Accent Chair Ideas

An accent chair is a furniture piece that equally contrasts and complements the interior design of your room. Its sole purpose is to stand out and provide stark visual contrast against the theme while looking visually pleasant.

This is why such chairs come in so many unique design, styles, creative structures, and stunningly distinguished fabrics.


Accent Chair Ideas

You can find them in any shape, form, and size that you need. Below, let's look at everything that you need to know about the accent chair:


Qualities of an accent chair

Following is a list of qualities that you can find in most accent chairs and why:

Bold colors: Accent chairs are usually upholstered in bold colored fabrics because they need to pop when featured in interior designs. The key rule to remember here is to select a color that plays in direct contrast with the rest of your theme. For example, if you're working with blue as the main color scheme, then going for red or plum upholstery for the accent chair is a great option.

Unique form: Most accent chairs feature unique forms. They're distinct because the main purpose of the accent chair is to be easily distinguished from the rest of the furniture present in the room. The uniqueness of the structure makes it possible for the chair to stand out drastically within even the most quirky ambiance.
Eye catching and statement worthy: Ultimately, the accent chair has to be as statement-worthy as possible. The reason, once again, is to highlight its contrast from the rest of the space. This is a key point to tick off on your checklist before buying your dream accent chair.

Plush and comfy: In most cases, accent chairs are designed to be as comfortable as possible. They're largely used as parts of relaxing spaces, which is why their designs are supposed to be as plush and all-encompassing as possible. The idea is for your body to sink into the bolstering for some cozy-times while sitting, carrying out conversations, using your electronic devices, or even just reading a book with a hot up of coffee.

All sizes: From bold armchairs to spindly frames, accent chairs come in all sizes and forms. Which design you choose depends totally on what your interior design theme needs. Does the space require bold accentuation or delicate sensibilities? Depending on what your space requires, you can either choose something thin and gilded or plush and padded.

Thematic: All accent chairs follow a certain theme. You may not notice it immediately, but a closet inspection at the designs features some design disparities that make certain chairs feel suited for certain spaces. For example, the Bergere style chair has that classic royal edge with its smooth cut, classic frame, and rococo style appeal. Similarly, the wingback chair has got that stunningly solid form with its prominent arms, stylistic back, and plush seats.

Popular styles of accent chairs:

These are some of the most popular types of accent chairs:


The slipper chair: The slipper chair comes without arms and has a very regal countenance. It's usually upholstered in lush fabrics and loaded with small cushions to make it more comfortable. The bolstering is usually overstuffed and the overall aesthetic is quite formal. This type of an accent chair looks best when it's featured in traditional, transitional, and classical style home interiors.

The occasional chair: Occasional chairs are lightweight and don't take up much space. Their frames are artistically crafted. They're perfect for smaller sized homes. The wishbone chair is a great example of an occasional chair. They complement all sorts of interior design themes, but the ones that they suit the best include shabby chic, farmhouse, industrial, etc.
The wingback chair: The wingback chair is the coziest and most recognizable style of accent chairs. It's got that signature inged back and has a very large presence. It looks wonderful when placed adjacent to your main sofa but also looks cozy and welcoming when placed next to the fireplace. You can personalize its upholstery to match any interior design style that you want.
The bergere chair: The stately design of the bergere chair became popular in 17th century France, when Palace nobility was in full swing. It's highly elegant and regal. It looks best in upscale neo-classical style interior designs.

The club chair: The Old Boy's club chair has become a phenomenon over the years. Its oversized stuffed body is super comfortable to sit in. the plush design can be upholstered and trimmed in any kind of fabric to match the kind of ambiance you need. It's definitely a chair that looks pretty amazing and statement-worthy in all types of spaces.

Furniture that accentuates accent chairs

The following types of furniture accentuate most accent chairs the best:

End tables: End tales provide a stylish surface beside the chair where you can put books, coffee mugs, desk lamps, vases, and any other functional or aesthetic object that you need.
Small bookcases: Bookcases look especially good with accent chairs that are featured in study rooms, reading alcoves, and corporate office. You can just reach out, grab the book that you want, and enjoy some quality time. 
Floor lamps: Floor lamps are also paired with accent chairs that have reading purposes. The lamp not only accentuates the placement but also provides great task lighting so that you can get your work done more efficiently.

Planters: Planters only look great with accent chairs that have more of a decorative presence. For example, when you put an accent chair in your living room, you can accompany it with a single planter by its side to ramp up its decorative potential.

What spaces can you feature accent chairs in & how?

The great thing about accent chairs is that they can literally be featured in any room. But if you're looking for specifics and inspiration, then here are some major contenders along with how you can highlight the chair in them:


Living rooms: Placing an accent chair in the living room is the most conventional idea. There are a number of ways you can do it. Note that the purpose of the accent chair is to stand out and contrast the mainstream furniture. Therefore, its placement has to be just right. You can either place a pair of accent chairs opposite your sofa with the coffee table in-between. But this layout only works when the living room is large enough. If you don't have enough space, then placing a single accent chair besides a mid century modern sectional at a strategic angle works just as well.

Bedrooms: Accent chairs have the ability to spruce up even the most boring bedrooms. You can place one in the corner of your space. The front of the chair must face the bed. It should be tilted just right and can be accompanied by a small area rug, floor lamp, or end table so that you can utilize it cozily. Make sure that the design of your accent chair contrasts with the aesthetics of the bed. Only then is it going to stand out.

Office: An accent chair is a must have commodity in a personal corporate office especially an executive office. If the space is large enough, you can place an accent chair in a corner along with a bookcase or an end-table. It has to be cozy yet professional enough to suit the corporate environment and match your mid century modern office chairs. You have to strike the right balance between comfortable and stark to get it right.

Reading space:  If you've got a small reading area in your home, then furnishing it with a comfy accent chair can totally transform the whole experience for you. Do note that accent chairs for reading must have comfortable arms and a lean-able backrest so that you don't end up getting a cramped neck or arm while reading your book. You can place the chair next to a bookcase and match it with a nice end table and footrest to get the best experience.

Solitary alcoves: Sometimes, many spaces have that one empty nook that never truly fills up and looks empty when compared to the rest of the room. Placing an accent chair in here is also something that you can do to great effect. You can match them with decorative objects such as planters, outdoor wicker tables, etc. for the best effect.

Popular accent chair colors & why:

Keeping in mind that accent chairs should only be selected in bold colors, here are some popular choices:

Electric/cerulean blue: Bright shades of blue, especially Biloxi blue, electric blue, and cerulean blue are very popular choice for accent chair upholsteries. It's because these shades always make a huge impact and are supremely eye-catching.

Deep red: Deep red and burgundies are a popular accent chair type for spaces that have dull or cool colored main themes. The bold, grounding presence of this color helps contrast such spaces quite well.

Honey Yellow: If your interior design runs the gamut of eclectic, then choosing a honey yellow colored upholstery for the accent chair is the best choice. The main thing to ensure is that the background must be dull when compared to the yellow color of the accent chair.

White: Because of its stark and austere qualities, white is one of the most popular color choices for accent chairs. It's usually featured in simple interior design themes such as modern, minimal, Scandinavian, Japandi, etc.

Popular accent chair materials and why:

Here are some popular accent chair materials:

Leather: The rugged and casually magnificent choice of leather upholstery is great for accent chairs that are featured in modern, midcentury style, and even minimalist spaces.

Suede: Suede is the perfect balance of formal and casual. You can feature a suede-clad accent chair in any type of a contemporary interior design you want.

Velvet: Velvet is plush, stunning, luxurious are ultimately the best accent chair fabric choice for upscale and high-end interior design styles.

Patterned fabric: Patterned fabrics are bold and never fail to make a gorgeous statement. They're a popular choice for accent chairs featured in eclectic and other vibrant interior design styles.

Some gorgeous accent chair recommendations for you

Here are some gorgeous accent chair recommendations for your perusal:


Husk Chair: Designed by Patricia Urquiola, this chair is meant to represent both physical and visual comfort with it aesthetic. The highly ergonomic form of this chair dons both these aspects with such grace. Its molded fiberglass shell is sturdy and innovative while the high-elasticity Dacron-wrapped foam bolstered seats and back provide the best sitting experience. Despite its rather simple design, this chair manages to evoke a distinct look that never fails to set it apart in any interior design.


Husk Chair


Diamond Chair: If you're looking for something delicate and interesting to complement a modern or eclectic themed space with, then the Diamond chair is for you. Designed by Harry Bertoia in 1952, this chair features a parametric mesh frame made from polished plated iron. The diamond shaped form is where the name comes from. It's a chair that has the ability to emulate a unique contemporary vibe in any space with just its presence.


Diamond Chair


Bibendum Chair: This chair was designed by Eileen Gray and is one of the best accent furniture pieces that you will ever find. Its back consists of padded circular tubes and the seat is deliciously plush. Its unique form and design make it a great choice for modern, eclectic, and contemporary style interior designs.


Bibendum Chair


La Chaise chair: Featuring a relaxed recline and an artsy form, this accent chair is the modern take on the classic chaise. Its white and wood material dynamic is highly eye-catching. Coupled with its unique form, this chair would make an excellent statement piece in even the most simplest of spaces despite being quite eclectic in shape.


La Chaise


Tom Dixon wingback chair: With classic lines and a royal appeal, the Tom Dixon wingback chair is perfect for neo-classical and traditional style spaces. Its tall and imposing form immediately catches the eye and the sweeping curves along the side make excellent styling material. This is definitely a chair that would make a huge statement if you place it right in your interior designs.


Wingback Chair


These are some of the essentials that you need to know about accent chairs. We hope this extensive guide helps you figure out the best kind of accent chair to feature in your own homes.