This particular bathroom makeover is all about decluttering the space and you can see how it works wonders because just by adding a new garbage bin, a toilet paper holder, storage container, and vanity trays, the whole bathroom looks really put together.


View cleanmyspace's bathroom makeover


29. Budget-friendly Bathroom Makeover Ideas by welovehomeblog

It's very challenging to find good bathroom makeover tips that can also be budget-friendly, which is why award-winning Interior Designer Maxine Brady's checklist is such a godsend. It consists of small but really great ideas that can help you reinvent your bathroom with flair.

You'll find tips like adding a fresh coat of paint to adding some stylish storage in the form of grid-baskets along with trendy textiles, planters, and glammed up accessories to the mix. Once again, small additions count a lot, so always focus on the details if you truly want to make a great impact.


View welovehomeblog's bathroom makeover


30. Cottage Style Bathroom Makeover by myblessedlife

Not everyone wants a sleek modern bathroom with zero personality and if you're one of those homeowners who want to incorporate a bit of flair in their spaces, you'll love how Myra from myblessedspace did her bath makeover to fit the cottage style.

Her old bathroom was super dated and done in pink tiles with functional but aesthetically unpleasant materials. She did a total overhaul and bought a gorgeous new vanity, redid the entire tiling in beautiful subway style whites, while the walls were painted and paneled in wispy Revere Pewter hue from Benjamin Moore. Completing the whole look are some gorgeously curated accessories that have been strategically placed all over.


View myblessedlife's bathroom makeover


31. Spa-like Bathroom Makeover by chicaandjo

Colors matter a lot when you want to make your spaces feel as refreshing as possible, and Chica's spa-like bathroom makeover proves this fact two times over with how amazing the end results really are.

The drab old brown guest bath was given a fresh minty blue makeover. The floor tiles and the walls are painted in even coats. Paneling was added to the base to add some classy contrast to the whole setting. Chica also DIY-ed a custom vanity that went stunningly with the wallboards and capped things off by adding stylish floating shelves, accessories, and hooks!


View chicaandjo's bathroom makeover


32. Vintage Bathroom Renovation by Vivacious Victorian

The Zero Dollar Bathroom Mini -Makeover Reveal by Amy


No one can say it's easy to strip off dated wallpaper and paint ceilings to give your vintage bathroom a stylish makeover, but that's exactly what Amy at Vivacious Victorian likes doing.

In order to convert her claustrophobic meadow of a bathroom into something unique and tasteful, Amy steamed off the wallpaper and painted the ceiling.  This drastically changed the overall look of the space and gave her opportunities to implement beautiful ideas to make the space feel more welcoming and sophisticated.


View Vivacious Victorian's bathroom makeover


33. Coastal Style Bathroom Makeover by cleanandscentsible

Sometimes, you've just got to find your bathroom interior groove in a beautiful theme and nothing fits the bill better than the coastal style. Jen at cleanandscentsible came up with a gorgeous and stylish coastal-inspired bathroom that everyone can take inspiration from. 

By keeping functionality and ambiance in mind, Jen transformed the small bathroom space into something that feels fresh and breezy. The airy white color scheme contains just the right amount of texture to make a nice visual impact. The monochromatic color scheme and clean simplicity matches well with the tasteful accessories and elegant showstopper of a vanity. If you have the space, you can even add a stylish Wishbone Counter Stool that allows you to lounge while prepping for the day.


View cleanandscentsible's bathroom makeover


34. Chintz Style Small Bathroom Makeover by jenniferdecorates

Yes, working with a small space especially as practical as the bathroom can be super hard, but if you've got $350 and some great inspiration, then it's certainly doable. Once again, a little bit of paint is all that was needed to make a major difference.

By painting the boring old vanity and mirror frame, there's a stark difference in what the bathroom used to look life before and after. Then the boring statement wall was covered with a stylish flamenco-inspired blue wallpaper capped off with a nice center-piece.


View jenniferdecorates's bathroom makeover


35. Epic Bathroom Remodel by houseofwhite

Bathroom remodels either impress with a bang or go down with a fizzle, and for Olivia White at the houseofwhite, the journey started out of necessity. Like most homeowners, she decided to remodel when things actually started falling apart.

Fastforward browsing through contractors, suppliers, and finding her perfect match and she got the bathroom of her dreams. A stunning vanity design becomes the focal point of the entire room. She lists all the sources where she got affordable fixtures that deploy exactly what she and her family needs, and you'll find a ton of other helpful tips that can guide you along in your own extensive bath renovation venture.

You can even add a Wicker Bench to your bathroom for an additional touch of zen.


View houseofwhites's bathroom makeover


36. Neutral Bathroom Makeover by postboxdesigns

Neutrals are absolutely timeless and if you're hankering for this particular theme, you'll love what Kristi at postboxdesigns has done with this bathroom makeover.

There's a cozy cottage-style beachy vibe going on in the ambiance and the whole feels all the more better for it. The symmetrical double-vanity takes up the center of the space and is complemented by the built-in dresser unit that's designed along the other wall. The combination of wood and whites makes the customized cabinetry feel like the epitome of sophisticated and the marble shower area spins in a luxurious effect. Just imagine, a perfect start to your day: lounging on your Wishbone Chair at your vanity, jamming to some tunes, all after an energizing shower. 


View postboxdesigns's bathroom makeover


37. Complete Bath Makeover by thesorrygirls

For many, a no-waste makeover may seem like a pipedream, but it can definitely be something that can become a reality. Just head over to thesorrygirls blog and see how a massive transformation can be carried out with just the things that you have around at home.

Starting with a good plan of what you need to do with the space is the basic theme. The walls were painted white from leftover cans from the past and a Clementine mural was hand-painted to create a stunning feature accent. A bit of hankering all around the home produced some great decor, out of which many of the things were hand-picked to match the theme of the bathroom!


View thesorrygirls's bathroom makeover


38. Teen Bathroom Makeover by Claire Jefford

Everyone knows how nitpicky teenagers can be, so designing a bathroom for two can be especially difficult. Chaire Jefford was tasked with this challenge and the end results are truly envious.

While everything was super bland, yellow, and finished in builders beige, the makeover resulted in some elegant changes. The vanity and floor were spruced up. A vertical custom-cabinet was added to accommodate bathroom paraphernalia. The color scheme and shower area were also redone to deliver on the stylish front and the overall aesthetic turned out to be vastly improved that what it was before.


View Claire Jefford's bathroom makeover


39. Colorful Bathroom Makeover by addicted2decorating

Bathroom makeovers always tend to lean on the sophisticated side, but what if you could carry one out that was full of color? Kristi at addicted2decorating did exactly that by transforming her dowdy grey bathroom into something absolutely unique and full of color. 

Simply by changing the shower curtains to something bright and popping gave Kristi enough inspiration to tackle the rest of the space. A little bit of artwork, a repainted vanity, and some brightly colored accessories make the whole bathroom feel positively stunning and eye-catching.


View addicted2decorating's bathroom makeover


40. Chic Guest Bathroom Remodel by livingletterhome

Gutting and renovating a bathroom is a huge task, especially when you're doing everything on your own, but Carmen from livingletterhome wanted to update her boring old builder beige bathroom to something funky, stylistic, and brimming with life, so that's exactly what she did.

It took 11 months, a whole lot of patience, time, and energy, but the end results are stunning. They came in the form of a show-stopping vanity, gorgeously patterned floors, some gorgeous textiles to create interest within the ambiance, and some neat accessories that cap off the whole look quite beautifully.


View livingletterhome's bathroom makeover


41. Farmhouse Style Bathroom Remodel by joyfullygrowingblog

The thematic evolution of a bathroom is always a sight to behold, but they can be challenging to do in an affordable manner. This is why Ashley and her husband Mike took inspiration from nine budget-friendly blogs to design their farmhouse style bathroom. 

Some beadboard wallpaper and a basic vanity paint totally changed the face of the whole bath. A floating shelf added a nice placeholder for accessories and a change in the mirror frame made room for new light fixtures as well. A budget-friendly faucet update and some fresh greens resulted in a beautiful overall ambiance.


View joyfullygrowingblog's bathroom makeover


42. Tiniest Bathroom Makeover by ducttapeanddenim

Sprucing up a tiny 30' powder room in around a $100 seems like a good deal, doesn't it? Well, you can definitely take inspiration for your own from ducttapeanddenim.

All it takes is a bit of accessorizing to incorporate colors into the mix. The drabness of the grey walls was instantly curbed by the stylish fixtures, colorful towels, and a small bit of fresh green. This is a super easy makeover that any homeowner can easily undertake without hassle.


View ducttapeanddenim's bathroom makeover


43. Contemporary Bath Makeover by fabeveryday

The standard 90s era builder grade look is still so common in most bathrooms and if you're hankering for a change, you won't find anything as inspiring as this contemporary bath makeover by Ramona at fabeveryday. 

All it needed was some DIY TLC to elevate the whole ambiance. The vanity was repainted and new overhead light fixtures were installed to change up the ambiance. A framed mirror and resurfaced countertops added an elegant outlook. Finally, new fixtures and some stylish accessorizing shook up the whole space trendily.


View fabeveryday's bathroom makeover


So these are the 43 most amazing bathroom makeovers that you'll find. We hope that at least a few of them can help you get the best out of your own remodel!