15 Top Philadelphia Interior Designers

As one of the most notable, history-rich cities in the USA, Philadelphia is also home to designers that craft extraordinary spaces.

In fact, or list of the best Philadelphia interior designers consists of handpicked entries, where each firm has been chosen based on sheer talent, their ability to totally transform the landscape of a space, and how unique their aesthetic is.

Whether it's redesigning your home office to include a comfy Hans Wegner Wing Chair for your siesta, remodeling your kitchen space so you can perch on a Cherner Counter Stool for your morning joe, or even a complete transformation of your mid-century modern living room, these interior designers have got your back.

You'll find some amazing entries here, and also see one of their best projects. This will showcase their talent and help you decide if their vision suits your aesthetics or not. So, without ado, let's take a look at this list:


The Carroll Garden by Widell + Boschetti

Photo by Widell + Boschetti on widellboschetti.com

This Philadelphia-based firm is helmed by Barette Widell and Christina Boschetti, who always strive to blend their unique perspectives to deliver the most dynamic spaces for their clients. Their classic and transitional aesthetics always blur the boundary between old and new design elements, providing trendy, contemporary visuals that are always the epitome of beauty and grace.

The Carroll Gardens project by this team is a shining example of some of their best work. It's a contemporary home with a simple white backdrop that is complemented by stunning eclectic details in the form of decor, accessorizing, furniture upholstery, and more. The sculptural artwork, the classy wallpaper, and the subtle accenting everything works together perfectly to deliver the most wholesome, one of a kind ambiance!


The Street Residence by Mona Ross Berman

Photo by Mona Ross Berman on monarossberman.com

This nationally-recognized Philadelphia interior design firm offers expertise in residential, corporate, and retail projects. From gut renovations to ground-up projects and even simple makeovers, they can take on projects with any scope. Their cultivated network of craftspeople and contractors offers the best of all worlds to their clients.

You'll certainly appreciate the charming homeliness that they're able to emulate in each of their projects. In fact, their Street Residence design is a masterful exploration of contemporary-eclectic charm meets modern austerity. With a canvas of white as the backdrop, the furniture and accessorizing is carried out in colorful renditions. It's a home that makes you feel welcome, cheerful, and cozy at the same time, which is an impressive trifecta to have in a single space.


The Family Home by Down2earth Interior Designer

Photo by Down2earth Interior Designer on down2earthinteriordesign.com

This Philadelphia interior design firm always pays a special homage to sustainability in each of their projects. As recipients of Houzz's Best of awards for three years and counting, this firm has carved a place in the highest echelons of the industry. Lead designer Amy Cuker is believes that sensibility and practicality should never be overlooked in lieu of good aesthetics, and that is exactly the foundation of each project that she takes on.

Out of everything on their portfolio, we found their Family Home interiors the best.  Each one of these residential projects have been designed with so much care and passion. Each family room is as unique as can be, and is crafted according to the personality of the client. The classiness, ingenuity, and individuality in each project is definitely something to behold and appreciate.


The Ayer by Ashli Mizell

Photo by Ashli Mizell on ashlimizell.com

Founded in 2002, this Philadelphia-based interior design practice is run by Art History aficionado, Ashli Mizell. She and her team believe in making each space as distinguished as possible. Every ambiance that they craft is a playful mix of different styles, handsome details, beautiful fabrics, and rough-hewn accents that add rugged charisma to the space. A single glance at this firm's portfolio will showcase immense diversity.

The Ayer project is one of the most eclectic yet beautiful residences that you'll ever see. The bling metal accenting on neutrals makes each room in this house feel like a charming, vibrant dream. Then there's the teal kitchen cabinetry, the unique furniture, the sculptural light fixtures, and more everything more unique and classic than that the last. If you're in search for someone to design a classic, understated, urban chic home for you, then this firm is the place to go.


The Country Farmhouse by Lisa Furey Interiors

Photo by Lisa Furey Interiors on lisafureyinteriors.com

This Philadelphia interior designer and her team always craft dynamic, diverse, and decadent spaces. Their broad range covers several types of aesthetics, and they aren't afraid to be experimental in order to fit their client's vision. Each home that they craft is as classic, sophisticated, and chic as ever. The best part? They can lead you from the initial to final stage without any hassle at all.

If you want a taste of what they have to offer, then take a look at their Country Farmhouse project.  The entire ambiance of this residence is a gorgeous mixture of rustic-chic meets contemporary. From the navy blue backdrop of the kitchen backsplash to the beautiful stonework, rugged wooden accents, and more, this residence is chock full of juxtaposed aesthetics that you never could have though would have worked together as a unit.


The Residential by The McMullin Design Group

Photo by The McMullin Design Group on themcmullindesigngroup.com

This 17-year old interior design firm has won not only great accolades, but also many awards over the course of its outreach. MDG Group prides on taking on the most challenging projects and designing them in the most gratifying ways. They always strike the perfect balance of livable and workable, with lots of timelessness in the mix.

Their entire residential portfolio is a fine blend of vibrancy and ergonomic functionality. However, the thing that attracted us the most is the diverse range of each home, which is a mirror of the individual client's personality. They also offer many great services that include custom millwork, furnishings, window treatments, and more. They'll definitely help you achieve the home of your dreams!


RAVENHILL by Studio Robert Jamieson

Exterior Photo by August Haeuser and Interior Photo by  Sam Oberter for  studiojamieson.com

Lead designer Robert Jamieson believes that design is an interactive process in which the client and the site take all the priority. That's why this Philadelphia interior design firm is known for their amazing, collaborative teamwork and honest communication. They also strive to make each space as sustainable as possible, and their aesthetic has a very timeless, sophisticated appeal that always packs a solid punch.

RAVENHILL in Phoenixville showcases how this firm can strike the perfect balance between client requirement and site restrictions. The extension and modernization of this residence really complements the precedents while adding another dose of timeless, contemporary appeal to the whole project. It has been design with care and definitely showcases the good sense and smart aesthetics that this team is able to combine.


The 1950's reno modern by Larina Kase Interior Design

Photo by Larina Kase Interior Design on larinakaseinteriordesign.com

This Philadelphia interior designer believes in designing spaces that make people happy. Blending beauty and function in the most ergonomic manner, Larina Kase and her team strive to craft ambiances that make people feel cheerful, comfortable, and totally at home. Larina is well-versed in how different environments can affect people's behavior, so she always makes sure to delve into the psychology of each project.

You can take a look at her 1950s Modern Home Renovation and Addition project for what this team has to offer. The complete and total makeover still as some tinges of classic 50s in its fresh contemporary outlook. The new look is fresh, breezy, and full of natural light. The upscale finishes are complemented with a strategically emulated bright accents that add a breath of fresh air to the otherwise neutral aesthetics of this home.


The Main Street by Deborah Leamann

Photo by Deborah Leamann on deborahleamanninterior.com

Deborah Leamann and her team believe in creating rooms that you want to live in. Her signature work always has a strong collaborative spirit with the clients vision. This behind-the-scene teamwork always results in a space that feels very close to the client's heart. She creates ambiances that speak to the soul while never losing their artistic flair. Her classic taste and ability to make any space feel timeless is something that all her clients appreciate a lot.

Deborah's Main Street residence is a posh, upscale home that feels breezy and spacious despite being rather cozy in size. The white and wood aesthetics of this home are an absolute vision. Interspersed with stunning and tasteful furniture, this home feels absolutely refined as a whole. It was a gut renovation that required a lot of interventions, reassignment of rooms, and careful deliberation but the end results are as wholesome as ever.


Hartefeld National Golf Club Avondale by Nile Johnson Interior Design

Photo by Nile Johnson Interior Design on nilejohnson.com

This Philadelphia-based boutique interior design firm is helmed by Nile Johnson, who is an expert at cultivating lush, elegant, and highly impressive interior designs. Nile and his team work in inherent collaboration with the client, be they regular home owners, celebrities, or CEOs. Their motto is to make luxury feel as approachable as possible. Each project brims with individuality and is tailor made to suit the client's needs.

Hartefeld National Golf Club Avondale featured a one-room design challenge, and he certainly rose up to the mark. The ambiance is designed in fresh neutrals with abstract designs and a few bold splashes of colors in the mix. It's timeless, brims with understated luxury, and feels like a complete home despite being a studio space.


The Main Line by Glenna Stone Interior Design

Photo by Glenna Stone Interior Design on glennastone.com

Striving to deliver the best blend of beauty, function, and lifestyle, this firm has won many accolades and awards over the years. The team here always manages to imbue each project with shining individuality. They are also acquainted with the best tradespeople, so they can help you get the best deals in bespoke furnishings, decor, accessorizing, etc. In essence, everything that they design is the best combination of comfort, radiance, and livability.

Glenna Stone's Main Line residence is a great example of how this team sparks creative distinguishment in each of their projects. This home features a backdrop of pastel-neutrals that are accentuated with beautiful decor and accessorizing. Every room is elegantly furnished and brimming with a urban austerity. It's charming, sophisticated, and comfortable the perfect combination of aesthetics and ergonomics.


The Haddonfield House by SUSAN HOPKINS ONYX + IVORY

Photo by SUSAN HOPKINS ONYX + IVORY on onyxivory.love/home

This Philadelphia interior design firm creates spaces that are fashion-fabulous and make you want to live your best life! The spaces that they craft are always brimming with warmth, steeped with timeless elegance, and always feel incredibly inviting and comfortable. They offer concierge-level services and always take their time in helping each client select the best finishes, materials, and decor for their spaces.

The Haddonfield House designed by this team is not just a great example of their incredible talent, but it's also a masterful cultivation of chic aesthetics, progressive functionality, and tasteful designing. The entire home brims with refined charm, and feels like a total dream to reside in. It's been accessorized to the nines and is definitely a good blueprint for anyone who wants something similar.


The Classic Rebirth by Michelle Wenitsky Interior Design

Photo by Michelle Wenitsky Interior Design on mwintdesign.com

This Philadelpia-based interior design firm has an exceptional team of professionals who delight in bringing the best of comfort, function, and great visuals to their clients. Their goal is to create timeless, contemporary spaces that are woven with evergreen and intrinsic textures, patterns, and decor. Their collaborative spirit makes each client feel truly special, and their amazing services always leaves everyone completely satisfied.


If you want to see exactly what this team as to offer, then take a look at their Classic Rebirth residential project. Articulated in bold, elegant swipes of colors on a white backdrop, this home is absolutely stunning. The sheer amount of detailing that's been expertly carried out in each aspect of this home is impressive. From the sculptural light fixtures and furniture to the elegant decor, it's truly a house worth exploring.


The Laurel by Michele Plachter Design

Photo by Michele Plachter Design on micheleplachter.com

This Philadelphia-based interior designer specializes in providing consultations to CEO's, executives, entrepreneurs and other prominent professionals. Her work has been widely publicized, both: through TV as well as prominent magazines in the industry. Her team is capable, professional, and a joy to work with according to clients. Her work is considered timeless, gorgeous, and functional a masterful combo that is found in all successful interior designs.

The Laurel is one of Plachter and her team's best work. This residence is designed in a way that complements the modern lifestyle without hindering the comfortable vibe. There's an aura of understated luxury about it, and each element in this home has been especially hand-picked to showcase its ritzy ambiance. You'll love its swanky appeal, that is gorgeously underscored with sculptural decor.


The Madaket Nantucket by EM Interiors

Photo by EM Interiors on em-interiordesign.com

This residential interior design firm is one of the very best in Philadelphia. The team here comprises of diverse backgrounds, unique talents, and an ability to add lots of dimension to every space that they craft. From the planning phase till execution, they've got you back. They excel in project management and sourcing unusual materials, so you can rest assured that they can make your home as distinguished, customized, and one of a kind as possible.

Their Madaket Nantucket project is definitely a sight to behold. The classic, boutique style charm of this home has been preserved in all the small details. This home has been keenly designed and showcases a modern-eclectic appeal that is infused with inherent charm, invitation, and homeliness. It's restful but underscored with luxury. It's a house that calls for the onlooker to explore its details definitely a keeper.


So, these are some of the best Philadelphia-based designers that you'll ever see. As you can see, they've got style, flair, and are able to create compelling, livable, and unique spaces that attract the onlookers, whether you're looking for a more minimalist style with the EM Sky Sofa or a bolder style with the Mario Bellini Sofa. You'll definitely be able to find your best pick in this list, if you're searching for the best designers in the area.