20 ways to style your homes with a Small Mid-Century Modern Sectional

The midcentury style is known for its gorgeous visual diversity while maintaining that sleek modern vibe. Any furniture designed in this aesthetic is sure to add unfettered charisma to a room, and midcentury sectionals are definitely on top of that list. If you're looking for inspiration to style your living rooms with one such sectional, here are 20 unique inspirations like the Mario Bellini Sofa for you:


Small Mid Century Modern Sectional Style

1. The cozy contemporary sectional

This cozy living room layout features a small sized sectional that boasts a big impact. The classy design and sophisticated homeliness of the mid century modern sectional evokes a lived-in vibe within the whole space. The relaxed silhouette, gorgeous grey fabric, and the stunning contrast of the patterned throw cushions makes this sectional a veritable statement piece. As you can see, the entire ambiance is built around the sofa itself. From the accent curtains, chair, and matching rug, everything is styled to complement and bring out the best within this sofa design.


2. The boxy corner aesthetic

The classy transitional aesthetic of this small sectional may be a vintage basic, but it definitely complements its contemporary surroundings perfectly. The tall high-back design and plush cushions are complemented with stylish blue throw cushions and fabric-clad coffee table alternative. The shag rug adds nice texture to the whole ambiance, which is complemented by the shabby-chic backdrop as well. This is a layout that can be easily recreated in most homes with space constraints.


3. The bumbling-blue corner sectional

Stylishly colorful, you'll absolutely love the impact of this gorgeous blue small sectional. Its corner-oriented design not only maximizes the efficiency of the space, but the unique fabric color also sets the tone for fun and eclectic. Contrasted with beautiful funky-hued cushions and accent furniture, the entire ambiance feels really welcoming and interesting. One thing to remember when styling with this kind of a small sectional is that you must always have a neutral-colored backdrop to complement everything. Otherwise, too much color will make your room look constrained.


4. Built for the minimalist

If your tastes lean towards classy and simple, then you'll definitely love this cute two-seater sectional. Its sleek and tasteful aesthetics are perfect for complementing a small living room in the most elegant manner. It's got the kind of visuals that are really easy to style in any space. All you need is a contrasting floor lamp, an end table, and a bold artwork in the background and you'll need nothing more. Make sure that the color and finish of the accessories is in complete contrast with sofa to make it truly shine in your mid century modern living room.


5. Classic transitional beauty

The classy midcentury style small sectional featured in this living room will appeal to everyone who has a taste for the traditional look. It's compact, but goes well with the overall theme of the living room perfectly. The styling has been carried out on the cluttery side, which ultimately enhances the overall coziness of the whole setting. The light color scheme ensures that the smallness of the whole area doesn't become a big problem, but the strategic dashes of color introduced here and there make the entire ambiance feel very welcoming and visually pleasant.


6. The stylish contemporary setting

Staying on top of all trends is very important for homeowners these days, which is why this stylish living room setting with a gorgeous small-sized midcentury sectional is such a dream. The plush yet minimalist look of this sofa takes center stage as the accent furniture and accessories are styled accordingly. The bold color scheme of the fabric is matched well with the lightness of the backdrop and the wooden coffee table adds a lot of visual interest to the whole setting. Add in the lamps, wishbone chairs, and elegant area rug, and the entire ambiance feels like a magazine spread of the best kind.


7. The smallest and coziest

This small midcentury sectional is the epitome of sleekly charming. It's got the style, the personality, and the character to become an instant statement-worthy addition to any room, very much like the Charles Sofa. Its neutral palette also makes it pretty easy to style. You just need to pair it up with colors and patterns that are in complete contrast with the fabric. The accessorization carried out in this living room is pretty on-point. The use of different patterns, bright splashes of colors, and wooden accents makes the whole aesthetic feel very cozy and inspiring as a whole. 


8. The lush and luxe dream

Small sectionals with luxurious upholsteries can have just as much of an amazing impact in all sorts of home interiors. The lush fabric of the sectional in this image is not only eye-catching, but also delivers on the deluxe front. Laden with plush throw pillows and backed with statement artwork, the whole layout feels like part of a five star hotel suite. The best part is that this sectional styling can easily be recreated in any home interior. There are zero size constraints. If you handle the color scheme well, a similar aesthetic can be translated gorgeously in your own homes as well.


9. The modern boho-chic style

This gorgeous scandi-modern setting veers into the boho-chic category thanks to the stylishly transitional small sectional. The simple and tasteful design of the sofa really complements the bright and airy ambiance, so if you've got a sun dappled corner in your homes, this is definitely the type of styling you need to opt for. Aside from the sprawling windows in the backdrop, the casual decor also has a very graceful impact on the space. From the fresh green of the planters to the rugged vibe of the central ottomans to the black and white patterning on the rug, everything pulls together amazingly!


10. Opting small in a big space

This big-impact sectional may be small in size, but it's grand proportions and dignified looks definitely add a certain bold panache that even complements the largeness of the space. The light-colored backdrop looks positively stunning against the navy-hue of the couch and the shag-style rug at the bottom makes the whole space feel stylishly welcoming. The oversized armchair also counters the small-scale of the sectional itself, which is why the rest of the furniture has been selected in delicate visuals to balance things out.


11. The smartest midcentury sectional

This smart small midcentury style sectional is the epitome of charmingly unique. It's got a great personality that can befit any home interior style, but the casual set-up featured in this image is definitely something that will look the best. The modular design of the sectional becomes the anchor point of the whole room. It's complimented by the white backdrop and minimal accessorizing, both of which help highlight the grey texture of the sectional upholstery. The patterned throw cushions add a lot of visual interest to the whole aesthetic as well. This is definitely something that can be recreated in every home with ease.


12. With transitional styling

The perfect blend of modern and traditional, this transitional style sectional instantly sets the tone for its surroundings. Its plush, oversized proportions instantly hook the eye and the stylish accessorization all along the sides has been specially curated to amplify the color and the coziness of the sofa itself. With subtle patterning and deliberately light colors chosen for both the backdrop and the foreground, this modern sectional setting is definitely one for the books especially if you're not in favor of sleek austerity or too much visual clutter. This inspiration is a perfect blend of both.


13. Single bench sleekness

The unfettered gracefulness of this small sectional is perfect for highlighting the spaciousness of this open floor living room design. The minimalist-midcentury aesthetic of the sofa amplifies the beauty and overall structure of the space while providing a very interesting focal point for the eye. Its modernist aura is countered with the distressed media wall, the artfully laid out bean bag, and round coffee table. All of these elements pull together amazingly to deliver a wholesome ambiance that everyone will immediately want to cozy up in.


14. Fresh and cozy

This small-style midcentury sectional promotes immediate coziness with its distressed fabric cladding, gorgeous cream hue and relaxed styling, very much like the EM Sky Sofa. In contrast, the ambiance that is styled all around it is decidedly sleek. This counterbalances the comfy vibes of the couch and adds a semi-formal look to the entire ambiance. Subtle texturing has also been used to highlight the simplicity of the sofa and the visual balance has been perfectly structured to delivered a wholesome and unique aura.


15. Styling with add-on's

A great way to feature a small midcentury sectional in a large contemporary space is to style it with matching add-on's. These refer to the additional sofas and chaises that can be separately attached to one end of the sofa to deliver the illusion of a bigger space. The one in this image is an excellent example, where the velvet sectional is complemented with matching armchairs on one end. The bold patterned rug and coffee table add to the visual interest of the ambiance,, which is also complemented by the feature-length glass backdrop and mostly-white color scheme.


16. The one with contemporary accents

This small midcentury sectional features sleek contemporary accents and looks pretty amazing with its minimalist backdrop. This type of a layout can be easily reinterpreted in any home given that you have enough space and know the right material and accessorization know-how. Note that the sectional should always be the focal point of the interior design in this kind of a layout, so all the other colors that you select need to be lighter or selected in a way that they highlight the fabric of the sectional itself.


17. The pattern contrast baby

The bold, executive vibe of this midcentury sectional belies its smallness and makes this living room feel like a posh penthouse suite. The lush cushioning and subtle tufting on the backrest really brings out the elegance of the grey fabric. The great thing about the styling of this sofa is that all its accessories are selected to represent the same color scheme. From the couch cushions to the ottoman center table and even the area rug, all the surroundings have been especially curated to capture the essence of the grey hue while maintaining the sectional as the focal point of the room.


18. The bench-seat alternative

This apartment style midcentury sectional layout feels like a dream come true for all small style home owners. The stylish bench-seat aesthetic looks very sleek and modern, which is why you can always style the surroundings with eclectic and contemporary décor. Like in this image, the bold artwork in the backdrop and trendy lamps on either side of the sectional add a lush tone to an otherwise modernist setting. You can easily recreate this set-up in any small living room, be it a home or an apartment!


19. The slipcovered minimalist powerhouse

This gorgeous slipcovered sectional is small, but its gorgeous looks pack a big punch. The sleek and modern design is very unique and the natural grey upholstery makes the whole aesthetic feel very charming. There's an aura of invitation in the plush contours of the sofa and the simple styling is an ode to its midcentury charm. The blue highlights of the overall ambient styling make the sectional stand out prettily and the understated lighting and accessorization complements the neutral base and backdrop gorgeously.


20. Going a little funky

Small midcentury style sectionals are an excellent way to design a funky layout. Most of them are traditional in looks, but you can always style them in a way that translates into a quirky and eccentric ambiance. This living room is the perfect example, where the white sectional acts as a simple focal point while the rest of the ambiance is carried out in a combination of bold and subtle texturing. The sheer contrast of the ambiance is complemented with tea pink highlights that amplify the uniqueness of the space two-fold!


So these are some distinguished midcentury style sectionals and some tips on how you can style an ambiance with them. We hope this piece helps you come up with interesting ideas of your own to do the same!