48 Best Interior Designers in Chicago

The Windy City is home to many amazing wonders, Lake Michigan, and deep dish pizza as well as some of the best interior designers that you'll ever come across in the industry. So, if you're looking to revamp your home with mid-century modern furniture like the Womb Chair replica, hankering for a gut renovation of your Scandinavian living room and acquire a cozy EM Sky Sofa, or following in the steps of a new construction of a modern bohemian home, here's a handy list of the top interior designers in Chicago.

The Best 48 Interior Designers in Chicago Near You

If you're looking for inspiring interiors, a mixed of both vintage and modern, these interior designers are guaranteed to capture your style and taste. 

 Debora Lyn Interior Design


If you're a fan of fusion interior design styles, then Debora Lyn is the Chicago interior designer that you should be consulting. Known for her expertise in combining classical and contemporary aesthetics, she and her firm have garnered many accolades via all the successful projects that they've handled over the years.

With a quick reputation in Chicago, this firm believes in the philosophy of personal interaction with clients. With an ability to work with any budget and a consciousness of what the client actually needs, Debora Lyn Interior Design has become a top rated studio to consult in the Windy City.


Dual Concept Design


Dual Concept Design is run by a duo of amazing women Andrea Fripp and Paulina Cervantes. As two of Windy City's finest designers, they co-founded this firm to deliver the best design experience for all. As one of the most popular residential design firms in the area, they've built quite an amazing reputation for themselves over the years.

This firm and their team of designers are known for designing bold, edgy, and unique spaces. There's always a special emphasis on the eclectic nature of space, so they always come up with ambiances that are distinguished and unconventional a rarity in the conventions set for typical home interiors.


Garrett & Mitchell Interiors


Chicago is a city whose whimsical urban landscape is always a place to be appreciated by those who have a designer's eye and that is exactly what inspired Jacquie Garrett and Julie Mitchell to open her own firm in the city.

As one of the most renowned Chicago interior designers, this duo and their team are known for crafting high-end, extremely elegant spaces that always capture the essence of the client's lifestyle. They can provide you with great designing, quality bespoke furniture with amazing craftsmanship, and timeless spaces that shall remain relevant for a long time.


Laura Design 


Chicago's suburbs would never look the same, if not for the careful craftsmanship and interior design expertise of Laura Design. Known for their amazing client experience, this firm specializes in crafting stunning residential projects along with some hand-picked and gorgeously reinvented commercial ones as well.

Found by Laura and Laura, this duo is the mastermind behind many of Chicago's most beautiful residences. Their ability to curate wonderful decor pieces and the skill to craft fashion-forward ambiances has made their firm a front runner in Chicago's interior design industry.


Amy Storm & Company


Bridging the gap between livability and technical aspects of home renovation, Amy Storm and Company has carved themselves a special little nook in Chicago's interior design scene. With a team that specializes in both aspects, this firm has garnered a respectable clientele and has many great projects under their belt.

Their great client collaboration promises that the bumps along your renovation journey would never feel as hardcore. With a team that's brimming with creativity and an inspiring palette of residential and commercial projects, this firm is a great place to get a consultation for your project.


Habitar Design 


This interior design firm is one of Chicago's finest and their penchant for understanding a client's needs is definitely well-known. They start off with an initial conversation to help understand your preferences what you need, like, dislike, etc.

The team at this firm comprises of many experts who can gauge your lifestyle choices and craft ambiances that are ergonomic, visually pleasant, and always on-point. In fact, their in-house construction company and cabinetry shop enables them to build their own designs without a hitch.

You can consult them for all stages of your project and they can even source your furnishings and materials for you.  


Callahan Interiors


This Chicago interior design studio is founded by Carly Callahan, and she promises to be there for every client through all aspects of their renovation. She believes in designing spaces that are personable, unique to every client, and make you happy every time to enter your home.

Providing full-services in residential interior design, Carly and her team has been in business since 2013.  Her passion for creating personalized spaces has been realized through a number of projects and the firm has even expanded in the e-design genre to keep up with the changing times.


Chad Esslinger Design


As an architect who pursued industrial design, Chad Esslinger has made good on his passion and is now one of Chicago's sought after interior designers. As someone who's spent many years designing products for wholesale retailers and manufacturers, his ability to source the best decor pieces for client's is quite unparalleled.

Chad believes in creating spaces that are the perfect blend of ergonomic, functional, and beautiful. He also works in close collaboration with his clients, so anything that he crafts or curates is perfectly suited for the lifestyle and daily routine of his clients.


Amy Cassell Atelier


This Chicago-based interior design and architectural firm takes on local and global projects. They're known as experts in the residential, commercial, and hospitality niche, and their international presence has garnered them many clients and a number of successful projects over the years.

From penthouses in the Trump Tower to cabanas in the Caribbean, this firm has accomplished many renovations and interior design projects over the years. With twenty years of experience, a keen eye for detailing, and an ability to craft spaces that are elegant, refined, timeless, and classy, you can consult AC Atelier for all sorts of projects.


Devon Grace Interiors



Connoisseur of fabulous, debonair, and charming spaces, this full-service Chicago interior design firm is one of the best that you can get a consultation from. Known for designing luxury residential and commercial projects, their penchant for putting their finger on timeless modules, ergonomic furniture, and stylish aesthetics will leave you truly awed.

DGI is a firm that always takes client collaboration very seriously. With collaborative imaging sessions and an ability to work within the budget and time constraints of every client, this firm believes in delivering a wholesome, in-sync, and on-point experience for every single person who consults them.


Tory Day Interiors


Whether it's interior design, home staging, or decor, TD Interiors is a great place to consult your dilemmas in Chicago. Specializing in historic preservation and with a distinct eye for detail, Tory Day and her team has a penchant for transforming spaces into something unique and amazing.

With a client-centered dynamic, her firm always focalizes the needs and lifestyle of the clients before applying their skilled perspective to the ambiance. A number of clients have succeeded to visualize their dream concepts with the help of TDI, so you should definitely consider them as well.


Rae Duncan Interior Design I RDID


An expert at crafting raw, edgy, and bold interiors, Rae Duncan and her team have set themselves apart with their eclectic take on designing spaces. Their passion for branded environments has resulted in a number of successful commercial projects. You can bet that this firm would design your project with the utmost flair and panache.

There's always an edge of sophisticated luxury to everything that this Chicago interior design firm designs. Dubbed as aforce in the Windy City's design scene, you can consult Rae Duncan for anything including space planning, rendering, and more.


Jamie Schachtel Design Group 


JSDG is a popular interior design firm in Chicago, and their team is known for perfectly conceptualizing the flow and function of a space, no matter what the project. The team here is well aware of how to articulate spaces in their essence, so continuity, balance, and harmony are always well-incorporated in everything that they craft.

This Windy City firm is able to take on all sorts of projects, be it ground-up construction, or complicated bespoke furniture craftsmanship. Their team promises to craft spaces that are inspired and unique something that would always make a user feel.


Yamini Designs 


Creative, playful, and thoughtful, this Chicago interior design firm is perfect for consulting no matter what the scope of your project be it a full renovation or a simple sprucing up! They're great at providing a tailored experience to every client, and word of mouth has made them quite popular in the field.

Helmed by Yamini Hingorani, this firm has been the recipient of many awards. With a unique perspective to offer clients, Yamini and her team always make a space flourish with boundless energy, elegance, sophistication, and swankiness. The talent shows and the professionalism is amazing to boot!


Gemma Parker Design, LLC


As a former Director of Interiors for Litchen Craig's NYC and Chicago offices, Gemma Parker has now opened her own firm one that is breaking grounds in Chicago's interior design scene! Her passion, unique perspective on design, and creative streak always manage to come together in a seamless manner, no matter what type of a project you present her with.

This firm specializes in full-service, but they won't hesitate to consult you just as amazingly on smaller projects. So whether you're designing a bedroom, a den, a full residence, or something even bigger, Gemma and her team's got you covered.


Summer Thornton Design, Inc.


Summer Thornton is not just one of the best interior designers in Chicago, but she's internationally renowned as well. Just recently listed as one of the best designers in the world by 1stdibs, she's got the global presence to prove that claim.

Summer Thornton operates her business from her Chicago headquarters, and her work has been listed in Big Name publications like Architectural Digest, House Beautiful, and more. She and her team of passionate designers can definitely help you design spaces that are the epitome of classy, beautiful, and sophisticated.


Darl Grooters Ltd


This Chicago interior designer's ability to tailor customized spaces in the most sleek, eclectic, and distinguished manner has made them quite renowned in the Windy City. With a 15 year experience in residential designing 10 of which were spent at his own firm he and his team are able to craft spaces that speak volumes in flair and sophistication.

Darl is a firm follower of the less is more school of thought, but he always articulates his spaces in a masterful blend of traditional and contemporary aesthetics. From exterior specifications to interior detailing and custom furniture design, you can consult them to take charge of all manner of projects.


Kitchenlab Interiors


This design-build firm is one of Chicago's finest places to consult on bathroom and kitchen related projects. However, they also take on other residential design add-on's and even full-scale renos. Their artistic, boho-chic approach to designing spaces always results in creative, lived-in, and casual ambiances.

With a very diverse team with backgrounds in arts, real estate, hospitality and more, this firm is able to capture a client's aesthetic, their lifestyle, and their vision on-point. This team pays special attention to details and proportions, making every space feel as seamless as possible.


Dan Rak Design


A master at crafting interior designs that are livable and sophisticated at the same time, Dan Rak has become one of Chicago's finest. His firm and his team are all skilled experts in the field, as showcased by the regional and national projects under their belt. Their ability to manage large projects and budgets of all types has made them quite coveted.

Published in renowned magazines and well-loved by clients, this firm is a great place to consult for everyone who wants an ambiance that balances comfort and style quite perfectly.


Michelle's Interiors


The team behind Michelle Interiors believes that spaces are more than just the basic environment it's where every single moment of your life takes place. So they craft them with as much love, passion, and comfort as they deserve.

As one of Chicago's leading luxury interior design firms, they're able to create spaces where clients thrive. What sets them apart from the lot is that they always pay a special focus on eco-friendly designing. Their belief is that, even small changes make a big difference, so they always craft their spaces with sustainability in mind.


Foster Hill Design


This award-winning Chicago-based interior design firm is one of the finest in the Windy City. Their philosophy of livable-modern is all about crafting an ambiance with clean lines but also making it visually and functionally comfortable; no starkness or austerity to hinder things.

The team here always plays in collaboration with the clients some, they help realize their vision, while others they help conceive different possibilities for their space. From a complete interior design package to furniture selection, space planning, architectural tweaking, and more, this firm can consult you on a number of projects, be it small or large.


Denisa Gilligan


Denisa Gilligan and her team are excellent at crafting spaces that are poetic, stylistic, and always trendy. Denisa is someone whose passion for interior designing was a culmination of antiquing, sewing, and painting as a hobby, so you can rest assured that the ambiances she designs are nothing short of artistic.

Her love of textile, patterns, and color is always very apparent during the process, so if you're someone who enjoys eclectic beauty, then she's the perfect designing to consult. Her keen eye for creating a well-balanced, wholesome interior design is unparalleled in Chicago.


 Anthony Michael Interior Design, Ltd.  


An expert at high-end styling, Anthony Michael and his team of expert designers are always able to create upscale, understated, and ritzy spaces that never fail to please the eye. Specializing in bold colors, highlights, and stylish accenting, this firm can help you achieve all your dreams of elegant luxury.

As a part of Houzz's Best of list, this company has made quite a name for itself in Chicago. You can bet that whatever they design would be truly smart, chic, and amazing.


Inspired Interiors


Emily Mackie's Inspired Interiors is a great place to get an interior design consultation in Chicago. As someone who grew up surrounded by beautiful things, she's learned to share her passion with others now. Her superior aesthetic has spruced up many a dull spaces, and resulted in a plethora of successful projects over the years.

An expert in both residential and commercial interior designing, Mackie prides herself of creating a team that can offer clients the best of all worlds. She also procures and install products for any size businesses, so you can consult her for that as well.


KWN Design


This Chicago residential interior designer is known for totally transforming bathrooms, kitchens, and basements. With a team that comprises of experts in all genres of design, you can consult them to design ambiances that land anywhere on the spectrum of contemporary to traditional and everything in-between.

Led by Karen, whose 20+ year experience in the industry has made her quite the force, this firm offers full renovation services, including planning, 3d rendering, custom blinds, vanities, and more.


DP Home Design


Now operating in collaboration with ABL Group, this firm is a one-stop-shop for everyone who's looking to either revamp or completely refurbish their home interiors.  Whether it's window treatments, custom furniture, or something else, you can find everything that you need right here.

The design team is led by Doreen Avila, who is an expert at helping client's transition from old to new spaces with as little hassle as possible. With a collaborative process and an expert way of guiding their vision out of her clients, Doreen is one of the best interior designers to consult in Chicago.


MJM Interiors, Inc.


MJM Interiors promises to create the kind of space that clients always fall in love with and their process begins with an in-home consultation. A close look at the space to be revamped helps them give better ideas to the client. The team here is a connoisseur of everything gorgeous, so you can rest assured that everything they come up with, is always going to be on par.

This firm also believes in never discriminating on projects because of their size. They're also able to work within budget constraints, so if you're leaning for a small reno that doesn't bust your bank account, then this is the place to get in touch with.


Kaufman Segal Design


This firm was born in 1996 and the team here has seen firsthand changes in the design industry. As professionals who've stayed at the top even through such changing tides, Kaufman Segal has made quite a name for itself. With a team of best interior designers in Chicago, they can help you make all your dreams into reality.

With an ability to balance comfort and function along with the aesthetics, you can bet that this team can envision and emulate the perfect blend of ergonomics, efficiency, and pleasantness in any spaces that they craft.


Alexandra Kaehler


Kaehler is a Chicago interior design company that promises to bring a world of positive energy, casual comfort, and easy aesthetics to your residential and commercial projects. Their idea of making life easier is by coming up with spatial solutions that are trendy, stylish, and always on-point.

Aside from that, Alex Kaehler also believes that the best ambiance is the one that's filled with things that you love, so that's exactly what they build on when they design your spaces. Specializing in eclectic, you can consult this firm if you're searching for something to design a unique experience for you.


 Elizabeth Krueger


This luxury, Chicago-based residential interior designer believes in creating spaces that bring people together. Therefore, everything that she and her team designs is built around the concept of infusing meaning and personality into each space they create. With an emphasis on down-to-earth styling, Elizabeth and her team can help you create a home that is both stylish and comfortable.

This firm offers a number of services, and specializes in new construction, large-scale renovation, and full-home furnishing projects. They will outfit your spaces with pieces that look beautiful, add function, and complement your lifestyle.


Julia Buckingham Interiors


This firm is known for creating spaces that are brimming with energy. With subtle pops of color, a sense of brightness, and an emphasis on modern-eclectic styling, this Chicago interior design firm will bring your spaces to life in the most trendy and beautiful way possible.

Julia Buckingham's unique brand of styling is marketed as Modernique trademark and all. Her book featuring inspiring interiors, published by Abrams Books,  is also called Modernique. She and her team believe in crafting spaces that are charming, warm, invoke passion, and keep you uplifted no matter how life is bogging you down. As an inspiration to many, she has created & collaborated on product designs for known brands and companies.


Michael Del Piero


Found in 2007, this Chicago interior design firm has an excellent team that believes in curating and crafting spaces that are the epitome of long-lasting and enduring. Del Piero and her designers are exceptional at creating spaces that are luxurious, understated, and unusual.

Recognized by many leaders of the industry, this designer is one of the best to consult when you want to have an ambiance that's a branded mixture of rough, luxe, and modern. Labeled a style maven and extremely passionate about all things design, she'll definitely help you discover the aesthetic of your dreams.


Tom Stringer Design Partners


Tom Stringer has three passions: traveling, collecting, and designing. All three can be infused together into a signature blend of styling spaces and that is exactly what he and his team are capable of. They take the things you love, and amalgamate them into a magical space that feels welcome, sophisticated, and genuine.

Tom and his creative team always work on a client-centric schedule. They believe in constructing spaces that are touched with a soul and speak to their clients. So, if you're a connoisseur of spiritual designing with a stylish flair, then this is where you should get a consultation.


 Frank Ponterio


Frank Ponterio believes that a home is an extension of one's self. It represents your personality, the details of your life, and much more. Therefore, it needs to be designed with the utmost care, and he promises to indulge in every facet of it.

Founded in 1994, this Chicago interior design firm offers full services. Their work has been featured in a number of prominent publications. They strive to deliver the best client experience, and offer full support during each and every phase of the project. From conceptual designing to historic preservation, you can consult them for everything.


Suzanne Lovell, Inc. 


Suzanne Lovell Inc. is a preeminent Chicago interior design firm that features a boutique fine art advisory.

An award-winning team of professionals coordinate all aspects of the firm's luxury residential projects, creating couture environments through the integration of interior architecture, sophisticated materials, custom furniture, textiles, antiques and fine art collections.


Michael Abrams


Delivering spaces that are as timeless as they are personal, Michael Abrams is someone who takes designing very seriously. He crafts his spaces around the most important aspect the people and it always gives him an edge where comfort, privacy, and lifestyle choices are concerned.

Expertly amalgamating artistic values with the more practical aspects of renovation, Michael and his team have become some very sought after interior design consultants in Chicago. This firm was established in 1999, and has since been thriving in the industry.


Tiffany Brooks Interiors Inc.


Tiffany believes in creating spaces that are bold, eclectic, and artistically inclined. The sheer thoughtfulness and creativity that's incorporated in each space speaks volumes in elegance, sophistication, and personal flair.

Tiffany Brooks and her team believe that the relationship between a client and a designer is like a romance in its own right. They offer full services and their complements to the clientele are received back in amazing testimonials and work of mouth promotion.


Marshall Erb


As one of Chicags top interior design firms, this one sets itself apart through its incredibly friendly staff. Working in-sync is the key to designing the perfect spaces, and that's exactly what Marshall Erb and staff specializes in. This helps them create timeless spaces that always complement the client's lifestyle.

Marshall has been listed as one of the top 200 influencers in the design industry and his aesthetic is incredibly high end. His ability to leverage the best technologies and craftsmanship for projects big and small also sets him apart from the rest of the field.


M. Grace Interior Design Inc.


Grace's experience in residential and commercial interior designing has led her to be a pro in the field. Over the years, she's won many accolades, awards, and her work has even been featured in media. Grace's commitment to timeless aesthetics and client collaboration has also made her quite a coveted consultant.

This Chicago interior designer takes inspiration from all sorts of things be it art, architecture, or even a zany photograph. However, she always takes her client's preference in account while designing spaces.


Lugbill Design


This Chicago interior design firm is known for offering clients a “choose your own adventureâ€ approach to design. This gives them more liberty with choosing the kind of aesthetic that they want while appreciating the logistics of the space planning.

Lugbill Design offers full-services, where they can handle every detail of a project from the start to the finish line. They also offer project management services and even have a network of contractors that they can get you in touch with if you want to.


Design Inside 


With a promise of making luxurious-looking spaces more fun and approachable, Kathryn and Bill Cherne's Design Inside has become a sought after interior design firm in Chicago. Their talent and experience speaks volumes in every single ambiance that they design. As professionals who acknowledge how daunting a task renovation can be, they always promise to be there for you during every step.

Depending on what service you choose, they can help you create beautiful spaces. From planning to building, and even decorating, they've got your back!


 Donna Mondi Interior Design


Listed as one of the top 20 interior design firms in Chicago, this firm is located in West Town and has won a number of awards including the prestigious ASID Design Excellence Award! The team here works by the motto that one needs to create a connection between the user and the soul of the space.

Donna Mondi and her team are all experts at cultivating amazing client collaborations. They're always coming up with new and innovative ideas to please their clients and create ambiances that are the epitome of trendy and luxurious.


Stephanie Wohlner Design


This Chicago interior designer has been crafting beautiful homes in the city for 25 years, and her amazing skills are how honed to perfection. Her ability to infuse “soul and rhythmâ€ into spaces has awed many a client over the years especially as she's always able to seamlessly incorporate their vision into the mix!

Stephanie's work has been featured in many renowned publications like House Beautiful, Traditional Homes, etc. Her projects have also garnered media attention. She offers full-services for her clients and her collaborative process is one of the best things about consulting with her.


Jacqueline Zinn 


If you're searching for a designer who's zany, quirky, and eclectic to a T, then Jacqueline Zinn and her team would be the perfect consultants for you. This Chicago interior designer specializes in all things fun and unique you can definitely get a sense of it by looking through their website.

Aside from designing gorgeous residences, this firm never discriminates small projects. So whether you want to craft a beautiful office, a trendy kitchen, and up-to-date bathroom, or even a full-size closet, then this team would be your dream!


Kristina Curtis 


With global experience under her belt, Kristina opened her own firm in Chicago in 2013. Her artistic nature, an ability to craft stunning aesthetics, and a chic sense of design has made her a coveted figure to consult in Chicago's interior design scene.

Kristina's cutting edge approach to design showcases her sound understanding of aesthetics and functionality. She curates unique (and sometimes customized) pieces to suit every client's preferences. No two spaces are alike, and she always delivers each project with unfettered flair and elegance.


Nate Berkus


Media star, Nate Berkus's Chicago-based interior design firm has got a sterling reputation in the Windy City. If the dep dish pizza is a highlight, then Nate Berkus's services are the equivalent of it for those seeking professional consultation regarding all genres of projects.

Nate's work as been sensationalized ever since he appeared in Oprah Winfrey's show, back in 2002. With a number of television appearances under his belt, and an ability to craft spaces that are stylish, timeless, pleasing, and comfortable to live in, he and his team are thriving in the business.


Amy Kartheiser Design 


This Chicago-based residential interior designer is an expert at seamlessly incorporating the lifestyle choices and routines of her clients within the spaces she crafts. She and her team specialize in merging global elements and popular design themes in the most aesthetically pleasing manner.

Amy Katheiser Design offers full-services that include overseeing the whole project from beginning to the end. Then there's the “Design in a Day offer for those working with time constraints but need professional consulting. You can also get their e-design services if you don't want a face to face consultation.


Jessica Lagrange


This Chicago interior design firm believes in creating spaces that are timeless and forever relevant an ambiance that can last through the years without losing its tastefulness or refinement. Their collaborative and curated approach to design is all about making their client's vision a distinguished reality.

Jessica Lagrage and her team consist of residential experts who're always able to preserve the essence of every single house that they renovate, no matter the time period. Their ability to maintain the artistic integrity of the original and integrate their client's vision is something that is truly appreciated by many.